Enwub: Shootmania Storm Open Beta Dubstep Moment

You know its time to play a fast-paced modern videogame when the dubstep drops. So it is with Nadeo’s latest trailer, which heralds – via the medium of distorted bass and exploding people – the arrival of the open beta for their multiplayer FPS, Shootmania Storm. Yes, the keys are no longer required, and anyone can walk in through the front door. The big lure of Shootmania is, of course, that you can craft your own levels, but this trailer also highlights the speedy, acrobatic action, and the, uh, ability to change your character from red to blue. Mm.

Anyway, it looks ace, and I am finally diving in for a play. Join me? *wub wub*

Oh, and the map editor trailer, because it actually tells you stuff.

Also, I keep typing “Shootman” when I write about Shootmania, and obviously it auto-completes to Shootmania, since we’ve already written about it so many times. But that just makes me realise that there hasn’t been a game called Shootman on RPS. I Googled for Shootman, and came up with a few things that didn’t look like we should post them. So that explains that.

Life, eh? Amazing.


  1. Brosepholis says:

    They are clutching so hard at the eSports scene that it’s starting to look forced. I have to wonder if there is still even a medium-sized market for a Quake 3 clone left?

    • Herzog says:

      Quake Live had over 100.000 players signing up in the first day when it was released. And this was for a ten year old game in a browser. I think there is a market for a new arena shooter.

    • The First Door says:

      Judging by the amount of people who seem to get really excited and then disappointed when new Quake 3/Unreal Tournament-esque games come out, I suspect they’ll be enough market for this. Not huge, but still…

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      The market (believe it out not) is still rather large but not massive, the problem is every clone/new arena fps is dreadful so no one is going to stick around or invest if it’s not on par or better than Quake.

      As for Shootmania, if you’re really bad at Quake, UT, Warsow, Xonotic but for some reason still want to play an ‘arena fps’ then it’s pretty much the ideal game for you.

  2. pupsikaso says:

    Does the player move freely? Is there dodging and walljumping?

    • dsi1 says:

      No dodging but the walljumping feels very good. There’s also grappling and gliding as well as multiple movement types based off of ground type.

  3. Radiant says:

    Dubstep is…
    Make a really good song.
    Then play it really loud, go to the next room and record the song from there, add some wub wub and release it.

  4. marsilainen says:

    Not really “trendy dubsteb”. Nadeo has always put great music in their games since the first trackmania.

  5. aliksy says:

    Every time someone brings up dubstep, I click on it and think “Maybe I’ll like it. Other people seem to.” Nope. Nope. Not a thing for me.

  6. Nesetalis says:

    level builder makes me happy in the pants.
    gameplay itself makes me yawn.
    woo.. another pvp FPS, as if we haven’t seen that before. This one looks like a cross between tron and quake :P

    now give me this level editor, with the ability to generate RPG like stories for others to play? both sci-fi and fantasy? i’ll shell big cash.

    • Cooper says:

      woo.. another pvp FPS, as if we haven’t seen that before.
      Yeah. Because it’s all PvP. Hardly any FPs games where you get to fight AI.

    • frightlever says:

      “now give me this level editor, with the ability to generate RPG like stories for others to play? both sci-fi and fantasy? i’ll shell big cash.”

      Pretty much this.

      • dgz says:

        FPS = actual gaming
        RPG = movie experience

        My wife “plays” for teh story mode. At least she doesn’t call them games in front of me.

        • Smarag says:

          Just to get this straight… you think Final Fantasy is not a true gaming experience? Pokemon? Mario 64?

      • dsi1 says:

        Questmania is supposed to be after the next Trackmania release.

        • EFX says:

          Yeah, that’s the trifecta there going for. Driving, FPS, RPG.

  7. Flappybat says:

    I played the beta months ago and didn’t see anything positive.

    It’s worse than Quake 3 but you can make slightly prettier levels from prefab parts in a single art style and share them easily.

  8. db1331 says:

    Are people actually still using dubstep in their trailers and not ironically?

  9. Beernut says:

    Nadeo definitely have a knack for creating nifty trailers. The game looks nice, though it’s nothing I’d be even remotely interested in. Bring on Trackmania 2 – Valley/Stadium already! :)

  10. bear912 says:

    That editor trailer made my neurons warm and fuzzy. Makes me lament the fact that I still haven’t gotten around to trying this out.

  11. PoLLeNSKi says:

    Sadly the gameplay sucks compared to Quake…but it has the advantage that you don’t have to play each map for 10 years to learn all the tricks needed to be competitive on it…

    What I’d like to see is Quake movement/weapons, but with Shitmania’s level editor

  12. bitbot says:

    These guys make the only good dubstep trailers. I have no interest in their games but I love their trailers, lol.

  13. Herzog says:

    First of all I applaud Nadeo for investing in the arena shooter genre and I like their approach in deconstructing it. Keeping it simple and easy to modify. But I also think that this will be Shootmanias biggest fail. As someone who played Q3 and QW for years and years it just lacks depth. I got bored with the beta within a week. The Elite mode which they are promoting in tournaments is very boring to watch.

    I still hope the game will be successful with newer players and it will bring fresh blood to the scene. For myself I will be waiting out for the Kickstarter of Reborn.

    • Calculon says:

      Do you have a link to it? Tried searching for “Reborn” on kickstarter and didnt pull anything up that looked like a competitive FPS

      • Herzog says:

        Its a game in early development headed by 2GD and some other pro Q3 players. 2GD has been talking about it on his esports show at twitch and some info can be found on the esreality forums. Nothing known really and maybe it wont come out at all, but the people who are involved give hope for more!

        • CASHMONEYDAD420 says:


          2GD is a pretty cool guy and has a ton of competitive experience. I will have to keep an eye out for this game.

    • CASHMONEYDAD420 says:

      The gameplay is too shallow, the environments are extremely bland and uninteresting and the weapons are very unsatisfying to shoot.

      Such a disappointment.

  14. ukpanik says:

    Why do people feel the need to announce a video contains dubstep.
    It only happens with dubstep, all other genres are unannounced.
    Ok, they used dubstep….whoopdedoo.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      The practice of constantly pointing out the presence of dubstep in trailers etc. is baffling. However, do a little research and you will find that it has its origin one of the most influential works of fiction in history, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in which the eponymous protagonist, in a pivotal moment of realisation, exclaims “Ay, there’s the wub.”

      This line is often misquoted, perhaps contributing to the relative obscurity of its relation to the aforementioned practice.

      So there.

    • dE says:

      I’m happy people are issueing warnings.
      Dubstep, or rather that one specific type of sound that it has popularly become known for, is pretty fucking annoying if you’re not into that kind of music. It’s not even the music itself, could be great for all I know, but rather that silly screeeeeetccch woaaaaaah boomp booomp weeee wweeeee screeeeetch booomp boomp that frequently bumps up in trailers. To me, it sounds like some guy scratching nails across a chalkboard and really rubs me the wrong way.
      Also, you’ll notice a hell of a lot of people also say the same when Metal is used in trailers, because despite me loving metal, it too does have certain kinds of noises that people get really pissed about. As I said, it’s probably not about the music, but rather that certain kind of sound and its overabundance lately.

      So constantly mentioning it serves two purposes:
      1) Dear Marketing guys, why do you hate your customers?
      2) To issue a warning for folks like me to watch the trailer sans sound.

      • myelbow says:

        “To me, it sounds like some guy scratching nails across a chalkboard and really wubs me the wrong way.”

        Fixed that for ya. ;)

  15. Calculon says:

    I tried this out in their closed beta. It didnt challege, entertain or inspire me in the least. It was sort of “meh”-ish. Bland. Boring.

    My favorite part was after 30 days they attempted to have me pay for the game.

  16. Eukatheude says:

    Played it for a while during the closed beta. It was nice but ran terrible, the controls were weird (and unchangeable) and the UI was pure crap.

  17. Gers says:

    Played a lot of the closed beta. It didn’t live up to expectations and our group found ourselves playing other things more often. For a while our server, which was running a customized royal game mode and only ever had maybe 10 people online during the evening, was the most popular server in North America.

    And let’s not forget that tournament they were going to have a while back and then promptly buried when nobody signed up.

  18. choconutjoe says:

    New rule:
    Every time someone on RPS uses the word ‘dubstep’ to refer to that shitty, midrange cack they use in trailers I’m going to post a link to some real dubstep.

    Today’s offering: Skream – Dutch Flowers link to youtube.com

  19. FunkyDarkKnight says:

    Why does having dubstep in the trailer warrant that being mentioned in the article multiple times? It’s just another musical genre; we’re focusing on the games here.

    • Muzman says:

      I suspect because, as it has been in the past with most trendy new electronic music that gets a bit hip and used now and then, it nearly always attracts commenters who want to tell us all how much they hate the whole thing and how it’s not music and graaah!

      This doesn’t happen with retro music however. Terrible generic prog rock or Iron Maiden esque stuff, or eighties mirroring synth pop, or chip tunes of little discernment tend to get almost universally positive remarks.
      Nothing like new things to piss people off.

  20. MikoSquiz says:

    The open beta looks sort of nice but I don’t get any sound, and playing without it is way too disorienting.

  21. Paroxysm says:

    Jesus there’s a lot of hate in the comments. I guess I’ll pipe in as someone who freaking loved the Beta. Aussie players dropped off after a while so I haven’t loaded it up in a bit but when I was playing it was the most fun I’ve had in a competitive skill based shooter in years.

    Having weapons mapped to areas, not carried by the payer was a twist that I thought really worked (If you went to a snipers platform for instance your gun would switch to a lightning rifle and then switch to you regular gun when you left).
    The 3 vs 3 mode where an attacking team only had one active player at a time resulted in some of the most stressful and satisfying battles I’ve ever had.
    Switching between attack and defend modes (when in defense you could not capture enemy points) encouraged the whole team to flow back and forth over the entire map instead of just keeping the battles occurring at fixed point.

    Really I don’t know why it gets written off as a Quake 3 clone. Theres pretty much nothing quake 3’ish about it.

    • Buzko says:

      I was going to ask if there were different weapons. From the wubby/dnb trailer it looked like everyone was using the same one everywhere, every gun had the same number, size and speed of projectile.

  22. Commander Gun says:

    I have played a few hours and thought it was quite fun. Only thing that i really hated is that the jump button is exactly the same as the sprint button, and it is always exiting to see what happens (mostly jump it seems).

    • dsi1 says:

      It’s a stamina use button, if you’re on non-tech ground it always jumps, if you’re on tech ground it only allows you to sprint. You jump higher if you hold down the stamina button, and once you start falling (if you hold it) you begin to glide.

      If you’re jumping up to the ledge of a surface, holding down the stamina button as you rise to it will make you grab onto the surface and start sprinting immediately.

      Glide is based off of speed and distance from ground, it translates vertical momentum to horizontal momentum as well as lowering friction since you’re not on the ground (btw, every single ground type has different friction, thus a different movespeed, extreme comparison is water or wood to tech)

      I highly suggest playing on Obstacle servers to learn the movement system, it is incredibly deep.

  23. Stevostin says:

    I am sorry, i really wanted to like this but I don’t. They screw it up on way too much level for the good thing to outdo the bad ones. The good things are tight control, overall concept, emphasis on skill and the engine. The bad things are a basic weapon that’s a slow and inaccurate like a Rocket Launcher without the pleasure of splash damage, and the aim need of a Rail Gun without the satisfaction of insta gib : twice the frustration, none of the satisfaction. Basic maps are terribly dull & uninteresting, which doesn’t speak well for the idea of 25 000 maps : don’t you guys have one decent one ? Everyting is cryptic, they seem to see their thing is so pure that we should all get by telepathy that being near concrete change your weapon, that “actions” change in the same way, that you can wall jump (how does that work exactly ? Figure…). Also everything from character to weapons to music is horribly bland. Satisfaction is killing is really thin, pleasure to use weapons is close to null.

    Also I was ready to support the idea of “places define your weapon” but it’s really not working as it kills the tactical layer of a fast FPS.

    I think they still can save the day with
    – good maps.
    – more hints
    – change the base weapon to a true RL with splash
    – implement pain screams, gibs, blood decals because face it, we play this because we want to shoot our boss
    – take the trailer’s music into the game instead of that elevator’s music crap. SERIOUSLY is there one single person on earth who enjoy listening such bland stuff ? Sounds like an advertising inside a cyberpunk fiction. I am not a fan of dubstep but Q3’s track were putting me in the mood. Nadeo seems to know how to put entertaining music when they want to so they’d better do it
    – watch A LOT how Dota 2 is made. They did perfectly everything that’s wrong in Shootmania. Look especially the Learn Tab, but also customisation item with character.

    That’s my 2 cents. I may sound a bit harsh but I have too many reason to want this to work. I do like on the paper all the guidelines, but Nadeo, if you read me, you’re running into a car crash. It’s time to make some strong decisions to save a baby that could, indeed, become something to be played for decades.

  24. Heighnub says:


    This is drum and bass, not dubstep…

  25. AaronLee says:

    Actually, that’s more Drumstep then dubstep. Really good drumstep. Yummy!

  26. zaik says:

    Looks like Tribes ascend without the overpowered bullet weapons. I might have given this a shot if I wasn’t playing so much Planetside 2 instead.

  27. crinkles esq. says:

    Too much like a Q3A Hyper Mode. The slower pace of UT99 and whatever the next one was kept the tension high, with more ability to focus on team strategy than rail gun twitch tactics. I say slower pace, but the transport disc made movement pretty fast without being a floaty mess. Sorry, this is turning into a love letter to UT, so I’ll just say: not my thing.