Death Sentence: The Dead Linger’s Prison Update

It’s been a long time since we checked on the enormous procedurally generated zombie survival antics of The Dead Linger and the alpha, which is currently available for purchase, has changed considerably in the interim. The next update, which should be live tomorrow, adds more variety to suburban settings and a new prison environment will now appear in the world. It’s a grim, dark place but also the sort of building that a brave survivor might well be tempted to explore in hope of finding weaponry. The previous update completely overhauled world generation, aiming to create more believable landscapes and locations. Both update videos are below.

The flyovers of the town areas look like The Sims 3, which is also full of zombies, although the lingering dead probably don’t wee in their clothes quite as often.

The game is still in the early stages of development, although it is playable and along with new content, Sandswept are working on technical matters, including framerate and networking. During alpha, the game costs $19.99, with the price rising to $24.99 once beta hits and $29.99 at release. I haven’t tried the game myself and at the moment, I’m more interested in the world generation than the zombies, but I’m determined to pay more attention as, hopefully, enemies and NPCs become more interesting.

Is anyone playing?


  1. Baresark says:

    Love this so far. I’ll play for about an hour each build. Maybe try to generate a new map every few days to see what I can run into. I would imagine I’m going to get a lot more play out of this update. I need to find a prison after all, for exploration and all. This game is shaping up to be the one. People should jump on board this train, it’s going all the way. So many things have happened since the first updates started rolling. Each big update changes the world in a lot of big ways. They also do small updates between big ones to try and smash problems as they arise with each new update. These guys are devoted and they have a grand vision. An important point is that with Build 008, they are also changing the way the world is generated and rendered to also improve frame rates. They aren’t just passing out new buildings and world elements, they are working hard to make it as playable as possible for everyone. One thing that no one has seemed to mention from the trailer is how much better the shadows are going to look. And they are adding hand models, which is HUGE! They havent’ had them yet. They also seem to have changed the zombie textures and they are looking a lot better. Good stuffs a-coming!

    • Flyte 79 says:

      Wow, interesting. So what’s it like working for Sandswept Studios?

    • Dorothy_Wildman says:

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  2. tangoliber says:

    I hadn’t paid attention to this before, because I’m not that interested in zombies…. but I do LOVE procedural generation that can be experienced in a first person view, and this looks great. This is a great time for people who like PCG, with stuff like Sir You Are Being Hunted, 3089, and others.

  3. brulleks says:

    If that’s a dead linger, what does a live one look like?

  4. Slinkyboy says:

    I bought this game awhile back and then forgot about it. Gonna try it again :)

  5. Eddy9000 says:

    Zombies are so 2012; what I’d really like to see is a game that eschews zombies and has robots hunting you. Does anyone know if such a fine thing is being released in the near future?

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I don’t know, I’d probably insist that it include gratuitous tea-drinking and faux-upper-class mannerisms too. And the chances of anything like that existing are so remote as to not even bother to calculate.

  6. abandonhope says:

    I played some of a really early build, and it was kind of un-fun. But I expected that. It’s important to note that what’s playable now is still just a tiny fragment of what will be in the game. It’s encouraging that the world and houses are starting to look more natural though. Especially the houses. The early iterations terrified me more than the zombies did. I’ll probably hold off on jumping back in until they implement building/modifying.

  7. Wurstwaffel says:

    I wonder if that world generator will be able to bake lightmaps at some point. The world never looks quite ‘solid’ enough and in my opinion the ambient occlusion alone doesn’t cut it.