Plan It, Earth: Reus Gameplay Footage

Abbey Games have sent word that their astonishing-looking side-scrolling god-game, Reus, now has some gameplay footage to explain what’s afoot. In the game you play a planet, on which lives a number of giants, which you control. Via this gigantic creatures you try to make life good for the tiny humans that on the world. But there’s a balance to maintain: the greed of the little people is also your greatest peril. Lead designer Adriaan Jansen explains it better than I can in the video, anyway, so you owe it to yourself – and your fantasies of being a sentient planet – to take a look.

The game is due for release in the “second quarter” of this year.

Looks fascinating. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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  1. AmazingFly says:

    This game looks quite interesting and looks good for a game done by students. I wonder how deep the game mechanics go though and how diverse the planets and gameplay options can be.

  2. BTAxis says:

    Finally, a game with a name unpronounceable to non-Dutchies. I hope the expansion is called “Reus: Grotten & Greppels”.

    • RobinOttens says:

      Yeah, I was planning to post a translation of the word for them foreigners, but let’s not.

      Game looks cool, at least, the gameplay part. I’m not sure I like the art. Then again, it is a pretty small indie dev making it, so I shouldn’t complain.

      • JFS says:

        And I was wondering where the heck that accent came from. However, pronouncing Reus is not that difficult. Don’t know about Grotten & Greppels, though ;)

    • Low Life says:

      As a Finn, I’m fairly confident that I can nail that pronounciation.

  3. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    “BTAxis says:

    Finally, a game with a name unpronounceable to non-Dutchies. I hope the expansion is called “Reus: Grotten & Greppels”.”


  4. Bhazor says:

    Really liking the look of this. I particularly like the idea of the city you build turning on you, that’s always a cool moment.

  5. squareking says:


    I wish it didn’t have that now-token app-store aesthetic and touch-screeny interface, but it does look interesting.

  6. Muzman says:

    Even though it’s really a giant crab or something, that screenie always looks like a giant zombie anime girl with big hair hiding behind a hill to me.

  7. kuporuta says:

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  8. says:

    I hope they make the animations a bit better in the end.. These look like just another flash game for now..