What’s All This About Brutal Legend? And Halo 3? Fez?

Hmm! The Klaxons of hype were blaring over the weekend, with Steam-database watchers claiming the appearance of Halo 3, Fez and Brutal Legend on the service’s list of forthcoming IDs. As far as I can see these have now been changed to “test” names, which suggests revealing their addition was a mistake, but nevertheless the information seems to point to Double Fine’s bizarre Jack Black-voiced rock RTS coming to PC, along with Master Chief’s third outing and Polytron’s dimension-rotating platformer. So that’s interesting. Oh and Quantum Conundrum 2.

Yeah. Anyway. What you been up to this weekend?


  1. Morlock says:

    So what is the RPS verdict on Brütal Legend? Anyone played it on console?

    “Yeah. Anyway. What you been up to this weekend?”

    Ridiculous overtime. And a bit of Bioshock 2 which just doesn’t work for me. I have trouble identifying myself with a Big Daddy. Jack, from part 1, was not difficult. At least in the beginning he was a blank slate, he knew nothing about the place, I could project my feelings into him. Big Daddy’s always seem a bit dull in the head, so I wonder how he feels when he listens to those audio diaries.

    • Kasab says:

      If you imagine the protagonist of Brutal Legend is Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle, and you go into it expecting a hideous RTS, it’s an enjoyable game. If this is coming to PC, perhaps the RTS side will be more bearable.

      It’s sort of like Sacrifice with Grim Fandango references.

      • Noodlemonk says:

        Well said. Sacrifice with Grim Fandango references isn’t far off. But keep in mind that, while Sacrifice is an absolute JEWEL amongst games, it simply wouldn’t work out too well with a controller. So, like Kasab said, the RTS side should be much more enjoyable this time around. But RTS is only part the experience, and on the other hand you have an open world hack and slasher with hidden objects spread out here and there.

        I would highly recommend the game to anyone. Of course, it’s genuinely funny, has got some amazing characters and levels, with a massive and awesome soundtrack on top of it all. The presentation is just spot on. The voice acting is nailed by Ozzy, Rob Halford, and facial mole master Lemmy alike. Oh, and speaking of Sacrifice, Tim Curry is also in there!

        Get ready to crack the skye with slightly silly war pigs of death! Just don’t expect the deepest RTS experience around…

      • kibayasu says:

        Unless Double Fine is planning to completely redo the gameplay itself for the Stage Battles (they aren’t) the RTS segments are going to remain as bad as they were. They aren’t awkward in the way Halo Wars is on the 360, or any RTS would be. You control the main character from the same angle you always do in the main game and issue simple move/defend/follow/attack commands and hope your horde is bigger than the other one.

        • GepardenK says:

          Sacrifice and Battlezone did that and they are, like, masterpieces

        • PoulWrist says:

          While it’s not a brain-game, the problem was mainly the controller and the very limited viewangle.

        • Jahkaivah says:

          Even then I would find issuing simple move/defend/follow/attack commands better with a mouse controlled camera.

      • Syt says:

        For whatever flaws the game has (and it does – see esp. RTS bits), it’s a glowing love letter to heavy metal, and if you even have a passing in the genre and Double Fine’s brand of weirdness you will have a great time. The cast is outstanding (besides Black you get Lemmy, Ozzy, Lita Ford, Rob Halford, . . . Also, check out the soundtrack:

        link to en.wikipedia.org

        • Didero says:

          That soundtrack is exactly why there hasn’t been a PC port. If I recall correctly, the biggest stumbling block was the effort and cost involved in licensing all those songs for a new version of the game.
          But if this news is true (and I really really hope so, since I’ve been curious about Brutal Legend since I heard about it, even though I’m not a fan of metal), apparently they’ve overcome that.

        • Reapy says:

          Was going to say, I liked the game for exactly that, the characters and the tribute to metal, and I’m not even that much of a metal head. I think the RTS parts were fine, but I had played a lot of kingdom under fire, crusaders, so moving troops around from that perspective with a controller wasn’t too hard for me.

          Still my biggest gripe with the game is the plot appears unfinished. The ending sequence feels rushed, as though there should have been one last level sequence, but you are thrown right into the end game. I guess unfinished in what is there is complete, just the game could use some more levels.

        • Hoaxfish says:

          “oh, a soundtrack with famous people. Probably about 10 or 12 songs, let’s seee…. oh, that’s quite a lot of song”

    • Drake Sigar says:

      I played it back when I had a 360. Great character design, enviroments, animation, voiceacting, music – a Schafer game through and through.

      • drinniol says:

        It’s pretty much the greatest game with umlauts ever. YOU CAN’T KILL THE METAL!

      • f1x says:

        Indeed, Brutal legend is awesome

        I wouldn’t mind playing it again on PC

      • MrPyro says:

        Agreed. The story and characters are all great, especially if you’re familiar with the metal scene and so can recognise the cameos.

        As others have said, the RTS stages can be a little dodgy; they are fairly infrequent but, unfortunately, unskippable*.

        I also found some of the side-quests a little samey, but they are side-quests and so entirely optional; you unlock some in-game currency from completing them, but you also get currency from plot missions as well, and a lot of what the currency buys is cosmetic.

        *One thing that does make them a little more bearable that sometimes people don’t realise; you can summon the Deuce in RTS mode, giving both transportation and the ability to run people over.

      • Teovald says:

        It is one of the games I have always wanted to play to but I was not going to buy a console for one game..

        So it is awesome to see it arrive at long last.

      • boe2 says:

        Basically, the RTS parts are awful, but the rest of the game totally makes it worth suffering trough those parts.

    • AmazingFly says:

      I’ve got myself a ps3 last month and started on Brutal Legend this weekend and love it for the small bit that I played, the environment and music is simply amazing.

    • PoulWrist says:

      I bought Brutal Legend and it’s a … strange game. It’s funny if you’re into metal, more so than if you’re not, I should think. And by metal I don’t mean October Burns Red, Korn and Linkin Park, or whatever people try to pass off as metal these days.

      I never finished it, not because it wasn’t a good game, but because it was impossible to play with the damn Xbox controller. I’m not that good a finger contortionist and the requirements to your playing was similar to a FPS, and I really cannot wrap my hands around that when it requires that much speed and precision.

      It’s not a stellar game, but it’s solid, it’s humerous and I had a good time and will definitely go turn in my xbox copy at the store for a beer’s worth of money and buy it on steam on release.

      On the weekend I got hideously drunk with my friends on friday, played D&D with some other friends on saturday and Dead Island coop with my brothers on sunday… lazy weekend.

    • Lemming says:

      The Brutal Legend overworld gameplay is shallow but fun, and soundtrack and script is sublime. The RTS side of it is infuriating. I maintain that they would have been better as two separate games, the RTS part with a more traditional camera.

      If Jack Black voicing the main character doesn’t grab you, Tim Curry voicing Doviculus damn well should.

      If on release it proves to be easily hackable/moddable. I might buy it to attempt to alter the RTS side a little.

    • Ubik2000 says:

      I played through it on the 360, and I thought it was good fun (I wouldn’t have finished it if I didn’t). You get a lot of powers you don’t use, but that’s typical. The main problem is it feels like it’s missing a third act. There should be a lead up to the final boss, fighting through another faction, but that’s missing. Which is a shame, because I was on what turned out to be the last couple of Stage battles when they finally started to click for me. They were never challenging, but the last couple, when you had access to all the units, started to be a lot of fun. Especially when your avatar is riding on top of your faction’s ultimate unit, playing a guitar solo that summons a giant sword out of the sky to crush your enemies.

    • septimber says:

      In case anyone wants to know what the ‘RTS bits’ in Brutal Legend are REALLY like, have a look at this:

      link to youtube.com

      Basically the problem with the game wasn’t that it was badly designed. It was that the way the battle mechanics – as enjoyable as they are when played by someone who knows what they’re doing – were placed within the single player campaign in such a poor way that it essentially doomed them to be misunderstood and unfairly vilified by about 90% of players.

      The story goes something like this:

      – the game is advertised as single player hack-and-slash game. In reality, it’s a multiplayer-focused action-RTS, like Sacrifice but with more of an action bent.
      – the battles are supposed to be played by getting your troops moving mostly automatically, so you can spend the rest of your time helping out on the battlefield with various abilities.
      – to be able to do this, it’s essential to use the flag, placing it by a resource node right at the start of battle, then moving it up when necessary.
      – however, in the single player, the flag is a collectible item which it’s possible to miss (!) and its importance isn’t emphasized enough at all.
      – the action abilities of the player essentially come down to quick-but-weak melee combos, powerful teamup attacks that protect the player from damage while in use, and game-changing solos with somewhat long recharge times (a la Sacrifice’s spells).
      – however, in the single player, the teamup attacks (and to a certain extent, the solos) are introduced in one-off missions, as puzzle solutions rather than powerful moves for battle.
      – additionally the way the battles are used in the single player doesn’t suggest that players are supposed to treat them as anything more than one-off RTS-lite missions – it certainly doesn’t encourage them to use their teamup moves and solos.

      So the end result of this is that we have a multiplayer game that was advertised as a single player game, in which players don’t have any free time to take part in battle because the most important tool for being able to do so wasn’t duly emphasized, and which doesn’t teach players the methods they can use to engage in battle, so when they do try to get their hands dirty, they’re killed instantly and encouraged to stay off the ground and in the sky.

      It’s a real pity, because as I said, the game is great fun when you know what you’re doing (see the video for proof). Hopefully Double Fine will have realised their mistakes and improved the tutorialization of the single player, without butchering the excellent mechanics at the whims of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    I’ve been reordering Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Amazon. At first I bought it directly from the Amazon seller on Tuesday, and by Saturday I was checking the delivery dates to find it wouldn’t turn up for two more weeks! Almost a three week wait? Whatcu playin’ at Amazon, my grandmother could do it faster than that. Cancelled and ordered with a different company.

    What about you, Jim. Good weekend?

  3. pakoito says:

    My weekend was Dota 2 with friends over skype with a pause for smoke and lasers on saturday night.

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot 5h of Antichamber on Friday and 3 of E.Y.E. on Saturday.

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Clearly we’re going to get a Brutal Legend wearing a Fez and 3 Halos.

  5. bleeters says:

    I’d be moderately more excited about the remote possibility of Halo 3 on PC if I didn’t also expect any such revelation to also be coupled with Windows 8 exclusivity.

    At any rate, I finally got around to playing Guild Wars 2 this weekend, and spent many an hour impressed and enjoying myself if simultaneously wondering why “all things have a right to grow” apparently doesn’t apply to termites or giant spiders. Also, some Borderlands 2 and a few levels of DoW2:Retribution. A pretty fun couple of days, all things considered.

    • karmafarm says:

      They have a right to grow, you have a right to squish ’em.

    • Xzi says:

      I wouldn’t count on it. Steam doesn’t officially support Windows 8, and since Halo 3 is coming to Steam…two and two.

      It might well have been Bungie that decided to put the trilogy on Steam, rather than Microsoft. Assuming they still retain any rights to the Halo franchise, that is.

  6. Squishpoke says:

    Halo 3? Meh.

    But Brutal Legend? Now you’re talking. I only played the demo, and it was a load of fun. It didn’t have an ounce of RTS though, so I’m confused by this classification.

    • Spoon Of Doom says:

      Apparently it becomes rather RTS heavy once you are a bit into the game, where you control your metallers and are suddenly in a completely different genre than you thought the game was.

    • kibayasu says:

      The demo is a pretty poor representation of the main game. The demo makes you think of it as more of a hack-and-slash with driving segments. There is some of that, but the driving is mostly confined to exploring the open world. The bulk of the combat takes place in RTS-light segments the game calls “Stage Battles” where you capture resource points, build/upgrade various music inspired units (for example, the main characters’ basic units are Headbangers; they attack things by headbanging), and command them to destroy the opponents stage while defending your own. Its very simple and I found it quite awkward.

      To segue into my general opinion on the game itself, it only really works as a tribute to metal. The world and its landmarks are gorgeous, the lore is something straight out of some metalhead’s fan fiction, and the music in the game is great. But the gameplay itself just doesn’t support the good parts, mostly dragged down by the Stage Battles. If Double Fine had just made Heavy Metal God of War, the basic hack-and-slash and driving gameplay could have supported their terrific world-building but the Stage Battles just don’t work.

    • f1x says:

      I didnt find anything wrong with the gameplay, the hack n slash is quite decent, considering is not a pure hack n slash game,
      and the stage battles are awesome, as far as I remember the only problems are a couple of fustrating points were the mission would fail because something or someone would get killed without you having much chance to avoid it

    • Lemming says:

      According to Schafer, the RTS side is the main part of the game. It’s just the least well-received part.

      It’s also the entire multipayer, choosing between three factions.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Brutal Legend demo was terrible, nothing like the actual game. Which was unfortunately shite, and not particularly funny, Full Throttle this is not. Jack Black screaming things this is.

      Anyhoo, Halo 3 is a very solid action game. But why not Halo Reach?

  7. TheApologist says:

    So, um, sorry to ask a stupid question, but was Halo 2 locked to Vista only, or was it just not compatible with Windows XP?

    Halo 3 coming out might make 2 worth playing at budget price.

    • bleeters says:

      It was a Vista exclusive. I’m sure there were reasons given as to why it required Vista, but given that the game was fairly quickly hacked to work on XP just fine I can’t help but find them a little dubious.

      • TheApologist says:

        So it won’t work with Win7 either then?

        • Creeping Death says:

          Release it through Steam, which has the wider audience, but shackle it with GWFL getting people to sign up to your service.

          Sounds like a win-win approach for Microsoft.

      • Prime says:

        I think it was locked to DirectX 10 rather than Vista, although it amounted to the same thing as Microsoft decided not to backport DX10 to any prior OS. Then someone managed to get it running in DX9 without too much bother and Microsoft’s pants oh they were aflame. Theoretically it should work on Wins 7 and 8.

        Oddly, I find myself quite tempted by the prospect of a Halo 3 release. I’ve long thought that Halo 1 was vastly overblown tripe and could not understand how the series had survived let alone become the veritable monster it is. Maybe it got better? Price would have to be right, though: after this long I ain’t paying more than £10-15 for it.

        • TheApologist says:

          Thanks – that helps.

          I was thinking the same thing. My memory of Halo is that is was fine, but hardly great (and I’m fond of sci-fi shooty games). So I’m intrigued to try to the later chapters to see what sustained the OMG HALO!!!

        • bleeters says:

          Given all the Amazon customer reviews saying things along the lines of ‘Halo 2 doesn’t work on Windows 7’, as well as ‘I can’t even register my game in the first place anymore, because GFWL support was discontinued’, I’d feel obliged to give it a wide berth myself.

    • GamerOS says:

      Halo 2 had some lines in the installer code that just stopped it from installing, it otherwise worked fine on XP.
      And as bleeters a few comments above said, Halo 4 would most likely be blocked on win7 using similarly dirty tactics.

      I’ve been playing Planetside 2 myself lately, finaly fought the RPS outfit on miller VS for once, never actually encountered them before.
      Spent some time playing Antichamber, got as far as the yellow gun but I’m lost now.

      If Brutal Legend ever came to the PC I would be very happy, it was an excelent Strategy game as far as I know.
      And the Single player campaign was hilarious.

    • Teovald says:

      Halo 2 was used as a Vista exclusive in order to drive this OS sales (yeah I did not work out that great..). There was an unofficial patch to make it work on xp, so it was really an artificial limitation.

      I would not be surprised to see Microsoft doing this again with Halo 3 & w8. I just hope Brutal Legend & Fez have nothing to do with this.

      • Prime says:

        I think there’s hope that they wouldn’t want a repeat of the miserable sales of Halo 2…then again Skulls of the Shogun just went Win 8 exclusive so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. IshtarGate says:

    My weekend was spent marathon’ing on Dark Souls, which I returned to after a 2 month hiatus (thanks, Moonlight Butterfly). It’s an incredibly fun game when you’re making progress, and incredibly frustrating when you’re not.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I mentioned that bloody butterfly giving me grief in my WIT and people laughed at me in the comments, saying it’s such an easy fight. We must form a covenant together, united against butterflies and those who denigrate us.

      • Noodlemonk says:

        “Join covenant.”

        It’s a game I deeply enjoy exploring, and I feel the tension rising as I get further and further away from my comfy bonfire, not knowing what to expect around the next corner. Yet I do feel I have too many other games to play to really dive into and enjoy the full experience at times. It really does take a lot of time and effort to fully appreciate, doesn’t it?

        • eclipse mattaru says:

          You got that right. My first playthrough took well over 100 hours, and I was cutting corners like crazy, using the wikis extensively in search for strategies and whatnot, because I really don’t have a lot of time for games in my day-to-day, and learning to deal with each challenge the proper way was taking forever. Even so, I took all the time in the world to explore the world, re-visit places, look for optional areas and what all not. It’s just all so amazingly immersive and beautiful to look at. I can imagine that going into the game fully blind could easily take twice as much time (and it would probably be all the more enjoyable).

          One thing that does happen to me, however, is that having other games in my backlog is the least of my concerns. In fact, unless we’re talking about games that are so different they can barely count as games “proper” (i.e.: Dear Esther, Gravity Bone, The Walking Dead), my opinion about just about every alternative out there has been gravely damaged.

          A year ago, Dishonored would have blown my mind. Coming out in the middle of my DS playthrough, though, it just felt like a disappointingly bland distraction that I finished in a couple days and never felt like going back to. I finished XCOM and wanted to play a second time, but one hour in, I realized I was playing the exact same game that I had just beaten, I knew how everything was going to result in the long run exactly, and I just dropped it. A couple days ago I had the chance to test drive DmC for a couple hours, and the fact that I could just button mash my way through without much concern for what combo came out (or even if I was landing any blows at all) was a massive turn off.

          On the other hand, I’m 160+ hours into DS, playing both NG+ and a caster NG, and there’s just so much to be seen and done it’s overwhelming. Just favouring a different set of weapons with the same character with which I beat the game makes a world of difference. It really feels like this game could last forever.

          As I said many times before, I’m afraid that Dark Souls ruined gaming for me.

      • DrAmateurScience says:

        One of those fights whose difficulty varies wildly depending on your character setup. Melee-focused characters are basically fucked.

        Beatrice can genuinely kill the thing single handedly in 4 or 5 hits though, which lets you go full evasive on the nasty magics.

        In other news I feel a major Dark Souls relapse coming on. That’s my productivity goosed for the rest of the week.

    • Skull says:

      I managed to beat the Bell Gargoyles, Capra Demon and the Gaping Dragon just over this weekend. Heading to Blighttown now and wondering if the difficulty aspect was over stated. (Although did take quite a few frustrating attempts to kill the Gargoyles on my own.)

      • Ysellian says:

        I can certainly agree that the boss fights were easy. I can count the times I died in a boss fight on a single hand, getting there was the hard part though.

      • bigjig says:

        For the most part it’s overstated, but then again the vast majority of AAA games these days are so mind-numbingly easy so I can see why some people say it’s hard.

        The game doesn’t require super twitch reflexes. As long as you are observant, keep your gear upgraded, use the environment to your advantage, etc. you can pull through. The good thing about Dark Souls is that the game will punish you hard if you ever get overconfident lol. If only more games were made with this mindset..

      • Acorino says:

        Terms like “hard” or “easy” are relative to the perception of an individual, so yeah, your perception of “hard” might be another persons “impossibleu”.

      • mazzratazz says:

        One of the things people always seem to get wrong with regards to Dark Souls is that it’s not actually very difficult, even relative to other current games, provided you don’t play it like a moron (I assume many of the “OMG hardest game evar!!” comments come from people who try to play it like Call of Duty). What it IS though, is punishing, which is an entirely different thing. We’ve gotten incredibly used to excessive checkpointing and auto-saving, so having to replay significant parts of a game if you fuck up, or indeed, lose what is essentially your experience/currency in the process, isn’t exactly a contemporary mechanic.

        So it’s not as difficult as some claim, no. But punishing? Yes.

    • Nova says:

      I had no problem killing the Butterfly, for whatever reason. Must be the boss I died the least of all (until then), with the gargoyles being the most.

      • Ravenholme says:

        I found the Gargoyles to be a joke, easier than the Taurus demon

        The Capra Demon on the other hand ._.

        • DrAmateurScience says:

          Capra demon is probably the boss I’ve died at most. Those first few seconds are so critical. We hates him.

          • Ansob says:

            Yeah, Capra hinges entirely on whether or not you manage to roll past his opening semi-randomised leap. Unfortunate, as it’s not so much down to timing as it is to luck, unlike most of the rest of the game.

            Once you’re past him he’s a complete cakewalk, though.

          • eclipse mattaru says:

            @Ansob: Actually, if you sprint toward your right as soon as you enter the room and circle behind Capra to reach the stairs, you’re almost 100% guaranteed not to be hit (not by his “welcome swing” anyway) and also you’ll kind of throw the dogs off balance for like half a second (otherwise there’s always a chance that they’ll stand in your way).

            You will have to time a good roll or two before you reach the stairs, and that of course is a pain in the eye, what with the small room and whatnot.

        • f1x says:

          Funny thing, gargoyles gave me pain, until I summoned the Praise the sun dude, then we pwned them

          Capra Demon was surprisingly easy, wiped first try because I couldnt kill the dog adds fast enough, second try pwned the dogs then killed the demon easily by blocking and circling around him

        • IshtarGate says:

          I stumbled into the Capra Demon without warning, but thought he was rather easy as far as DS bosses go. The worst part about the fight were the two annoying dogs, and Capra’s unblockable super-strike. He takes damage easily and is easy to fool if you run up and down the steps.

          The butterfly is a pain because to get to it you have to face a dozen enemies and *then* it’s a game of patience as you inflict damage millimetre by millimetre, hoping you don’t screw up a single roll. I only got past it thanks to that forest witch woman who I will marry and do whatever she wants of me.

        • Jenks says:

          So weird, I think the Capra Demon was the only one I beat without dying.

          • Koozer says:

            Me too. I thought he was just a miniboss, like the butchers in the sewers, until I saw the internets mention him. Those blasted gargoyles were ridiculous without the two summoned knights though.

        • Soon says:

          I completely missed the Capra Demon. I’d gone through Dark Wood, Sen’s Fortress, Blight Town, killed the everlasting lava demon thing… “Ohhhhh, there’s a lower burg?” He was pretty easy at that point.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      I’ve been doing a legendary Dark Souls marathon pretty much since it came out. I briefly interrupted it to play through (and sigh in disappointment at) Dishonored and XCOM (though the sigh was slightly less strong in the latter), and every now and then I take one night to complete one episode of The Walking Dead; but other than that, it was pretty much Dark Souls non-stop for about six months.

      Whatever time I’m not playing playing Dark Souls, I spend watching Dark Souls videos on youtube, discussing Dark Souls in the Steam forums, daydreaming about Dark Souls II, or feeding threads about any other subject that somehow always seem to derail into a conversation about Dark Souls. Like this one :P

      I’m currently about to start the Lord Souls gathering in NG+ (pretty terrified at the horror stories I hear about what the 4 Kings will be this time around), and also working on a second NG as a caster. It’s pretty amazing to see just how much changes when you dedicate yourself to a different class. It feels like you could play this thing forever before you saw everything there is to see (and I haven’t even started to take PVP seriously). Also, it’s very rewarding to see just how much better I got at the game as time went on. I can’t believe the Taurus Demon gave me so much trouble the first time. Or Quelaag for that matter.

  9. MeestaNob says:

    There’s so much oddness here.

    I JOKED that The Cave existed purely to fund a PC port for Brutal Legend, but looks pretty likely it’s coming out.

    Anything with Halo in the title coming out on the PC, on Steam no less, is frankly bizarre.

    Quantum Conundrum getting a sequel is pretty amazing too, the original game wasn’t particularly special. Whilst I like the idea of trying again and refining the original game, I thought they’d just go and make something else next time.

  10. AmazingFly says:

    My weekend was the usual game of Dota 2 with friends and trying to finish Bayonetta which is way too hard for poor casual me.

  11. Eukatheude says:

    Jack Black is the most annoying human being in existence.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      How can you say that in a universe which contains the Chuckle Brothers, Kim Kardashian, whatever the hell a Justin Bieber is, and that person on your Facebook friends list who keeps posting status updates that alternate between excessive joy at nothing (OMG I just had brunch and it was WAFFLES!) and context-free angst (*sigh*)?

      *Update: Universe no longer contains Jeremy Beadle, so he’s been replaced.

      • lordcooper says:

        That Facebook person is terrible.

      • stiffkittin says:

        Agreed. Those comment-inviting Facebook posts make my eye twitch.

      • uNapalm says:

        No-one disses The Chuckle Brothers on my watch buddy. Watch it or I’ll be sending the boys over to you (to me).

      • Werthead says:

        Apparently it’s okay to enjoy the Chuckle Brothers now, only in an ironic kind of way. They even show up in Black Mesa.

    • MrPyro says:

      Generally I would agree, but I actually found his role in Brutal Legend pretty good. It’s actually Jack acting a role, rather than just being himself in a loud and obnoxious fashion.

      • Acorino says:

        Contrary to popular belief, Jack Black can actually act.

        • Angel Dust says:

          Indeed. Watched Bernie the other night and he was very good in it. (also, has Matthew McConaughey finally fired his agent or something? He’s been a bunch of good films lately)

    • Koozer says:

      Piers Morgan.

  12. Spoon Of Doom says:

    So… Why exactly do they always wait several years before porting a Halo game over to PC? Feels kind of ridiculous. There have been two more Halos since number three on console, and now they port it? Seems pointless to me. Especially since probably all people who care about Halo own a console anyway.

    • kibayasu says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong about that. Exclusives basically exist to sell consoles and get people to buy more games for that console. For the 360 this also means more subscriptions to Xbox Live which means more DLC sales, ad revenue, etc, etc.

      Personally I’m surprised at seeing that Halo 3 even has the possibility of showing up on Steam. Halo 1 and 2 are for the original Xbox after all.

      • Spoon Of Doom says:

        I get that. My point was that there’s no point in porting it now, several years after the game’s release. Porting a game is not free, and I have my doubts about how many PC gamers are interested in Halo, and so I’m not sure that there’s a lot of money to earn. Besides, Halo on consoles is successful mainly because of the multiplayer, which hasn’t really happened for the PC version of the first two games, and probably won’t happen now. And, as I said – most people who do care about the game probably already own it on Xbox. It’s just that I can’t see the logic that makes them all of a sudden release a game for PC that is not only old, lacks the multiplayer community on that platform and is two games behind in the series.

        • f1x says:

          Well, indeed,

          Porting Halo 3, sounds quite strange, why not Halo Reach or Halo 4? that would probably grant a lot of sales, but Halo 3?

        • El_Emmental says:

          The Halo games are published and funded by Microsoft and first available on the Xbox platform (original and 360), which mean they’re developing for a PowerPC set CPU (nb: Windows NT can run on such CPUs) and a R520/R600 GPU. Porting them on a x86 set + DirectX 9.0c platform is much easier than porting a game from the Cell+RSX platform.

          It’s also very likely that most of the softwares used to make the Halo games are Windows-friendly tools, making the port less of a problem. It’s helping them keeping a foot in boths camps (PC and consoles), for a low cost.

          If they were short on money, they wouldn’t probably bother, but it’s Microsoft: they’re an empire and have to act as an empire.

        • f1x says:

          Thanks for the explanation, still doesn’t share any light on why the might port Halo 3 and not Halo Reach or Halo 4 which are definitely much more atractive and won’t look so old on a PC

          • El_Emmental says:

            I think two factors come into play there:

            a) the PC port is obviously made by a skeleton team (because Microsoft is only providing the very minimum amount of cash to the project), it wouldn’t be surprising to see that the team in charge of that is not bigger than 10 people.

            b) Halo games are, or used to be, the 10-to-16 yo audience flagship games for the Xbox console. The PC port are only allowed if they never ever prevent a single Xbox console unit from being sold at a store.

            Nowadays it’s making much less sense with the all the multiplatform releases, but consoles used to fight over their “killerapp(s)” a decade ago (and earlier), Halo being a relic, an artifact from that time.

            That’s why Halo 4 won’t be ported before 2015. It’s reaching absurd levels with Halo Reach (2010 – 3 years ago !), but it’s the way the Microsoft empire works.

            The Xbox 360 department calls the shots regarding the Halo franchise, they couldn’t care less about the PC ports and don’t want it to be a nuisance (even a very minor one).

  13. wazups2x says:

    This is amazing! I am so happy right now! I had such great memories of Halo 3. This will be an instant purchase for me if it truly is coming to the PC.


    Edit: I can’t wait to finally finish the fight on my PC. I don’t care about Halo 4 or Reach, just as long as I get Halo 3 on the PC. I personally didn’t like Reach at all.

  14. Ross Angus says:

    I’ve spent some of the past week playing through Quantum Conundrum, which I thought was a little underrated – it’s a good, solid game. Then I tried the first DLC, and hit a brick wall. All of the criticism of “I can see how to do the solution, but the controls won’t let me” fell into place. Puzzles are fun, but timed puzzles? Not so much.

  15. Jams O'Donnell says:

    I started the weekend intending to finally finish my Classic Iron Man XCOM game, but lost all of my high-ranking soldiers in a hilariously misjudged Battleship assault and now I think my XCOM game is pretty much busted. I’m not sure I want to continue :'(

    So then I fell back on current relaxogame of choice Stacking, making the Internet, and painting Orks.

  16. Fredrik Sellevold says:

    Brütal Legend was a riot while it was all about tearing around the World of Metal while listening to classic metal. Then it turned into an RTS, which was when it lost me. It would have rocked if they’d instead made those parts more like Dynasty Warriors with a bit more strategic control.

    As for what did I do this weekend?
    Roleplaying games (of the pen, paper and rolling dice variety) and Sleeping Dogs. Man, I love love that game. The Hong Kong crime movie atmosphere is delightful!

  17. Davie says:

    I’ve been fiddling with the new Chivalry update. Duel mode is absolutely the best way to appreciate the combat, and it’s actually gotten me to think about timing and parrying as opposed to just charging in with a zweihander screaming my tits off. The new polehammers are either incredibly annoying or incredibly amazing, depending on whether you’re the charging idiot who’s just been planted face-first into the ground or the stoic fellow who just delivered a perfect overhand swing to the crown.

  18. realkruste says:

    I went to the David Hockney exhibit in Cologne. Looked a little like Proteus.

  19. jorygriffis says:

    Chris Remo from Double Fine has been spotted referring to Brutal Legend’s appearance on Steam as a “leak”. So, it sounds like there really might be some stirring there. Never thought it’d happen. The art is beautiful, the jokes are funny, the voices are fantastic, and the game is fun until it kind of isn’t.

    This weekend I’ve been making Doom maps!!

  20. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    The full list also included second life and king of fighters.

  21. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I liked the strategy part of Brütal. Only thing wrong with it was the learning wall/curve and the lack of a campaign for the other two factions.

  22. bill says:

    Two 11 hour work days, vacuuming the apartment, doing washing.
    Trying to remember how the systems work in Bastion for an hour or two as I haven’t touched it for months.

  23. DrAmateurScience says:

    I have finally gotten round to playing past the first act of Bioshock. Just got to the big reveal (would you kindly etc). Enjoying it a hell of a lot more having bumped the difficulty down to Easy and using the gamepad – bounced off it so many times because of the M+KB feel.

    So I’m basically caught up to 2007, only another 6 years of games to get through!

  24. Jackablade says:

    I thought that doing ports of BL was going to be next to impossible because they’d need to re-license all of the music again.

    • RedViv says:

      Who knows, maybe three years were enough to sort that sorry business out.

    • meatshit says:

      I hope not, but they may have pared it down or replaced it with stock music like what happens with so many TV shows when they get released on DVD.

  25. DrScuttles says:

    Another unhappy weekend worker here. Though I’ve been able to play Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for a good few hours. While I find it really entertaining, I don’t think there’s really anyone playing it on Steam. The eternal loner in me says single player is fine anyway.

    As for Brutal Legend, never played it. Always been curious about it. I’d grab it out of curiosity for £10-£15. Any more and I’d maybe need convincing.

  26. rustybroomhandle says:

    Been working on a small game we’re going to Indiegogo to help recoup the money we had to cough up for my cat’s absurdly expensive eye operation. Someone said we should put the cat to work, so we kind-of are.

    I’d link an early gameplay vid, but it seems tacky to do so.

  27. neolith says:

    Spent the whole saturday afternoon yelling at the new XBMCbuntu for not giving me audio over HDMI. Sunday was used for doing laundry, dishes and tinkering with Unity3D.

  28. Chizu says:

    Honestly, I am not all that bothered by Fez and Halo3 (Halo3 especially, I’ve not much care to give for that series)
    But Brutal Legend coming to PC will be great.
    I did beat that game on PS3, but I’d happily repurchase it. It should not have been the flop it was. It suffered the usual Double Fine problem of being a great game and selling like a bad game.
    Yes the RTS bits are kinda watered down consoley versions, but I still enjoyed them for what they are. You’re still able to wade in and get involved in the fight whilst doing the very simple movement/building commands.
    Also the humour and settings pretty great.

    And Tim fucking Curry.

    What have I been doing this weekend?
    Playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the PC. And thoroughly enjoying it too.

  29. somnolentsurfer says:

    Brutal Legend and `Fez are both things I would like. But if MS are porting stuff, I’d be much more interested in Fable 2.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Yes, that. Still want to see what the fuss was about with the dog in Fable 2 and not going to buy a 360 just for that ( and Fable 3 didn’t seem as interesting).

  30. Perjoss says:

    This weekend I spent about 3 hours with Proteus, I love that ‘game’. Spent about an hour and a half with Antichamber, another fine game, especially if you like white, and being very confused.

    Then I spent a couple of hours trying to tweak RAGE so that it looks even half as good as when it first came out, you know before that patch that disabled a few ini settings. I’ve still got screenshots from back then and I just cant seem to get it looking that good again.

    Finished Infinity Blade on my ipad, all endings and started the much harder new game+. And then randomly decided to play some fallout 3 on my xbox360, I STILL have not played any of the DLC for that game even though I finished it ages ago with a close to 100 hours play through :(

  31. RogB says:

    spent the entire weekend categorising LEGO into individual bricks and colours, on the floor of my living room. 2 days and still not finished, knees and knuckles sore. it seemed like a good idea at the time :(
    damn you, OCD.

    • empyrion says:

      Just wow. I thought I had it bad because I simply HAVE to look at all the car license plates I come across when cycling.

  32. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    My weekend? A lot of cleaning and sleeping. Playing DotP 2013, unlocking decks and thinking on trimming them down to 60.

    Also, free games, especially Super Puzzle Platform Plus.

  33. Edawan says:

    Not a lot of play-time.
    I downloaded Temple Run 2 on iOS (fun little thing) and killed a new boss in WoW sunday evening. (Grand Empress Shek’zeer in 25-man Heroic mode, for those who care)

  34. Mario Figueiredo says:

    “Yeah. Anyway. What you been up to this weekend?”

    Well, nothing much. Have yet to play anything. It’s 13:02.

    Other than that, starting to wonder when we are going to see the 3.3 million dollar kickstarted Double Fine adventure… hmm…

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      $3.2mil funded adventure AND documentary. The latter has been releasing frequent episodes and extra content, providing ample clues about the status of the former.

    • Acorino says:

      Episode 7 tells all. ;)
      If you aren’t in the secret high-society DFA club yet, you may join here.

  35. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I spent my weekend ruling over the Serene Republic of Hispania, keeping my dynasty in line (I give them kingdoms, and what do they do? Rebel. Or marry each other. *grumble*), and looking in bewilderment at the Aztec Empire and mongol Ilkhanate (which conquered most of the middle east and then converted to nestorian Christianity).

    Also I played a bit of Antichamber, read most of the Sunday Papers, played most of Ms Porpentines collection of Indie games and did some boring (that is, non-gaming related) other stuff.

  36. kwyjibo says:

    Halo will be Windows 8 only, which means I’ll ignore it until Mcirosoft row back on all the Metro touchscreen bullshit in Windows 9.

  37. derbefrier says:

    My weekend sucked. My mobo decided it wanted to die on the way to a LAN party, amd yes it is the mobo for sure, I replaced everything.except the mobo and CPU wiith known good parts. On the brightside it finally gave me a reason to spring for an I5 and a pretty sweet mobo. Now I just have find some way to survive for the next few days while I wait for it to arrive.

  38. Buemba says:

    The desert area in BL’s is probably my favorite open world environment ever and I can’t wait to revisit it with the ability to see it in high res and take screen shots.

    I know it’s not realistic, but I wish they took this opportunity to restore some cut content to the game. It’s pretty obvious everything past the Lionwhyte fight was rushed and the third (And most interesting) faction got the short end of the stick.

  39. Jenks says:

    Halo 3 is my favorite of the series, and I’m a big fan of the series (1-4, didn’t care as much for the offshoots). Most of the hate on the series comes from its popularity and platform, which is a shame.

    I could see myself picking up Brutal Legend again. I remember not really liking the RTS portion though, it was like Kingdom Under Fire, but in a small box rather than a huge open battlefield.

    I haven’t bit on Fez because of the price, so this is great news. It will be $5 on Steam in no time.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      Well, I can’t speak for anyone else; but *my* hate for the series comes from my firsthand experience with the first game: Floaty and terribly unsastisfying shooting, not a single idea that wasn’t stolen from older and much better sci-fi works, atmosphere that was all over the place sometimes trying to be taken seriously and sometimes apparently trying to be comedy (and failing miserably, if that was the case), armours and weapons that seemed designed (and coloured) by Mattel, and about three different levels that were repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until I wanted to cry. And they weren’t that good the first time, either.

  40. bear912 says:

    Can anyone find the entry that people think is for Halo 3? I’ve looked a little bit through the CDR just now, and couldn’t find it myself.

    As for the other two, Polytron already essentially announced that Fez was coming to PC (or at least that it was coming to more platforms), so I’m not terribly surprised on that front. I also see Brutal Legend right at the top of the CDR, so that’s clearly a good indication as well, (plus Double Fine is making considerable PC-friendly effort these days) so that’s relatively believable. Halo 3 seems like a long shot to me, but I also haven’t seen the CDR entry people are associating with it, which could indicate its likely release pretty clearly, so I’ll reserve judgement.

    Actually, I’d be really pleased to see some of Microsoft’s babies make their way to Steam. I’d love to see Halo, Halo 2, and Gears of War (all of which have existing PC ports) come to Steam, and become slightly easier to purchase.

  41. DickSocrates says:

    Fez, hooray. The others, don’t give a tupenny damn about.

  42. Chaz says:

    I’d rather see Red Dead Redemption come to PC.

  43. Hoaxfish says:

    I just want to see Phil Fish’s face when he admits Fez is coming to PC.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Didn’t the guy already confirm that on his blog? There was no picture though, so you were deprived of seeing his face in this instance.

      [edit: oops, missed above post stating same]

  44. Anym says:

    That reminds me, is the PC version of Halo 1 still available somewhere?