Indie Royale’s Evolved Bundle Emerges Onto Land

Bundle bundle bundlenews! Indie Royale have launched their latest, hoping to soak up the cash for another collection of out-turned pocketed developers. This time it’s the Evolved Bundle, because, um, they’ve called it that. And it’s a good-un. In there you’ve got the utterly splendid puzzler Unmechanical from Talawa Games (check out our review), Tale Of Tales’ super-creepy The Path, Fatshark’s latest, Krater, Turtle Cream’s Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, and physics puzzler OIO from Uncanny Games. Which I’d say is the best pack they’ve had in a while.

It’s worth it alone for Unmechanical, which I unforgivably forgot to argue into the 2012 Calendar over Christmas, and now want to play right away. As is the way of the Royale, the price for the lot started at $4, and will be driven up or down depending on how much people opt to pay. And if you stick in more than $8 you’ll also get a Tim Wright album with remixed WipEout and WipEout 2097 tracks.

Here’s the trailer, but be warned, if you’ve got a headache like mine you’ll not appreciate the bass:


  1. Dowr says:

    Oh, another one of these.

  2. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    I agree with this bundle being the best in a while. The last few were really mediocre for the indie royales, which have usually been the next best thing to a humble bundle.

    Anyone have an idea how the fact that jumped the boat on indieroyale might factor into all this? that might be a rhetorical question…

    • Karuji says:

      UBM who own, Gamasutra, GDC, also own indie royal. So they are cross pollinating their own products.

  3. quamper says:

    Yeah I also agree with this being the best in awhile. The last indie royale before this I picked up was the one with Pathologic back around Halloween (oh like 7 or 8 bundles back!?!).

  4. Jambe says:

    Me three wrt it being the best bundle in a while. Gifted it, I did.

  5. JiminyJickers says:

    This is quite good, I will grab it. Haven’t seen an Indie bundle I wanted in quite a while.

  6. golem09 says:

    How is Krate coming along? I didn’t like it on release day.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      It’s essentially the same game with slightly less bugs and absolutely no improvement in the gameplay department. They did add co-op though, and it’s being patched and updated on a regular basis. It’s a decent game, but the devs could have done so much more with it.

      • Noburu says:

        Pretty much this. There is pretty much no variety to the gameplay due to their only being 3 classes with two skills each. You do get mutant variants later own but the skills are pretty much the same. I see the game more as failed opportunity.

  7. SkittleDiddler says:

    Meh, I’d rather spend $5 on four crappy indie games and two really good ones — ala link to — as opposed to anything that includes The Path. That’s like biting into a lemon only to find a maggot nesting in the center.

    • squareking says:

      But what if I like lemony maggots?

    • PikaBot says:

      I was about to say.

    • Jahkaivah says:

      The combination of price tag, url link and snarky responses made me think that SkittleDiddler was a spambot at first.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        You’re right, it does look like a spam entry. I need to be more careful when I’m writing opinion posts.

        As for the snarky responses, that’s pretty much par for the course.

    • frightlever says:

      Never used Groupees but that looks like I get Lucius and Kings Bounty: Warriors of the North for five bucks, and four games I’ll never install. Lucius got middling reviews but I love the premise. Kings Bounty burned me out after one (of the modern variety) game, so it’s a shame I kept playing for two sequels. Still… for $2.50 I only need to watch the intro and I’ve got my money’s worth.

      I think I might bite on this if they take Paypal. Right… they do. Okay. Totally buying that.

      I’ll probably drop five bucks on the Indie Royale as well. YES, ten bucks in one day. I’m a fucking Rockefeller.

      NB: I am not a Rockefeller and am not in any way affiliated with their organization. Which I will now check up about on Wikipedia. Something to do with Tina Fey? Right? She should totally get back into politics now her show is over.

  8. pertusaria says:

    I’ve been curious about OIO for ages and not got around to buying it, so I’m really happy to see this bundle. Unmechanical sounds neat as well.

  9. Jupiah says:

    I have all of these but Krater and Sugar Cube. Are either of those worth buying the bundle for?

    • Shadowcat says:

      I’ve not played either, so my opinion doesn’t count for much, but the bundle sure isn’t enticing me to find out more about either of those games.

      Sugar Cube appears to feature annoying flickering as part of its visual design (not on the headache-inducing level that the developer of Love somehow thought was a good idea, but still enough for me to stop the video).

      For Krater, they don’t even show any gameplay. THAT’s not a good sign.