Now That’s What I Call Platforming: Rush Bros

Oh, this is going to suck...

[ Now Playing: Rush Rush (Scarface Original Soundtrack) ]


It’s got five levels, if you’re inclined
And that’s just the demo; the full game has more
You’re a fast, fast runner
By physics not confined
You bring a friend and you can race them galore
And use your times as scores

Rush Bros, on MyXYLA
With buzz, maybe Greenlight
Rush Bros, it’s quite fun, try it
Or don’t, it’s your call, y’know.

Rush Bros!
Rush Bros!
Rush Bros!

It’s about speed racing
With a few things to mind
Your choice of music plays about with the levels
On which you jump and climb

Rush Bros, no point solo
Ring ring, call a friend up, oh yeah.
P1 gets controller (or not)
Keyboard is for losers

Never need to play online at all, because it’s playable split screen
Maybe import some MP3s though first; it does that, does that, does that, does that, does that

Rush Bros; try the demo
Full version costs just $15, $15
This song now gets boring
I’ll stop… er… um… okay-o?
(Uh oh…)

Rush Bros!
Rush Bros!
Rush Bros!


  1. Bhazor says:

    So it’s Runman with Dubstep.

    Thats like prime steak with a turd.

    • slight says:

      That’s not dubstep. It’s not even brostep/mid-range cack.

      • ianboswell says:

        You’re able to put any kind of music you want into the game. It doesn’t matter what genre. Dubstep might have been the inspiration but I normally play to chiptunes, classic, rock etc… The game works and flows to the beat of any of your Mp3s.

  2. Kobest says:

    I really want to like this game, the music is great, but I have only one grief: the floaty controls. Perhaps it changed after the demo, but the responsiveness of the movement was slow in my opinion which made it very difficult to execute a nice flow of running and jumping.

    • Ksempac says:

      I’m with you on that one.
      The first time RPS told us about the game, i was really excited because I like games with catchy music. But then I tried the demo, and it was a mess : the floaty controls just killed any fun the game might have.
      I accepted Jet Set Radio’s awful controls because the gameplay is very forgiving. But when a game is strictly a time trial, and you need to perform precision jumps to take a shortcut, the controls must be perfect. Which is far from the case here (except if they improved it since last time).

      • Bhazor says:

        Jumping/movement mechanics are one of those things that seems so simple yet is so hard to get right. Sadly most designers just seem to be satisfied with “half decent” or “functional”.

        Developers need to constantly improve and refine these core mechanics then use it as a foundation to build a game on. Sadly a lot of developers design a game then add jumping to it. The Terraria knock offs are a good example of bad platforming.

        • ianboswell says:

          We hear you guys, loud and clear, and since the Demo last dropped (which was several months back) we’ve actually heavily re-worked the platforming controls. One of the things we wanted to add in was jump sensitivity. Our original design was all about tap-to-jump instead of press-and-hold to jump and for a lot of platforming veterans this felt uncomfortable, and we agreed.

          The demo does not reflect the final products controls, and if we get user feedback to tighten them further we’ll absolutely do that. It’s very easy for us to change the values for things like gravity, jump strength, fall speed, etc… and despite our arguing internally for hours to find the levels that “Feel right” (it took a lot of debate) we will gladly work further on them if our audience isn’t happy with them. That’s why the game (if you’ve played it you’ll know this already) has an auto-patcher. If we get community feedback to fix or add a feature we can patch it in and the next time you run the game it will automatically update to add that feature in.

          Again, though, we have already changed the controls heavily from the way they are in the Demo. Though the adjustments were slight it feels like a whole new game.

          • Kobest says:

            That’s very good news, I’m hoping to give it a try soon. Is there any way you guys will update the demo?

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  4. PitfireX says:

    I cant be the only one that thinks about GTAIII whenever I hear a Scarface song.

  5. jinnyjinjin says:

    I would just like to say this article has made leave the room because I’m laughing so much. Bravo, Mr. Cobbett.

    I think I need to go to bed.

  6. Lemming says:

    I’m not falling the for the fact we are supposed to believe this is ‘fast’ because of a speed trail on the character and fast music. He’s still moving the same speed as Mario.

  7. JBantha says:

    “Spotify is currently not available in your country.”