So… What Are You People Playing?

It’s been a while since we’ve asked you to step onto the soapbox, but it’s finally that time again: you’re constantly reading about what we’re playing – but what about you? What has filled your past few weeks, and why? Are you still playing through that backlog of hastily-purchased Steam games? Have you found some gem that we’ve missed? What has surprised you? What has disappointed you? Tell us now, please do.

I particularly want to hear from those of you playing free-to-play stuff. What has held your attention? Speak!


  1. NathaI3 says:

    Tried to get into Bordlands 2 co-op recently with a mate but kind of bounced off it, probably because he’s put about 100 hours into it and isn’t interested in all the exploring/story stuff i want to do. I’ll try again soon.

    After finishing The Walking Dead a few weeks ago, started Dead Rising 2 to assuage my zombie lust and I’m finding it rather less involving (and incredibly Japanese). I do like the story structure though and think it could be developed further.

    I started Machinarium for a change of pace and its utterly absorbing, I haven’t played much of this type of thing before and I’m finding it quite amazing how much can be communicated with zero dialogue and almost zero text. Really good game, maybe a bit too much emphasis on control panel type puzzles (they remind me of that one near the beginning of The Dig where you have to maneuver the energy crystal to the right point, through trial and error more than logic)

    That’s my steam favourites right now. I also still dabble in Binding of Isaac, Civ V and am planning on going back to Spacechem soon as well.

    • Squishpoke says:

      If you liked Machinarium, there’s also other great puzzle/adventure games to try out, such as the Monkey Island and Myst games. I particularly liked the Tales of Monkey Island. Be careful with Myst and its sequels, though. I thought they were great, but John Walker here hates those games.

    • Rockbottom says:

      Try Botanicula. It’s from the same developer as Machinarium. The puzzles aren’t as involved and aren’t quite as cryptic. The game is just as fantastically creative, thoughtful, and amusing, however.

    • Lambchops says:

      You should definitely play Botanicula (by the same team as Machinarium), it looks and sounds gorgeous and has less of those pesky control panel type puzzles. On balance I still think Machinarium is my favourite of the two (because, aww cute robot) but both are wonderfully charming.

  2. SanguineAngel says:

    I am playing a co-op campaign of Shogun Total War 2 and it is totally rocking my world – it has breathed new life into the game. It’s by far and away the most compelling way to play a total war game.

    F2P wise – I played Planetside 2 for a while, and I might go back to it but it just doesn’t quiiiite do it for me. I think there is a somewhat oppressive vibe in all F2P games that I have tried – could be entirely in my head of course

    • Squishpoke says:

      Planetside 2 is best when you get at least one or two friends, with at least one person having access to premium vehicles to share.

      Personally, I do not enjoy ground battles at all, but I looove simply patrolling the skies in my buddy’s liberator and providing support and escort to ground troops below. You don’t always have to follow the zerg, there’s plenty of cool things to do elsewhere.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        Yeah, I have to admit that playing with a couple of friends was key – don’t think I would play it solo for long at all. Planetside 2 is so far the best F2P i have ever played – where it actually doesn’t feel necessary to be spending money to have fun. But, it still feels like I am pushing a boulder uphill to a degree in terms of progression.

  3. Gwyddelig says:

    Currently? Nowt. My son has a gastro bug. Up until Monday though, a fair bit of Killing Floor and some BF3.

    KF really is an example of how to get longevity out of a game. It’s on the go as a commercial enterprise for nearly four years now and still has a strong community.

  4. Squishpoke says:

    Natural Selection 2 has undergone a total takeover on my brain. It’s the best game I’ve played in ages.

  5. Carighan Maconar says:

    Just finished Katawa Shoujo (yeah I was late to the party, started mid-December).

    Not exactly sure what to play now, currently clearing my long backlog a bit. Finished Darksiders II and Dishonoured, working on SPAZ now.

    • Rockbottom says:

      Katawa Shoujo is really really entry level when it comes to VNs. It’s an alright read, but you’ve only scratched the surface.

      Try Digital: A Love Story or Planetarian. Planetarian for the writing, Digital for the very unique approach to storytelling.

  6. Pintlemount says:

    I’ve been screaming at X3: Albion Prelude and boggling occasionally at Painkiller: Hell & Damnation’s weird mixtape attitude towards the original game. Still amusing, but it’s certainly no Serious Sam HD in term of remakes, more’s the pity.

    At least the updated Trainstation doesn’t inevitably, catastrophically corrupt my saves.

  7. Axelius says:

    Since a LAN party this weekend where I ruined a couple of people’s sleep schedules by introducing them to Crusader Kings II I have returned to the lovely time of the middle ages, filled with petty wars, bastardly backstabbing and political manuevering to not lose my newly put together empire.

    Aside from that my main two games have been F2P, the Dota 2 beta (where I seem to be worthless) and Planetside 2 (where I have an idea of what I’m doing, even though I have to brush up on my mosquito skills).

  8. Nova says:

    I particularly want to hear from those of you playing free-to-play stuff. What has held your attention?

    Nothing. Tried MWO, PS2 and Hawken.
    At the moment I’m playing quite a lot of FIFA 13. My first foot-to-ball game for ages. And Super Hexagon every now and then.

  9. Zipikaya says:

    Nothing seems to be able to hold my attention at the moment. Haven’t played a game since I finished Far cry 3, which I thought was OK. Getting a bit worried that I might not like games as much as I used to…

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Went through something like that recently. Lasted me roughly 18 months. It was actually quite good. I managed to spend time doing other *more* important stuff with my free time. Finally resurrected my lifelong hobby and did some World War II modelling (Tamiya FTW!), finally learned how to use Photoshop, and was a whole lot more active in the discussion groups and forums I am a part of.

      I did fear the whole time I might just not be back in games anymore though. As disgruntled as I may be towards a large chunk of the industry, this is after all my main hobby since I was a little boy and my father came home with a ZXSpectrum. But it was all just unfounded fears. You just need a break. Make the most of it. Have fun :)

  10. Lambchops says:

    I’ve been attacking the old backlog recently and completed:

    Prince of Persia 08 (good but too much glowing thing collecting, glad I started ignoring it half way through and some annoying button mashing).
    Gemini Rue – Good solid adventure game, very enjoyable.

    About two thirds of the way through Trine 2 (pretty but not enjoying it as much as the first one, becomes a bit samey) but then got distracted by Sonic Do You Really Expect Me To Type Out That Title (At Least It’s Not Aaaa…snip) Transmogrified (or Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed to everyone else), which is ace. I’ve missed bright, colourful, karting shenanigans and it’s a type of game that’s often sadly overlooked on PC. I have somehow managed to play this for 11 hours despite allegedly having little time to game!

    Also had an explore through the world of Proteus and while I think I’m unlikely to ever go back I did find it an absorbing experience and it’s definitely worth a wander at some point,

  11. Snakejuice says:

    I’ve been playing mostly Path of Exile.

  12. Low Life says:

    I’m completely addicted to Dota 2, and it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been playing for a month or so. As someone who’s despised these games for years I am slightly disappointed in myself. Also because that means I don’t have time to play Planetside 2. It’s just so much easier to play Dota 2 one match at a time, with the chance to stop playing at any point between these matches (even if it still sometimes ends up in 5-hour sessions), than it is to launch PS2 and start an all-nighter. PS2 really isn’t the game for 40-minute sessions, at least not for me.

    I also played a bit of DmC last week, so I’ll have to finish that up. For the next week or so I can’t really let myself waste time on games, so much things to do.

  13. bobsterfetto says:

    I’m currently fighting my way trough Tomb of Varn in Might & Magic 6. What a masterpiece this game was, and still is!
    I also started a new character in Skyrim, spellcaster this time. Really, spellcasters is what it’s all about in that game. Love it!

    • TheDreamlord says:

      M&M6 is one of my all time fav games! Ever!

    • Strangerator says:

      MM6 has to be my favorite in the series, although I have nostalgic spot for 3-5 as well.

  14. Drayk says:

    Stopped buying, started playing !

    In 2013 I finished : Spec Ops: the line, Xcom: ennemy Unknown, Game of Thrones and last night I finished Legend of Grimrock. (+ Knights of Pen and Paper on Ipod :-P )

    Next objectives are Max Payne 3 and Dishonored.

    Havent’ touch GW2 for a month but played a bit of Torchlight 2.

  15. bstard says:

    Crusaderkings2, Fieldrunners2, Defensegrid dlc, and rocketing hackers in Battlefield2 bad company.

  16. DumbparameciuM says:


  17. Brigand says:

    I finally played and completed Hotline Miami, was alright. I was also half way through System Shock 2 which I only just remembered now, which is more an issue with my memory because i’m loving the game.

  18. Kitsuninc says:

    I’m playing Touhou 12.8: Great Fairy Wars. Freezing bullets, woo! Seriously, it’s great.

    The game that I’m playing that’s more typical – and F2P – is Path of Exile. Quite a bit of fun. I despise how possible it is to waste loads of time leveling a character only to find at the high levels your build sucks, though.

    Oooh, and Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed. That game is superb, pretty much my all-time favorite kart racer, and I love kart racers. The PC port rocks, too.

  19. Stellar Duck says:

    Been playing the new Hitman game, and good grief is that a stinker! I’ve found the problem though: I mistakenly thought it was a Hitman game and played it as such. It’s not.

    Crusader Kings 2 is getting some time as well, and I’m doing a game as a Duke (by now) in Greece.

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best game in forever. It’s been good times with that,

    Antichamber has me stumped so I’m taking a break from that.

    And then a bit of Planetside 2 on the side when my usual partner finds she has the time. I quite like it though I wish I got a better frame rate.

    Edit: I forgot! I’m doing Path of Exile as well. What a great game!

  20. TheDreamlord says:

    About to finish Borderlands 2, which is a great game, even though the first few hours are a tad boring. And you need some luck to score weapons that suit you.

    Also close to finishing Stealth Bastard Deluxe. Nice little game, great atmosphere.

    And started Sleeping Dogs now that i bought an XBox controller for my PC. Great game! But i do suck at the fights.

  21. SwiftRanger says:

    Free-to-play (which is what I mostly play):
    – PlanetSide 2 (that latest update with the performance hotfix of yesterday made it into a much better game, polish-wise it’s pretty much still a beta imo but this is what I want to waste time in)
    – Path of Exile (interesting game mechanics, gameplay itself feels a lot more bland than DIII though, not entirely convinced yet)

    – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (been a while)

    I should be playing this because I bought it but haven’t set time apart for it yet:
    – XCOM

  22. Diving Duck says:

    Free to play = Team Fortress 2 – it gives me warm fuzzies (especially when playing pyro)

    Not so free to play = BF3 (getting back into it for the first time since sept – turns out I now suck at it), also still playing defence grid and Kerbel Space Program. Mostly waiting for some of my kickstarter punts to put out some ripe juicy gaming goodness.

  23. Danny says:

    Path of Exile is great fun so far, easily beating D3 and offering an experience closer to D2. I see myself playing this for quite some time.

    Also playing Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic with some guys from another site. PBEM works perfectly in that game, although I still regret not being able to play manual battles against another human being.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I agree on PoE being better at satisfying my D2 craving than either D3 or Torchlight 2. The systems have really built on D2, rather than just throwing them out for “modern” ideas.

  24. Llewyn says:

    (Re)Playing: Fallout 3 for the DLC, having picked up the GOTY over Christmas. Football Manager ’11 running in the background while at work, to fill in the time while tests are running and during pointless and irrelevant phone meetings.

    Trying to play: The Witcher, but still struggling to see what’s good about it beyond the decision tree. AC Revelation. CKII, but prefer to only launch that when I think I can dedicate a good play session to it.

    Wondering when I’ll ever get to play: The enormous backlog of things I seem to have thought it was a good idea to buy (thankfully mostly cheaply).

  25. Land says:

    Mostly Euro Truck Simulator 2. Don’t have a lot of time for games lately, and this is such a nice relaxing game (just cruise and listen favourite music) that you can play for short amounts of time. For the rest I’ve been playing (experiencing) Proteus, DayZ, LEGO Lord of the Rings, Dishonored. Besides PC, I play a lot of games on my iPhone (take the train to work every day). My most played iOS games at the moment are Super Hexagon, Temple Run 2, The Walking Dead, Sword & Sworcery.

    Edit: I don’t play any F2P games on PC at all.

  26. GameCat says:

    Dark Souls – I think I’m gonna finish it soon*, at least.

    Proteus – lovely game, very inspiring, it helped me finally to know what kind of gameplay will be in my own game (no, there be more than walking and looking).

    The Cave – pretty medicore gameplay, but characters, The Cave (yes, it’s a talking cave) narration and dark humor (“I’m sure it was only collateral damage!”) makes it very good.

    Also list of “must finish already but haven’t touch them for months after beating at least half” games:
    Metro 2033
    Bioshock 2
    Sam & Max

    Games I want to play but my gaming rig doesn’t:
    ASSCREED3 – Boston is unplayable due to fps drop. Is there any patch already for this?
    CODBLOPS2 – crashes at first cutscene (why I can’t skip that?), ugh.
    Miasmata – doesn’t like NVidia Optimus, is there any patch out there already?

    *In 2 months probably, I’m playing it since PC release date, still not finished.

  27. LieutLaww says:

    Mainly Minecraft on a Feed The Beast server, bit of Mass Effect 3 and SWTOR, oh and some STO.

  28. wyrmsine says:

    Dwarf Fortress – finally moving out of 40d and trying out the latest version, as my very first fortress resolutely refuses to die, despite a lack of both water and magma. My second one was modded a little to allow tameable megabeasts, and they’ve now got a breeding pair of war Titans. So it’s time for something more difficult…

    Borderlands 2 – funny game, in that it’s got far less personality than the first one, but I keep replaying it.

    Evochron Mercenary – great game, and it’s thankfully keeping me from resubbing to Eve.

  29. RedViv says:

    More Skyrim than I should. Anno 2070 – still working on the most massive island ever. Ni no kuni, which proved to be the typical plan-or-be-destroyed Level-5 demon hidden behind a Ghibli mask.
    Strange amounts of Magic 2013, which I play despite my weird feeling that it would be so much better to get a successor to Shandalar, and despite The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard.

  30. Hogni Gylfason says:

    Falcon 4.0 with the superb BMS mod. Started it up again before christmas and haven’t really stopped since.

  31. Harlander says:

    I seem to be playing a lot of open-world games these days.

    My primary clump of things I’m playing are (in decreasing order of how-much-played) Sleeping Dogs,The Witcher 2 and Prototype 2.

    I’ve also got a slow-boil game of Distant Worlds on the go, which I’ll pick up again as soon as I can figure out how to defeat those unusually advanced marauders on the edge of Collaboration space.

    Not to mention Saints Row: The Third, and Just Cause 2, which I’m indefinately hiatusing on.

  32. Boult Upright says:

    I’ve been playing this really obscure game called Skyrim. It’s got dragons and dungeons and stuff. Ever heard of it?

  33. nimzy says:

    Minecraft, surprisingly enough. I haven’t played it seriously since early in its beta, so the changes were dramatic. I also got referred to a mod pack entitled “Feed the Beast” and it transforms the game while doing all the heavy lifting via a pretty slick launcher so I didn’t even have to lift a finger to get the new stuff. I’ve been thoroughly exploring the new features over the past week, building a working nuclear reactor (!), a steam boiler to power all sorts of crazy devices, and a wild custom railcart that cuts down and plants trees for me.

    This is seriously cutting down on my time available to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution — the DLC went on sale about a week or two ago on Steam and I snapped it up on the cheap so now I can get into speedrunning the complete game finally stop rolling my eyes at the gap in the narrative it left behind. Add this to the new Dead Space coming out and getting into the Heroes and Generals beta and I’ve got a backlog that’s sitting there waiting for me to stop having so much damned fun playing with machines and get on with the man (monster?) shooting.

  34. harcalion says:

    Adventure Time! I’ve been playing The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (and liking it a lot) and also this little Windows 8 game, Adera, which had its latest episode released yesterday. Then I will go back to hardcore with Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods.

  35. Biscuitry says:

    It’s been Planetside 2 for me. I’m the leader of a small outfit called the Auraxian Tourist Board. The game still has some way to go before it really delivers on its initial promise, but it’s slowly getting there. Those who bounced off it initially due to the unfocused nature of the battles and general lack of a metagame would do well to have another look in two or three months once they’ve put out another couple of patches. As it is now, while a lot of the more egregious bugs thatwere in at launch have been fixed, most of the other problems are still present .

  36. Jack-Dandy says:

    Right now I’m trying to fumble around the original X-com, after beating EU.

    Man, it’s tough, but I’m determined to conquer it!

  37. Robbeasy says:

    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup…..

    Help me I can’t leave it alone…..

    • elderman says:

      Always DCSS. I’ve been playing as a mummy wizard recently. Love not having a hunger clock. I don’t have the patience for the mid to late game, though. I always die from carelessness.

  38. Caesar says:

    Been playing SC2 – WoL while waiting for HotS. Also varied indies like Half-minute hero, Retro city rampage and Don’t Starve.

    Oh, and Dragonpr0n!

  39. scottyjx says:

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (Kinda starting to drag toward the end. The fifth character isn’t very fun.)
    Bout to finally play Fallout: New Vegas.
    Far Cry 3.
    Been tooling around with English Country Tune.
    Thinking about downloading some maps and mods for Left 4 Dead 2, because of Craig.
    And for non-PC, I’ve been playing some Mortal Kombat 9.

  40. kael13 says:

    I’ve recently taken up SWTOR again with a friend, after more than a year away from the game. The non-force user story-lines are far more interesting; the Imperial Agent is great fun.

    Otherwise, it’s been Devil May Cry, which satisfies my need for faced-paced cutty slicey with loud music. It’s taken the place of Unreal Tournament 3 as my brain energiser.

    Started playing Antichamber as well. The game reports I’m about halfway. Having some trouble wondering where to go and deciphering the map at times.

  41. Asurmen says:

    I’ve been playing PS2 pretty much constantly since beta and enjoying it thoroughly, although the patch at the weekend made the game run like crap. Going from 40-60 fps on Ultra on my 3 year old machine down to medium and 5-30 fps makes the game unplayable and rather ugly to boot.

    Still playing LoL although less than ever as I was suffering burn out from the amount I was playing, and not getting any single player games done.

    Recently played and finished KoToR 2. Not as good as KoToR but still an enjoyable distraction.

    Started playing Assassin’s Creed as I bought them all at Christmas but I’m not being amazingly hooked. Same tasks for every kill and the story not being revealed as much as I’d like or how I’d like is making me bounce off the game slightly. Still, I can get enjoyment from it, but only in 1-2 hour segments.

  42. Jarmo says:

    I’ve been playing a ton of Dungeonbowl since July (about a thousand hours). Quinns did the game a great disservice by lambasting it. It is actually a better game than Blood Bowl, imho. Quinns should e.g. have actually bothered to learn the UI before lashing out.

    Blood Bowl can be a bit samey and chess-like in the repeating play patterns. Dungeonbowl is constantly variable, dynamic and full of sudden twists and turns. Luck plays a part but it is primarily a skill-based game; the dice can be mitigated to a large degree by smart play. Dungeonbowl requires you to think on your feet and to anticipate possible new avenues of attack via the teleports. The ten colleges combining three races each and the dozen maps in ranked play and the hundreds in unranked offer hundreds of hours of new tactics, tricks and nuances to learn and enjoy.

    If you were put off the game by the RPS review, please consider trying Dungeonbowl. It’s worth it to push through the learning curve to get to the meaty and satisfying gameplay. Turn-based strategy doesn’t get much better than this.

    It is by no means a perfect game or a very friendly UI or bug-free but it is still great fun. See you in the dungeons!

  43. LeMonde says:

    MGS HD Edition. Owing to an assumed PSU failure, my PC gaming is currently on pause with Legend of Grimrock and FTL both patiently waiting unplayed and THE FINAL MISSION of XCOM left infuriatingly incomplete! The silver-lining to this hardware malfunction has been revisiting MGS3: Subsistence – to this day, an astonishingly brilliant game. I am also yet to overcome Dark Souls and until that happens, or HL3 gets announced, the replacement PSU can wait.

    • BreadBitten says:

      STILL the only game to make me shed a tear! Oh wait…there was also ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

  44. Swanny says:

    After picking up Borderlands 2 at the winter sale, i’m really enjoying the 2nd, high-level playthrough. Handsome Jack is such an awesome douchebag.

  45. Kefren says:

    System Shock Portable and GTA IV.

  46. GameStunts says:

    In terms of F2P, the one that’s held my attention is Tribes Ascend. They just completely nailed that game, the mechanics, the feel of it, the skill level.

    “Sort of” F2P. I was pleased that The Secret World dropped the subscription, I’m totally fine with paying up front for a game and expansions, but hate monthly fees. So I’ve been getting into that.

    And just the other day I bought Guild Wars 2 and having a fantastic time with that, which I again, appreciate the no-subscription model they use.

    “Cheap to” play. I bought the Left 4 Dead bundle over 2 years ago, and I still go back to that game. For about £5 or £6 (can’t remember exactly what it cost but it was on 75% discount) it’s entertained me endlessly, and the new workshop makes it so easy to get new campaigns, it’s like having the game new again.

    Honourable mention as well to Borderlands 2 and all it’s awesome DLC. I’ve completed the game, and was only too hapy to start again in vault-hunter mode, which really does change up the game for the better. I’ve helped about 20 other people at various points to complete or get past parts, as well as just hosting open public game and playing with randoms, it’s a brilliant, fun co-op game. No friendly fire, and no fall damage just take the head ache out of co-op and leave all the fun. DLC is a touchy subject for a lot of us, but Borderlands 2 DLC has had great voice acting, scripting and expansion on the original game without leaving me feeling ripped off. Love this game, one of the best purchases I ever made.

  47. thecat17 says:

    Finally beat Far Cry 3 last week. I pretty much played it as a Jason who truly cared about saving his friends instead of “freeing” the whole island, so I stuck to advancing the storyline and not going too far out of my way to reclaim the radio towers. Plus, I was really looking forward to reading John’s interview with the game’s main writer, spoiler-free.

    It was an awesome ride. Definitely GOTY material. Kudos to you lot for convincing me to give it a go! Even if the checkpointing and invisible mission-failure lines gave me a lit of grief, I was otherwise far from disappointed with the rest of the game.

    I’m thinking of playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution again. And all the way through this time.

    As far as F2P games:

    Team Fortress 2 – I’ve gotten back into this after a break lasting many months. Although, again, I’m only playing on surf servers that allow HLDJ. Something about playing wonderful music to complete strangers just does it for me. And it’s fascinating to see all the new weapons, items, and even hats that I’ve been missing out on.

    Quake Live – Been playing again for the past couple of days. Been getting my ass kicked constantly. It’s so frustrating at times to get put on a clan arena team that doesn’t stick together and pretends like they’re playing deathmatch. So. Frustrating. But man, how fun it is to rocketjump. And I can’t think of another game that does it so perfectly.

    Planetside 2 – I’d really wanted to play it one day. Logged in, and there was an automatic update I had to download that was more than 3gb. When I finally got in, I still had no real idea what I was doing. I did manage a few kills, at least. The feel of the game still isn’t right for me, the pace feels sluggish compared to TF2 surf and QL, but I’m willing to explore. I kind of think if somebody mashed this game together with Tribes: Ascend that the result would be much more fun, but, well, that opinion is open to change since I’m still figuring out how to play.

    Tribes: Ascend – If I don’t still have it installed, I’m going to reinstall it. I especially love the GOTTA GO FAST gameplay, the feel of the weapons, and that mode where you try and hold the flag for as long as possible while the entire enemy team slides after you. Quite a rush!

  48. Johnny_boy says:

    Crusader Kings 2.
    It’s odd because no game beside World of Warcraft and Medieval 2: Total War with the Stainless Steel mod have managed to become this addictive this quickly for me. It’s such a beautiful game where no playthrough is the same as the last one, there’s always something new and interesting going on, not to mention the incredible depth CK2 has.
    So far I’ve put in almost 150 hours since the beginning of January and I’m still learning and seeing new things about the game. This to me, is insane, as most games I’ve played in the past have next to nothing new to offer after 100-200 hours of gameplay, if even that. I’ve yet to get to the DLC or mods. I do believe I’m stuck with this game for a long, long time and I couldn’t be happier.
    Curse you Paradox, RPS and all commenters on various sites for recommending me to try this amazing time sink that is Crusader Kings 2.
    Dota 2. Because DOTER!
    Edit to elaborate a bit.
    What has kept me with this game is the sheer depth. In recent years I’ve become a sucker for games with a really deep end of the pool so to say. Other games just does not cut it anymore and Dota 2 is a deep game. It’s not too hard to just hop in and play and not too easy for me to lose interest. Playing with friends or people willing to cooperate makes this game so much more enjoyable.
    Killing Floor. Coop with friends is fun.
    Sanctum. Fun with friends.

  49. man-eater chimp says:

    My time for gaming has gone down significantly in the last few weeks as my workload has increased, but I have had time to fit in a few games.

    Mark of the Ninja – Got about 3/4 through then got distracted by other things, just trying to finish it now. Top notch game though, the stealth system is the best I’ve played as well.

    Rayman Origins – Another in the backlog from last summer, about halfway through now. A good game, nothing hugely spectacular though, bar the stunning art.

    Crusader Kings II is calling for me, but I don’t want to play it before it takes up my life again. I still need to pick up the republics expansion for it.

    On the F2P front:

    League of Legends – They just updated to Season 3, and Riot have seem to have done a stunning job with the game. Personally, I prefer this to Dota2, but that might be as I’m not willing to try and learn Dota2 after investing time in one similar game. Not played this particularly much in the last couple of weeks due to lack of time, but I’m sure I’ll start playing this again sooner rather than later.

    • LTK says:

      Playing Rayman as well. The art direction is really great, but I wish there weren’t so many timed elements of the game. Bubbles with collectibles rise out of reach and then they pop. You can punch enemies to get rid of them, but then you have to wait for them to inflate before you can get all their loot. And punching them five times is useless because they inflate just the same once you stop, and you don’t get more loot for doing so.

      But the art, music, sound and animation are all pretty much top-notch, yeah.

  50. DukhaDave says:

    Poking around in Witcher 2 for the first time, along with Portal 2 co-op when it can be arranged. As far as F2P goes I’m jumping into Planetside 2, Tribes Ascend and Quake Live on a fairly regular basis. Overall I’m not doing a huge amount of gaming; still recovering from the massive Alpha Centauri binge I went on in January. Thanks, GOG!