Macro Machines: Real World Racing

I haven’t had a chance to play this yet, what with all the very important blogging I have to do, but it looks like a rare kind of fun. Real World Racing, for that is its name, is a Micro-Machines (or perhaps Supercars / Super Sprint) styled racing game, where the tracks are generated from real-world satellite imagery. Why hasn’t this been done before? Perhaps it has. Anyway, it’s here now, and it has a demo. Yes, sir.

Happy-making video with terrible music, below. And it looks pretty good in motion, honest.


  1. Berzee says:

    I love how the shadows are actually shadows! That’s fancy that is.

    • Marvin_Miller says:


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  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Skeptical as so many games have tried and failed at this niche genre in the last 15 years.

    I still started downloading the demo before commenting though.

    I’m such a masochist.

  3. Kefren says:

    I carn’t see this working. The idea’s wheely good though.

    • rhubarb says:

      You’re drifting off topic.

      • Milos says:

        I’m revving myself up for the game as I wait for the demo to download. I hope it’s good!

      • ryanrybot says:

        Hopefully the devs can keep up the pace and don’t burnout.

    • Mrs Columbo says:

      I’m so excited I’ve given myself skidmarks!

      Sorry. Still not got the hang of this pun thing.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Whoah, back up a minute. Lets not get car-ried away.

  4. Reapy says:

    Only if you can chunk out a section of the world to race on to make your own track. Still, looks pretty fun, I’ve always kinda sorta liked the top down racers.

  5. po says:

    Played a few top down racers, but nothing has really come close to fleshing it out to really keep interest like Spy Hunter.

    • ninjapirate says:

      That was the very first computer game that I played as a child!

    • Mrs Columbo says:

      I got the original Spy Hunter (properly) working on MAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) only last weekend. It works a treat with an X Box controller.

      As with all original arcade ROMs, one forgets just how devilishly hard it is (or how simplistically easy modern shooters are).

  6. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Ah well, feels pretty soulless tbh, accelerate and steer, didn’t need brakes even on the sharpest of turns.

    I can see why they blurred the video slightly, doesn’t look nearly as nice on your monitor.

  7. Makariel says:

    I only read online multiplayer, what about offline multiplayer? How many racers does it support sitting in front of the same screen?

  8. FurryLippedSquid says:

    One. There’s no Micro Machine mechanic here.

  9. Tiax says:

    I’m sad, I thought it would let me play on the roads of my rural area.

  10. Malibu Stacey says:

    Missing forward and rear rocket launchers to be “Supercars styled”.

  11. johann tor says:

    Lest we forget, the fantastic intro music of Super Cars 2:

  12. Pirate says:

    It’s a fun idea, but requires one crucial feature to be successful: USER CREATED TRACKS !
    If I could create a track based on my own city it would be AWESOME.
    I tried the demo and it feels a little slow. It says I’m going 180 kph (I think it’s km) but it feels like I’m going maybe half of that. Since it has this real world photos in the background I thought car speeds would be in the same scale. So many games get this wrong.

  13. jonfitt says:

    From the screenshot and title, I thought someone had made a racing game that allowed you to race on all of Google Maps. :(

    Looks good though.

  14. Dudeist says:

    Idea is very good. I found other “real-world” game, link to This is BIGGER DayZ with smaller Survivors models :) Not perfect, but it shows potential of future gaming based on digitalized world.

    This game using Google maps. You can play on ready to play maps or create you own one, for example, your neighbourhood.

  15. burkhardt5 says:

    It looks just like google earth in the pic.LOL.

  16. Dudeist says:

    Nice gameplay, hard. Voted up on greenlight. I’m affraid only, it will be “Free 2 Play” means, “Pay or Cry”. Whatever…

  17. 3lbFlax says:

    The concept sounds a similar to The Last Guy on the PS3, which uses satellite maps for its playing fields, and that works pretty well as a novelty – the main issue being they might as well be made-up, hand-drawn locations. Having said that, I’m not sure what they could do beyond that, really. I suppose with the right set of historical data you could have maps changing over time…

    What might be nice is a system that somehow – what a great word – somehow mashes city data up, so a road in Paris segues meaningfully into a road in Tokyo and then into a Calcutta junction- meaningfully meaning, for example, that multiple routes are preserved across city jumps. Although in that scenario you’d presumably want the multiple routes to be through different cities in themselves. Ah well, I’ll check back in six months, someone’s bound to have modded it in by then.

    • dE says:

      Now that gave me the weirdest of ideas.
      A racing game where you also race through time. You start your race in a pretty simple rural area, but as you race, new buildings are made around the streets, you can already see the foundations of factories and stuff. So as you continue driving, the buildings are completed, the city turns urban, then into a metropolis. Certain keybuildings would remain throughout the ages, so you could always notice a familiar spot, but in general the track would constantly shift to accomodate city growth.

      Like, let’s say the first lap has some super easy turns, but on your second lap, a huge industrial complex forced the roads to be redirected, the easy turns are gone and you need to bypass several blocks before you get back on track.
      Could be made even more weird with timeshift powerups. Like, let’s say that new turn is too hard for the player and another one is racing up ahead in the city blocks. Well kick up the timeshift, rewind the area back to 1920 for a couple of seconds. One player now takes the easy turn while the other one finds himself way out in the green.

      From the top of my head, I can see hundreds of balance issues… making this one hell of an unplayable concept. But still… as a pipedream…

      • Flit says:

        I very badly want to play your beautiful, beautiful game.

        As for Real World Racing, I gave it a shot but it’s kinda boring. I think successful racing games have to be either ultra-sim or ultra-arcade to work well, and this is neither.

  18. kuporuta says:

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  19. wodin says:

    I played some free browser game using Google maps..but it didn’t work that well if I remember correctly..this does look a step up from that though.

  20. riceisnice says:

    Ohhh man! I’ve been waiting for this, figures the demo comes out when I’m on a trip and won’t be home for a few days. It’s advertised as being sort of simmy so I’m really curious to know what it feels like to play. I watched a video that featured the car select screen and all the cars were non licensed approximations of real vehicles that are easily identifiable which is nice for car people. Can’t wait to get home now

  21. edwardh says:

    In my opinion, it would be a lot better if the proportions were right and they would’ve made the cars look realistic. Considering that there’s not so much going on on-screen, they must’ve had the resources for all kinds of complex shading. And oversaturating the colors of the cars is simply unnecessary.