War Of The Roses Getting Free Version, Brian Blessed

Kingmaker. Not to be confused with the new hit reality show, King Makeover. It's actually quite heartfelt, if you'll believe it.

War. War never changes.

OK, actually, no. Now look here, ominous Fallout guy: I know what you’re trying to say, but I don’t think you’re accounting for any sort of subtlety or nuance. Sure, we’re still talking about people killing each other, and that’s a nice, grim sentiment, but small changes make ripples in the blood-soaked killing fields too. I’m talking, of course, about thunder-voiced narrators. Case in point: Brian Blessed‘s involvement with Paradox’s War of the Roses. As part of an upcoming DLC pack, these things will happen: “Blessed’s booming voice will inspire knights by announcing in-game events and warnings, giving new meaning to the iconic command to ‘Kill the enemy!'” That’ll cost money. But a stripped down version of the game? That, my friends, is completely free.

The free version’s launching February 6th (next week!), and – while it won’t be loaded with as many glittering prizes as the paid edition – it won’t be a time-limited demo, either.

“The trial version will include access to all online battles, enabling aspiring warriors to fight alongside all existing players – paid or trial. The trial version will limit players by disallowing any unlocks, giving access only to the game’s base classes and weapons, giving trial players a chance to live true knighthood.”

So it’ll make for a nice taster, if nothing else. Meanwhile, a new complete edition, known as War of the Roses: Kingmaker, is inbound for the latter half of 2013. It’ll serve as the fattest shark under Fatshark’s medieval battle banner, bundling together all previously released content and adding two new attack/defend based modes, Assault and Assault Castle. Why that’s going to take nearly an entire year, I haven’t the foggiest, but new modes are definitely appreciated. Hopefully there’ll still be people around to enjoy them by the time they arrive.

Lastly, a free update called “Outside the Law” is on the way, bringing with it a new forest map and some armor “Robin of Loxley would be proud of.” I think first he’d be like “WHAT ARE THESE WITCHCRAFT MACHINES, YOU SPAWNS OF A GODLESS EARTH,” but I get Paradox’s meaning.

Regardless, more War of the Roses! More of the Roses. Wait, Alec already used that one. Hm. Uhhhh. OK, just imagine me sliding off a stage, doing this.


  1. Wreckdum says:

    Chivalry is so out of control amazing right now I don’t think I’ll ever play WotR again.

    • RoAE says:

      So TRUE!

    • Aardvark_Man says:

      I fire up WotR occassionally, and quit 10-15 minutes later.
      It’s depressing, because it feels like it should be good, and I desperately want it to be, but it just annoys me more than anything.

      Not exactly something worth throwing an extra $10 or $15 at, when you consider that.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Except for the new map sucking for Agatha and the devs having lied about class restriction options being included in the update and the server browser still being agonizingly dysfunctional and and and…

      Still. Stupid Melee Heroin, can’t let go. Best Team Objective thing to play right now.

  2. DrAmateurScience says:


    • Llewyn says:

      ‘War of the fucking Roses? I’ve starred in Rome: Total War. What the fuck is all that about War of the Roses?’

  3. Juan Carlo says:

    This will kind of suck, I think. If free players are barred from unlocks it will just result in a ghettoization process whereby a continually rotating pool of underpowered freeplayers are slaughtered by paying players. It’s more likely to frustrate potential players than attract paying customers.

    Plus, I hope it doesn’t mean that they are now going to do all the milking of their audiences and charging them for every useless trinket that free to play games do.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      I think this could be mildly amusing. Knights vs. Peasants the Game.

    • BlackestTea says:

      Disclaimer: I’ve never played the game myself.
      From what I heard from various coverage, though, it seems like the base classes are quite capable and that, in fact, it takes a whole while of unlocking things to make an alternative build of comparable strength. (Please correct me, if this is wrong, though, i’d love to know).
      That would mean that the main concern would simply be that there will be a overabundance of a few loadouts, hurting balance a little (by making different builds more surprising) and impacting overall gameplay variety.

      • Thurgret says:

        It took 6 hours played to get something just ever so slightly better than the basic Footman character (I wanted a lightly-armoured dude– tried playing a knight, hated it).

        Haven’t played more than that. Doubt that I will — it just isn’t a very good game. There’s oodles of potential, but the developer seems unaware of or unwilling to deal with the game’s problems.

    • Armitage says:

      That sounds kind of awesome actually.

      They shall call call me… Armitage the Noob Slayer!

  4. tres says:

    Too bad though it sucks terribly. Just do yourself a favor and try Warband instead, actually even Chivalry is better than this.

  5. Glottis1 says:

    I dont get why this game gets so much hate and everyone loves Chivarly. Chivarly has pretty much all the problems Wotr has.

    • explodeydendron says:

      I hate Chivalry. First person perspective is awful for melee combat. Warband is still king.

      • kael13 says:

        Bro, it has third-person perspective, y’know.

        • Wreckdum says:

          Haters gonna hate regardless. Just looking for reasons. Chivalry is KING!

          L2 perspective change. It has more third person perspectives than M&B. DERP DERP

          Ove rleft shoulder, over right shoulder or centered over both shoulders.

      • DarkLiberator says:

        Umm, it does have third person view, you press P to shift between the third person different viewpoints or go back to first person.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        I’ve played both warband and chiv online, and chiv is by far better due to the TO mode. While the tad more simplified blocking is both weird and frustrating at times in chiv, its still a highly addictive melee game.

    • Magnusm1 says:

      I think the main thing is that combat and maps are much better.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      I’ve played both (still play Chivalry at times). The combat is just very unsatisfying in WotR, which is, unfortunately, also the focus of the game. The performance is also downright abysmal on my system. This is the sort of game that has a huge untapped potential, but it never really reaches it.

    • Ephant says:

      WotR is the only game between the 3 which has accurate hitboxes: Chivalry and M&B have shit like hilt-slashes and Chivalry even allows you to stick (or clip) your whole spear into the enemie’s ass before thrusting and killing him. WotR also has some nice gameplay features like the armor system but it’s still my least played game with 52 hours (M&B 200h, Chivalry 54h).

    • derbefrier says:

      The main difference between the two is that combat in Chivalry is really fun and combat in WoTR isnt. I suppose its a matter of taste but WotR combat feels extremely floaty, like your swinging a feather around where in Chivalry when your sword hits a shield or some flesh I swear i can almost feel it. That shitty squad spawning system in WOtR really sucked and was done horribly and constantly ruined games. About the only thing I did like in WOtR was the hit boxes and how they handled armor and how they handled the ranged classes. These 3 things were handled just about perfectly in my opinion but sadly none of that makes up for the fact I cant stand the melee combat in this game. I tried to get into it spent about 20 hours trying and I did have fun I guess at times but as soon as I played Chivalry I never looked back.

    • Phantoon says:

      No, it doesn’t

      Chivalry is hilarious.

  6. Mithrot says:

    Heres my honest opinion. Perhaps its just me, but I never had such a large bout of buyer’s remorse than when I bought Red Orchestra 2. Beyond the bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD optimization and the questionable netcode, the game simply wasn’t fun.

    Don’t get me wrong, I prefer this game over Chivalry simply because this game has more depth than being Dark Messiah MP. I saw alot of love put into this game, as its a beautiful PC exclusive with constant updates and free DLC ontop of a friendly community and a levy of custom options.

    However, the combat can be tweaked all you want, but at the end of the day its essentially a sparring match between several floating vehicles trying to tactically hit one another while at the same time spamming the attack button, if that even makes sense. The controls personally felt very unintuitive for a mouse, as I tend to drag the screen as I try to attack and the complexity of different materials doing different damage in often lost amongst the chaos of players running around. Trying to pick your attacks, defend and move around in a tactical manner feels unintuitive as everyone is constantly trying to hit you.

    There is also the very strange contradiction of the game’s aim to be “authentic” while having the execution/revive system. Seeing people constantly switch between animations, screaming “MERCY” because other players are interrupting each other breaks the realisim immediately and reminds me of AvP 2010’s conga-lines of players taking down each other in long, drawn-out death animations.

    The only thing that feels like its been done well is the ranged cross/bows. The combat just feels…inherently flawed, and games like Mount&Blade has done it better with a stamina system to balance the chaos.

    Talking about balance, certain updates drastically breaks the flow/tactics of certain playstyles and this makes trying to learn the nuances of the combat difficult to deal with. One patch ago, everyone on horseback is basically a tank, now anyone with a twohanded sword can deal massive damage to everyone in their path. Teamwork is fun, as you and your army try to rush to the other flag, but with the lack of gamemodes it just feels like a zerg rush that was done better in other MP games. Atleast free DLC is helping to mitigate this, but honestly, you kind fo expect this from a game that offers less than the $15 titles.

    Like I said, I don’t find the game fun, perhaps you do and thats great. I just feel that there is something wrong with the game that these updates will not be able to address until the developers seriously reconsider a revamp to the combat. Its probably wrong for me to say this as if it’s objective, but this game simply isn’t good.

  7. Grey Poupon says:

    I like Chivalry but every time I play it I just think how much more fun I have while playing PVK2. I’m not even sure what it’s about. Might be that I always play booty in PVK and Chivalry has had nothing even close to that, though the newest patch added CtF.

    Never even tried WotR, but I’m guessing the same would apply to it.

    • Guiscard says:

      PVK2 should be up here in consideration for “best MP multiplayer game”, but its developers have seriously undermined it, by moulding it into a game that they personally can beat the public at, rather than one the public actually want to play. It has solid melee gameplay and a brilliant concept, but the presence of unbalanced ranged weapons such as the likes of bunny hopping archers who move faster than pretty much anything else in the game destroys the players enjoyment of sword fighting. That lack of design focus on the melee aspect has pretty much killed the mod’s long term appeal. You go on it and only fight the same 50 odd people over again, a substantial portion of whom are developers. Heck, in the time it’s taken for the PVK Team to release a single update, the Age of Chivalry team managed to turn their mod into a full commercial game on another engine, and release a full content update.

  8. Slinkyboy says:

    Chivy is bedder.

  9. Anthile says:

    I’ll wait for the washing machine DLC.

  10. Colonel J says:


    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      A schoolfriend once showed me the alternative version of that movie, called ‘Flesh Gordon’. It was a bit of a shock.

  11. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Flash Gordon: Biro’s hit! I’m going in after him!
    [flies off]
    Prince Vultan: Grrrr! Impetuous boy!
    Prince Vultan: Ah, well; who wants to live forever? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Prince Vultan: [to the Hawkmen] DIVE!

    • DrAmateurScience says:

      We once played a drinking game where, whilst watching Flash Gordon, we were compelled to drink when anyone said ‘Flash’, ‘Gordon’ or whenever Brian said anything outrageous- i.e. basically every one of his lines (Flash Gordon counts as one drink because we are weak). At the arrival of the ‘Gordon’s alive’ line, everyone must down what they’re drinking.

      Needless to say we were guttered by the end of the opening credits. It was immensely entertaining.

  12. RedViv says:

    No, that is not how you spell BRIAN BLESSED.

    The War of the Roses is a natural fit for his voice though. All glory to the short reign of Richard IV.

  13. Reapy says:

    They need to tear down the engine and animations and start over, otherwise its just CPR on a dead horse.

  14. Lobotomist says:

    Good to see Paradox are giving a fight.
    I bought Chivalry because it was real cheap on Steam sale and even than it was more popular by the mile. But I never knew why. Now I (and others) will have chance to see for themselves

  15. drlemon says:

    All I can think about here is “GORDON’S ALIVE?” Brian blessed is better than morgan freeman.

  16. cog says:

    I honestly can’t think of a game that I wouldn’t want a Brian Blessed voice DLC for.

    • Phantoon says:


      He’d voice a monster, and your roommate/significant other/emergency workers would find you glued to a corner of the ceiling, fingers dug into a part of the ceiling in an attempt to escape.

  17. tigershuffle says:

    played the free weekend on Chivalry last week……so would like the opportunity to try WotR too. Play lots of 1257ad mod and Prophesy of Pendor on Warband

    OH and this is Brian Blessed’s finest work as Grampy Rabbit in Peppa Pig

    the guy is a legend……and love the song at the end