Brightsiders: Crytek Hires Displaced Darksiders Devs

I've got a job again too, right guys? Right? [sound of crickets, also a crow]

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. It’s a delightfully optimistic statement, though in truth, it’s not always, well, true. (Note: I mean this in the metaphorical sense. I don’t claim to be an expert on clouds’ relative silver content, as I still believe they’re made of cotton candy.) Case in point: at first, it sure seemed like Darksiders dev Vigil Games would be getting some of said rain in its gothic Death mascara while everyone else found new homes in the wake of THQ’s collapse. But now, that dark cloud within a silver-lined dark cloud has found a different silver lining. On the wings of nanosuit-clad angels, Crytek’s descended to save the day. Or, well, most of it, anyway.

Former Vigil general manager and co-owner David Adams is leading the newly christened Crytek USA Corp. Employing one of the three adjectives existent in press-release-ese, he explained that he’s “thrilled.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry. The studio’s launch represents Crytek’s commitment to delivering diverse and high quality content to players everywhere.”

Adams brings with him 35 former Vigilites, which – sadly – isn’t the entire company. Still though, it’s the core team, which means Vigil lives on – if not in body, then mind. That said, Darksiders looks to be six-feet-under for the time being. So Crytek told The Escapist: “Crytek USA won’t work on a new Darksiders game. At this point in time it is too early to share any future plans.”

Which is a bit of a bummer, seeing as Darksiders II really got critics talking. For instance, Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s John Walker called it “derivative of just about everything imaginable,” but in a good way because he also said it was “absolutely fantastic.” Also, some other people said some other things, I guess.

However, in the grand scheme of things, this outcome is still much, much, much preferred over the alternative. So then, Vigil Games is dead. Long live Crytek USA. May its heart be strong, and its Gface whatever Gfaces typically are.


  1. Syra says:

    What’s a Gface?

    • The Dark One says:

      Some Crytek-branded social-media thingie (I guess the Cryface domain was already taken when they announced it).

    • Rao Dao Zao says:

      On the count of three:



    • f1x says:


    • Suits says:


      • BobbyDylan says:


        Oh wait…. I can’t say that anymore.

        • Hirmetrium says:

          FYI, Darksiders already had WAR and DEATH in it.

          • int says:

            So the for the next ones if they are ever made. Conquest, I can get that but Famine? Does his attacks takes the enemies’ food.

          • RedViv says:

            I would imagine that this is the reason why they didn’t use Conquest/Pestilence and Famine, but called them Strife and Fury.

          • Jonesy says:


    • alison_brie says:

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      • SkittleDiddler says:

        They bought out Volvo? Holy shit, that’s some fast money skills right there.

  2. Low Life says:

    That’s nice. Hopefully they’ll be working on something of their own instead of something related to Crysis (or Homefront).

  3. Askeladd says:

    Good to see that at least some Vigil members got a immediate future.

    I’m not a huge fan of Crytek anymore. When money takes over.

    • f1x says:

      I think Crytek is still an awesome developer, its just diminished by some unpopular design choices and probably because the pressure that EA puts at them

      but this Vigil guys might do wonders with the Cryengine at their service

      • Askeladd says:

        It certainly helps to be positive about everything, but I like facts and it’s a fact I didn’t like any game after Warhead.
        When they start making games I like again, I’ll come back and edit this comment.

        • f1x says:

          Its not about being positive, is about not being biased

          You said you didn’t like any game after Warhead, that means you didnt like Crysis 2, which is the only game after Warhead

          So ….you liked Farcry, Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead, but you didn’t like Crysis 2 therefore Crytek sucks
          If Crysis 3 is a turd then I will agree with you, but at the moment I see much more positive in Crytek than negative

          • Askeladd says:

            Well, I’m a biased because I already judged Crysis 3 :(

          • Suits says:

            “I’m a biased because I already judged” Looks like you don’t know what ‘bias’ is

          • f1x says:

            I confess I used biased without knowing the meaning 100%, but it seemed adecuated

            anyway, I’m saving my final judgement until I play Crysis 3, true is that the promotional videos are not helping but I believe there might be a great game behind, but I might be terribly wrong

            the thing is, no matter what, the Cryengine is fantastic tho, so if they give it to this Vigil guys and allow them to make something creative (I mean, not a damn Sci-fi military FPS) its gonna be great

          • Askeladd says:

            No, No. I know that judging things in its incomplete form is bad for various reasons, so I deliberately used ‘biased’ there… please tell me what I did wrong.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            I think the word you were looking for was “prejudiced”.

          • Askeladd says:

            Yes, that’s what I meant to say. So my dictionary is wrong? It tells me I’m right so I’m only half at fault?
            I’ll keep this in mind from now on, because the adjective to be prejudiced is very important in this time and age. Thanks.

          • Skabooga says:

            Conversationally, you used the word ‘biased’ just fine, Askeladd, so no worries there. I fear we may just be dealing with language prescriptivists, also known by their more common name ‘fun-vampires’. (Don’t worry, I’m just gently needling, you guys are truly alright.)

          • meatshit says:

            Biased and prejudiced are synonyms so I don’t know what this thread is on about. They have slightly different connotations, with prejudice usually used in more serious situations such as when referring to racism, but they have roughly the same meaning.

          • Phantoon says:

            Just because the dictionary says one thing does not mean it’s the case anymore. English is a living language, and it’s general usage that determines the definition of words and phrases. Look at “begging the question”- few people use the term as it is defined, and instead use it as “the question must be asked”.

  4. espenhw says:

    Due to inflation, all clouds will be lined with zinc.

  5. Teovald says:

    Who owns the Darksiders licence though ??
    Is it this newly formed Crytek US ? Or is it lost in THQ limbo ?
    At least the Homeworld licence will not feel too lonely..

    • Low Life says:

      link to
      “In response to many: The Darksiders and Red Faction IP have not been auctioned yet.”

      The remaining assets are still up for grabs, so we’ll see what happens.

      • Teovald says:

        Thanks. Red Faction as well ? Too bad, the story don’t really need a continuation but RFGuerrilla was brilliant in many aspects and I would love to see a game with the same mechanics, even in a purely derivative manner.

        As for Darksiders, it looks like we will never see the battle foreshadowed at the end of Darksiders 1 …

        • Low Life says:

          Yeah, even if someone bought Darksiders and made a new game, I doubt it’d have much to do with the first two games.

        • meatshit says:

          That’s a damn shame. Red Faction without the limitations of the current console generation would have been amazing. Just imagine playing Guerilla 2 with a magnet gun and destruction physics unhindered by the anemic processing power of the Xbox.

          • Bhazor says:

            It wasn’t tech that ruined the last Red Faction game. It was terrible game design that ruined it.

            Red Faction guerilla was capable of huge physic feats on vast maps but the last one threw all that out to make it a more story focused game.

      • Sic says:

        Where does the money go if I buy Darksiders 2 from Steam, though?

        Some clearing house or something similar?

        I’m guessing whatever happens, the THQ games were more than popular enough so that any interested party would want to keep them on Steam.

        It’s a bit interesting the whole thing, though (in addition to being horrible).

        • Sucram says:

          Revenue from Darksiders will go to the estate until the license is sold, so basically it’ll be used to pay off some of the money THQ owed.

  6. PitfireX says:

    Im working on tattoos of War and Death so it makes me SUPER sad to know they wont be making a 3rd and that no one wants to pick it up…. but this news makes me super happy!!!

  7. Olderman says:

    What do you mean you “still believe” clouds are made of cotton candy? What else could they be made of?

    Is this that Santa Claus thing all over again?

  8. Caiman says:

    As long as they’re not forced to make another bloody FPS. The other thing that concerns me is that if they’re under Crytek, then presumably they’re now under EA. That doesn’t exactly bode well.

    Real shame about Darksiders. I loved the franchise and was looking forward to what they did with the next two. It’s frustrating to see all these great IPs being killed off. Red Faction still has a lot of potential, but clearly Volition need to get back to what they’re good at and make Freespace 3 or Descent 4. Like that will ever happen.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Crytek is not, as far as I know, controlled by EA in any sense other than publishing agreements.

      If they do end up doing FPSes, I think the Darksiders comic visuals would be a good match for a new Timesplitters game.

    • Low Life says:

      EA is the publisher for Crysis, while Warface is being published by Trion (in EU and US) and before all this Homefront was being published by THQ, so they’re not in any way confined to one publisher.

      • drewski says:

        Crytek didn’t develop Homefront. THQ asked them to do the sequel and shut down the original developer, then Crytek bought the IP in the THQ-sale.

        • Low Life says:

          Crytek was already developing Homefront 2 for THQ, so when the auction happened they bought the IP to continue working on it.

          edit: Now that I read your message again, that’s what you said. And I notice I missed the 2 after Homefront in my original message, so yeah.

    • Fierce says:

      I wouldn’t retract from the edge of my seat just yet regarding Freespace 3. While I personally don’t think Strike Suit Zero lit a forest on fire, I wouldn’t be pessimistic about the Space Genre until Star Citizen is out.

      That (and to a much lesser extent, maybe Starlight Inception) will be the bellwether for whether there is money in them thar’ asteroids, and whether or not the gate will finally be opened for Descent, Freespace and Homeworld sequels.

      Skyjacker would’ve been an extremely worthy addition to that list as well, though it remains to be seen where their Starship Constructor project goes. I still shake my head a little that Starlight Inception got funded and Skyjacker didn’t, especially when you compare the amount of work each dev had available to show investors. First Mover advantage I guess.

  9. Hoaxfish says:

    I know Vigil was talking up Crawler in the aftermath of the bankruptcy… could they continue it as the new studio, or is that basically an aborted IP that simply cannot exist as anything more?

  10. KenTWOu says:

    What? Forget about Darksiders 3! We need a spiritual successor to Crawler!

    The best example of this is Vigil’s title, codenamed Crawler. When the teams got together recently to show each other their titles, Crawler dropped the most jaws. It is a fantastic idea, and truly unique. The fact that nobody bid for the team and title is a travesty. It makes no sense to me. If I weren’t barred from bidding as an insider, I would have been there with my checkbook. I’m sure that’s little consolation to the team, but that’s a fact.

    This quote from Game Informer interview with Jason Rubin.

    • Sixtoe says:

      I think you might be spot on with this, I’ve seen good things written in a couple of places (old THQ boss and somewhere else? can’t remember) so I imagine “Crawler”, whatever that might be, has gone with them.
      I wonder if they get to keep the code or have to start from scratch, not sure how these things would work, interesting tho’…

  11. drewski says:

    I’m a little baffled as to where Crytek got all the money from. Have their games sold *that* well?

    • Hirmetrium says:

      Apparently, its from engine licensing. I also think the original Crysis sold very well for them, which obviously lent to their coffers. WARFACE is also doing very, very well in Russia, with apparently 5mil players (That’s like, half of WoW and quite a lot of people).

      No doubt they are floating positive at the moment. I suspect Crysis 3 won’t do as well however. At the very least, I am avoiding it this time around (the MP in Crysis 2 sucked, and I only really played it for the campaign).

    • EvaUnit02 says:

      Crytek makes more than just games. Eg they’re in the simulation business.
      link to

  12. Lemming says:

    While I’m glad people get to keep their jobs, No Darksiders makes this non-news for me.

  13. Zyrxil says:

    Well I’m happy they have jobs, but to be honest Darksiders 2 was a bit shit. It was very very pretty, but the combat was poor, the RPG system pointless, the dungeons lacking in personality, and the quest progression super grindy. This is why I was a bit annoyed by the ex-Vigil employee blog post that came out last week praising everyone he worked with as “the best in the industry”. Even for a tearful goodbye,that was too much hyperbole, considering they’ve only been together 5 years and developed two “OK” games that didn’t set the world on fire.

  14. ScubaMonster says:

    Damn, I like Darksiders. Hopefully it sees the light of day again.

  15. JuJuCam says:

    “Adams brings with him 35 former Vigilites”

    Vigilantes, surely?

  16. fooga44 says:

    The first darksiders was just average.

    The second darksiders was shit. They totally lost it in Darksiders 2. The gameplay was totally unchallenging and boring. They dumbed it down to chimp level for DS2.

  17. mariejanet657 says:

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  18. Shooop says:

    If another does get made, is it going to be F2P? Since Crytek said that’s all they’re going to do from now on…