Panzer Bonanza: 5000 Heroes & Generals Keys

UPDATE: Having some odd issues with the key dispenser, looking into it.

Impressive multiplayer World War II project Heroes & Generals has reached its “hey, everyone, let’s beta test” stage, and we’d suggest you take a look. Reto-Moto have been working like heroes (and generals) for years and months to get this game into the state it is now, which is pretty impressive. You’ll glimpse a bit of that by taking a look at the video below, or indeed grabbing a key from here and playing it for yourself.

And here’s some information about the latest build of the game.

(Check out that map at 1:47.)


  1. Deathmaster says:

    Thank you, RPS and Reto-Moto!

  2. Beef says:

    I love the sneaky toilet seat general at the end.

  3. El_MUERkO says:

    “You are now signed up for a Beta-key and at some point we’ll send you a Beta-key, which you will need in order to log in and play Heroes & Generals.”


    I already had a Beta Key, RPS just gave me one and I just used it when registering!!!

    • Kemipso says:

      You sound very upset. Just ignore the default “new account” message ;-)

      • El_MUERkO says:

        Not annoyed, just confused, I’m downloading the client now, we’ll see what happens when I try to log in.

    • Reto.KenSolo says:

      Try to go to, install the game and log in.
      If that doesn’t work, please go to and send a support ticket.
      EDIT – that is after you’ve registered with a valid betakey.


  4. Yaheira says:

    I get a “This IP address has already been used to take a key! In case you forgot it, your key is: xxxx” message, and when I try to use the key on their website it unsurprisingly says it has already been used. I am confused, it was the first time I requested a key and I’ve certainly not used it. Is there anything I can do about this? :S

  5. megazver says:

    Yeah, it says your IP already has a key and shows one someone’s already used if you click the link without logging in first.

  6. Kid_A says:

    Apparently my IP has already requested a key, which I find amusing as my 3 flatmates are all women who have never shown interest in any game beyond Angry Birds.

  7. Bostec says:

    I thought he was saying F.U.B.A.R in the vid. Hes got that whiskey and cigar voice going on, I like it already.

  8. Shockeh says:

    Yeah, same, my IP address (despite being static and only me on it) has apparently already had a key.

  9. DaftPunk says:

    Same problem here it alraedy say i have registered key plus your key is xxxx then when i got their website to register it says again that my key is alraedy used.. What to do now ?

  10. Yaheira says:

    I can’t seem to find a way to add the beta key to my already existing account, any ideas/suggestions?

    • Warduke says:

      Same problem, not sure how to add the beta key to an existing account.

    • Warduke says:

      Well after submitting a ticket to support now I have access.

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    Questions for people getting the IP fail:

    – Are you on a shared connection?

    – Did you participate in the City Of Steam giveaway?

    • Yaheira says:

      I don’t know about the others but for me the issue was what megazver suggested; that I wasn’t logged in on RPS when trying to get a key. The moment I logged in it gave me a new key.
      Edit: And to answer your questions, no to both. :)

    • Kid_A says:

      No and no.

  12. Flakfizer says:

    My experience;

    Finish tutorial, continue onto campaign. Looks like everything but basic rifleman is behind a paywall or grind. Get repeatedly killed then insulted by players with better weapons. Uninstall :(

    • Surlywombat says:

      Shame you missed out really.

      If you could only play rifleman, its because it was a basic rifle squad sent to the fight by whoever moved the squad on the strategic map. To spawn in a tank, someone has to send tanks to the fight. Snipers require recon squads etc. You can also unlock different equipment for each squad, but the basic stuff is perfectly adequate.

    • mrmalodor says:

      My experience was largely the same, plus the technical issues. The community is quite toxic too. Everyone gets so defensive even though the point of a beta is to point out its flaws. Everyone seems to act as if the game is their baby.

  13. Thwick says:

    Had fun playing it for the first time just after the holidays, i too spawned as a rifleman and ended up harassing a tank with grenades and pot shots while running in and out of buildings for a long while. He finally gunned me down, but i enjoyed pissing him off.

    After that I decided to be a daredevil bicycle rider and hopped on my bicycle. Using the sprint key I was able to aggressively flank some riflemen who were in a copse of trees. My plan was to gun a few down, jump back on the bike and pedal off scot-free. Well, I ended up killing two, but when i jumped off my bike it either disappeared into the undergrowth/grass or fell through the world and I was soon back to the mud.

  14. mrmalodor says:

    Are the FPS mechanics still as raw and wonky as they were a few months ago? What about lag?
    I would participate in the beta more, but it’s just not fun…yet. I visit every 4-5 months to check out the changes.

  15. Dudeist says:

    – Change Account Settings
    Buy gold
    – Display transaction log

    Lol thank’s :D Another one pay for win thing… Thank’s, realy

  16. DaftPunk says:

    My impressions are quite bad,there is no prone,no lean,graphics look medicore even when everything is maxed out,game runs through broswer ? Wtf is with that. ??!?

    Don’t waste your time

  17. Alextended says:

    They seriously need a “resend authentication e-mail” button. I accidentally deleted mine since it went in the spam folder and I wasn’t paying attention when I cleared it. Trying to login with the information I gave just gets a wrong information error, not anything that acknowledges I do have an account, just a not yet authenticated one. Oh well. Edit: my bad, the e-mail was merely delayed, I falsely assumed it had been in the spam folder I had just cleared when I didn’t see it in my inbox previously.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I haven’t even received a confirmation email yet. You should feel lucky.

      EDIT: NM, just got it.

  18. Flappybat says:

    I changed the game resolution to match my screen resolution and now I can’t get it to stay in focus. I can’t use the menu to try fixing it and there isn’t an obvious config.

  19. NaiveMelody says:

    This and Aliens Colonial Marines are both in the running for “Homefront Award for Worst FPS of 2013.”

    Seriously, game runs terribly, the interface is garbage, everything looks awful, the gameplay itself is like a super weak version of Red Orchestra (with the graphics levels of the original UT2k4 mod version of that), and it all runs out of a web browser for no goddamn reason.

    I played the Firefall beta the other day, and was put off by how empty and barren that game was, but at least everything in it worked just fine. This gives me perspective on just how awful games can be. So, thanks for that, I guess?

    Oh, and on top of that all, I left a mission to try to restart the client and see if it would run better (it didn’t seem to be responding to my graphics settings changes), and now it’s locked me out of playing entirely, presumably because I left early. So that’s cool.

    • JohnD says:

      Oh, well I was about to start downloading (if I could find the link somewhere) but after reading this I may pass!

  20. SkittleDiddler says:

    Access to only one class, inability to initially equip anything other than a standard rifle and grenades unless you pay for it, a P2W system that favors heavy spenders in a freaking beta product, an abusive community, and horrible map design and gameplay mechanics.

    It’s comparable to the condition Red Orchestra 2 was in during beta, but much much much worse. Uninstalled.

    • shagohad says:

      grindiness doesnt seem any worse than say PS2….

      seems kinda fun when I played, vehicles are cool and everyone hopping in is fun, maps seem alright, moving with cover and vegetation is required

    • wengart says:

      It isn’t that terrible. You get a lot of points per match so 10,000 points is actually a lot. It just seems like a large number.

      Anyway your basic class loadout is really solid and the grenade/mine options give you some solid character type choices.

  21. cvar4o says:

    I have signed for the beta test but I’m not sure if they pay for that testing some games do .

    I’m wondering if this game pays their testers if ti is so it will be nice ?

    Any info ?

  22. Real Horrorshow says:

    Have they improved performance in the last 6 months? This used to be unplayable.

  23. neofit says:

    Registered to see for myself but the site is down for maintenance. How is the gameplay, closer to WW2OL, RO, and Arma with one-shot kills, or more like a CoD or PS with huge health bars? Do vehicles have health bars or armor penetration is modeled?