Instructions For Today: Don’t Starve, Or Go Insane

Klei have been teasing the next Don’t Starve update, and you can see that below. What’s happening? Insanity, that’s what. Creeping, shadowy monsters are coming for you, tomorrow.

And in the game!


  1. Arehandoro says:

    I didn’t know about this game, is a kind of Deathspank?


    • Starayo says:

      It’s a sort of sandbox survival game with a delightful aesthetic and dark-ish humour. It’s quite good.

    • BockoPower says:

      Don’t Starve is not that much action oriented. It’s more for exploring, crafting and finding new things on your own. It doesn’t even have a tutorial or something to tell you what to do but everything has it’s real life logic ( like making a trap and place carrot as a bait in it to catch a rabbit ).
      If I should compare with other games, It’s more like Minecraft.

      • Squirly says:

        Or Haven & Hearth, except without the multiplayer component. And with a grim sense of humor. And a cool aesthetic. Really, it looks great, especially in motion.

      • Foosnark says:

        Or you can simply put traps near rabbit holes and save your precious carrots for roasting and eating. But yeah, you have to figure things out as you go along.

        • Strangerator says:

          Also you can use berries, I find carrots to be too good a food source to give up for rabbits.

      • Arehandoro says:

        Despite the aesthetic and the dark-ish humor if is a Minecraft style I’m afraid that will not buy it. I get lost with the sandbox-doallyouwant games and get tired of them in no more than a few hours.

        • Universal Quitter says:

          I’d take a cheap shot at how people like you need to be told how to have fun, but honestly, I know exactly what you mean. I still love a sandbox, though.

  2. pakoito says:

    What was this game’s flaw that everyone kept nagging about? IIRC it was that whatever you did felt pointless because there was not a clear goal, even those set by yourself.

    • mouton says:

      Well, it is still under development and they are still working on what they call “mid-game”.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Pretty much this. I actually like the game quite a bit … in theory. The art, humor, exploration and simplicity all feel fresh and engaging for a while. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much to it after learning the build trees. It’s not a sandbox like minecraft, nor is the survival or exploration varied enough to mix things up and keep the game interesting. I’d call it a very good browser game, but underwhelming as a stand-alone title.

      • Optimaximal says:

        I think the key word to append both these comments is ‘Yet!’…

        This game is a long way from finished – openly writing it off isn’t going to fix your gripes.

        • AngoraFish says:

          When a game is being actively sold and promoted on Steam, it’s not unreasonable to have an opinion about how worthwhile a purchase it is in its current form.

  3. Lemming says:

    I really wanted to like this. It’s pretty funny, but I find the day cycles too quick to do anything of value considering death is instant. I get that survival only is the aim of the game, but it sets out clear crafting goals from the off that you can’t help but try and achieve.

    • abandonhope says:

      You mean instant death at night? You’re creating a light source, no?

      • kadeton says:

        I think probably more that anything dangerous (basically everything) gets two, maybe three hits on you and you’re dead. That basically becomes a huge penalty for exploration and experimentation, and an great incentive to build your little area and never go anywhere dangerous (at least until the dogs come to rip you apart).

        I got very frustrated with the game for that reason. It felt like an endless succession of ways to die, with no real incentive to live.

        “Hey, I wonder what I might find in the swamp?” *WHACK* *dead*
        “Hey, is that a Tallbird?” *WHACK* *dead*
        “I want to craft a net to catch butterflies, but I need silk. Maybe if I kill a spider?” *100 spiders swarm in to avenge their fallen brother* *dead*

        Presumably I was doing something wrong, but there wasn’t really enough fun involved in just surviving for me to find out what it might be. :P

        • abandonhope says:

          Surviving for a long time (100+ days) isn’t all that hard after a few deaths, when you have some of the early research finished. It doesn’t take long to create good enough equipment that you won’t die quickly unless you do something stupid. It’s a game that likes to constantly give you choices about how to best use your time, and you almost never have enough time to do all of the things you want to do, so you have to triage. I think it’s rather elegant in that way, kind of similar to FTL, which is probably why I played it for so many hours. But ongoing incentive, that can be a problem.

          To pakoito, herein lies the major complaint about the game. You kind of just go on surviving for its own sake (at least last I played, a couple updates ago). I wrote out a long suggestion on the first diary entry on how this could be addressed. I’m actually on their forum and probably should have posted it there instead, but whatever, I’m lazy as hell: link to

          • Strangerator says:

            I have a couple ideas for how to make an “end game”.

            Days till invasion: 100

            At the start of the game this sort of “doomsday countdown” begins. At day 100 you will be swarmed with some kind of lovecraftian horrors, which can be fought off if you have enough allies (pigmen, birds, etc). Maybe you even have some kind of later game technology where the hounds can be pacified with the flute and then you can give them some kind of treat to make them your friends. Maybe you can build a “swamp moat”, moving swamp terrain to surround your base which will eventually begin to spawn the swamp tentacles which will attack anything nearby.

            I’d like to see pigmen that are automatically allied to the player. Maybe if you were the one to build their house, they always follow along without needing a bribe.

            You could even have a “win condition”, where you must complete construction of a massive ark that demands tons of resources. Maybe 1000 boards to build the initial arc. Then you have to load it with things like 20 fishing poles and all sorts of other items that would help you survive the journey. This would make for an interesting dynamic with the invasions, you’d have to balance resources for defense, for current survival, and for the ark.

            And for a cruel twist, the invaders will actually attack your ark and destroy it (if you can’t stop them). So ideally you want to build the ark in the 100 days between invasions, making a big push to get the thing done.

    • mouton says:

      You can always make a emergency fire wherever, if you fail to return to your main base, or carry a torch. When I played it, I had a string of stone fireplaces all over the world.

  4. Rawrian says:

    Whaat, there’s walls already? I need to get back to this game!

  5. Zankmam says:

    You know, I love and hate Don’t Starve.

    I love it because it has a great aesthetic and a great design from an audio perspective. I love it because of the simple, but, IMO, polished and “just complex enough” gameplay. I love it because of its charm. I love the world. I love the characters.

    But I hate it because I die. :S

    Seriously, this game isn’t for me just because I really like to go slow, explore, build, name places and people, role play… And this game doesn’t really allow me to do that – you soon realize that there is a certain pace that you simply must follow.

    Still, it’s a great game that just keeps getting better. I hope that a non-permadeath mode gets added in, though.

    • Strangerator says:

      It’s really not so bad once you get log armor. You can get log armor pretty early in the game, usually before the first time the hounds come. With log armor you can sustain quite a few more hits, and it really lets you make some calculated risks. If you ever go on the offensive to clear threats from an area, be sure to enlist some pigmen. I’ve found with log armor and spear I can take out a small spider nest solo, and this will really help since the silk is so useful (traps/nets/etc).

      Once you get a foothold, you’ll find the random hound attacks much more survivable. In fact, their attack pattern, once you learn it, you can usually run around and kill them without getting hurt. There are eventually a couple in-game technologies that allow you to resurrect, you have to hang in there until pretty late though. If you like to build and set up a big base, I’d recommend finding a herd of beefalo and set up camp near enough that you can gather up their manure. You can really get all agricultural with it.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        I have no idea what you are talking about but this is literally the most adorable post I have ever read, anywhere, ever, including

        Log armour. Squeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Machinations says:

    One of the most original games to be made in quite awhile; engaging, stylish with a good sense of dark humour and a wide appeal. HIGHLY recommended, and that comes from He Who Likes the Man-Shooters.

    Oh, and if it still holds, the price gets you two copies, so you can addict share!

  7. Xzi says:

    Aww, I was hoping this meant the inclusion of a sanity system akin to Eternal Darkness. Seems like it would be the perfect fit for a game like this.

  8. KevinF says:

    Hi! Dev here (Kevin from the Klei Forums). I don’t know if I’m breaking the Prime Directive by doing this, but I just wanted to tell you guys that we are doing a live preview of this update tonight at 10pm (PST) on Twitch. You can check it out at link to I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about the game.