Play Gratuitous Space Battles For Free This Weekend

I know many of you will be spending the weekend tending to your winter-blasted shoots as you celebrate the feast day of Serenus the Gardener, or perhaps remembering Red Army Day by engaging in tabletop recreations of the Battle of Kiev or, for the more ambitious, Operation Bagration. Commendable pastimes, I’m sure, but if the dusty red blocks that represent Soviet armoured divisions are lost in the attic, or Serenus’ spirit is locked in the frozen turf, then you may be interested to hear that Gratuitous Space Battles is free to play on Steam until Sunday 9PM GMT.

Imagine you played the game and fell in love with it and then feared the time when your weekend together would be over. What then? Well, if you enjoy the planning and plotting then you can buy the game for £2.99 during the free period, or pay £3.49 for the complete package with loads of DLC.

You can also Blop a Cod (two) without paying a penny this weekend and the latest in fish-person shooting is retailing at 33% off its regular price throughout the weekend. I decided to read a bit about cods just now and learned about cod worms. I really wish I hadn’t and I suggest you avoid clicking on that link by applying all of your not inconsiderable willpower.


  1. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    sadly, that complete package is not really the complete package. that’d be an awesome deal. This way it’s still a very cool deal, which I own already.

    • greenbananas says:

      So, you’re saying that Gratuitous isn’t actually gratuito?

    • Smarag says:

      How is it not the complete package? It does include all DLC doesn’t it?

      edit: ah I see, parasites and outcasts are not included.

  2. adonf says:

    Last time I tried to check one of these Call of Honor games during a free weekend on Steam it was only for the multi-player part. Of course they don’t tell you this until after you’ve downloaded all 8 GB of the game.

    • x3m157 says:

      Says in my library that it’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Multiplayer

  3. pupsikaso says:

    Man how old is this game and that guy keeps peddling it. Why doesn’t he make some new games already?

    • cliffski says:


      And working on Democracy 3 right now…

    • BubuIIC says:

      You know, because it’s quite good? Also the last update (which added a sort of real time control to the battles) was released 3 or so month ago or so. the newest DLC shortly thereafter.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      What’s the problem with someone trying to keep an older game in the public eye? I mean, the game is still there and available for those interested. He might like people to know of all his games rather than the latest ones. And he has bills to pay.

      I mean, is that so wrong? If it annoys you (for whatever reason) feel free to let it pass you by.

  4. BubuIIC says:

    The game is really great in my opinion. If you have any interest in tinkering with your ship designs and in the tactical battle setup, you should really give this a shot. And it looks really stunning also.

  5. Eich says:

    And don’t forget to check out the mods guys! ;)

  6. Cytrom says:

    One of the best things i used to like in space games is how much more 3 dimensional they were than any other kind of game, or even our daily real life where we only really move in 2 dimensions considering the grand scheme of things.. unless you can fly and live in a city that was built for people like you.

    I just don’t see the point of a space strategy.. thing, that is 2d.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      The game mechanic in GSB wouldn’t be significantly altered by the addition of a 3rd dimension. For starters, you don’t get to fly around, in any dimension. It’s a strategy game about configuring fleet composition and behaviour

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      If you want a space combat game, play Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It’s awesome.

      If you want a space-themed military disaster simulator, play Gratuitous Space Battles. It, too, is awesome. I particularly enjoy screaming at the screen when my frigate wing, acting according to my precise orders, moves out of the perfect position to cover the heavies for a measured assault, to go engage the enemy heavies head-on.

      • Kamos says:

        Nexus really is a gem of a game, and it seems (to me) that it just never got the appreciation it deserved. Too bad.

        I love Cliffski’s games, but I never really got into GSB. Maybe I’m just stupid, but I never really felt like I was making informed decisions with the ship designs. Sure I’d change stuff, and I’d try different designs, but I mostly won battles by brute force. I was thinking once that it would have made a great turn-based game – it reminds me a lot of Master of Orion 2’s battles.

        • Spengbab says:

          I couldn’t handle Nexus, gave up after 5 or so missions.

          Been playing GSB since the start of the free weekend. I absolutely love the graphical style, it’s clean yet meaty at the same time. Still, I can’t help but feeling that there’s always just 1 winning strategy for a map. It’s the perfect game to just try a few times and then give it the ol’ alt-F4 out of frustration.

    • yourgrandma says:

      I highly recommend starsector (used to be known as spacefarer). There is a lot of strategy crammed into the 2d plane on this one. link to

  7. Henke says:

    Is this anything like FTL? I love FTL. I have Gratious Space Battles already(got it in some bundle) but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.

    • Ergates_Antius says:


    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Nah. It’s a game where two fleets face off. You pick your race and choose the ships you want to field plus how they are outfitted, what orders they are given and what the starting formation is. You gain access to more stuff as you go along.

      I believe that one of the last dlc also allows you to participate in the battle once it’s started but I’m not sure. There is a demo out there and you can always do a search for some videos of gameplay on youtube or something.