Finale: Penny Arcade – OTR-SPOD Episode Four

The fourth episode of Penny Arcade: Otter Spod will be the final chapter in the comic saga. There’s a good chance anyone who played the game, or followed development, already knew that number four was the finale, but I’ve been under a rock playing strategy games instead. I really should emerge from time to time, not only because it’d be good for my posture, but because I actually enjoyed Zeboyd’s previous games. In conversation with IGN, Zeboyd say that the sequel will be less linear and will encourage a variety of strategies. They also talked about their plans for the future, more of which below.

I don’t keep up with Penny Arcade’s output anymore, although I do tend to chuckle at the strips if someone links me to them. Zeboyd’s own creations are fantastic though and their next project already sounds hugely appealing:

After we finish up with On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, we have a sci-fi/spy RPG idea that we’ve been planning for a while that we’re going to be working on. Code name acronym: CSH. Distant future setting, female protagonist, on-map battles, more animated sprites, cool level-up system. In short: the works. We’ll probably be doing a Kickstarter for that project after we have some gameplay footage ready to show since we want to really take things up to the next level.

That short description doesn’t mention comedy. I’d be interested to see a straight-faced sci-fi/spy RPG from Zeboyd, or anyone else for that matter. Well, preferably not from Tim Langdell.


  1. DrAmateurScience says:

    On the Edge-Slicked Edge of Edginess. A Sci-Fi/Spy RPG by Edge Games and Tim Langdell.


    • stupid_mcgee says:

      He lost the rights to “Edge” a while back when EA finally stood up to him. They agreed to settle, in the end, and Langdell agreed to relinquish his trademarks to “edge”, “cutting edge”, “the edge” and “gamer’s edge” without admitting any wrongdoing.

      link to

      Besides, “precipice” works much better in the title than “edge”, especially given Holkins’ verbosity.

  2. The Random One says:

    CDProjekt, a challenger has appeared.

  3. Andrigaar says:

    Coincidentally I finished the 3rd one about 12 hours from now and didn’t even know until the credits rolled that it wasn’t the last game in the series.

    On a side note, it’s really interesting to watch this dev house evolve through their games. Each one is a fairly notable step up in all ways from the previous as they learn how to improve.

    • Timothy says:

      I finished the 3rd one about 12 hours from now

      I didn’t realise RPS had time travellers in their readership!

      But yes, I definitely agree that it’s good fun watching them improve. I’m kind of hoping that Episode 4’s system is significantly different from Episode 3 – learning the system was the most fun part of the game for me.

  4. tobecooper says:

    What do you mean it doesn’t mention comedy? CSH clearly stands for either Cthulhu Shows his Heinie, or possibly Cthulhu Strips for Hoover.

  5. Ayam says:

    Really enjoying this series of games, even if I prefer the old incarnation (ie the style of the 1st 2 games) I’m definitely looking forward to some cool closure on quite an engaging setup.

  6. stupid_mcgee says:

    Who wants to guess that this is gonna be a game based on Automata?

  7. Kitsuninc says:

    Otter Spod 3 was really great, it did a lot of things that I absolutely love versus other game of the sort. If we can just get more old-school RPGs with a similar MP system, no consumables, and no random encounters, I’ll be super happy.

  8. Dances to Podcasts says:

    The world needs more funny spy games.

    /Still sad about no more No One Lives Forevers…