The RPS Bargain Bucket: Love Conquers All

Lewie is away but every digital distributor is trying seduce you on this annual arrow weekend so he has deputised me, Tony, to be your guide. Take my hand and we’ll dodge overpriced arrows like raindrops. Should you want to know where the deals hide during the week, go to for regular updates across all platforms.

Indie Royale Valentine’s Bundle £3.85/€4.44/$5.93 minimum at time of writing but it will fluctuate over time as detailed here.
I’m struggling to see what these games have to do with Valentine’s Day but it’s quite a good bundle. Serious Sam 3 is a heartwarming story of a large man shooting at shouting things until they stop shouting, Shad’O has a small boy exploring his fogged mind through…tower defence, Oozi is a traditional 2D platformer with traditional 2D platforms, Doc Clock is mostly about building ludicrous vehicles from household items and crashing them into things, Lunnye Devitsy 2013 is a seemingly peaceful exploration puzzle platformer with a little alien who falls off the moon and Wake is an altogether more intense affair centering on an engineer escaping a sinking ship. You know, Valentine’s Day stuff.

Hotline Miami, Borderlands, Painkiller Hell and Damnation, Bioshock 2, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Mafia II, Super Meat Boy, FEAR 3, Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and Lucius two for £8/€10/£12 or £38/€48/$58 for everything
You all already own Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boy so I’m not going to tell you to buy Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boy together for £8. I’m not going to talk about how the deliriously pulsingly violent Hotline Miami and the mechanically tight and artistically personal Super Meat Boy both push you into a zen state of dying, restarting and eventually perfecting ever more demanding challenges until you feel both one with the game and slightly worried by feeling one with the game, because you already own Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boy. I will instead say that this deal includes a variety of games that – while not as good as Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boy – are well worth two for £8/€10/£12 or £38/€48/$58 for the lot.

Max Payne 3 Complete Pack GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS £9/€12/$14 Redeems on Steam
Jumping sideways looks uncomfortable, especially in slow motion. In Max Payne 3, Mr Max Payne 3’s life of jumping sideways in slow motion has finally caught up with him and his addiction has ruined his life. He must redeem himself by doing only as he can: jumping sideways in slow motion. If you need help with jumping sideways in slow motion, seek professional help or cover mechanics.

Jim’s words on the game sum it up nicely:

I can’t quite identify what’s missing. And I am not sure it’ll matter, because the production is so lavish. The gilded hand of Rockstar is visible in almost everything. The barrelling back and forth between corrupt, glitzy high society and grimy, glittery low-life criminality. The cutscenes that ache to be true cinema, the humour in the media-baiting ultraviolence. Of course it lacks the trademark open-worldiness of their original games. There’s the occasional open area to run around in, but this is a firmly story-driven conveyor belt of gun-action. But we shouldn’t expect anything else from this gangster gun-ballet sequel. Everything in the single-player part of the game is Payne through the filter of Rockstar: Gritty, funny, horrible.

This edition comes with all the multiplayer DLC including a slow motion trip down a bullet hole-ridden memory lane and (disquietingly) a cemetery. You can get this without all the DLC for £6.80/€8.16/$10.88 if you don’t give an ejecting cartridge about multiplayer or you can buy just the DLC for £5.44/€8.16/$8.16. Be quick, this deal is only until 5pm GMT Saturday.

GOG RPG Weekend
If fantasy is how you like to RP your Gs, GOG has approximately 10 million hours of game on sale for you. Highlights of the bunch are the Enhanced Editions of Witcher and Witcher 2, Torchlight and the recently newly-suffixed Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut but based on Adam’s recommendation of Geneforge 1-5, I’ll be giving them a go too.

Deal of the week:
Steam for Linux Celebration Sale
Straighten your hats and throw open your arms because for Valentine’s Day this year, Steam brought down the barriers allowed us to play together with our Linux buddies. To welcome the newly behatted penguins to Steam, Valve have put on quite a ridiculous sale for PC, Mac and Linux users alike.

There are far too many to list here but I would suggest trying Eversion – a nightmare hidden behind a sweet smile, Amnesia: The Dark Descent – a nightmare hidden behind another nightmare and Bastion, which isn’t hiding behind anything else but does put a voice in your head. Oh and somewhere Lewie is telling me to compel you to buy FTL so do that and live out your space captain fantasies (warning: you are not a good space captain, you will cause everyone to die).

Go hug a penguin.

Also of note:
Castle Crashers £4.99/€5.99/$7.49 four-pack: £14.98/€17.98/$22.48
Torchlight 2 £7.49/€9.49/$9.99 four-pack: £22.49/€28.49/$29.99
Ace of Spaces £3.49/€3.99/$4.99 four-pack £10.49/€11.99/$14.99
Guns of Icarus Online £2.72/€4.08/$5.44 using code: GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS Expires 5pm GMT Saturday. Redeems on Steam.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
£6.20/€7.80/$10 using code: GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS Expires 5pm GMT Saturday. Redeems on Steam.
Indie Gala Subversion City Generator, Voxel Destruction, 7.62MM, Talisman Prologue Pay what you want or $5.68 at time of writing to add Multiwinia, DEFCON, Uplink, Hearts of Iron III and Demigod
Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle $1 for Eschalon Book II, iBomber Defense Pacific, Livalink, Party of Sin, Major Mayhem and Dungeons: The Dark Lord or $5+ to add Men of War: Assault Squad, Two Worlds II, Enda & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes and Planets Under Attack

Go to for all your cheap game needs or if you just miss Lewie. He loves you.


  1. dangermouse76 says:

    And of course all that lovely System Shock 2 loveliness over at GOG. Ah the memories.

    • njursten says:

      I spent 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today replaying SS2. Yet I can’t find the energy to work at my huge backlog of unplayed games. What’s wrong with me? ;_;

      • dangermouse76 says:

        My hard drive ground to a halt last week was it drive error – no – was it windows – no – was it that my 2 Tb drive was full off unplayed steam games, 99% yes.

        In other news winamp tells me I have 84 days 16 hours and 57 minutes of music and audio books. It also tells me I have not listened to 70 days 1 hour and 26 minutes of it.

        My digital shelves are bending under the wait of it all.

        ARGH !!!

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        Sounds about how I feel having just built a new computer with crossfire 7970s and all I’ve been playing is… DOTA…

      • InternetBatman says:

        Playing games should not be a chore. If you don’t want to play backlog games, don’t play them and chalk it up as a loss and use that to inform your purchases in the future.

        • dangermouse76 says:

          I am joshing my friend. I will play them all eventually. Just a bit of nowist fun. Playing the original fear game ATM.

          • Mrs Columbo says:

            Oh the original Fear is great. One of the few games I’ve played through more than once.

            I keep getting lost in the office though.

        • ShineyBlueShoes says:

          Well you do have to consider that for certain people, myself included, due to certain shall we say “mental quirks” dealing with something like a dozen games to choose from is an entirely overwhelming situation. Now make that like 500 and it honestly is almost crippling to try and pick a game out of that to play.

  2. Anthile says:

    You also get an equippable penguin for TF2 if you run the game under Linux.

    • dE says:

      If the Mac promotional item is anything to go by, get it. Even if you hate the game. A couple of months down the line, people will pay hard cash to grab one of these.

      • Clean3d says:

        My penguin said it wasn’t tradable. I assume it’s part of an Antarctic protection program, although maybe penguins will show up on the black hatmarket. I don’t know how that works.

        • dE says:

          I see, so they did learn from the whole Mac Earplug Thing. :D

          • Pudge says:

            Nope, they’ll make it tradeable after the promotion is closed, they do that for all their promos nowadays.

        • The Random One says:

          They will show on the black and white market.

  3. d32 says:

    Eschalon II for $1 (groupees) is hard to ignore for classic-RPG geeks.

    • frightlever says:

      Groupee’s bundle is worth five bucks for Edna and Harvey alone. Spent the morning and early afternoon playing it and it actually made me LOL a couple of times. It’s a cutesy point and click. about the sweetest little girl in the world, who has the misfortune to be close by every time someone inexplicably dies.

      Eschalon 2 will keep an old school RPG nut occupied for HOURS.

  4. Terry Wogan says:

    Cheap Introversion games courtesy of that Indie Gala bundle were snaffled by me yesterday. Bargainous!

  5. guygodbois00 says:

    Yes, cheesecake, I chews you.

  6. jrodman says:

    The only thing I didn’t have already from the RPG sale (that appealed to me) was Darklands for 3$US. Maybe there are others who have never sampled its unusual countours?

    • Hastur says:

      +1 for Darklands. That was a memorable setting. I would love to see a remake.

  7. ColOfNature says:

    I want to play a game called Ace of Spaces.

    • The Random One says:

      Everyone does (but if the servers are any indication they want to play only Team Deathmatch, which is WRONG)

  8. sbs says:

    Man, Septerra Core was so WEIRD

    • mihor_fego says:

      Septerra Core is one of the games I remember fondly for its interesting world, even if it didn’t avoid all of the JRPG pitfalls. Its combat system is bland, it’s repetitive and there is little enemy variety, but the setting was indeed interesting, as were the characters and story. At least if you’re going to go for a low–price old RPG, better try this than one set in an average fantasy world seen a million times before.

      • Baines says:

        From what I recall of news at the time, Septerra Core wanted to be a JRPG.

        I believe I’ve bought it twice in physical form (in those two-game discount shelf packs), and yet I’ve never finished it. Which makes it even more like a JRPG for me these days.

        • sbs says:

          i think i couldn’t finish it because it just glitched out at some point, or i was too stupid to find the next door in those weird underground mines. no walkthrough or map helped.

  9. Baines says:

    Ah, so the Steam Linux sale is why the almost-never-on-sale Aquaria is on sale.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      My favourite Metroidvania ever.

      • Phantoon says:

        I love Metroid type games, and thought the demo was incredibly boring. Did it get better at some point? It didn’t have any real shooting or platform mechanics, and was just a bunch of puzzles. Reminded me a lot more of Braid, but not as creative.

        Did I play a completely different game with the same name?

        • InternetBatman says:

          Like all games of the ilk, the gameplay gets more complex the more items you have and the further you are in it. Using shields and shots and transformations, etc. However, the real joy of the game is the feeling of exploration, especially in the later part. It’s a weak metroidvania if you’re not interested in that aspect.

        • Cunning Linguist says:

          Yep. Plenty of shooting in Aquaria. Worth playing, esp if you miss/want underwater exploration games. The narrative is a bit lame but , hey.

      • MondSemmel says:

        I prefer Super Metroid, but Aquaria was definitely very enjoyable (until the somewhat weak ending). But even more than the game, get the soundtrack. It’s spectacular.

  10. InternetBatman says:

    I recently made some spending money, and I want to buy an indie bundle, but none of them are that attractive this time around. I would love a new HIB. I’ll probably wait and get the Witcher II and Risen II instead.

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      Damn , the way your post began I thought you were a spam bot. Fuck this is bad.

      • Mattressi says:

        As greg mentioned i co0uldnt belive how even to make a monies of $30,00,00 in one week earning $1 an hour and work for few hours

        ^ That is how you spot a spam bot around here. They all start with “As ___ said”, their grammar sucks and their numbers don’t add up. Still, I was a little concerned when I saw InternetBatman’s post – I thought maybe the bots had become smarter!

        • jrodman says:

          I thought the bots had taken control of InternetBatman!

          • Baines says:

            Well, there is the bot that clones people’s comments and reposts them as replies in other articles, changing any supplied link to a spam site hidden by means of a URL shortener.

            That’s smarter than the “As xxxx explained” bots, though it doesn’t seem to be as common.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      Well the groupees one is the best of the active ones with a good variety of genres and all fairly good.

  11. sharks.don't.sleep says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is 50% off at Green Man Gaming, which you can combine with the 20% voucher code so it will cost you around 10€.

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      I just can’t help laughing @ Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Fat middle aged guys on caffeine pills driving badly?

      • finbikkifin says:

        And in the game!

        It’s unironically awesome. Put on some bad 80s station and tour the continent!

        The demo is pretty huge, and has converted more than one mocking bystander. Give it a shot, it’s not that big a download! It’s on the official site, not Steam, and if you do get hooked it’s totally worth upgrading to the full game. The CD Key redeems on Steam if you want it to, if you’re one of the people who must have all their games on there, but that’s optional.

  12. Greg_Robinson says:

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  13. jalf says:

    Jumping sideways looks uncomfortable, especially in slow motion. In Max Payne 3, Mr Max Payne 3′s life of jumping sideways in slow motion has finally caught up with him and his addiction has ruined his life. He must redeem himself by doing only as he can: jumping sideways in slow motion.

    Speaking of which: A Day in the Life of Max Payne

  14. Gap Gen says:

    Dude, love only needs to conquer 60% to win a domination victory.

  15. DeepSpace69 says:

    I just made an account to say: Max Payne 1 and 2, open world games? This is in no way true.

    • Archangel says:

      It tripped me up at first, too, but that paragraph is about Rockstar, not the first two MP games: “The gilded hand of Rockstar is visible in almost everything. […] Of course it lacks the trademark open-worldiness of their [Rockstar’s] original games.” That is to say, GTA 3/4/RDR, et al.

  16. kyynis says:

    Anodyne PWYW at Promo Bay: link to

    Currently 1.76$ minimum, 2.68$ gets premium edition with soundtrack. Go grab it!