Rise Again: DayZ Standalone Revealed In New Devblog

“Matt, if you maybe take your clothes off over here,” is something Rocket says in this devblog, which perhaps suggests something of the flavour of the piece. The DayZ devs have rolled out a dev video with a fairly lighthearted overview of the work they’ve been doing to get the standalone version of the game out. The environmental details are interesting – no more just searching for piles of loot, you’ll actually have to go and look for stuff in the buildings, and they can even be hidden behind other objects, meaning you’ll have to search. Anyway, go watch below, it’s got some interesting reveals.


  1. Dudeist says:

    So, sexy :P

    • kelseypaul1 says:

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  2. lordcooper says:

    Please don’t mess this up.

  3. jellydonut says:

    Yeeeees, come to me, my precious.

    In other news, there’s also a brand new patch out for the mod. I’ve reinstalled and I’m ready to go lose my now nearly 1 year old character.

  4. sidhellfire says:

    I wish it had more of Neo Scavenger vibe.

    • Ovno says:

      Why had I never heard of this before!!!!

      • wearedevo says:

        Because unfortunately it’s not nearly as good as that first impression leads you to believe.

  5. Kitsuninc says:

    Looking forward to it! I haven’t played DayZ yet, as frankly it seems a little dull in its current form, but I think I will definitely be going for StandaloneZ.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Well it can be a hours of dullness peppered with moments of adrenaline pumping intensity, where I’m pretty sure your brain is fooled into thinking you could actually die. It’s rather like a drug habit.

      • TheMick says:

        agreed, most games virtually never get my heart pumping the same way as my not so Mexican stand off with meand two other survivors who were together

    • Derppy says:

      It has to be dull in order to work and not degenerate into a simple deathmatch.

      Getting around and gearing up takes time. You’ll need to run long distances, slowly crawl around zombies and spend a lot of time scavenging even the basic supplies.

      By the time you’ve got a weapon and a large bag full of food, water, medical supplies, ammunition and survival equipment, you _really_ don’t want to die.

      A single bullet can easily kill you and you’ll just flat out lose everything you had, even if you spent days collecting it.

      When you see a player running in the treeline, your heart stops. It’s incredibly intense feeling you don’t really get in many other games.

      You’d be an idiot to open fire, because you don’t know if he’s alone, you could easily miss a long range shot with your age old rifle and shooting will alert every zombie in the area.

      You hide, observe and make a decision.

      If the player seems to be carrying plenty of equipment and doesn’t seem to have any buddies around, it might be worth the risk to attempt a kill. You’ll just have to make sure you can land your shot without alerting too many zombies.

      Another course of action with even higher risk, and even better reward is to approach the player. He could just shoot you, but if he doesn’t, you could make a friend that’s about bazillion times more useful for survival than any piece of equipment in the game. Just having people around you saves you from many kill attempts, things like blood transfusions can only be performed by another player and it’s simply way more fun to run across a forest for half and hour if you got company.

      The option with least risk and reward is to simply hide and never let the player know you were there. This is often the smartest option and it makes you paranoid, because other people have been observing you and making the same decision without you ever knowing.

      Of course your current situation effects the decision. If you are freshly spawned and don’t really have anything, approaching the player is relatively risk-free.

      If you are starving, or got an injury and no meds, desperate attempt to kill the player might not be a bad choice.

      If the game wasn’t 95% “dull” travelling and scavenging, this wouldn’t work and player encounters wouldn’t be anywhere near as intense. I’m not saying it really worked in the mod either, because the two big cities near spawn locations had plenty of weapons and ammo, resulting in players just rushing there through the zombies that didn’t pose a real danger indoors, and having a deathmatch, but the standalone is attempting to fix this and at least I hope Rocket and his team are still attempting to make an interesting survival game, instead of another action-packed shooter.

  6. sinister agent says:

    That poor invisible man clearly needed help, and all they did was steal his clothes. Shameful.

  7. El_MUERkO says:

    I hope we’ll be able to use Day Z’s assets and improved Cherno map in ARMA2:OA, the new map would make Wasteland missions FUPPIN AWESMOE!!!

    • Grey Ganado says:

      Since it’s based on a slightly updated engine I’d assume you’d need a bit of jury rigging to get it to work.

    • theholyduck says:

      I doubt that will happen, but since wasteland is just a mission file edit for arma 2, I asume somebody will make a version of it for arma 3.
      And arma 3 has a even more fancy engine than standalone has, + many of the same features (like weapon attachments and fancy graphical stuff), i asume its going to be even awesomer.

  8. int says:

    I keep hoping they will mention a bicycle built for two.

    • perfectheat says:

      That! Or Rift support. Or both.

      • mixmixmixmix says:

        played the dayzmod with TrackIR for a good 100 hours. AMAZING.

        • wearedevo says:

          On top of the sheer immersion, TrackIR has saved my life in DayZ more times than I can count.

  9. All is Well says:


  10. 00000 says:

    The emphasis on the avatar is making me speculate DayZ might f2p with hats.

    • VelociaLume says:

      I don’t think that works well with permadeath.. Unless you just payed a quarter per life or something like that.

      • GepardenK says:

        Haha WarZ had permadeath and microtransactions. Its hilarious to imagine people spending real money on gear only to loose it later to a hacker

  11. Masterpwny says:

    As a Day Z admirer and one of the happy few who bought ARMA II upon release; even I have difficulty enjoying these videos.

  12. PenGunn says:

    So Clear Sky those swamps. I am almost drooling over this puppy.

  13. thebigJ_A says:

    “He wrote to us when he was in prison in Greece…”

    Yup, this is DayZ all right.

  14. purdz says:

    Just a nice friendly reminder that we are actually running an unofficial RPS DayZ server. On the latest version too as of last night.


    It’s a 40 man whitelisted private hive server.

    To get whitelisted jump over to link to rpz-hive.tk and hopefully it won’t take us admins too long to whitelist you.