Gong Show: Audience Vote Open For GDC & IGF Awards

When it comes to award ceremonies, there aren’t many to take seriously. But with all its internal and external fighting, perhaps those at the annual Game Developers Conference tend to hold the most weight. We’re talking relatively, here. Both the Game Developers Choice Awards, and the Independent Games Festival Awards are given away on the Wednesday evening of the week, this year falling on the 27th March. Both ceremonies now have an Audience Award, and you can begin orchestrating elaborate ways to fix those votes now.

It also means it’s time to play: How Many Games In The IGF Audience Award Can’t Actually Be Played By The Audience?!

This is the first year the rather silly GDC Awards will have an audience vote, letting you – the dirty public – pick a game from the overall list of finalists, and have it win some plastic. You can do that here. There’s a big long list to choose from, and they are (draws breath):

Spec Ops: The Line, Assassin’s Creed III, Far Cry 3, ZombiU, Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, Journey, The Walking Dead, FTL, Kid Icarus: Uprising, PlanetSide 2, Gravity Rush, Hero Academy, Trials: Evolution, Sound Shapes, Fez, Mark Of The Ninja, Dust, The Unfinished Swan, Borderlands 2, Th Room, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Virtue’s Last Reward, Mass Effect 3, Dishonored, and Halo 4.

Come on, let’s all vote for Fez – that would be hilarious.

The more familiar IGF Audience Award has a far more esoteric bunch to pick from, although as is more frequently the case, the same names appearing in both lists. (Although not Fez, for the first time in 25 years.) You can cast a vote here. And the choices are…

140, 7 Grand Steps, Bad Hotel, Bientot l’Ete, Cart Life, dys4ia, FTL, Gone Home, Guacamelee!, Hotline Miami, Incredipede, Intrusion 2, Kentucky Route Zero, LiquidSketch, Little Inferno, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, MirrorMoon, Perspective, PixelJunk 4am, Samurai Gunn, Spaceteam, StarForce, Starseed Pilgrim, Super Hexagon, Super Space _____, Thirty Flights Of Loving, VESPER 5, and Year Walk.

And how many of these aren’t available to the audience casting these votes? Well, there’s Drinkbox’s Guacamelee, Asteroid Base’s Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, Simogo’s Year Walk, Beau Blyth’s Samurai Gunn, Jeppe Carlsen’s 140, The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home, and Mousechief Co’s 7 Grand Steps. Seven of them. A quarter of the games in the vote. So why not pick one of those games you haven’t and can’t play? Good times.

You’ve got until the 1st March to figure out how to get your improbable choice to the top spot.


  1. baby snot says:

    7 Grand Steps demos and you can buy the beta.

  2. yogibbear says:

    Virtue’s Last Reward!!! IT IS AMAZING! Just playing it now. (picked up 3DS recently) Shame these types of games don’t make it to PC. :(

    • AmazingFly says:

      It’s a visual novel, there is a whole library of those on PC. You could read ever17 since it’s the same writer and all. I find the line between games and VNs too thin to be on a game awards list and Virtue’s Last Reward is just enough game I guess.

      • Deano2099 says:

        VLR has a huge number of puzzle sections, to the point where it’s probably 50/50 game/novel. Plus there are puzzle elements in the story itself – the game gives you a flow chart of all the possible story branches and you can skip around at will, using knowledge from some branches to unlock things in others.

        And then it gets weird.

        It’s one of, if not the, greatest stories every told in gaming. Purely because it would be impossible to do via any other medium.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      Is it better than 999? I just acquired that and look forward to putting my portable gaming time in (after I finally finish Peace Walker so I can attend the damn Ground Zeroes GDC session).

  3. SpiceTheCat says:

    What’s a persistent game (see the first para on the GDC page)? One that continually nags you until you play it to shut it up? Or one that just hangs around?

  4. jonbro says:

    Year Walk will be coming out tomorrow if you want to wait.

    Looking forward to indie games continuing to take over the GDC awards again this year.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      I’d not heard of it at all before now. I’m intrigued.

  5. Yosharian says:

    I voted for Dust and Hotline Miami respectively. FTL almost pipped Dust but I had a lot more actual fun with Dust, FTL was just too brutal for my tastes (although the music and visuals were sublime).

  6. Splode says:

    I was torn between Hotline Miami and FTL, both of which kept me from madness when I had no internet for 6 weeks. FTL won out, just.

    Hotline Miami was a better game most of the time, but the boss battles and crashes were SO FRUSTRATING.

  7. MOKKA says:

    Super Hexagon!

  8. Lambchops says:

    Oh IGF, you silly thing you.

    Narrowly voting for FTL over Super Hexagon.

  9. derella says:

    It’s great to see Kentucky Route Zero on there! Can’t wait for the next episode :)

  10. Tunips says:

    Wait, The Unfinished Swan is out now? And only on Playstation? Alack! Alas! Grumble!
    That was a tech demo I very much wanted to see more of. Curse you Sony, stealing up Everyday Shooter and ThatGameCompany and now this.

    • _Nocturnal says:

      If it’s any consolation, Everyday Shooter is actually available on Steam right now. Sadly, it has been there since 2008 and I can’t say I remember seeing it in any of the big sales, daily deals, etc.

      • Oozo says:

        Pretty sure I got Everyday Shooter in a Steam-sale, albeit a good while ago. (It’s still a marvelous game just for zoning out every once in a while, the music and what it does with it is all kinds of great.)

        • Tunips says:

          Indeed, I’ve play and loved it (and been so very bad at it). But the year or so of looking at it forlornly after the windows IGF build I played at the art gallery was utterly miserable.
          In fact, the PC version is a little worse than the ps3. You only get 8 angles of movement/fire -even with a gamepad – as opposed the full analog control on the TV-box.

  11. Corporate Dog says:



    Dammit! This is how Paul LePage got elected.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Hotline Miami, Super Hexagon or FTL. There’s an unbearable decision right there.

  13. DK says:

    Spec Ops: The Line should win because it’s a game that every shooter devs needs to play every time they put yet another stupid macho hero moment or clearly evil mustache twirling bad guy into their game.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      But it wasn’t, for the most part, very interesting to play. So it didn’t get my vote.

      • x1501 says:

        Frankly, I didn’t find the story very interesting either. I can see why some people might like it, but for me the disconnect between the gameplay and any supposed moral dilemmas of the linear narrative was just too great to make it meaningful in any way. I also fully agree with this:

        It would also be an overstatement to call it profound: in any other medium such themes would hardly be revelatory, and although The Line is a thoughtful and well-intentioned game, the level of its writing is carefully engineered to be accessible to those expecting a brainless bullet exchange.

        As for the game itself, it was another thoroughly mediocre scripted corridor shooter and arguably one of the least creative games of the year. Not very interesting to play at all; not worthy of any awards either.

      • DK says:

        It was the best entry of the entire genre. And it didn’t even have to be.

        Also, it’s supposed to have a disconnect between the gameplay and the theme. That’s it’s whole point. War is not fun, but the simplistic big bidget shooters act like it is – The Line twists genre conventions like a knife in the average CoD-bros gut, with everything from using the same voice actors to starting the game off in foreign country shooting brown people for no reason. If you can’t see why the gameplay, setting and story progression is important you probably didn’t get it.

  14. tikey says:

    Where is Frog Fractions?!
    I demand an answer!