Tribal: Firefall Begins Public Beta Tests

That other MMOFPS, the one with jetpacks and PvE, is starting to open up for testing. Firefall will have three open beta weekends, starting this weekend, where anyone and everyone is invited to leap in and try the game for themselves. Red 5 explain: “These Beta Weekend stress-tests will be completely unlocked with no keys required – allowing everyone to participate in the Tribe’s Closed Beta push. Additionally, each 48-hour weekend will incorporate a community unlock, exclusive contest and unique theme to teach new players what Firefall is all about.” I’ve been dropping into the closed beta in the past few months, and I’m very excited about it – more so after chatting with Scott ‘Tribes” Youngblood at Gamescom last year. I really think they know what they’re doing with this one.

Jetpacks vs giant alien insects footage below.


  1. Elmokki says:

    If someone wants to play the game more freely than for some weekends, I have 5 beta invites I will send to first 5 email addresses replied to this post.

    I can’t recommend or condemn the game since while I’ve been in the beta since last summer I have never even started the client and no-one I know seems to be interested either, but hey, maybe someone here wants to try it out!

    EDIT: Disregard that, here are the keys since I can easily get them too it seems:

    All used.

    • Jenks says:

      I used 6JZEP-03CHF-Q9QHK-RVWA6
      Been eyeing this one to play co-op with the missus. Figure I’ll check it out ahead of time. Thanks a lot!

    • 69stabcat says:

      Whoa thanks! I used one but I already forgot which one it was.

    • Noburu says:

      I used the third one, thanks!

    • Vanquo says:

      Thanks, I used MTQ81-JIP3C-1WL2V-887ZU.

      Here’s 5 more. Pay it forward I guess:
      6R08X-1CAIU-7N3C8-EEKZV – used
      QDJWH-54WTL-PIUO6-QUJ4R – used
      0S3CX-1UB6I-N7U0O-3KNNZ – used
      RPB7L-UV3CB-BYTK7-DWP2X – used

    • mrchinchin25 says:

      All your keys have been used now… just so you know

    • Izzan says:

      Another, for any interested party to use:
      6Y135-NIIC0-D6YYI-6P686 – Used.

  2. Cytrom says:

    Just in time for me, to not give a shit about this anymore. I was super excited about firefall a few years back, but i got my tribes fix with ascend, and wasn`t really interested in the mmo parts to begin with (In which area planetside 2 beats it anyways)

    I`ll just get hooked on Path of Exile instead (which begins open beta today)

    • Schiraman says:

      Yeah, this looks pretty fun – but I was much more interested when I thought it was going to come out before Planetside 2. Now I’m playing that constantly, I’m not sure I have time for this.

  3. Jenks says:

    I’d love to check it out, been eyeing it as a co-op game for me and the missus for awhile.

  4. Crimsoneer says:

    Have they added stuff to do other than collect minerals yet?

    • Bassem says:

      There are several dynamic world events that pop up as you wander the map. You get random bounty hunts, crashed bikes that you can harvest for parts to craft your own, crashed thumpers that you have to reassemble in a timed mini-game, bike racing (not fully working yet), Melding tornadoes that when destroyed will shower the surrounding area in loot, enemy warships that are protected by troops and turrets…

      I guess the biggest addition is that the watchtowers that dot the map and serve as bases and spawnpoints can now be captured by the Chosen (the humanoid alien enemies) and turned into enemy spawnpoints until they are retaken by players.
      Also, Chosen can capture the Thump Dump and disable thumping across the whole shard until it is retaken.

  5. jryan says:

    Are all of the keys used already?

  6. Mathute87 says:

    I couldn’t get past the mission where you have to collect minerals by using a thingy :(

  7. Honigsenf says:

    have fun guys ! 5 more


  8. LionsPhil says:

    Man, someone needs to tell those snipers how to use their scopes.

  9. Turin Turambar says:

    Do they have a region selector with Europe servers?

    • Bassem says:

      EU servers were recently added. There’s no region select as far as I know – I think players get automatically directed to the optimal server.

      Don’t take my word for it, but I used to play on US servers because that was all that was available, and ping was sometimes an issue. Recently, EU servers were added and my ping suddenly became super smooth, so I assume I’m now being directed to EU servers.

  10. caffo says:

    We have Firefall and Defiance coming out this yea and both of them looks like the same game, with Firefall having more “UT-ish” graphics. I played a bit of both and like Defiance more – way more polished.

    • Felixader says:

      I know that is not the best reason, but i like it more because it doesn’t have the female “one ass cheek free” armor design.
      Yeah, i am sorry but such things still bug me.

      • Bassem says:

        As much as I love Firefall, this also bugs me a lot. I call it the half-assed engineer.

      • Taidan says:

        Oh, thanks for the heads up. Was considering suggesting it to me missus, but she’ll just bloody moan the whole way through if she sees that sort of thing.

        I’ll just have to try it behind her back. ;)

  11. Tei says:

    If any dev is reading this, please make the female engineer completely naked, or completely dressed. The way is now (the left side naked) is ridiculous. I made the error to create a female enginer, and her just looks dumb.

  12. Blackcompany says:

    Excited about the possible pve factor. My girl & love coop. This might be one for us. I. Hope.

    • Bassem says:

      Firefall PVE is a lot of fun. The game encourages teamwork, and XP is shared among squadmates. There’s plenty of dynamic events that popup randomly as you travel the world. My ingame name is Brienne, feel free to add me. Or let me know if you want a beta invite.

      • realkruste says:

        The trailer got me excited. Still got a key left? EDIT: already got hooked up. Thx anyway!

  13. MentatYP says:

    Alright, don’t be stingy now. Those of you who got a beta key recently please share the 5 keys you got when you signed up so others can join in the fun. If you want to keep them in the RPS family please email me one at my username at Yahoo, and I’ll be more than happy to pass on the keys that I get afterward to fellow RPS-ers.

  14. Bassem says:

    I really like Firefall, I only wish its development went at a faster pace. After playing it daily for a couple months, I got bored of having so little content and stopped for many months. Now I’m back to playing it daily, because they added a lot more stuff to do.

  15. Kuze says:

    I’ll take a key if they are going spare and can give you a dota2 key or 5 in return!

  16. jryan says:

    Anyone else have keys to share?

  17. Wret says:

    Keys glorious keys!

    *Edit: OH DAMN They’re gone*

    Wret is my character name too, just in case you want to love and worship me. (I’ll check back in half an hour to see which ones are taken)

    • Taidan says:

      I just redeemed the 5th code, thank-you very much. (9LJPD-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX)



      And to carry it on, I’m going to forward a couple to replace the one I nicked:

      **Edit 2**

      And they were gone in seconds.

    • MentatYP says:

      Used this one: QOSG1-R3D3I-0SX59-K7TDT

      I think it worked. I’m out the door but will check back later to make sure. Thanks!

      • MentatYP says:

        Yes, I’m in! Thanks, oh wonderful Wret. I kiss your feet in adoration!

        Anybody who wants a key reply here with where to email it, or email me at my username at Yahoo and let me know your RPS username. I know it’s not foolproof but I want to give it an honest effort to keep my 5 keys in the RPS family. If there were a way to send messages directly to other RPS-ers (is there?) that would be better, but I’m doing the best I can. My only request is that everybody who gets a key lets somebody else here have at least one key too. The more the merrier!

    • Ritashi says:

      Redeemed 86Z9D-U3HUJ-BQHOS-KX7E8, thanks!

      A few more keys to kick this onwards:

      Edit2: gone

      • Xzi says:

        And thanks to you, good sir. I used one of those, not sure which actually let me through. Anyway, another five (this is the song that never ends):


        • Piter Fersin says:






          Have Fun Guys

  18. The_Mess says:

    If you want a key, chuck me a message on the firefall forums (same name as here), bit too busy with the X-tended mod for X3:Terran Conflict for firefall though :P

    And a warning, the PVP matchmaker is still “interesting” so be prepared for some very uneven games, shouldn’t be so bad in Tier 1 hopefully due to the beta weekends, but T2 PVP is usually murderfest.

    Performance wise – if you system’s a bit low end and you haven’t already, kill the windows sidebar. For some reason it chews up far too many resources, and with it off I gained +10 fps in death-balls and dynamic partytime events, aka Melding Tornado’s and Incursions.

  19. Ritashi says:

    These spambots are getting better…

  20. vinco says:

    Returning keys to RPS:


  21. Pootie says:

    I tried Firefall on the last two public beta weekends. In current state Firefall is really just an empty shell. Unfortunately contentwise the game basically has nothing to offer. Not worth the time atm…