Neverending Stories: Knytt Underground

I love it when promotional screenshots are already 600 pixels wide. TAKE NOTE COVERAGE-HUNGRY DEVS

Huh, that’s weird. I could swear we posted about carefully gorgeous platformer sequel Knytt Underground, but perhaps I just presumed John ‘Knytt Stories’ BFF 4 EVA‘ Walker would cover it. Legendary indie dev Nifflas’ latest was released last month, and very probably deserves more substantial coverage on RPS than this here post, but let’s get this particular ball rolling.

We have a trailer, with some very pleasantly calming bloopy-blop music:

We have a 165MB demo, in PC, over-priced smug PC and aggressively counter-culture PC flavours.

We have a full version purchase page, for £9.99/$14.99 (also available from GamersGate)

We have a Steam Greenlight page, for mob rule-based marketing.

We have a lingering sense of guilt for not posting about Kyntt Underground before now.


  1. Grey Ganado says:

    I don’t know Nifflas personally but I always thought he is probably an incredibly nice guy.

    • LTK says:

      He does seem very nice! Also, what an amazing beard.

      Also also, the K in Knytt is not silent! I am learning so much today.

      • Isair says:

        Kn is a pretty awesome sound. English is really missing out with their silent k.

        • Premium User Badge

          phuzz says:

          It’s not always silent, it’s just a bit shy sometimes.
          In fact, I think k might have crush on n.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I’m not a real life acquaintance of his, but I’ve spoken with him via forums, facebook, etc. He really is a nice guy and extremely intelligent.

  2. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Is it like Metroid?

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      suppose I’m not too lazy to check the demo…

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Not really like Metroid. Yeah you explore like you would a Metroidvania I suppose, but it feels more like something akin to Flashback, or even Outland in a way. Focus on exploration and not fighting.

      • evilhayama says:

        Also after the short first 2 chapters there’s no upgrading of your guy really, it’s all exploration using the couple of abilities you have, and a few powerups.

  3. Ross Angus says:

    The sound is amazing. The crackle of the lightning. The footsteps. Really sells it.

  4. Hauskamies says:

    I was very shocked to find out Knytt Underground had come out and I didn’t even know it had because RPS hadn’t informed me :| Your guilt is justified!

    • baby snot says:

      It came out while everyone was on holidays so RPS can hardly be blamed. Maybe Nifflas thought there would be a Christmas rush…

    • wwwhhattt says:

      He’s also got a new free game out, called The Great Work. It looks like the same thing, but with swimming.

  5. mikmanner says:

    the game is pretty wonderful from a pure aesthetic perspective. Great sounds, great lighting, great blend of photography and sprite art. Such a varied and carefully constructed world.

    The gameplay is also a lot of fun, it only really kicks off from the third chapter, so if you are a little bored during the first two chapters (you shouldn’t be) – stick with it.

  6. Alec Meer says:

    Oh shit the bed, there’s even a review copy of this in the RPS inbox. We have been foolish. In fairness he did send it over three days before Christmas.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Given that it’s now three days before February, who knows what other gems RPS have denied us! Also, that Nigerian prince is probably really desperate by now.

    • nillenille says:

      So it’ll be another two months until you report on his OTHER new game, “The Great Work” (out today)? ^^

    • DerNebel says:

      It’s okay, I’ll forgive you. In a million years when the ashes of our civilisation has finally settled down and the wailing of the hungry and dying echo in the valleys no more. Or, well, when I get my hands on this game.

      I am so excited, I can’t wait to get back to my main PC and play this thing.

  7. Greggh says:

    Seems a bit unpolished, but I’ll wait for the final version to say more bad things about this beautiful game.

  8. Sepulchrave76 says:

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been Greenlit yet. Sort it out, Steam community.

  9. evilhayama says:

    I finished this on a horrible console device (Vita) and loved it to death! It’s like a massive Knytt really, and it really is huge, the map in the third stage has a completely filled-in 49 x 49 square map. It’s very ambient, with mostly minimal music and sound, lots of screens are just there for the look.

    The writing is the craziest thing, you have essentially a super happy fairy and an angry sweary fairy following your silent protagonist around, and the stories sometime dip into very dark territory.

    Oh and the platforming is pretty good sometimes.

    • pakoito says:

      >Oh and the platforming is pretty good sometimes.

      In 2013? Impossible. Even Mario games are on decline.

  10. Pemptus says:

    Also, go play the free Knytt Stories if you haven’t already. Do get some top-rated user scenarios for it, too. It’s fantastic. It tends to be a bit less dark than this game, as well.

    • Sepulchrave76 says:

      Knytt Stories is brill, agreed. I’ve just lost about an hour and a half to The Great Work, too, and though I’ve yet to finish it, it’s really good.

  11. mariejanet657 says:

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  12. jrodman says:

    Does it have stressy bits like Saira, or it more a relaxing joy like Knytt/stories/deep forest?