Face War Men Of: Call To Arms Gets Some Footage

Those meticulous fellows at DigitalMindSoft have released several minutes of footage of the tiny men of Call To Arms doing war in destructible maps. As we might well have anticipated, the game looks a lot like the Men Of Wars, on which it based. Still a bit of a way to go, judging by this, but I am keen to get my hands on this, because these kinds of fiddly RTS games are too few and far between.

Also: Tanks! BRING ME TANKS!

A little surprised they didn’t bother to get a developer narration over this – we could do with a bit more of a live overview of what’s going on and how DigitalMindSoft have developed the engine.

As we’ve mentioned a few times they company are doing a crowd fund-raiser that is, well… slow going. I suspect we’re all going to want to see this hit the heights already achieved by the likes of Assault Squad before we’re going to want to put our money in.


  1. Askeladd says:

    I saw some barrels there, why didn’t he shoot them?

    • wolfinexile says:

      There is actually another video on their youtube page where they’re doing just that.

  2. sventoby says:

    Men of War is awesome. I hope this game makes playing a bit stealthier more feasible as a strategy. I’d love to be able to rely on ambushes, roadside bombs, sniping, etc. UberTanks take the fun and especially the balance out of the later stages of MoW games.

  3. birds says:

    The Men of War games where good titles. But i hope they refine the gameengine some more. Older MoW Games crippled themselfs with more units on the battlefield. Even with a good pc you had very very bad frame drops….

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Will their next promotional picture be that same tank yet again?

    • Gap Gen says:

      It’s a very pretty tank. But sure, would be nice to have some different customisation options, like the ability to steal hats from other tanks, or earn some epic mounts for your tanks. Maybe some custom tank taunts, too. You could kit out a tank house, go on dates with other tanks and raise a tank family. Level up your tank’s charisma and constitution, learn some new spells. Maybe they could even record two sets of dialogue so you could play a femtank.

      Actually, what is a tank? I forgot.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Wait! Waitwaitwait. It’s very attracktive!

        Because tanks have tracks. I think. Or is that dolphins?

  5. Snargelfargen says:

    This looks really interesting and reminds me of what I wished Company of Heroes had been. What Men of War game should a newbie start with?

    • Arona Daal says:

      Multiplayer : Assault Squad (MP mainly,SP is Skirmish only)
      Singleplayer : Men of War (Several Campaigns)

      Also there are the Prequels :
      Soldiers: Heroes of World War II = Meh
      Face of War = OKish

      There is two Sequels ,one as Red Army only (Rockhard,small Teams mainly)
      and a Vietnam War one (No Idea,but lukewarm Reviews).

      • wengart says:

        Vietnam is pretty bad. The other game that came out… Forgotten Heroes? is decent. The campaign is pretty close to the original MOW, but it is has some bugs.

    • wengart says:

      I would say Men of War. It should be pretty cheap now and has a bunch of solid single player content.

      MOW: Assault Squad is more refined but lacks a good singe-player campaign. Although skirmishes are quite a bit of fun, even when played by yourself.

      Men of War and then Assault Squad

    • Cirno says:

      You should definitely try MoW: Red Tide. It only has a soviet campaign but the plot and missions are really nice, it also has enough missions to enjoy unlike vietnam (which you shouldnt try now because its more like a bonus to MoW series, and feels… different to say the least). The downside is that it lacks MP and coop (though the latter can be fixed (wtih some bugs) if you use original MoW files), still its my favorite game of the series.

      As for other games, original MoW is pretty long, has coop and should probably be the first game to play, Faces of War uses an older engine so you might want to skip it (for now), as for condemned heroes – avoid, because even though it has some enjoyable (last few) missions it seems that developers who made it were lazy and decided to fill 2/3 of the campaign with some half-baked maps to make the campaign look bigger, and those maps are not only boring but have nothing to do with the theme of that game.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Thanks, guess I’ll start with the first and see how things go. I’m more interested in single-player, but who knows.

  6. Arona Daal says:


    Nah, Lets hope this Time around we dont have to resupply and re-hat every soldier manually all the friggin Time.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      You, sir, are a lunatic of the highest order.

      The re-hatting of soldiers is integral to the entire experience. Why, without it, you might as well be playing Starcraft. I’ve been known to place soldiers in grave peril for the sake of an officer’s hat.

      I have summoned a constable to remove you to Bedlam. There you can decry hatting and howl at the moon away from decent folk.

    • wengart says:

      I would love a scrounge ammo command.

    • Chickenfeed says:

      I would definately love to have an auto resupply/loot button to reduce the annoyance of having to resupply 12 guys at once.

      That said, hat collection is on of the more important parts of Men of War. Ensuring that the Fancy Hat is always being worn by one of my guys leads to some hilarious events, and competeting for the fanciest hat on multiplayer makes for some very nice CTF style play.

      • Geen says:

        Yes! Yes so hard! I decorate my heroes and the survivors of suicide mission in the finest headgear that bullets can buy. One generic soldier, Thomas Somethingorother, was the gunner of a jeep until it took an AP shell to the driver, leaving him the only survivor and the truck down a wheel as well as being on fire. He proceeded to crawl from behind a tree he was thrown behind, and grab the 50 cal. off the back of the ruined truck, and fought his way through building filled with at least 15 enemy soldiers to toss a heavy German anti-armor grenade at an enemy heavy tank. The grenade landed INSIDE the goddamn hatch, and the entire turret went flying. He survived, had a medic patch him up, and then, as a reward for his heroism, was awarded with the cap of a freshly incinerated German officer whose driver decided to drive a motorbike over a landmine. and joined my unique story people in their kickass tank to replace the gunner who had taken half a dozen bullets to his shamefully uncovered forehead, steamrolling the entire level and driving through a few walls.

  7. Bushcat says:

    The original was still the best.Very well balanced,just when you thought a level was done you had to defend an objective with what you had,or had stolen!
    Playing Arma 2 In the Editor in RTS mode commanding a company..This game would be great if it was like this.It would rule if it had a great editor like Arma 2 and a Community built up around it easily,could be a winner.
    The roofs look very Italian not middle eastern?

    • wolfinexile says:

      The buildings are not new, they’re placeholders from their past Men of War games.

  8. Kevin says:

    Really hope they get enough money so that they don’t skimp on the voice acting and unit dialogue like the Men of War guys do.

  9. kulik says:

    Sorry to tell this, but to me it is basically MoW in modern setting all over again with cosmetic changes to general gameplay.
    Wargame stuck between realism and arcade. Don’t get me wrong, i loved MoW as well as Mow:AS, but i’d say it is time to move on.
    I’m not implying that they should start a new game from scratch, but why not, for instance, use the engine (a fine one i must say) for a turn based tactical game.

    • wolfinexile says:

      So…. what exactly are you trying to tell them to move on from?

      Starting in a new setting means that they have to recreate most if not all the art assets from scratch. And they did mention things like weapon attachments will make a noticeable impact on gameplay, a feature which isn’t present in any current or past Men of War games.

      As far as I care, they’ve taken a step in the right direction with Call to Arms instead of rehashing the tired WW2 setting yet again.

      And saying that the engine should be used to make a turn-based tactical game is pretty ignorant. Game engines are purpose built, you can’t just simply convert it into something its not built for.

      • kulik says:

        Well, exactly, they have to recreate all assets just for the sake of setting. And the core gameplay stays the same. …too much energy spend in wrong direction.
        Weapon attachments, really? The game is micromanaging hell already.

        The setting is all cool i guess, personally, i don’t care all that much about setting, as long as the gameplay is good and feels new.

        I don’t know anything about engines and coding, sorry. I was trying to say that they could keep some assets, for the new game to save them some work.

        The point is, from Soldiers:HoWW2, made in 2004, the core of gameplay is still the same, and, at least to me, it is getting tedious to a point where i probably wont buy their new game. …my opinion.

    • Jimbo says:

      I keep posting this in any story related to the Men of War games, but a party-based RPG in a dynamic / physicsy engine like this would be something really fresh and potentially amazing.

      I wanna throw a fireball into field of corn and set the whole place on fire, or summon a massive stone golem and use it as moving cover to get my warrior close enough to fuck up some archers, or hop in a captured catapult to smash a hole through the side of a castle rather than taking on the group at the gate, etc. etc. So much potential with this engine.

  10. knofc says:

    If they made an X-COM version of this i would play the ever living hell out of it.

  11. Scissors says:

    I see they are going with the stupid flag capturing again. Whats wrong with two armies clashing and one winning, like in the original Men of War? Virtually no one played battle zones mode, combat is where its at.

  12. studenteternal says:

    That did not look like men of war at all! Every-time I have played, I carefully maneuver my squad of guys directly into a soldier I did not see hiding behind some bushes and get them all slaughtered in one medium long burst of machine-gun fire. Maybe they were playing with cheats turned on.

    • Geen says:

      They were using invincibility. The HP bars appear near the soldiers when they get hit, and the bars in the video were always full.