RPS Asks: Who’s Your Gaming Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers. We luurrrrrrve you. Kissy kissy slurp.

On this loviest of days, we want to know which gaming characters you truly love. Not fancy. Bleaurgh – we’re not CVG. Love. Whether it’s eros, philos, storgy or agape, whom do you find yourself caring about in the gaming world? Which characters do you worry about like you might your brother or sister? Is there a hero you’d make sacrifices for? Is there a game kid you find yourself wanting to parent? Or is there a fictional someone you’d swoop up into your arms, stare deeply and lovingly into his or her eyes, and carry into the sunset? Let us know your game loves below.


  1. gibb3h says:

    Shodan of course.

  2. David Bliff says:

    Nathan Drake is well-written enough to deserve it.

    • Screamer says:

      He indeed has my manly love!

    • TheBlackBandit says:

      It’s got to be Drake.

    • RobinOttens says:

      Cutscene Nathan Drake, hmm, sure. In-game Nathan Drake however is a mass-murdering jerk who thinks he can laugh off brutal headshots with an unfunny one-liner.

      I could go with a few Persona/Final Fantasy or Bioware characters. But I’ll pick that sad, ill secretary girl who’s name I can’t remember from Actual Sunlight. She could use some love, care and friendliness.

    • Dowr says:

      Nathan Drake is [not] well-written enough to deserve it.

      Fixed that for you

  3. MrThingy says:


    What miserable taffer wouldn’t fall in love with that voice. Weakened at the knees by his dulcet tones, as he stole your heart (amongst certain other items on your person).

  4. Faldrath says:

    Fall-from-Grace was my first, and still my major, gaming crush.

    • Bhazor says:

      Pah, not even worthy of holding Anna’s tail.

      • Faldrath says:

        Annah was whiny, insecure and annoying. Grace was smart and mature. And also, you know, a succubus.

        • Bhazor says:

          Just don’t come crying to me when this happens.

          • Kamos says:

            If I remember correctly, Morte and Annah hint pretty heavily that Fall-From-Grace’s looks is just a façade.

            “Don’t judge a person by her looks”, and all that… But yeah, she must have horns, multiple eyes and four arms in her real form, so…

      • Dezmiatu says:

        Of all the Planescape: Torment characters, the only one to love is Ravel. If every kindness she does is laced with cruelty, than the love she feels for you is more genuine than a one note ghost, a milquetoast prig, or an abusive thief can muster. She is poetic, as ugly as you are, and tenacious in reuniting. With no qualms she performed terrible acts to seed messages for you to find as sign posts to her. Why she nearly tore Sigil apart alone is the most touching act ever done in the whole game, and shows perverse consideration that makes you want to hug her forever.

        • Kamos says:

          I would not have thought of Ravel… But indeed, if there is anyone in that game that needs a hug badly, it is Ravel.

    • Paraquat says:

      Was it actually possible to open her diary?

    • RedViv says:

      Torment took somewhat of a Bildungsroman place in my development, and Grace told me that I can be pre-made for something, but don’t need to carry the baggage that usually comes with it, if I can be strong enough to mend it to my own cause. A beautiful thing to be taught. Definitely down in the philia category, I think.

  5. Mr. Mister says:

    Uhm… none, really. If I’m trying to keep them alive it’s mostly just for the challange and to get the most content out of a playthrough.

  6. N'Al says:


  7. Hoaxfish says:

    None when I’m not playing their game.

    Remember: fiction != reality.

  8. megalosaurus says:

    Bub ‘n’ Bob. Or is it cheating to name two? Ok… um, Bob… no, Bub, no! Um, which was the green one?

  9. Nathan says:

    It was hard not to fall in love with my Sheppard after spending all that time with him/her.

    • westyfield says:

      Shepard would be mine as well.

      Edit: And Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins.

    • McDan says:

      I would say my shepard, that renegade sentinel space lady, but as I was playing as her it would have to be Liara. My original blue space love.

    • Dowr says:

      I also feel in love with my Shepard until he slept with that women in the very tight overalls.

  10. psepho says:

    When you say ‘storgy’ do you mean ‘stalky’? As in a stalky kind of love? In that case can I have Nicolette du Clare? She’s got a big empty house with lots of grounds that would be ideal for loitering plaintively.

    • Harlander says:

      Storge is the slightly odd-sounding Greek word for the love between family members.

      “I loved him like a brother,” you might say, “which is why strangling him was so hard.”

  11. Gwyddelig says:

    My badass XCOM assault colonel.

    • Chris D says:

      Is that wise? X-Com romances can only end in tears.

      • Gwyddelig says:

        Did that bother Shakespere? Wagner? Bonnie Tyler???

        No it did not, sirrah!

        • Chris D says:

          I’m just saying that one day it’s all “Solid copy sir!” and making plans about spending ability points and the next day all you’re left with is a name on a wall and sad bagpipe music.

          I just don’t want you to make my mistakes. (Which mainly involved dashing into an area without scouting properly, but also forgetting that just because grenades don’t ever scatter doesn’t mean a rocket launcher won’t)

    • tungstenHead says:

      I really liked ol’ ‘Sheriff’ until it turned out she had psychic powers. Suddenly, I had to rethink whether or not it would be wise to be in a relationship with a woman that could seize complete control of my mind. But, to her, it didn’t really matter what I wanted.

      Suddenly, it didn’t really matter what I wanted for her.

    • easter says:

      Ditto for my female assault and sniper colonels, ‘Android’ and ‘Witchy’ respectively. The most kills, the most willpower and consequently the first to pass psy tests. They also fed my male gaze by looking stunning in the advanced armors.

  12. Drake Sigar says:


  13. Zorn says:

    Paperboy. I was always so sad when a dog got at him. Always felt like it was my fault.
    I was not trying hard enough. Like he needed more than I could give. But I couldn’t
    let go, I had to keep trying. In the end, there may have been a happy end for us,
    did it not? I don’t allow myself to think I was wrong in hoping. Oh, my paperboy.
    We could have been great together. I hope you’re well, wherever you are,
    and always one pedal kick faster then the hounds of spritehell.

  14. Shantara says:

    Leliana. Had to replay many of her lines several times, because I was so enraptured by her voice, I completely missed the meaning of her words.

    • greenbananas says:

      I kept waiting for her to go: “Lissen verry carrefully, I shall say zis only vonce”.

    • sinister agent says:

      I could never fall for the Dragon Age cast, simply because of their deeply unsettling failure to react in the slightest way when they and everyone around them is covered with blood. Leliana introducihg herself and chatting about nunnery or whatever while some poor bastard’s gizzards are dripping off her chin, like it’s not even a thing… brrr.

      • Shantara says:

        Installing no blood mod was one of the first things I did after starting playing Dragon Age. If I played without it, perhaps my opinion would be very different.

        • westyfield says:

          Isn’t there an option in the menu to turn blood splatters off?

        • Patches the Hyena says:

          You don’t need a mod, there’s an option to disable persistent gore.

  15. Shinan says:

    It’s probably a bit obvious but certainly Clementine. I did all the things the game wanted me to do for her and I did them happily!

  16. Anguy says:

    If I’d be a woman my choice would be Garrett.
    Instead I choose Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, I actually and truly fell in love with her a little bit the first time playing through the game a couple of years ago, she’s just wonderful!

  17. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    I’m afraid all my love for games has been brutally torn away by money greedy publishers ruining great franchises. Now all that’s left is a deep hatred for anything digital.

    But honestly, I’ve never really felt any love for a digital character or game in general. Sure, I have fond memories of certain games, but the word “love” doesn’t really come to mind.

  18. Kollega says:

    Ratchet. Definitely Ratchet. His appearance, his personality, his adventures… everything feels as if it was tailor-made to fit my tastes.

  19. zachforrest says:

    Female villager from Age of Empires II. Easy on the eye (yes i’m a red blooded male RPS), capable of mining, lumberjacking, farming, hunting and construction, proficient in several languages and can besiege a castle at a pinch.

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      can’t beat a woman that can set a stone castle on fire by punching it enough times

      • identiti_crisis says:

        Well, you could, but you’d probably not, in fear of being beaten right back…

        Also, you both win something valuable that I don’t own, like an internet, or something. I actually, physically laughed!

  20. bateleur says:

    Nanaki (FF7). He’s had a tough life, but he’s a good… erm… dog… thing. :-)

    • Synesthesia says:

      oof, nanaki’s music was something else. I also loved him!

  21. Bhazor says:

    A young Kreia. My waifu is a scaryfu.

    But in game it has to be April Ryan, she’s so funny and sweet with such a can do attitude. And she can open portals to an alternate universe and that shit is such a turn on.

    • Kasab says:

      I read that as “Andrew Ryan”, and then had to correct it to “Ayn Rand”.

  22. Ringwraith says:

    As befitting just finishing watching its animated adaptation, I love the cast of Persona 4 too much, such a good bunch of characters, and they really make you attached to them, in no small part to the school life/fighting demons contrast. You get to see them as people.

  23. RedViv says:

    Goodness. Here we go.
    Merrill. Mostly because she’s confused and out of place and at the same time troubled and innocently naive, which mirrors early parts of my adulthood where adolescence was still trying to keep its monkey-girl-y paws on the levers in my mind. Seeing that I have that astonishing and somewhat problematic tendency to fall into the “birds of a feather” kind of crush… Yeah. Psyche, ho!

    • Hazz-JB says:

      *EDIT* Whoops, this wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Apologies.

      Eleanor Lamb from Bioshock 2. I felt a combination of protectiveness as the character’s father in game, but I was also quite infatuated with her as the player.


      Being left for dead by her at the end of the game left me with a feeling of loneliness and melancholy, but also with a twisted admiration for the psycopath I’d created.

    • GenBanks says:

      Ah, glad to see another Dragon Age comment… I at first thought mine further down about Morrigan was the only one about DAO. Considering that the romance options in that game were actually pretty deep, that would have been a shame.

      I think the fact that different people have different characters they ‘fell in love with’ while playing it is a good testament to how well the topic was handled. The relationships your avatar formed felt personalised in a way which no other game I’ve played has matched.

  24. Carighan Maconar says:

    Hrm, close one between Naoto Shirogane and Shizune Hakamichi.

  25. nopol10 says:

    According to a Tomb Raider producer I want to protect Lara Croft.

  26. Vegard Pompey says:

    Lulu. <3

    Also GLaDOS.

    And Faridah Malik.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Damn it, Malik. You were the only person I could trust. My best just wasn’t good enough.

      • sinister agent says:

        It just so happens that I got back into Deus Ex 3 last night, and was pleased when an opportunity to do something / get to know Malik came up.

        Then it went back down again halfway through, because if you’re not a hacker in the third game, you miss out on several side quests where there’s no other way around. Incredibly irritating, not least as the Lee Hong thing even says that he’s going to the Hive later, and I just know that if I were able to hack his PC, he would magically appear there, and he won’t until I do that. There really should be an option to just skip the hacking and confront him at the Hive with the baseball bat.

        • Faxmachinen says:

          And then if you went for computer wizard or ninja, you were screwed in the mandatory boss fights (though I did manage to get a turret with me to one fight).
          DXHR didn’t give you quite enough alternatives, and it suffered for it. Still a good game though.

          • sinister agent says:

            Oh yeah, I’m really enjoying it, by far the most Deus Ex-y game since the first. I love the persuasion conversations in particular. Just a few issues like that come up occasionally, and bother me.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Trustworthy also was Michelle Walthers, methinks. Sure, she had lost a marble or two, but she doled out some interesting backstory and had that cool/nice grandmother vibe to her — someone I would want to take care of, so I’m glad the game gave me the option to do so. Unless she was actually an Illuminatus maneuvering me with that backstory. *fist shake*

        And then there’s Josie Thorpe — she is someone I felt awful about (though this, like Malik’s deal, depends on how you play the game). Early in the game, I ignored some nagging about hostages and delighted in exploring the Sarif building. When I started the next mission, I got this sinking feeling when I learned the hostages had been shot as a result of my tarrying. Games aren’t supposed to do that! Then I felt a bit better when I rescued Josie from Zeke at the end of that mission, but then down again: Josie’s husband was one of the hostages, and now she’d be living with that horrible loss because I treated the game like a game. :(

        Ah, lovely Saint Valentine’s Day. Quick, to Google!

    • Ross Angus says:

      Came here to say Malik. It’s not a sexy love. I just dug hanging out with her.

  27. Jamesworkshop says:

    Man i can’t think of one, even in gaming i’m still

    link to trollfreak.com

  28. frightlever says:

    I’m developing a real bromance with Herman in my current Skyrim playthrough.

    link to steamcommunity.com

  29. PoulWrist says:

    The Cacodemon in Doom <3 cutest ever!

  30. airtekh says:

    Velvet Velour from Vampire: Bloodlines. Such a hypnotic, sexy voice.

    She can bite my neck anytime.

    • MarcP says:

      Four playthroughs in, and I’ve had to accept I’ll never know the alternate dialogues you get for her storylines. Can’t disappoint VV.

    • ScorpionWasp says:

      Heather Poe for me. She’s so endearing in her misguided attempts at gaining your approval. She’s one of the extremely rare videogame characters that feels genuine. And then… well.


      Midway through the game I thought to myself: “If this was the real world… you know, a version of the real world where vampires can breach human security like it’s not even there, me being a person who has numerous vampire enemies and an apartment with zero security… with… something that’s dear to me. If that was so, we could all see where this would be going. But this is a game, designed to sell and to appeal to consumer fantasies. Stupid, indulgent, puerile consumer fantasies. Believability and logic are secondary. They’d NEVER in a million years alienate the player by………………………… I can’t believe that. This developer has balls of… I don’t even know what material would do this here justice. BRAVO!

  31. Mace134 says:

    Jack, from Mass Effect. I feel a bit bad about it because it wasn’t really an organic feeling as she was designed with the romance sub-storyline. Also, her writing was at times clichéd and problematic. Regardless, I did, and oddly still do care for her, which is part of why I haven’t played ME3. I’ve heard she has a much abbreviated role and also given what’s been said of the ending I’d likely end up breaking her heart after she finally learned to trust again.

    • jalf says:

      If by abbreviated you mean “she’ll not be available as a squadmate”, that’s true. But I liked her role in ME3 a lot. I also loved the character development they did with her. I probably won’t spoil anything by saying that of course you run into basically everyone from the two first games, and most really aren’t much more than fan service. “Oh hi Jacob, let me help you fight off these bad guys and save these good guys”. “Oh hi Miranda, about that email you sent me… What do you need?”

      I thought Jack was really the star of the show in that respect in ME3, because there was a bit more to it than that. Her role and her personality had actually evolved quite a bit. If you like Jack, I’d say that’s a good reason to play ME3, not to avoid it.

      And the ending? Eh, just ignore it. The rest of the game is lovely. You can always just pretend it had a proper ending. :)

      • Ross Angus says:

        I agree. Jack’s storyline in 3 is one of the highlights. Plus: she wears sensible clothes now.

        • Mace134 says:

          That’s actually a relief, perhaps strangely but truly. Thanks to both of you. I guess now I need to give ME3 a shot.

  32. RuySan says:

    The girl from RE5 and the big boobed stripper from Vampire Bloodlines. They’re such platonic crushes that i don’t even remember their names.

  33. tumbleworld says:

    Deadly Premonition’s Emily. Smart, determined, kind and gorgeous. Right, Zach?

  34. Gothnak says:

    Buns from Jagged Alliance 2…Every time she died it was a reload… Even if she did like Grunty better than me!

  35. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    Heavy is pretty princess!

  36. amateurviking says:


    Love you man.

  37. Ernesto says:

    Faith, from Mirror’s Edge. I’m a sucker for cute, athletic parcours gals ;) Although she spend too much time shooting instead of running and jumping recently…

  38. sirdavies says:

    Clementine from The Walking Dead

  39. Dan Griliopoulos says:

    Julia, Ultima Underworld II. Despite her only having about three lines in the whole game.

  40. pakoito says:

    Rylai the Crystal Maiden, of course.

  41. SanguineAngel says:

    In my opinion Nathan Drake and the cast of Uncharted (2 in particular) are really the only computer game characters that have been well written and realised enough so that I care about them. Perhaps Jan Ors from Jedi Knight too?

    Aside from that, Valkyria chronicles soldiers are pretty good for engendering an emotional attachment and X-Com to a slightly lesser degree. Shame VC is quite a short and narrow game once you take all the cut scenes out of it.

    Edit: Oh crap! I forgot about Mass Effect where I most definitely cared about Kaidan (in 1, who bit the bullet in my game) and in 2, Kasumi and in 3 Thane & Mordin. I was emotionally tangled up in those friendships. I think Thane’s ME3 scene for me was the most gut wrenching. BUT i do not think that those characters were realised half as well as Uncharted

    • Hillbert says:

      Once on a forum we were discussing annoying characters from games/movies/etc., and one chap said he thought Sully was very annoying.

      I was just about to play him a little chin music before he clarified that he meant Jake Sully from Avatar.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        Hah! “Chin Music”. Excellent. I love Sully. He was a genius bit of character in the first game

  42. TreuloseTomate says:

    Jade from Beyond Good & Evil.

  43. Kambyero says:

    It’s Nei (from Phantasy Star II) for me. And Yorda, of course.

  44. Nick says:

    Clem & Lee


  45. Undermind_Mike says:

    The H.E.V. Mk IV.

    Always there for me <3

    "Emergency! User death imminent!"

    • rhubarb says:

      “Morphine administered”

      That’s my gal.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Ha, glad I’m not the only one who thought the HEV mark IV was a stroke of genius. Although I wouldn’t say love, I did miss it in both HL2 and Black Mesa Source.

  46. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    My Boss of the Saints. I love that little psychopath girl.

    Malik (the pilot in Human Revolution).

    Also, my Shepard – that guy is awesome!

    • mike2R says:

      Ha, with you on the Saints. I don’t normally play women, but I rolled one for SR3 for some reason and she was awesome and looked dangerous as fuck. Never has a pink and purple colour scheme seemed so menacing.

      And actually my guy from SR2 was pretty awesome. I did him as a fat over muscle lump of a man who wore chavy clothes and a sulky expression, with either a British accent or at least the most British accent they provided. He looked like a football hooligan as envisaged by Irvine Welsh.

      • x1501 says:

        I agree. With that giant purple dildo in one hand and a G20 grenade launcher in another, my sociopathic maniac of a female boss from Saints Row 3 was just the cutest thing ever.

    • Eukatheude says:

      Malik looks uncannily similar to my neighbour.

  47. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Alyx Vance. Although, absence makes the heart go yonder, and it’s been nearly six years now. I know losing a loved one to a brain-sucking psychic slug is unpleasant, but you’ve got to rejoin the world sometime.

    …geez, it really has been nearly six years since HL2: E2. I think it’s safe to write off the Half-Life series as finished now.

  48. brulleks says:

    Kharjo in Skyrim.

    He’s been following Shizzkara Talonscratch (aka the Dragonborn) for what seems like years now, offering his repetitive lines of dialogue with such a sweet flicker of a smile that they never get boring, and fearlessly trapping souls with the Mace of Molag Bal to keep both their magic weapons recharged. In truth, he has become as much a hero as the Dragonborn herself.

    She loves him dearly, and could not live without him, but in this cruel, cold Nordic land Khajiit are not allowed to get married. She’s engaged to someone else, but has been refusing to go through with the marriage for so long that she can’t even remember who her real fiance is.

    Kharjo is the only cat for her.

  49. Artista says:

    Jack from Mass Effect 2.

  50. x1501 says:

    Does the Blow-Up Doll from Saints Row 3 count?