RPS Asks: Who’s Your Gaming Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers. We luurrrrrrve you. Kissy kissy slurp.

On this loviest of days, we want to know which gaming characters you truly love. Not fancy. Bleaurgh – we’re not CVG. Love. Whether it’s eros, philos, storgy or agape, whom do you find yourself caring about in the gaming world? Which characters do you worry about like you might your brother or sister? Is there a hero you’d make sacrifices for? Is there a game kid you find yourself wanting to parent? Or is there a fictional someone you’d swoop up into your arms, stare deeply and lovingly into his or her eyes, and carry into the sunset? Let us know your game loves below.


  1. Archipelagos says:

    Dan Smith from Killer7.

  2. Robmonster says:

    Boo! Cute little hamster!

  3. goettel says:

    L4D’s Bill… a world of hurt.

  4. MrThrope says:

    Lilith. Mostly I found the Borderlands characters pretty one dimensional but the echo recordings of Lilith and Roland’s awkward flirtations was rather endearing.
    Also she can teleport and explode things.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Oh yes, seconded. And she was the most fun character to play in the first Borderlands as well.

  5. theaborted says:

    Joanna Dark.

    Tasty lady.

  6. Carra says:

    April Ryan.

  7. Alexander says:

    RPS and lots of gaming ladies.

  8. x3m157 says:

    The Heavy from TF2. I don’t ‘love’ him per se, but he is my favorite character because he reminds me very much of myself.

  9. kud13 says:

    As a desirable 1 night-stand: VV from Bloodlines, or Carmen from the Witcher (the only woman in the game NOT to throw herself at Geralt)

    As a steady relationship: NG Resonance, but the AI construst, not the actual bitchy one you meet in the Cairo airport terminal. The game I refer to is, of course, Deus Ex: Invisible War.

    A guilty pleasure dream we’ve all had–well, obviously, SHODAN.

    And, in a totally “I don’t love him but the IDEA of him” way–Kain from Legacy of Kain. Most epic anti-hero character of all time.

    • dethtoll says:

      VV’s an interesting choice. I actually feel bad for her — vampire or no, stripclub owner or no, she seems uncommonly sweet, innocent, and vulnerable, unusual in the after-hours world of Bloodlines.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Ha, I’ve seen several naughty paintings of SHODAN on a website that has a certain well-known Japanese word as well as “foundry” in its name.

  10. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Trip (from enslaved).

  11. jaheira says:


    • Greg says:

      I much preferred Viconia mostly because she was a full on cleric also because she was a bad girl and she was victimized by the locals.
      Initially though it was all Smurfette from The Smurfs on the Colecovision. More recently, the empress kid from Dishonored and of course Clementine from the Walking Dead.

  12. Shepardus says:

    Lucca (Chrono Trigger). Marle is a close second.

  13. Inglourious Badger says:

    Oooh, good question. It would have to be Liara from Mass Effect series. The only ‘love’ story I’ve ever really bought into in gaming, and it was with a turquoise alien. It’s because it was all my own story (well, me and 20% of players or something like that) that does it for me. The fact she just buggared off to do her own thing for the majority of the 2nd game only made me love her more. Our reunion in ME3 was so sweet.

    And whilst you’re not asking, Deadra from Zeno Clash is the most fanciable. Mmmm.

  14. Droniac says:

    Shandra Jerro from Neverwinter Nights 2, which made act three… well… not so great. And act three already wasn’t all that great with it feeling a little rushed and having a few nasty bugs, like forcing that bland elf bear-woman – sorry, druid – on me.

  15. caddyB says:

    Lack of Hecubah love is a bit disturbing, by the way.

  16. ameyp says:

    Elika, from the Prince of Persia released in 2008 that Ubisoft seems to have heartlessly abandoned.

  17. dethtoll says:

    Tali, that wonderfully nerdy little Quarian. She can clean up my engine any day.

  18. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    Gabriel Knight and April Ryan. Best threesome ever. And Jade. And Annah. And Garrus. And that girl from Realms of the Haunting who held an inexplicable allure for me. And I’ll stop now, I’m getting greedy.

  19. easter says:

    Oh dear, where to begin. I made an RPS account just for this (long time reader, hello all!). TL;DR and some eye sore-inducing formatting ahead.

    The ladies:
    – Paternal/big brotherly feelings: Clem from Walking Dead. Wild Flower from Jade Empire. Ditto the Little Sisters from BioShock, but this one’s a bit manipulative with the game’s design.
    – Lovable brat: Mission Vao from KotOR.
    – “Why do you play as females in games??”: My monk with handlebars/pigtails in Guild Wars. Her spiritual successor in GW2, an equally adorable Asura elementalist. Zoe from L4D for her wit and gumption.
    – Disembodied guide: The heart from Dishonored. GLaDOS from Portals 1&2. Grim from the original Splinter Cells (and the banter between her and Sam).
    – Spellbound/head over heels/clumsy proposal: Zoe from Dreamfall by a country mile. Cass from New Vegas. To a much lesser degree, Farah and Elika from Sands of Time and PoP (2008), as well as Alyx from HL2 (the way she squinted when you whipped out the flashlight in her face, great stuff).
    – Precious, mute flower: Zia from Bastion. Chell from Portals 1&2. Firekeeper Anastacia and Quelaag’s Sister (Quelaan?) from Dark Souls. Probably more to do with the beautiful, and haunting music associated with them.
    – One dimensional but fun character design: Tanya/Natasha from Red Alert. Loosum Hagar from RAGE. Alice from American McGee’s (slightly subverted, but still mostly a pretty face in a pretty dress). Ayla and Aela (!) from Chrono Trigger and Skyrim (warrior grrrrls in fur). Catwoman from Arkham City (for her fluid moveset and animations, honest!).

    The man crushes:
    Heavy from TF2 and his stupid, adorable baby face. Actually, the whole cast of TF2, except Engie because I loathe sentries. Riddick from the Butcher Bay games. Either P-body or ATLAS in Portal 2 co-op. Sam Fisher in the original SC trilogy. Pontius from Trines 1&2. Solaire from Dark Souls. Chavez, Loiselle, Weber and John Clark himself in the original Rainbow Sixes. Cid Highwind from FF7.

    Plenty more that I can’t think of just now, mostly minor NPCs and whatnot.

  20. LennyLeonardo says:

    Ammy. Furball. Snowy. Wolfy. AMATERASU!

  21. gory says:

    Although Jade and Faridah (won’t let you die babeh, oh no!) as mentioned above,
    the one that truly stuck was that one character from Deus Ex 1 and I couldn’t let go was Miguel, whom you save and then escort out of the Unatco Headquarters. Dunno why, propably the tension of the whole sequence, I just couldn’t let the bugger die!

  22. beastgp says:

    Leonardo da Vinci from the AC2 game(s?) Never has the arrival of a character given me such a sense of warmth and happiness before in a game. And he almost always brought you some really cool stuff.

    “Ahhhhh, Ezio!”

    • Sinomatic says:

      I literally stalked him around the city for over half an hour at one point where he walks off (after one of the chats he and Ezio have in Venice – you’re meant to go off and do some mission or other). I shadowed him right up to the point of him walking around in circles. (I wasn’t the only one to do this either, there are videos on youtube of people doing the same)

      Also, he was the king of staring eyes.

  23. Ultra Superior says:

    God Emperor of Mankind

    • Tormodino says:

      Everyone loves the Emperor. Anything else is hazardous to your health, and detrimental to your continued existence.

  24. sabasNL says:

    It seems all you Test Subjects have a mental imperfection. Prepare for deadly neurotoxin.

    Nobody is more love-able than GLaDOS. She does my math homework, she makes me cake, she sings for me… We watch how people die together…. Ahhh… I love her.

  25. NecroKnight says:

    Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns. She is probably the most beautiful female character I have ever encountered in a videogame.

  26. Axyl says:

    Alyx Vance (from Half Life 2)

    Not necessarily in that order

  27. TheIronSky says:

    Liara T’Soni, John Marston, Conway (Kentucky Route Zero), Azriel (Gemini Rue), Horatio (Primordia), any of my leaders in Crusader Kings 2.

    And probably a lot of others, too, but these are just the more notable ones.

  28. pertusaria says:

    The little walking coffee pot from Desolate Hope comes into the “want to adopt” category – so alone, and so huggable.

    A couple of people have already mentioned the Blackwell adventures – Joey Mallone is a very easy character to sympathise with, and I nearly shed tears at one of the character’s realisation-that-she-was-dead scene in Deception (not saying who just in case it’s a spoiler).

    Also, as Rab pointed out in his Wot I Think, Liang in Waking Mars is quite easy to get attached to. I really enjoyed exploring the caves as a team.

    Other than that, I always feel terrible for causing the death of my character in Dredmor, so I guess that counts.

  29. Droopy The Dog says:

    Oh god, I don’t even have a gaming love. Thanks for making me realise that RPS!

    Just kidding, luuurve you too! xoxo

  30. PopTart says:

    Claudia Black! Hang on…

    Isabella from Dragon Age 2. She was adorable.

    • GenBanks says:

      Oh yeah! I forgot about that… Isabella was hot. She still can’t quite match Morrigan though.

      • PopTart says:

        Morrigan was fantastic, huh. One of my favorite characters in gaming.

  31. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    ED-E from Fallout New Vegas. Every time he spotted something and played that combat music, my heart melted a little bit. No one hurts my ED-E!

  32. Trillby says:

    It’s only ever going to be River from To The Moon. The protective instincts she evoked in me were something no other game, film or book character has ever done before.

  33. Kamos says:

    I really can’t stand any of the Mass Effect / KoTOR / Dragon Age “romanceable characters”. It takes far too long for these games to decide on your gender preference / willingness at all to participate in virtual romance, so they all just keep throwing themselves at you in a silly, passive-aggressive way – even when you’re really just trying to save the universe. *Sigh*.

    That said, I liked Viconia from Baldur’s Gate for her independence and strength. Aerie was way too whiny, and Jaheira was insane. And Korgan Bloodaxe. If there is one male character I love, it is him, with his bad personality and foul-mouth.

    “[to Aerie] If I wanted to listen to yer yip, ye prissy elf, I’d pull ye over my knee and smack yer bottom. At least then I’d have meself something interesting to do while ye blathered on.” – Korgan

    Now seriously, I’d have to go with Emily Short’s Galatea. That is a game character that I want to hug.

  34. MrTrent says:

    Mona Sax

    And the Dark Mistress from Dungeon Keeper 2.

  35. bigjig says:

    Agro from Shadow of the Colossus >.>

    • SquidgyB says:

      Thought I’d skim through and check no one’s mentioned Agro already – glad I did.

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Yes! Best game horse ever. Oh, wait, what about Epona? I love them both.

  36. Syros says:

    Chell, Alyx, Faith, Yuna, Miranda Lawson, Alleria in Warcraft 2, Carly (Walking Dead)

  37. Scare Tactics says:

    Hm…I cared for the little fellas in Icepick Lodge’s CARGO – A Quest For Gravity

  38. joedpa82 says:

    I confess my love for Ophelia from Brutal Legend. I’d sacrifice myself to save Captain Titus from Space Marine. I’d kill for Salem in Army of Two coz i know he would do the same for me and i’d adopt the kid from Pokemon. So much love so little time.

    • joedpa82 says:

      I forgot to add wrex and grunt. Fuck it. I love krogans. I love them all. How can u not love them. They are huge and cuddly and will smack ur enemy seven ways to sunday.

  39. derella says:

    Alistair from Dragon Age. His voice acting was so good, and he was just… lovable!

  40. Dowr says:

    In recent memory: Sam Becker from Far Cry 3 if I didn’t bare a man-toy and used said man-toy for women-fun bags.

    I’m not sorry.

    And every customize character I’ve ever made in games because I always give them beards and men are far more attractive with beards.

  41. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Myself, from Journey.
    And the other person the other time I played.

  42. LuckyLegs says:

    Bastila Shan.

  43. Kruton says:

    Registered just to comment on this thread.

    I have a thing for the unromanceable MILF-y Bioware ladies (Wynne, Samara, Chakwas). Also Lauren Blackwell from Blackwell Unbound. And Lyndis from Fire Emblem 7.

    • Syros says:

      +1 for Dr. Chakwas! Bioware’s character design team are hall-of-fame material.

  44. RSeldon says:

    I think my first gaming crush when I was a kid was Katrina from Quest for Glory IV. And then Fall-From-Grace, a bit later on.

    I never got to play System Shock 2 the first time around, but since I just downloaded it from GOG I suspect SHODAN will be on this list soon. ^^;

    From more recent stuff… wow, this question has made me realize I really haven’t played a lot of character-focused games in the last few years. I will forever want to give GLaDOS a hug, despite the fact that it would probably mean dying horribly. And on the Nintendo DS I’m quite fond of the whole cast of The World Ends With You, particularly Neku and Josh. I think they’re about it, though.

    /resolves to play more games with interesting characters.

  45. Elevory says:

    Dan Hibiki <3

  46. Okama Gabesphere says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been aroused by a video game character.

  47. Ruffian says:

    Leliana. Can’t help but fall for pretty much any chick that sings and plays a guitar, or lute, in this case.

  48. Scattaclysm says:

    I find video games just like real life here, it’s so very hard to just have one.

    Jack, providing you don’t romance her, the she unleashes the inner sook.
    still on bioware, Morrigan was a wonderful ice-queen.

    Trip from Odyssey to the West and April Ryan from the longest journey are also pretty fascinating, being all genuine, girly and well written.

  49. Towercap says:

    Viktoria, of course. Pathetic manfools.

  50. El_Emmental says:

    Too much games to go through (and no need to repeat what was already mentionned), but for Great Justice, the Gina character from Half-Life 1. One hell of a respectable character.

    First featured during the Hazard Course (as a hologram), she was a playable character model in multiplayer, wearing the same (= no stupid “boobs armor”) HEV suit (with a different color, like desert-camo – not pink by default, thankfully)(back then you could customize the colours of all models ; green HEV-suit 4’eva) – seeing her carrying the green rocket launcher, or headshotting you with the Magnum, was pretty common and completely normal. She later got her own HL game in the form of the PS2 “Half Life: Decay” (2001).

    [ As we’re in Walker’s land, I’m kinda allowed to do the following post, no ? :P ]

    It was one of the first (there’s probably an earlier game, before 1998)(by 2001, HL Decay wasn’t that of a pioneer anymore – or was it ? co-op mode, and only featuring 2 female HEV-suit scientists blasting their way through Black Mesa) playable female character in a FPS, even if it was only in MP (in HL1). And, most importantly, it was a credible character: no over sexualization, while still remaining feminine (haircut and voice, and iirc, the model was very slightly different). Seeing her quickscope-headshotting a camper while using the Long Jump Module was an excellent “take that, sucker !” scene.

    It’s also interesting to note that she’s the Hazard Course hologram instructor: she’s in charge of training scientists (the player included) in moving through a dangerous environment in a robotic suit, and show excellent physical capacities (without a single world/hint at how it would affect her sexual prowess).

    Seeing her player model in a MP game (casually, without any fuss) really reassured me (nb: I was still a teenager): women were able to play video games, the social stigma surrounding video games (especially MP video games) was only a temporary problem only carried by the biggots and the close-minded, and in the next 3-4 years I’ll be able to share gaming experiences with anyone, regardless of their gender.

    Oh boy I was wrong, until Portal and the Wii (and only a year or two after their releases), all the female gamers I knew (sister, friends, classmates, etc) had to fully hide their gaming hobby from the public eye to not be rejected by other girls (feminity being “incompatible” with video gaming), and the Gina character ended up being an oddity most people forgot ; but to me, it was part of the maturity of video games, its future.

    That’s why the apparition of FemShep, almost 10 years later, didn’t really surprised me, it was just “Gina is (finally) back” (with boobs armor, because AAA). It’s a shame playable female character are most of the time only available in games aimed at a “female” audience: where are the super-violent, bloody-gore, high-skill-ceiling FPS shooters, with a credible female playable-character ?

    Devs are too afraid of being called sexists (by people who never played their game), or disappointing some of their audience (and getting the very few but very visible fratboys to speak out, Faith-needs-bigger-boobs style), so they avoid the question altogether and only cast dull, yet-another-though-guy characters.

    Looking back at TF2 (even if the only female characters are off-screen), Valve really showed how diversity can bring a lot to a game . It’s a real shame they still have the most iconic characters in the FPS genre (and I truly love the TF2 characters – Medic especially, never got a proper Meet The), where are the successors ?

    Opinion, away !