And Hey, There’s A Death Inc. Demo Today

Intrigued by how plague ’em up god-game Death Inc. will work? Intriguerate no longer! The Kickstarting strategy has released a demo, which you should (I am writing this before it’s actually gone live, so finger’s crossed, eh?) be able to get your hands on it here. Have a play! I mean why wouldn’t you?

For a little more, why not have a look at some videos, or read our interview with Ambient’s Mr Hopper?


  1. Uglycat says:

    Ran a bit slow on my lappy on low graphics, but I thoroughly enjoyed that.

    • DeVadder says:

      Mine managed 1600*900 at ‘fantastic’ without the slightest hick-up.
      For me it runs pretty well and fluid, seeing how early a version that is. And it is really really cute. ^^
      The pathpainting also works very well. It is just that when i play a RTS, i want to control exactly where my guys are and preferably where they are facing and what they are shooting. So i fear this game is not for me, despite looking and feeling quite well.

      • Uglycat says:

        Hm, tried it on ‘Fantastic’ settings and it was equally slow so I wonder whether my lappy is swapping properly to the graphics card.

  2. baby snot says:

    The longer you hold the attract key the higher the castell (would be awesome if this was intentional).

  3. flashmanandy says:

    @uglycat it most likely not optimised to your drivers/ rig hence the pre-alpha stage

    Totally awesome

  4. somnolentsurfer says:

    Was playable at highest settings in native resolution on my HD 4000 based MacBook Pro. And it has proper Mountain Lion full screen support, so I can swipe in and out of it while it’s running. I’m impressed.

    It’s short, and I didn’t need to use anything other than the pink line to beat the demo level, but looks interesting. Really hope it gets made.

    • riverman says:

      I’m on a late 2012 13″ baseline and it lags to the point that I can’t really enjoy it

  5. johnki says:

    I played it on highest settings at 1080p on my AMD Radeon HD 6870. It slowed the slightest bit at times but ran smooth overall.

    The demo was a bit too straightforward. It’s just a taste of gameplay and all, I know, but it could have done well to at least require use of some of the other command types.

    It’s also a bit glitchy. My command line disappeared into the hill that the nobleman was on.

    Oh and then there’s the AI that will eternally run after a command line even if that line is in a place they can’t reach. I lost parts of my army at times and later found them running into the back of this house or that fence.

    At this point, it’s interesting but I’m not sure I’m convinced.

  6. somnolentsurfer says:

    Played through it again and got a few men stuck inside a fence with no gate. Not quite sure how I managed that.

    Am I right in thinking the count in the top to right is the total number of deaths? I feel like I should be aiming to keep that as low as possible.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      The top-right number is total collected souls. When you reach the end of the level all your current guys die and you can then collect their souls as well.

      It only means if you’ve got deaths before the end of the level your troops are less than they could’ve been for the subsequent fights. And if you miss some people you can’t cash in their souls for research, etc.

      • somnolentsurfer says:

        Ah, so in the full game I’d want it as low as possible during the level, but as high as possible once the level’s over? But in the single level demo, it doesn’t make much difference?

  7. Zepp says:

    Game about diseasing and killing people? Disgusting.

  8. PatrickSwayze says:

    I really didn’t want to kickstart anything but this looks like it will be super duper fun.

    The art style won me over instantly.

    Really, more devs need to demo when it comes to kickstarter.

    Legend of Dungeon did a demo and I backed that to a serious amount.

  9. aksyn says:

    This is great fun :) Would be nice to be able to zoom out a little bit further and the path finding’s a little bit wonky (sometimes the victims don’t seem to “smell” the nearby path), but I played it a few times and love the art, controls and general direction the game is going in.

  10. jrodman says:

    Unfortunately the demo convinces me that it’s what I feared. A simplified RTS with a clumsy control mechanism.

    A simplified RTS might be fine indeed, but the painting seems, while thematically interesting, a poor method to control your mans.