Warble Face: Bioshock Infinite’s Songbird

The investigative documentary style of Bioshock: Infinite’s Modern Day Icarus videos tickles my pleasure-nodes. The earlier reveals of the clockwork catastrophes and mechanical malignancies that roam Columbia are failures of imagination in contrast, and anyone fortunate enough to have instigated some form of media blackout regarding the game last year would be well-advised to continue that policy, with a glimmering exception for these informative and menacing reels. The first covers the vanishing of the city and the second, below, contains dark children’s rhymes and the sinister Songbird.

All this and a novella too. Now all we need is a big budget Hollywood adaptation starring Jeremy Renner as a man with a gun, and Daniel Day Lewis as a cog-clogged and furious Lincoln.


  1. Korvus Redmane says:

    I really am enjoying these documentary type videos, just seem to help create a sense of reality, giving hints as to how the rest of the world sees columbia as opposed to just gameplay footage with story/cutscene bits

    • Doreen_Young says:

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  2. Splynter says:

    Could this Songbird be related to the raven we’ve previously seen the protagonist try to punch? link to rockpapershotgun.com

    EDIT: I’ll add that my purchase of this game hinges on the number of punchable corvids.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I bet you loved Zeno Clash.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I suspect you’re joking, but if not: well, of course it isn’t. We’ve seen footage of it (can’t recall if any was direct). It’s the steampunk thing which keeps Elizabeth captive.

      But it kind of resembles a bird.

  3. Smion says:

    Just to deliver the amount of negativity required to make the comment section on an RPS-article truly the comment section on an RPS-article: Couldn’t they just have filmed actual children in vaguely period appropriate dresses and filmed them? *grumble* *grumble*

    • MrThingy says:

      ‘elf & safety

      One of the little dears could trip up, scrape their knee and then sue for injury at work. Much safer to just render them.

    • Donjo says:

      A scene of actual children was apparently filmed but the people who filmed them are in prison now. It’s crazy, apparently it was their own children, but that’s the law these days.

  4. scatterlogical says:

    Next… on THE SCARY DOOR

    • guygodbois00 says:

      In the vicinity of area adjacent to a location?

    • The Visible Man says:


    • F3ck says:

      …humblest of all god’s creatures…the tyrannosaurus rex.

      Actually, this is much more like In Search Of (with Detective Spock) which was the greatest thing on TV in the 70’s.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Totally just spent the last hour watching In Search Of documentaries because of this comment :)

        • F3ck says:

          That’s one episode, just 6 seasons to go and your adolescence will be complete…

          …incidentally, was initially to be narrated by Rod Scary Door Serling…

  5. Lemming says:

    It’s cool and all, but am I the only one confused as to why it’s filmed like a late 70s documentary when it’s a turn of the 20th century story? I’m not seeing the link.

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      Because it’s supposed to be a late 70’s documentary about a turn of the century story? At least I’m guessing that’s the idea…

    • Mathute87 says:

      Really? We’re talking about a flying city in the 1920s, with really advanced technology, and all your logic brain can’t process is that it’s filmed like one of OUR 70s docummentary?

      And, yes, it’s probably a documentary made in the future. I’m even guessing that the building they find buried somewhere in the first part falls while we’re in the game shooting around.

      • Lemming says:

        The game is set in 1912, not the 20s, AFAIK.

        OK, yeah I had a history failure and there were cameras around at the time, but I still find it a bit unlikely to have footage captured opportunist handi-cam style with one of these

        Isn’t it just Columbia that’s more advanced, not the rest of Earth? That’s what makes Columbia special.

        I imagine yourself and others will just use the ‘its just a gamelol’, argument which trumps all, but I understood that it had some grounding in reality to it, like Bioshock did.

        I would’ve preferred/expected to see a journal and perhaps a blurry photograph of the songbird, not Cloverfield-style video capture.

        • Bhazor says:

          Given they have floating cities as a novelty attraction I’m guessing handicams aren’t out of the question.

          And again this documentary could be made decades after it when people think it was all a myth like how many people now think the Titanic sinking was just a story.

          • Lemming says:

            It wasn’t the documentary per se that I had a problem with it was the footage of the Songbird itself.

    • luukdeman111 says:

      just because we get documentary’s now about ancient egypt it doesn’t mean those documentary’s were made in ancient times…

    • Drakedude says:

      One wonders what level the rest of the worlds technology is if they made Columbia in the 1920’s, given it doesn’t seem particularly conducive to innovation. You’d think they’d have much better then this by the 70’s.

      • F3ck says:

        …assuming it is the 70’s.

        There’s no indication of the year that I can see…all we really know is it was made after.

        Alternate histories don’t necessarily have a timeline to follow…or do they?

        edit: I meant ‘mimic’ rather than follow.

        • The Random One says:

          They do, their own. The other documentary does mention that part of Columbia fell on the Alps on the 70’s, and the tone suggests it was long enough before the documentary was shot that it isn’t news.

          Then again, it looks like Columbia disappeared. It probably took all of its fancy tech with it.

    • drewski says:

      We don’t know when it was “filmed”. We don’t know what happened to Columbia during or after the events of Infinite.

    • SuicideKing says:

      His/her problem is with the songbird footage, which frankly confused me too. I thought old cameras were big, clunky and hard to carry around.

  6. F3ck says:

    Pretty sure this game will be wonderful…will be very happy to be playing this soon.

    • f1x says:

      Same, this is one of my most hyped games for this year, and I think its not going to dissapoint

      • F3ck says:

        From PCGamer:

        “There’s something I can’t tell you about BioShock Infinite. Not because it’s a spoiler – I’ll avoid those too – but because I can’t quite communicate it. It’s something I felt after playing Half-Life 2, and again after playing BioShock 1. It’s the sense you get after experiencing something so vivid and rich that you know you’ll never be able to fully describe what it felt like. “

        …this are welcomed words indeed…

  7. Ricochet64 says:

    Just to clear things up, these documentary videos are not supposed to have been made during the events of Bioshock Infinite. It’s supposed to look like a 70s/80s documentary, which would be obvious if you watched the first of these documentary videos, because the narrator even said that a building that fell from the sky was found in the Alps. Just because a documentary is about Ancient Egypt doesn’t mean it was made in ancient times.