ConquistaDora: Expeditions – Conquistador Out This Month

Expeditions: Conquistador has a release date, which is notable because it’s a game that required a swift boot in the pantaloons from Kickstarter and yet has still managed to release on time. Well, almost on time. Logic Artists had originally planned to release in January so to launch on February 28th can only be considered a failure of gigantic proportions. I’m going to start one of these lists, collating everything that has happened between the original date and the revised date. I probably ate some horses, for one. Obviously, it’s a small slip and the early version impressed me. Preview trailer below.

Expeditions will be available on GOG, GamersGate, Desura and Green Man Gaming.


  1. jrodman says:

    This will be the first thing I backed on kickstarter that will ship — at least if we discount some art projects happening in cities where I don’t even live.

    Needless to say if it is a big success I will have to donate my life savings to kickstarter projects, and if it is a failure in my eyes, I will be forced to sue everyone alive.

    • Crosmando says:

      They also confirmed that backers can get a key on GOG, if they don’t want one on Steam, which is cool.

  2. Gwyddelig says:

    This looks rather interesting. Although, quite how I can feel all heroic being an instrument of somewhat accidental genocide is difficult to fathom!

    • Incanus says:

      Indeed. And not so accidental. If new diseases imported from Europe killed a lot of native americans, these fucking conquistadors did their best (with the help of the Church) to enslave and exterminate what was left of them. When they wouldn’t want to kill them outright, they tried to kill their culture, their language, their art and pillage all. Conquistadors were less explorers than barbarous pillagers, brutes,killers, slavers. The period is no excuse.

      Left to take care of themselves after the first epidemic strikes, it’s no question these cultures would have fared better.

      It should be noted, tho, that they survived even faced with impossible odds. Nowadays, the native cultures are still there, still thriving to flourish again, define themselves, and with success.A lot of people talk maya for example.

      Anyway, i’m less than excited with the prospect of playing such genocidal, racist, intolerand and uncultivated killers like i would not have been to play other tools and hands of cultural genocide. I just hope the game is intelligent enough to teach us something real about this period.

      If it’s a simple “you’re a conquistador, kill everything and burn the others”, no thanks. I would rather play the natives.

      • Faldrath says:

        It’s really not. The main reason I backed this game was that the devs explained they were attempting to include all the moral issues related to the conquest of America, and from what I’ve seen since then, they kept true to their word.

      • Voronwer says:

        You should really take a look at their kickstarter game, because “you’re a conquistador, kill everything and burn the others” is so not what this is about. You play how you want to. You can try playing the kill everything type, but you can be so much more than that. Combat isn’t always the best solution here. This game really gives you the option to go where you want and to play the character you want. That’s what intrigued me so much when I backed and I can assure you that it will also be what they’ll deliver.

        I am very pleased that I backed this game. The game is so promising and it’s shaping up to be what is promised. The devs have been amazing in their communication and I think that the game they’ll deliver will live up to the expectations.

        So don’t jump the gun and don’t judge it beforehand. Go to their kickstarter, go to their site. They’re doing awesome work.

      • UnukAlHai says:

        Oh, come on. Read a bit of history, please. Dont learn it by hollywood flicks.

        • Incanus says:

          I don’t know if your answer is for me, but if it is, FYI, i actually not only read history, and i’m not only deeply interested by this period and these civilizations (from central america but north america too) but it was part of my work for a time. So yes dude, i’m a BIT knowledgeable about it :-). And yes, the colonization of americas was first and foremost a cultural genocide that nearly succeed. You can thanks the fierce resistance of the natives and the occasional help of some enlightened people (Montaigne-> see his essay “Of the barbarous”, see Las Casas and the controversy of Valladolid, etc., themselves being very lonely and attacked in their positions) for the fact they didn’t disappeared at all. to this day, the colonial attitude is still there tho, and they have to fight still to sustain, grow, keep alive, and re-imagine their way of life, their memories.

          Anyway, if the game is more subtle and historically plausible than i thought, it’s very good news, and i’m the first glad to know it. I will take a loot at it.

  3. Bob says:

    It’s first and foremost an RPG where, in my opinion, the options you choose play a more vital role in success than outright violence. You can play murderously if you choose but that is no guarantee of success. They have recreated the period faithfully and architecturally too, but it’s more a game based around historical events rather than recreations of them.