Surviving The School Daze: Obscure

The press release for side-scrolling co-op monster masher Obscure states that the new title is a resurrection of “the survival-horror game from Hydravision that terrorized over a million players in the middle of the last decade.” I do remember Obscure and its sequel but the multi-character school-based horror of the first did seem to live up to its title somewhat. The series return is less survival horror and more Splatterhouse judging by the debut trailer, and while it can be played alone, multiplayer seems to be the main draw.

Split up to fill your objectives as fast as possible, or stay together in a cohesive team to increase your chances of survival!

As you might expect, I’ve embedded the video below.

Obscure is coming to PC, XBLA and PSN this spring.


  1. Shooop says:

    For some reason I immediately thought of that old PlayStation game Loaded watching this.

    • Steven_Flowers54 says:

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  2. Citrus says:

    What a shame. I actually enjoyed Obscure (didn’t play the sequel though). It had a creepy atmosphere and really good OST. The flashlight mechanic (Alan Wake probably took it from this game) made the game very tense (unlike Alan Wake where you just end up spamming it thanks to fuckload of ammo and batteries).

  3. JFS says:

    I believe a human-sized rabbit shooting automatic pistols akimbo in two different directions is not even Splatterhouse.

  4. Monkey says:

    You made me think of Skool Daze, i flipping loved that game. Probably wouldn’t get away with that game these days though…

  5. Kitsuninc says:

    So uhh…why isn’t this just a new IP?

  6. n3burgener says:

    I really enjoyed the first Obscure game — played it in co-op with my friend, and it was a unique and memorable experience. A very underrated survival-horror gem. We played the sequel on the Wii a couple of years later and were somewhat disappointed by it — too linear, lame execution of special abilities, all characters have to survive or it’s game over, weak story / premise.

    Seeing this trailer for a new Obscure is bittersweet for me. It’s cool that Hydravision is interested in revisiting this series, but the gameplay and style are just nowhere near what the original game was all about. That’s not to say a side-scrolling, cartoony action game in that universe wouldn’t be fun to play, but it’s just not Obscure. I’m kind of with Kitsuninc on just making it a new IP — it’s not like enough people know the Obscure franchise to boost the sales, anyway.

    • Kitsuninc says:

      I did actually mean what I said as a question, not even a rhetorical one, necessarily. Like, is there actually a reason for it to be the same series? Do they like the story of Obscure, and want to continue it? Is it just marketing? I admit all I know of Obscure is from a teensy bit of Youtube vids, but it did look pretty interesting, particularly the whole multiple characters/permadeath idea.

      • n3burgener says:

        According to the full press release (I read it on Gamasutra), the team making this game is “comprised of some of the original developers” and “despite the completely different style of gameplay, Mighty Rocket Studio’s new game embraces its origins and incorporates many familiar elements of the survival-horror genre.”

        It sounds to me like some of the developers have an invested interest in the setting and story they created, but it still feels a lot like marketing to me. Who, for instance, is Mighty Rocket Studio (their website looks like a placeholder for the time being) and what role did Focus Interactive have as a publisher? Somehow I don’t get the feeling the guys who worked on the first Obscure specifically intended and/or wanted to make a third Obscure game into a side-scrolling brawler. Considering the rights and personnel have apparently changed hands multiple times, I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan was primarily to make a side-scrolling brawler, and they added the Obscure name / elements after the fact.

        That’s just my speculation anyway.

        • Kitsuninc says:

          It is kind of interesting. I don’t see how they could get the feeling of Resident Evil-esque mechanics to work in a beatem/shootemup, but if they are actually going somewhere with that idea, it could be pretty cool. In the teaser though, it sure doesn’t look like that at all.

    • strangeloup says:

      I could be wrong, but I believe there were actually 3 games in the series: Obscure and Obscure 2 on the PS2 (and, apparently, the Wii), and there was Obscure: Subtitle on the PSP as well. I’ve yet to investigate as to whether the latter is a remake, side story, or proper sequel, however.

      I thought that, while flawed, it was a pretty interesting series. The second one was certainly much improved from a technical point of view, and felt more polished.

  7. Bradamantium says:

    The connections to the original games are pretty *beat* obscure.

    RIMSHOT! Really though, what in the actual hell? This piqued my interest when I read “Obscure,” as I played the first one a bit and liked it. It promptly lost my interest when it purported to have anything to do with that game but it looks like THAT. Strange.

  8. Bhazor says:

    Wow, a game parodying/celebrating schlock college horror just managed to jump the shark.

    That’s so many degrees of ironic I can’t even comprehend it.

    • DK says:

      I’d call the first Obscure the Cabin in the Woods equivalent of the subgenre. It was fully aware of it’s own tropes and very specific when and if it chose to subvert them.

      The second one was bad though.

      And this, well, it looks like a piece of crap that doesn’t the slightest bit of anything to do with Obscure.

      Wait I know what this is the equivalent of: It’s like the Scary Movie producers managed to sneak their way into owning the Scream name. And they “remade” Scream but actually just made Scary Movie. And called it Scream.

  9. osragati says:

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  10. Premium User Badge

    daktaklakpak says:

    Hmm – looks a lot like Shoot Many Robots, which was fun for a while co-op. If this one lets you actually split up, might be worth it for PC, but otherwise I’d probably just go for one copy on the PS3 for local multiplayer.