Deep Transmissions: Silent Hunter Online Dev Diaries


John was manning the RPS periscope when he spotted what appeared to be a Youtube video bobbing about in the ocean. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the sodden flotsam was a development diary that explains fleet management in Silent Hunter Online. The specific submarines in a fleet can be chosen, repaired customised and crewed, which I kind of assumed would be the case but it’s nice to have confirmation, I suppose. The man sounds terribly bored as he tells us these things. There was a previous diary too and a quick glance into the murky depths suggests we neglected to post it. It’s also below and contains a more excitable man and some (distant) explosions. Signups for the closed beta are open now.

That, in case you couldn’t tell, was the excitable man. Now, captains, prepare for fleet management.


  1. Zeewolf says:

    Of course he is bored, they’re making a free to play game.

  2. bonescraper says:

    I’d kill for a new Silent Hunter game. Or at least a finished version of Silent Hunter V. But this? They can shove their F2P crap up their ass.

  3. Quilty says:

    I wish RPS would delve deeper into the Silent Hunter 5 modding scene and show the world how far the modders have taken that game. They have literally turned an unplayable wreck into the best Silent Hunter game to date.

  4. Pheasant Plucker says:

    So is there an option to play as the good guys and blow these UBoat suckers out of the water? Captaining one of the handful of escorts of ONS 5 they fought off a 35 strong wolfpack would be thrilling.

    HFDF, Radar, Hedgehogs, ASDIC, guns, ramming, depth charges, sweep patterns, ULTRA, air-sea warfare, North Atlantic fog, shepherding sitting ducks through mountainous seas… oh my.

    • Lev Astov says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I can’t see there being anything to a one-sided F2P wargame. They need players to control the escort ships!

  5. captain nemo says:

    I loved sneaking about the North Atlantic in Silent Hunter 3, but the Silent Hunter 4 bug fiasco put me off. Silent Hunter 5 mods sound interesting. Submarine sim as spreadsheet is not interesting.

    • Captain Joyless says:

      What, not enough giant squids for you?

    • bonescraper says:

      It boggles my mind why you’d skip a perfectly playable game (with proper mods of course) that is SHIV, and go straight to that unplayable mess that is SHV. Sorry, i played it back when, with all the must-have mods, and it still was an abomination of a game. I’m talking about land cruiser/carrier kind of ridiculousness here. Subs launching into space. Broken sonar. Broken crew skills. Cut/unimplemented content. SHV is beyond repair. There’s nothing to salvage, as it was never finished. It’s a walking corpse, and few stitches won’t make it into a princess.

  6. 0rpheus says:

    Modded SH IV is still my favourite. TMO 2.5 + Optical Targeting Correction (RSRDC optional). Force AA through the GPU control panel = job done.

    5, while gloriously pretty at times, can be modded to something approaching greatness – but the megamod that puts it all together still hasn’t happened yet. When it does, I’ll reinstall.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Thanks for that update; I’ve been wondering what the status was of SHV.

      I played SHIV with TMO for a long time and enjoyed it, and held off buying SHV until it looked like the modders had made it worth buying. That seemed to take forever, and it sounds like it’s still not there yet? At least not at the mature “mega-mod” level. I’m not sure I have the patience to try a lot if individual patch-ups and tweaks.

      As for this latest F2P abortion…. Ubi can suck it. They should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to this franchise. We need a competent indie developer to re-vitalize subsims, something like what 777 did with Rise of Flight for WW1 air combat.

    • All is Well says:

      Well there is a sort of megamod available at the Subsim forums here, which is actually just a list of mods (with links) and the correct order to load them in JSGME. You’ll still have to download them one by one. Unless, of course, you do as this thread (from the same forum) suggests, and donate $5 to Subsim. If you do that you’ll get access to all the mods listed in the first thread in a single download.

      • Redkid says:

        The problem with that is you either spend a week downloading it(they have a maximum number of downloads per day) or you pay to download it on one go, where you still have to install it the same way as the single downloads.

        As a SH3 fan, I’ve been looking at SH5 from the sidelines for a long time now. Every single time I get pulled in by the possibility of great submarine warfare, I get hit in the face by a huge list of single downloads, and barely comprehensible installation instructions.

  7. svendelmaus says:

    Uh, seeing as they presumably threw them out into the internet-waters, rather than accidentally had them “washed overboard”, wouldn’t the YouTube videos be jetsam, not flotsam?

  8. Mario Figueiredo says:

    After two horrid versions that had to have the players themselves fix it with mods, I would expect RPS readers would have learned to ignore this game.

    I confess I stopped at V. Never again will I buy a Silent Hunter game. It’s also to do with my current ban on Ubisoft (you know that thing about voting with my wallet).

    [scratch this]Also… expect Uplay.[/scratch this]

  9. faelnor says:

    Onlainhe frétúpleih, the grey, unforgiving shores where former whales of a time go to die.

  10. jkz says:

    I would love a multiplayer naval game with multiple crew positions per ship.

  11. Zephro says:

    I struggle to think of a more single player experience than Silent Hunter, also considering the bugs I ran into with V, having skipped IV….. fuck Ubi tbh.