Mouse & Keyboard Still A Major Player In FPS Market

Those remarks seemingly made by Bungie yesterday, that no one plays FPS games with a mouse and keyboard any more, have led to some pretty silly debate. But it’s hard to get more peculiar than an article that recently appeared on Ars Technica. Titled, “Sorry to say it, but keyboard and mouse are losing the FPS market”, it not only rather helpfully highlights all the most common misconceptions about the PC’s place in the market, but rather brilliantly provides some compelling data to show just how significant a player the PC actually is. Let’s take a look.

The article states,

“But [Jason Jones – Bungie dude’s] general point is clear: keyboard-and-mouse players are getting less and less important, from a business perspective, in the console-dominated first-person shooter market that Halo spawned. On this point, it’s really hard to argue with Jones.”

We know two things for sure:

1) As a rule, for cross-platform releases, console games sell more copies than PC games.
2) We don’t know how many copies of PC games are sold.

The first of these is generally where people fall into the silly trap when it comes to the PC. The PC, as a gaming platform, is stronger than ever. Just the enormous success of digital distribution is evidence of this, let alone the explosion in the indie community over the last decade, the vast fortunes being made through bundles, and the fact that if PC versions weren’t profitable, then every major publisher wouldn’t be putting their biggest titles onto the platform. Meanwhile consoles have become a phenomenon, something found in almost every home, pushing gaming into the mainstream alongside film. Consoles are way more popular than PCs for gamers these days, the PS3 and 360 having created a market that we’ve never seen before. The PC hasn’t gotten smaller – it’s just the rest of the gaming industry has gotten bigger around it. PC has never stopped being a significant factor, but consoles have become a more significant one. It’s the confusion here that causes us to grind our teeth every time someone types the d-word on the subject.

Of course, the second of those known things makes the discussion incredibly difficult to move forward in any useful direction. Steam is obviously astonishingly successful. Occupying an estimated 70% of the industry, it still proves profitable for the rest who make up the remaining 30% to run their own distribution channels. While we can see the transparently explained profits of the bundles, and indeed see the tens of millions that have been raised for PC-only Kickstarter ventures, we still don’t have any real idea of the scale of things. But I’ve heard from publishers that they estimate PC to represent about 10% of their overall sales of cross-platform games, and when that’s 10% of hundreds of millions of dollars, you can see why they’d make sure they’re keeping their thumbs in that pie. And of course that’s completely ignoring the games that are uniquely for PC, such as the forthcoming SimCity, the major MMOs, most RTS games, and so many more besides. Whatever the real numbers are, the PC is big business.

It’s mean to pick on the very lovely Kyle Orland, but he’s provided the perfect springboard for me to write this. In the Ars article, he says,

“Let’s start with the current best-selling franchise in all of gaming: Call of Duty. The best console-specific data I could find for the series of late was first-month sales statistics for Black Ops released by NPD back in 2010. Apparently the game sold 8 million copies on the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined and less than 400,000 on the PC. Even if the unreported digital sales on the PC were ten times as strong as those at retail, and assuming that PC piracy added another 50 percent on top of legitimate downloads, that would still mean there were roughly four console players using a controller for every three playing the PC version in the game’s first month. That adds up to a deficit of millions of people for the mouse-and-keyboard crowd, and one that’s likely compounded by other Call of Duty games.”

Obviously Orland’s maths here is entirely fictional. But let’s play long with it. It’s critical to understand that the stated 400,000 really is just those sold at retail, into a PC market in the US and UK that’s strongly dominated by online sales (either by design or necessity, since finding a PC copy of a game in a shop is quite the trial). It’s reasonable to imagine it represents just a fraction of the real sales, so let’s go along with the guesses. Without piracy, we’ve got the PC representing, er, half the sales of the consoles combined. So that would be a roughly even split, a third each. (I’m sure that’s not realistic, but hey, these are the numbers being used to prove the PC is irrelevant to shooters!) Tack on our piracy and we’ve now got a huge majority of FPS players choosing the PC over either the 360 or the PS3. Even allow the two consoles to be added together, to truly get a representation of the methods of controls, and the estimate here is that 3 out of every 7 players is on mouse/keyboard. 43%. Almost half. And that’s despite everything mentioned above regarding the mainstream explosion of the console. Good grief, the PC is a massive force in FPS, and the Bungie comments couldn’t be more wrong! I’d say with this information, it’s pretty damned hard not to argue with Jones.

Orland continues with Battlefield 3. 8 million on the consoles, “just” 3.1m on the PC. So, once again, barely any difference between the PC and either console, and again, a massive portion of sales going to the keyboard brigade. But it seems we’re being told that the only sensible message for EA to take from this is that should just write off 28% of their overall sales of the game, and abandon this lost cause. Next is BioShock. A million on PC. 2.2m on consoles. Yup, same again then. And apparently both Left 4 Deads selling 5 million on PC, and 6 million on both consoles, means “the PC version lost out yet again.”

I’m bemused by this! Outselling either console by a couple of million (assuming an even split) is a failure. It’s proof that Jason Jones is correct to say that no one plays on mouse/keyboard any more (if indeed he actually said that). It’s… huh? Things get rather more ridiculous when it’s attempted to demonstrate that platform specific games are doing so much worse on PC, because only 70,000 were playing TF2 yesterday, but Halo 4 had 75,000. Um, Team Fortress 2 (as well as being a cross-platform game, but never mind) came out on PC five and a half years ago. Halo 4 came out three months ago. And the PC’s TF2 is still basically matching it for concurrent players?! Orland then goes even more bonkers, and compares an average day on Steam for Counter-Strike and CS:GO with the launch days of Gears Of War 2 and 3.

“Yes, these games are “third-person” shooters,” he adds in parentheses, “and may have dropped off significantly post launch, but the data argues a similar point.” The point that this is a hatchet job against PC? Counter-Strike has 100,000 on an average day, and Gears Of War only managed triple that on its launch day, and has dropped off significantly – and that argues a similar point? Buh!

The article concludes by stating that this is proof that the PC has been overtaken by consoles for FPS. Um, everyone already knew that. What with the Call Of Duty franchises on consoles shifting more boxes than DHL. The argument made at the beginning was that the PC is getting “less and less important”. But the figures dredged for this argument seemed to only demonstrate it to be on par with either console, and representing a massively larger force in the industry than even we had assumed. This data argues that not only is the mouse/keyboard offering a third of all FPS controls, but in fact demonstrates far more longevity as a way to play than the console can offer.

So yes, Orland’s closing arguments are completely true. “The PC is no longer automatically the most lucrative platform for a serious first-person shooter.” But no one had suggested otherwise, nor suggested otherwise for many years. Activision’s billions from CoD haven’t left anyone in any doubt about where the FPS makes the most money. That wasn’t the argument being made by Jones, it wasn’t the contention people had taken with his words, and it certainly doesn’t demonstrate some terrible decline for the PC that means it’s no longer a significant factor in the FPS market. If Bungie wants to sacrifice 30% of the total money it could make from Destiny, it’s welcome to. PC gamers have coped without a number of series that would have made publishers vastly more rich if they’d not been so stupid as to be console only. They’ll carry on doing so. But let’s stop pretending that the PC’s in some sort of trouble, or that nonsense like Jones’s statement carries any validity. It’s very, very easy to argue with his words, as rather helpfully the numbers found by Ars so neatly demonstrate. The PC certainly isn’t “losing the market”.


  1. Muzman says:

    Back in the day, the appearance of the Xbox and Halo caused developers and publishers to quake in their boots, drop everything and run to console or cross platform development and declare out loud that ‘consoles are the future’. This caused all kinds of trouble and a hell of a lot of shitty games, really.
    Before that consoles and PCs never really seemed to be in direct competition and sort of occupied their own domains fairly happily (they probably were in competition really, but it didn’t seem so direct. The Xbox and Bungie made itself very clear that it was here to take over. That gaming itself was rightfully theirs. They were practically dropping leaflets from bombers pre invasion, and people fell over themselves to surrender. )

    This is basically the same thing again. The power of the consoles as a platform has started to wane, so in the lead up to the next generation all this talk is the leaflet drop pre Money Blitzkreig 2.
    I wonder if it’ll work this time (there’s clearly a couple of willing propagandists to tell us about the natural superiority of the master platform already).

  2. Thiefsie says:

    And this is why Valve needs to release Steam sales data…

  3. Eddy9000 says:

    Isn’t it just that gamepad or M@KB will be best if the game is designed around them? I mean I wouldn’t play quake 3 with a gamepad because it requires twitch reactions, but the immeadiacy of the buttons and nessecary limitation on turn speed in Dark Souls makes M@KB a clear loser.
    Games are designed differently around different controllers, I think it’s impossible to qualitatively say that M@KB is generally superior just because it offers better cursor accuracy when this accuracy isn’t a factor in many games. To be honest twitch accuracy is a less interesting mechanic for me than say reading the environment and strategic positioning a la Dishonoured, so if desiging games around gamepad drives more of this then I’m all for it.

  4. zeekthegeek says:

    Contrary to RPS, Bungie have not ruled out PC in the least. link to

    • Thiefsie says:

      That’s just bullshit PR talk, kind of how they were saying Bioshock was lead developed on the PC etc etc (or was that another game??? I can’t remember) – regardless it came out months later that they were flat out lying or at best withholding the truth to make it seem that people were getting what they wanted.

    • mrmalodor says:

      That’s just a polite way of telling PC users to fuck off.

  5. uh20 says:

    its hard for me to put a standing on this subject.
    obviously keyboard/mice is still massive, so it would be retarded to ignore it.

    but at the same time, in some creeping incremental amount, we are coming up with stuff to replace the old typewriter everyday.

    on the subject that p.c. gaming is degrading as a whole, no. the reason why it looks like this is because PC’s are starting to look like consoles (great examples being the piston and computer-tablets)

  6. tomeoftom says:

    Wow. The Ars Technica journo is excruciatingly stupid.

  7. Alexandros says:

    New consoles are coming out, so of course we’re going to have to hear all about “PC gaming dying” again. I do hope that people wisened up after the last time this happened and will be able to ignore all the bullshit “articles” like the Ars one.

    • MajorManiac says:

      I do wonder if anyone has tallied up how many times the PC is supposed to have died now.

      I can remember at least two times before this.

  8. Borisvdb says:

    I’d like to see the statistics on how much money a f2p fps such as TF2 and PS2 make from microtransactions vs the sales of Halo and COD.

  9. MOKKA says:

    Hmm, a new bunch of consoles are about to get announced and the frequency of ‘PC Gaming is dead/irrelevant/eats babies’-articles rises. I wonder if there is a correlation…

  10. Arithon says:

    Bungie’s comments just display staggering amounts of arrogance and ignorance.
    Using a controller is like driving wearing oven-gloves. Keyboard and mouse give more options and greater precision. FPS cannot be played on a controller without massive adaptation (like autoaim).
    By their twisted reckoning nobody needs sunshine since the light-bulb was invented. One might serve the same function as the other, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.
    They’ve clearly been drinking their own kool-aid. Bunch of numpties.

  11. roryok says:

    Without piracy, we’ve got the PC representing, er, half the sales of the consoles combined. So that would be a roughly even split, a third each.

    Or to put it another way, gamepad users outnumber keyboard users 2:1

  12. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    I’m living in a parallel universe here, where there are lot of “point n click” adventure games, where mouse and lots of keys are used for many games, where the Xbox 360 controller has been the worst purchase I’ve made in these years as I don’t find it comfortable at all (even playing GRID). So, well, regards from Fauxsingson.

  13. Heliocentric says:

    *6 months later*
    Clever girl
    *gets eaten*

  14. Mario Figueiredo says:

    What’s sad about all this is that we had someone clearly invested in console gaming speak absolute nonsense, followed by a site that doesn’t specialize in gaming news backing it up.

    Sometimes I wouldn’t wish to be in the shoes of a gaming journalist. Having to come up with a well constructed retort to this feels much like giving certain people (Jason Jones included) more importance than they should deserve.

  15. Crosmando says:

    Who the fuck cares about FPS?

    Let them casual morons all go to consoles, good riddance.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Yeah, screw casual morons, some of us put a lot of effort into it.

  16. simulant says:

    More proof of quality problems at Ars.

  17. HyenaGrin says:

    It’s funny, I’ve often said I’d play more console games if they’d just put in K+M support. Controllers are comfortable for platformers, and maybe better for racing/driving/flying games (maybe), but for just about everything else? I feel like I’m fighting against the controller.

    Why don’t they support K+M? We often see controller support in PC games, but never vice versa. I assume they are aware of the controller/keyboard performance gap and don’t want people to feel like they need to use a mouse to compete with others using the same console.

  18. El_Emmental says:

    Producers of developers and publishers should stop talking directly to their shareholders and potential investors in interviews actually read by their consumers. It’s misleading and blurring the intended message.

    If your project doesn’t include a PC release, and you’re afraid investors will think you’re lazily staying with the “old” PS3/360 market (going slower) and rather than betting on the growing PC/mobile market…

    … and you know the investors aren’t convinced yet by the next generation of consoles (PS4, third Xbox), or just don’t know about it yet,

    please keep the BS speech outside of the press aimed at gamers and talk down the PC/mobile market at fancy dinners/press conference aimed at investors-only.

  19. Shooop says:

    ” And apparently both Left 4 Deads selling 5 million on PC, and 6 million on both consoles”

    … And apparently both Left 4 Deads selling 5 million on PC, and 6 million on both consoles

    Both consoles. Which means the PC did really, really damn good if you actually consider those numbers with that fact.

  20. grenadeh says:

    Is the industry honestly perpetuating this ludicrous discussion?

    Let’s look at the facts. Console games sell more copies because people, to this today, continue to be technologically illiterate, and continue to believe misconceptions about computers. For example, “Gaming PCs are expensive.”
    No they aren’t. You can use a 3 year old computer at this point in time to run Far Cry 3, BF3, Crysis 3, and any other game at maximum graphics without suffering in performance.
    “But how does I do things?” That one is true, people are too retarded to use computers and everyone who works in IT knows that. It’s easier for the kids and the bros to play CoD on their stupid Xbox than on a real machine, and cheaper, so that’s why you see so many sales on console, among other reasons.

    I play both. I have Wii, PS3, 360, and computers. I don’t play shooters on console because it’s moronic – there is no debate of M/KB versus control sticks. Even in Doom where you could only turn left and right, keyboard was still more efficient than a controller.

    MS and Sony, and subsequently the rest of everyone, will find that if they release some actual USB functionality for their consoles to recognize mouse and keyboard, that a shit ton of people would switch to those controls specifically for FPS – not that the inputs would be recognized as well.