So… What Are You People Playing?

It’s been a while since we’ve asked you to step onto the soapbox, but it’s finally that time again: you’re constantly reading about what we’re playing – but what about you? What has filled your past few weeks, and why? Are you still playing through that backlog of hastily-purchased Steam games? Have you found some gem that we’ve missed? What has surprised you? What has disappointed you? Tell us now, please do.

I particularly want to hear from those of you playing free-to-play stuff. What has held your attention? Speak!


  1. Badfinger says:

    I was out of League of Legends. Now I’m back in.

    Playing the hell out of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Thinking about jumping back into Planetside or Battlefield 3.

    The last non-multiplayer game I played wasn’t even out yet – the Sim City beta. Before that, Skyrim. SKYRIM.

  2. Noodle says:

    Warzone 2100 and RAGE. After seeing 3.1 version of warzone I’m replaying my childhood, by god its pathfinding is annoying still..

  3. wodin says:

    Battle of Britain 2 with the 2.12 patch.
    Over Flanders Field Phase 3.
    Rise of Flight
    Strike fighters NA
    Trying to learn DCS A10C..but my memory is to shit for it..
    testing Tigers Unleashed….
    Achtung Panzer Op Star with beta patch

    Thinking of reinstalling Steel Fury with the latest SPM mod version 2.0

    Awaiting CK2 Viking DLC. Combat Mission East Front. Wings Over Flanders Fields and one or two others..

    Wishing someone would announce a new Steel Panthers and a new Flight Commander 2.

  4. Nallen says:

    Path of Exile, solid game with interesting mechanics.

  5. maheusz says:

    For now I’m playing Geneforge 3, also in plans are parts four and five. There is also a bit of the Last Remnant (I’ve got to the really grindy area and stopped for now) which is a nice fix for the jRPG thirst. Of course a bit of Dwarf Fortress with silly succession game and a Disgaea 2 on the emulator.

    Also waiting for Dominions 3 to get cheaper.

    • wodin says:

      DOm 3 is a great game..but you maybe waiting awhile for it to go cheap..I use the Warhammer mods..good fun

  6. Master_of_None says:

    FTL still holds my interest, amazingly. And dipping back into X-Com for another playthrough with some of the new settings (it’s haaard).

    But basically, just waiting for Sim City.

  7. tobecooper says:

    I’m playing PoE too – having a lot of fun there.

    Also, I finished Splinter Cell: Conviction, which was a lot of fun. After the first hour I was angry that the game is such a step backwards for SC, but later I accepted it for what it is, and enjoyed the very very short ride.

    I’ve started a replay of Company of Heroes, too, and I plan to get through the original, and then both expansions which I haven’t played before.

  8. DaftPunk says:

    I can’t focus on one game so i’m replaying Raven Shield and Swat 4,plus i started LA Noire for the first time,fun ride so far. Need to get Alan Wake as well.

  9. Michael Fogg says:

    Enslaved: Oddysey to the West on and off for some time. I can’t stick with it, it’s just to lacking.

    I’ve also tried some Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty but after quick loading my way through the first two missions I decided that is better left in the nostalgia drawer.

  10. ritalingamer says:

    War Thunder has zoomed and boomed it’s way out of the sun and into my heart. Took me by surprise, as I normally don’t care for flight sims and outright detest Free to Play.

    Thanks, Flare Path!

  11. Procrastination Giant says:

    On the F2P side of things:

    Dota 2 – Played about 50 Hours so far after getting a beta invite from a kind RPS-forumite, and while i’m still somewhat intimidated by it i do have to say that i really enjoy that game and can see myself dipping in and out of that game for months to come. I also always wanted to learn more russian swear words, so kudos to the community (…yeah, i really should hop onto the RPS-mumble at some point.)

    Path of Exile – Once again fired it up now that it’s in open beta but got a bit frustrated (and dare i say bored) somewhere in my second playthrough for now. While i really do appreciate the whole skill-system i’m simply a bit put off by the fact that i simply can’t find any skill gems that are as amusing as those that i had in closed beta and i don’t feel like either farming or trading. I do understand why people say that the whole charakter, item and skill mechanics are far superior to D3, but large portions of the game just feel too samey and dull.

    On the not-so-F2P side of things:

    Borderlands 2 – Currently somewhere in the middle of a True Vaulthunter/Torgue DLC playthrough in co-op with a friend of mine. There really isn’t much to say about it apart from it being utterly hilarious and brilliant when played with a good friend. PLOT TWIST: IT’S A MONSTER TRUCK!
    (Torchlight 2 and (even… more…) Orcs Must Die! 2 are on the co-op to-do list)

    Well and a couple of thingies that i picked up during Steam’s winter sale and dabble with on a casual level: A bit of Snapshot here and there (zen!), some Space Pirates and Zombies every once in a while. Dungeon Defenders, MTG 2013, FTL, Hotline Miami, etc.

    Backburner: Legend of Grimrock (or well, it got demoted to the backburner because… spiders!), Alan Wake, The Cave, Resonance and maybe another playthrough of Alpha Protocol… eventually. Also Sequence!

  12. psychodave123 says:

    I picked up Arkham City again.

    Still loving it.

  13. Severian says:

    Been taking a bit of a break on the digital front.

    Dipping into Guild Wars 2 periodically (only need to do one last quest to finish my personal storyline).
    Finished Mark of the Ninja.
    Currently having fun with Beat Hazard.

    I’d recommend all – the latter only if you’re not sensitive to light-induced seizures.

    On the boardgaming front, been a little more active. Mostly X-Wing Miniatures, but also a little of the silly-fun DC Comics Deck-Building Game.

  14. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    Mechwarrior Online, Natural Selection 2, and Morrowind with the overhaul that was posted here a couple months back.

  15. JBantha says:

    I recently unistalled my every steam games except TF2 to focus on WarThunder. Also: SMITE.

  16. aliksy says:

    Torchlight 2 co-op with a friend. I’ve had it since launch but I never got past act 2 before. It’s more fun in a group.

    I also dug out my playstation and old final fantasy games, so I’ve been on a nostalgia trip with that. They’re a lot easier than I remember.

  17. remoteDefecator says:

    Dipped my toe into the waters of Skyrim mods about a month ago… still don’t see land.

  18. MagpieMcGraw says:

    I’ve been playing quite abit of Path of Exile. It’s amazing, Captures what made D2 enjoyable for me, and then adds on top of it. A friend convinced me to try Firefall. There are really good ideas there that are not fleshed out enough, in my opnion. It’s fun to grind for XP if you’ve got a friend along. Firefall reminded me of Trbes Ascend, so I dipped into that the past couple days, and it’s as fun as ever.

  19. Enikuo says:

    I just finished Psychonauts and I’m considering working on the last few achievements that I need for 100% – it was so good, I’m having trouble moving on. I also just finished Portal 2 co-op again with a buddy from work.

    I’m playing Don’t Starve – but when I play it, it’s more like “don’t get eaten by wild boars, or trampled by a walking tree, or ripped apart by spiders, or set on fire.” Strangely, starving is never really an issue. I also restarted my Skyrim character with a whole mess of new mods. But, those two games are mostly side deals. I am actually stuck trying to decide which game to beat next out of my paralyzingly big Steam backlog.

    F2P – I am spending more time in LoTRO since they finally announced a housing revamp this year.

  20. kstress71 says:

    I just started the first Witcher game. Interesting so far, not exactly ground-breaking. Maybe it will pick up.

    Strangely, I’ve also gotten addicted to BIT.TRIP BEAT. I was never into this game before, but it’s gotten it’s hooks into me big time now. I’m still terrible at it, but now I get to hear the music in my head when I’m not playing the game, remembering how terrible I was at it. Glorious.

  21. GingerGiant says:

    I tend to jump around a lot within my collection.
    As far as F2P is concerned, the only game I consistently go back to is League of Legends. I tend to not stick with a game unless I can play with my friends, which is the best thing LoL has going for it. It has a much lower barrier to entry, friendlier bots, and the most endearing art style. I also have trouble running DotA on my brick… I mean ‘computer’. In a match it runs well, but I have lots of lag in the lobby.

    Not too long ago I was poking about in Don’t Starve.
    RPS got me into Kerbal Space Program, which I love like Dwarf Fortress love Fun. Unfortunately, my toaster… ‘Computer’ doesn’t have enough memory to do more than build a ship and fly it a few times before the game crashes.
    I love me some Dwarf Fortress.
    I also like to poke about in Blood Bowl regularly.
    I’m hoping to hook up with my friends to play some AD&D and Pathfinder via

  22. maninahat says:

    I’m playing Max Payne 3, and I’m starting to wish I wasn’t. I remembered the previous titles being more fun, with a protagonist who was world weary, but the game still had a sense of humour. It felt like the ridiculous, purple prose, hardboiled narration was at least tongue in cheek. In the third game though, Max just seems like a miserable, moping prick who resents anyone being happy. Very tedious to listen to his wangsty, redundant opinions. I’m also sick of running out of ammunition – In a slow mo action game, I want to spray bullets everywhere! It’s bad enough that I’m limited to three guns, but when the ammo is scarce and there are hundreds of enemies per level, the decision to go more realism is kind of non-conducive to the silliness of the situation.

  23. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    In the last couple of weeks I’ve played mainly Crusader Kings 2 since new expansion came out. Before that, I played a lot of Far Cry 3. I didn’t finish that, but I might go back to it some time (though I haven’t played it for two weeks now, and I tend to abandon games after not playing them for that long).

    I also played most of the games that Ms Porpentine posts every week, of those Counterfeit Monkey was my favored. I started with Antichamber last saturday – and it’s awesome – but the desire to conquer the Muslim Kingdoms of Africa became to great. I will finish Antichamber later, though.

  24. Brun says:

    WoW, The Witcher 2 (which I still haven’t finished), and PlanetSide 2 occasionally.

  25. ahniwa says:

    I’ve been playing Orcs Must Die 2 in my limited free time. If I had less limited free time, I’d probably also be playing more of The Secret World and maybe even some RIFT.

  26. Ernesto says:

    I finally got a new PC with an overclockable i5 and a GTX670 (come on! drool a bit ;) ).
    So I tried out Tribes Ascend, Hawken, Planetside 2. My favorite is Tribes at the moment. But it’s incredibly tough! I stumbled in a match with some insane guys and I never even saw half the bullets/disks that killed me :D
    Next on the list is Mechwarrior online. Some friends of mine play the Battlefield stuff (Play4free and Heroes) but that looks a lot like pay2win… so I’ll probably leave those out.

  27. tumbleworld says:

    Path of Exile, Dwarf Fortress, Black Mesa, Simon Tatham’s great little free Puzzle Collection, Blue Wish Resurrection…

    … and, Gods help me, WoW. Again. It’s just for the Pok√©mon^H^H^H^H^H^H^HPet Battles, though. Promise.

  28. Mctittles says:

    After watching some videos of the upcoming Sim City I booted up Sim City 4 to refresh my mind on how it compares.
    Wow…I don’t see myself every getting the new one as I’ve been having so much fun playing Sim City 4. The city detail is amazing and better than what I’ve been seeing for the upcoming one. I’m building a massive highway system across the Region and it’s been a blast.

  29. gruia says:

    Dota 2, PoE and just finished DmC. starting DS3

  30. plugmonkey says:

    I’ve just gone back to The Witcher with xpadder and a large font mod. The girlfriend and I were really enjoying it years ago, but squinting at the text and balancing a keyboard on my knee got the better of us.

  31. goettel says:

    Guild Wars 2 to chill, listening to the FTL soundtrack Рstill best done in game, revving up Battlefield 3 again, not for the endgame persé.

    And Left 4 Dead (2) – in my company of heroes, still the best PC co-op experience, IMO.

  32. Ragnar says:

    Just finished Sleeping Dogs – pleasantly surprised and highly recommended.

    Still playing Mass Effect 3 – enjoying it so far, love the gameplay improvements over 2, don’t like the sexualization of a couple characters, miss the witty and funny writing of 2, slow going since I feel like I need to be able to commit a few hours to it before firing it up.

    Also playing:
    Renegade Ops for co-op fun.
    Defender’s Quest and Sine Mora for when I just have a little time to play.
    Half-Minute Hero for when I have really little time to play.

  33. Ham Solo says:

    Good ol’ World of Tanks has filled my weeks, and now some Skyrim with the new DLC.
    Also I’m waiting patiently for World of Warships.

  34. Vermilious says:

    Skyrim, because when winter sweeps through I want to play more things set wholeheartedly in Winter.

    Antichamber. Because I want my head to hurt, occasionally.

    Hotline Miami. Because I’m really good at it now, and I just want there to be more, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep revisiting things because I can.

    Audiosurf. Because it’s still my favorite way to understand new music I acquire.

  35. inch7706 says:

    Anyone heard of the new Age of Empires 2 expansion/mod? Age of Forgotten Empires?

    I haven’t seen it mentioned on this site at all yet and I’ve been playing it non-stop for a month now.

  36. macaronies says:

    I finally got around to Treasure Adventure Game, which was a delightful surprise. I always got it mixed up with Treasure Hunter Man and wasn’t sure if I’d already played it.

    Now I’ve been spending my time with Path of Exile and Megabyte Punch!

  37. Xocrates says:

    Decided to replay the Starcraft 2 campaign to help me decide whether to get the expansion or not.

    Though I suspect doing so is only making the choice more difficult :(

  38. RogerioFM says:

    Man, I am playing Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, and I just finished Project Eden.

  39. Shooop says:

    Got into the U.S. WARFACE(!) beta and while PvP is absolutely horrible, the co-op PvE is really fun.

    Playing Vindictus again because someone finally realized grinding a level 35 times for a single quest item is not fun and the new character Vella is stupid-powerful.

    Finished the indie adventure The Cat Lady, going to write up a review of that.

    Going to pick up Chivalry again because I only just recently found out you can swing weapons faster with a mouse trick.

    And finally, going to try Tera because I’m dying for a MMO that has combat that doesn’t completely suck.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Chivalry! The new patch is good – dueling is fantastic. Re the mouse thing: that’s sort of true, though you can’t speed up the actual swing animations, only alter the timing of the impact. It can sometimes be more effective to slow the swing down, or rather delay the impact, causing your opponent to parry too early and miss your impact, by dragging the mouse in the opposite direction to the swing. Doesn’t work so well against shields, and is most effective with slower weapons, like the zwiehander. Please note: I am making myself sound good at the game when I am in actual fact rubbish.

  40. darkChozo says:

    Finished up GTAIV:EfLC over the weekend, quite enjoyed both episodes. Now am looking forward to a hypothetical GTAV with IV’s physics and SR’s co-op and general abundance of things to do in the world. It’s mostly personal preference, but I prefer GTA’s slippery slidey rolly cars and ragdoll physics to SR’s floaty cars and wonky ragdolls, the silliness of real physics easily outweighs the annoyances. I’m mostly wackiness agnostic (like I said, I liked both EfLC episodes), though I’m pretty sure that SR has the extreme wackiness market cornered.

    Finished Antichamber, great game. I’m not usually one for puzzle games, but this one grabbed me, mostly because nonlinear thinking is fun. [kinda spoilers after this? extremely vague though] It was also interesting to basically brute force puzzles using some of the later upgrades, that’s not really something you get in a lot of puzzle games.

    Also some LoL, because LoL. Um, yeah.

  41. Henson says:

    Betrayal at Krondor. Chapter 3 was annoying, since there were barely any hints of where to go next and the game doesn’t keep track of quests in a log or anything (old-school goodness!). I just finished Chapter 4, which was the “whichever mage goes first, wins” battle system – pretty annoying.

    The free-movement map and sense of discovery are nice (very Legends of Valour), but I suspect that this may be a case of ‘good for its time’. We’ll see.

    • Strangerator says:

      I always sort of enjoyed Chapter 3’s open-endedness. Also the fact that you can sell things at Romney (no relation) for tremendous profit during the guild war was great, gotta love unloading a bunch of gems there. Chapter 3 was the chapter where you really explore the world, make your fortune, and level your characters up to really high levels (er, well not levels, but you know). The chapters after that progressively give you more direction (if I remember correctly), but with James, Gorath, and Owyn well developed, the later chapters shouldn’t be too problematic.

  42. Strangerator says:

    Borderlands 2 coop with brother and another good friend, though my brother needs a microphone so he doesn’t communicate by jumping and shooting near me. Also so I can yell at him when he loot-grabs without us both getting to look and figure out who needs it.

    A bit of Don’t Starve, though some of the recent build changes put me off of it a bit (wormholes and “new world portal” especially). It grabbed me a bit like Terraria, keeping me up for a couple really late nights until I won the battle for survival, then it was a bit like, “what’s the point?” Needs some kind of impending threat that happens at days 100/200/300 that you need to have an army of pig-men and bird friends to beat (and a fortress too, naturally). As it stands, the difficulty curve has some nice spiky bits in the beginning that present fun challenges, but they progressively smooth out a bit too much.

    Also, I am heroically resisting the urge to re-open my Dragonrealms account. A bit like a recovering alcoholic lingering in front of a liquor store window, I daily click over to the website to read about the 3.0 updates. To put it another way… if online games are addictive, and the individual games are like different bars, then Dragonrealms is my “Cheers” bar. So many old friendly faces, whatever could be wrong with stopping in to say hello? Oh sure, one drink won’t hurt…

    Oh yeah, schoolwork exists and needs to be done.

  43. Devan says:

    Lately I’ve been playing a decent amount of Terraria.
    And of always, League of Legends.

  44. karthink says:

    Planescape: Torment: Cried at the end. Never happened in a videogame before. In Avellone we trust now.

    Dwarf Fortress: I have a fort going from Dec ’12. It’s survived epidemics and sieges and colossi and forest fires and magma mishaps. Must be a record of some kind.

    Dark Crusade: Me and a friend against three hard AIs. We get crushed each time.

    Spec Ops: The Line: More Colons: Just finished it. did NOT see the unreliable narrator sneaking up on me.

    Path Of Exile: Dabbling when the lag allows it. Always online is a pain.

  45. tangoliber says:

    Borderlands 2, Doom 2 (Specifically Community Chest 4), Shootmania, 3089 Alpha

  46. Delodax says:

    Started an epic 3D Fallout marathon this christmas. Came close to the end of New Vegas before it was back to work. Been trying to put in the hours to finish it off but it has been unsuccessful so far. New Vegas was a much greater experience than Fallout 3. Solidifies my love for Obsidian and being jaded towards Bethesdas storytelling :S There is somthing about reaching the end of massive games like these, I get really exhausted and have a hard time wrapping the bag. They really require a lot of dedication and long game sessions for maximum pleasure.

    So, mostly playing multiplayer games. Putting some hours in Battlefield 3 with friends, but it’s not really my cup of tea. Otherwise, been reliving my old DotA days in DotA2 but the real king for me is League of Legends. Still feel fresh to me after renewing my interest in the genre 4 years ago.

  47. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    Recently, Ben Chandler’s PISS gave me a warm feeling inside. I’d love to see more games set in that world with the same protagonist.

    I played through all four Blackwell games, which I enjoyed for their literary background, strong writing, compelling characters, excellent voice-acting and smooth soundtrack.

    Spacechem bruised my brain and left it crying in a corner. I haven’t gone back to it in a while. I’m at the end of the fourth world and, man, can this game get exhausting. I don’t regret trying it out though. It really is ingenious.

    I’m also about to start Arkham City after finishing Arkham Asylum. Because Batman.

  48. RagingLion says:

    The Witcher 2 – and I had started playing it before the recent announcement.

  49. WantOn says:

    Since Christmas I have played:

    Spec Ops: The Line (Very impressed)
    PS2: (Good fun until the update a few days ago broke it again)
    Arkham City: (Immense, really impressive and as good as/better than Arkham Asylum)
    Hotline Miami: (Bounced off this really, found the controls got in the way)
    Crusader Kings 2: (My first Paradox strategy game I think. Quite impressed but not finished a whole game yet)
    FTL: (Really enjoyed it but got depressed at my ineptitude and bad luck just as things were going well)

    Overall its been a good time and makes me glad I stepped away from the Mists of Pandaria finally.

  50. TheBuff1 says:

    Recently got into boardgames for the first time since HeroQuest: managed to convert a few of my friends with Carcassone (a bit boring to be honest – farms are confusing me!) and Survive: Escape from Atlantis (excellent fun!). Just had Lord of the Rings Card Game delivered this week too which I am quite taken by! No chance of getting my friends into that though!

    On the other gaming front….F2P I have tried Dota 2 but did bounce off it (I am absolute rubbish at the whole ‘last hit’ thing!). But Team Fortress 2 has completely consumed me recently – I have had it since the Orange Box release but could never get into it at the time – reinstalled a few weeks ago and Bam! cannot put it down!! I think the random/achievement loot drops are scratching my lapsed MMO itch!

    My other games to play list is never ending: Dishonoured, Borderlands 2, Sine Mora, The Walking Dead, Trine 2, FTL, Doom 3 (strangely reinstalled it for no reason but enjoying it all over again!), Sleeping Dogs, XCOM……..damn I could go on and on! Think I’m addicted to buying game more than playing them these days…….