Defiance Gets Release Date, Defies Subscription Fees

Frankly, I would’ve been utterly dumbfounded if Trion Worlds defied all reason by saddling Defiance with a subscription fee, but TV changes people. Maybe being front-and-center on Syfy would’ve convinced some exec that Defiance is different. It can have subscription fees and its own three-story trailer-yacht and a special pen on set for its pet orangutan, Mr Screams-A-Lot. And also a rapidly developing coke habit that repeatedly gets chalked up to accidental over-consumption of  “cough syrup.” But I digress. Happily, Trion’s not fallen into that glitz-and-glamour-laden trap, so the crab-alien-blasting MMO’s going for more of a Guild-Wars-style model. Live-action celebratory trailer for the game – not the show – after the break. Hopefully they’ll do an in-game trailer of the show next. Synergy!

In short, you have two options: standard and deluxe. Neither involves any sort of subscription, but deluxe – which will run you an extra $40 for a grand total of $100 – nabs you all sorts of in-game baddie-bursting goodies. Among other things, that includes a “Hydra” rocket launcher, “rare” sentinel shield, 30-day XP boost, 30-day scrip boost, and additional inventory space. So it’s a decent-sized haul, but $100? Really? I think I’ll just enter the world naked and crying with standard, myself.

If you absolutely cannot wait, there’s also another beta weekend coming up soon. It’ll run from February 8th to February 10th, but registering right now would probably be a good idea. Early bird gets the gargantuan acid-puking worm creature and all that.

Defiance officially launches on April 2nd, which is two weeks before the TV show makes its Firefly-esque stroll into the saloon. I’m still not entirely sure the game and show will make for two tastes that go great together, but it should be fun to watch them try, if nothing else. So then, who’s interested in touring alien-overrun San Francisco in a couple months? Maybe we’ll find my house!


  1. Popcornicus says:

    space elfs shoulda brought a rocket launcher

    will my dude be able to initiate a homosexual interspecies romance with the giant enemy crab and its ravenous brood? if not no buy syfy

  2. Lobotomist says:

    The game is actually quite good. Very reminiscent of prematurely retired Tabula Rasa (or global Agenda , but without jetpacks – and more PVE ) It actually features huge open space world , dynamic missions and skill system that is very sandbox ( kind of like Far Cry 3 – but all skills are on one big grid with related skills linked )
    Driving (with driving challenges like FC3 again…)

    60$ will probably be very fair bang for the buck.

    ( BTW the series itself seem to be very interesting for someone that likes “Firefly” like sci fi )

    • stiffkittin says:

      From what I’ve seen of the show so far, it’s not bringing anywhere near the funny of Firefly.

    • f1x says:

      I celebrate that they have chosen the GW business model, I would glady pay for this one knowning that there is no subscription, that will also ensure the world is not empty after 1 month

      and if its similar to Tabula Rasa then <3

    • Gurrah says:

      Tabula Rasa was brilliant, such a shame it expired before F2P became an accepted business model.

  3. Taidan says:

    Are they also making the TV series available without a subscription? Seems silly to only go part-way with this.

    Also, TV/Gaming crossovers are officially excellent. Worked brilliantly with Pokémon 15 years ago, would be good if they could recapture the fun of that.

  4. abandonhope says:

    On the “explore the game” side, that sniper guy in the shades with two forms of headwear: that’s the look they think gamers identify with. That makes me not want to play. I might stick with watching the show–if it doesn’t suck.

    I stopped tuning into Syfy when they canceled Caprica (yeah, it wasn’t great) and filled out their programming lineup with reality TV, WWE, and sci-fi that seems to exist just to inflate the egos of viewers who desperately want to be cool for being cultural geeks*. I kind of just assumed they weren’t going to do good sci-fi anymore.

    *One of the reasons I hang out on RPS is so I don’t have to interact with those people. Big hug.

  5. derella says:

    Comparing this to Firefly is blasphemous.

    • Surlywombat says:

      Perhaps its a comparison based on how long he expects it to last?

    • Lobotomist says:

      I am not comparing it to Firefly – its not firefly , its not the same story , not same spirit , not same world or characters. DOH

      Its same colonist+spaceships sci-fi genre.

      Also one of rare true scifi shows (as is set in actual far future and high tech) not quasi near future so they can cut costs , and just use todays world as background.

  6. Screwie says:

    Attention Nathan: Going to the pre-order page shows the UK pre-order prices, now.

    £35 for the standard or £55 for the deluxe. That’s quite a bit of a step down from $100, I’m kind of surprised.

  7. Ludomation says:

    I don’t post often, but when I do I like to moan and complain about live action trailers and their distinct lack of ability to inspire me about your new game. I want to escape reality, not watch real people pretending to be unreal.. you know what I mean. Vote NO on live action trailers.

  8. Jahnz says:

    Why do the men all abandon the vehicles loaded with heavy machine guns when they get to where the crab like aliens are? Why do they approach to point blank range when they could have stopped half a mile out and shot the aliens from there? Does the alien woman really need to tell her companions, “Eyes open”? Why does the large alien have a giant mouth on top of its body where it can’t possibly eat anything?

    This seems like they are trying too hard.

    And what is the deal with building sized creatures with what appears to be an exoskeleton? How does it even stand up under that weight?

    • mmalove says:

      I agree the science is pretty non existent – I mean around the time we achieve any kind of space travel that would allow alien life on our planet, one would thing those aliens would have developed a weaponry superior to propelling metal via explosive discharge. Like, blasters or mass drivers or some such.

      But, gun culture sells, and what the nasty looking crab aliens lose in science, they make up for in looking pretty badass. I mean, at least it’s not just a ripped off zergling or predator. Though speaking of guild wars, it does kinda remind me of a kakra.

      • marach says:

        Story line is that not long from now a fleet crashes into the earth our defences fighting it all the way wiping out pretty much everything in fact parts of it are still falling (ark fall). Ark falls can be anything from weapons caches (human or alien) to survivors of the fleet people are after them for the tech.

  9. Engonge says:

    Press “1-2-3” or aim and shoot?

    • Felixader says:

      It is supposed to be a shooter. i can’t talk about the quality of it since i haven’t played it.

      Also: Am i the only one wondering that this is also on the 360? The thing is: i play 360 quite regularly and i have never heard of it coming out on there.
      Maybe has something to do with the fact that i am German? Does it not come out in Germany?

      • marach says:

        Beta signup for xbox was on the home page for over a month. Infact if you signed upto it you got into the PC beta for the first stress test

    • marach says:

      Aim, shoot, run, throw grenades, cloak and stab them in the back… it has them all! It’s a 3rd person shooter mmo and yes damage is location based so unarmored head shots do more damage.

  10. zeekthegeek says:

    Gotta add my voice: this is actually pretty fun. I put in a few hours and had a blast. Map is plenty sizeable in the one area I visited (unsure what else there is), enough that I could do a couple ATV races through it anyway. Cutscenes are incomplete but they aren’t bad or over-long.