Shoot The Food: Hammerwatch

It’s the greatest guilt trip in gaming: “Red Valkyrie shot the food”. You and your friends are surrounded by skeletons, there are monster spawners in the corners of the room and all the wizard needs to make it through the harrowing battle is a roast chicken. And, oaf that you are, you accidentally shoot the chicken. POOF. It’s gone and a voice, morose and sort of resigned to how shit you are, tells everyone exactly who screwed up this time. Gauntlet was great and Hammerwatch is of that mould – a four-person co-operative dungeon crawler, viewed from a top-down perspective. There are bosses, puzzles and editing tools, and there’s a public beta in the works. Trailer below.

You can follow development at the TIGForums and vote for the game on Greenlight.

In keeping with the tradition of thoughtful Youtube comments, TheBoxofawesomness asks: “What did´╗┐ you program this in. If any programming was involved in it.” Ouch. Even cursory research would have told The Box that the tools and engine are custom-built. So there you go.

Via Evilavatar.


  1. GallonOfAlan says:

    Loveliness. Shades of ‘Into The Eagle’s Nest” too.

  2. WarderDragon says:

    I thought only the jugs of cider could be shot, not the chickens or roasts!

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      It was many years ago so perhaps my memory is faulty – I dare not check because I’m happy with the images behind my eyes.

  3. LucaRedwood says:

    First time I’ve seen this and it looks awesome. Greenlight’d

  4. Perjoss says:

    Looks fantastic! I was a huge fan of the original Gauntlet games, I even spent a few quid on that machine in the arcades. Yeah, arcades, remember those?

  5. GeeKay says:

    Hmm, they need to invent multiplayer smells, so that the repulsive potion works better than in gauntlet :) “Elf, smells like shat!”

  6. Excelle says:

    Every now and then I open up RPS and there’s a game that gets me really excited. This is one of those times. I spent many a day playing through the Gauntlet games on my Spectrum when I was younger – it was a great bonding activity for me and my mother.

    In this modern online world, I thought those days were gone. Hopefully this can reignite the fire!

    I have to say however, looking at the feature list, 12 levels doesn’t sound like a lot (when you consider the original Gauntlet had 100+). Hopefully this is all down to level size though.

  7. apocraphyn says:

    This really does look rather brilliant. Will definitely get a hold of it once it comes out, cheers Adam!

  8. Lone Gunman says:

    “Don’t shoot the food!”

  9. Vicki_Garland says:

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  10. b0rsuk says:

    I loved Gauntlet, but this doesn’t excite me. Mainly because the combat looks anemic.

    • Josh W says:

      The combat looks pretty nice to me actually, like a bullet-hell shooter, with a nice relationship between enemy movement, projectile movement and player movement. There might be some issues with visibility of enemy projectiles, (probably a little more contrast needed) but aside from that it looks pretty good.

  11. tanith says:

    I do have to say that this looks really good, I didn’t expect that when I clicked on the article. I was quite surprised because this looks like it would be really fun, although it’s probably more fun when you have to play friends to play this with.
    Only one of my friends is also a hardcore gamer and apart from being a sony/ps3 fanboy he doesn’t like indie games very much :(
    hope there is a session browser or something

  12. Craig Stern says:

    Just peeked at that EvilAvatar thread; good grief. What person with even a passing familiarity with 8-bit graphics could look at this game and think “8-bit”? Heck, you couldn’t even pull this off in 16-bit; not with those smooth light and shadow gradients. I am constantly amazed at the lengths people will go to to summarily dismiss indie games.

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Personally I just love the art style, and it’s not out of nostalgia. Gameplay looks fun too, especially in coop. The puzzle aspects and the huge waves of monsters that die in one hit make it very distinctive from the combat in action-RPGs like Torchlight.

      • Hoaxfish says:

        I think it’s the same thing that eternally powers Lego, or abstract art, or basically anything that’s not about photorealism.

  13. progmeer says:

    This is why I love RPS. A small and cool game can make the frontage and get some needed buzz. The game looks good, I’ll give it a try when it comes out.

  14. osragati says:

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  15. jrodman says:

    No programming; only progaming.

  16. mseifullah says:

    You know, it was literally just yesterday that I was day dreaming about making a 2D Gauntlet Legends-alike. And today, this pops up.

    I imagined my version being a bit more Metal Slug quality with the art and animations, but this will do. Yes, this will do.

  17. Kamos says:

    Not to be an elitist jerk, but… Really, people who can’t even write a HelloWorld() should probably keep their mouths shut instead of saying things like “this game looks like crap” / “looks like it was made by a 9 year old”, etc. Even simple games require a lot of work! And actually, if a game looks “simple”, there is a big chance it is using a custom engine, which means it might actually have taken a greater effort to get to that point than some cheap demo made using the Unreal Engine.