Richard Rising: War Of The Roses Free Trial

That whole deal with Richard III’s bones hiding under a carpark? A publicity stunt, I reckon. The perpetrators? Paradox. While the people of York are creating petitions to have the skellington buried in their fair county, multiplayer sword ’em up War of the Roses has unleashed its free trial, which you can download now by selecting the demo option on its Steam page. The trial doesn’t segregate players into separate games, but there is a limit on classes and equipment. Any ‘coin’ earned in the trial will carry across to the full version if purchased. Mark my words, we’ll know when the release date for The Old Gods DLC is due because someone will find Harthacnut’s preserved face on the shelf of an Aldi, next to the baked beans.


  1. Berzee says:

    Excellent! I am a fan of test-driving swords into the hearts of my enemies.

    • Steven_Flowers54 says:

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  2. Vicki_Garland says:

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  3. Kitsuninc says:

    This is a rather smooth move. Now I shall actually check out WotR, rather than saying to myself “Eh, I’ve heard Chivalry’s better, and I can’t afford either of ’em”.

  4. Vorphalack says:

    I might trial it, but my condition for a purchase still remains…….removal of squad spawning.

  5. osragati says:

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  6. dmastri says:

    let this comments thread speak volumes about the state of this game

    • hunsnotdead says:

      There allways will be winners(Chivalry, Natural Selection 2), and loosers(War Of The Roses, Ravaged) in the multiplayer centric indie market.

      Fatshark just couldnt cut it. Again.