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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Exceptionally Needy

As is my usual routine, I’ve spent this morning scoping out the best deals on discounted PC entertainment software from around the web, and compiled all the results right here for your convenience. This week you’re being treated to not just some good deals on a variety of games from the past, but also a couple of deals on games from the near future. You can always get the latest on cheap games on all formats, throughout the week, over at Read on for your weekly bargain bucket.Brütal Legend – £8.99/not sure about other regions
Registers on Steam.
A sneaky pre-release discoünt, this is a couple of quid cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else. Brütal Legend certainly took it’s time making it’s way to the PC. Originally released just for consoles in 2009, it’s being given a whole new lease of life on PC this coming Tuesday. I think the cat’s out of the bag now, but this is sort of an RTS. Think of Brütal Legend as being to Sacrifice what Stacking is to Messiah. Whilst Double Fine’s shift to smaller games has clearly enhanced their creativity, I’m also really glad they got this epic production out first, they’ve not done anything on the same scale since.

DLC Quest, Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Lair of the Evildoer & Vertex Dispenser – £3.28/€3.77/$4.97 at time of writing
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here. All except Lair of the Evildoer register on Steam.
This is a redux of an Indie Royale bundle from last year, and it’s a rather good one. Here’s Wot John Thought about Hard Reset:

It looks utterly incredible, and deserves to be lauded for that. With so much going on at any point, it ran like a dream once I’d dropped the anti-aliasing down from an ambitious 8x. The enemy design reveals real talent behind the game, their quirky behaviour and exquisite animation constantly a pleasure. And while the levels are nothing other than a series of beautifully gloomy corridors, they’re just open enough to offer easy searches for secrets, and occasionally small arenas for extended fights.

Jim flavoured thoughts on Vertex Dispenser here too.

Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite & Bioshock 2/Civilization V/Mafia II/Spec Ops: The Line/The Darkness II – £23.99/€37.49/$59.99
Pretty damn good deal here. This is the cheapest preorder price for Bioshock Infinite around at the moment, and you get a copy of the original game, and your choice from five other games. You could pay £6 more to engage in some exceptionally needy marketing by preordering it via Steam in hope that enough other people do the same, and you might get a copy of XCOM. Seems to me that if you’re especially desperate to get XCOM, you’re better off getting the cheaper copy of Bioshock Infinite (with other bonuses) and sticking that £6 in your piggy bank for when XCOM is next discounted. I’ve been deliberately ignoring Bioshock Infinite preview coverage, but it looks like there’s lots of the stuff here. I hope it’s good!
For some reason the US price is higher, but you can opt to either get $15 credit of $14 cash back.

Mass Effect Trilogy – £11.80/€13.65/$17.99
Apply coupon “CAGROCKS”. Registers on Origin.
Here’s all three games, but not all the DLC, from Bioware’s sci-fi soap opera epic. DLC wise you get Bring Down the Sky, Pinnacle Station, the Cerberus Network stuff from ME2 and an online pass for ME3. I’m pretty sure all that DLC except for Pinnacle Station was actually included with the standard release of their respective games, or made a free download afterwards. It’s actually somewhat surprising to me that they’re selling this trilogy incomplete. At a stretch, some sort of discounted bundle of all the DLC that’s available separately would be preferable. Maybe EA know what they’re doing.

Deal of the week
Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition – £7.37/€8.53/$11.24
Apply coupon “CAGROCKS”. Registers on Steam.
Yes, I’m still a wuss and haven’t properly delved into Dark Souls. I fully plan to at some point, but it sounds so scary:

I was trapped for hours, too afraid to go deeper, too weak to ascend. It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling completely lost and doomed to eternal death in a game for a long, long time. Curses, like so many boosts and buffs, do not immediately explain themselves and nor is a solution or purpose directly communicated. Experimentation and exploration are the key to discovery and victory.

It’s really not a perfect port by a longshot, but it’s not absolutely awful. For this price, I think it’s forgiveable, and fingers crossed the sequel will have a better PC port.

Also of note:
Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery – Pay What You Want
Get Loaded Square-Enix promo
War of the Roses – £4.91/€5.68/$7.49. Apply coupon “CAGROCKS”. Registers on Steam.
Pure, Split Second & Tron Evolution – £4.42/€5.11/$6.74. Apply coupon “CAGROCKS”.
NiGHTS into Dreams – £2.45/2.84/$3.74. Apply coupon “CAGROCKS”. Registers on Steam.

For more gaming cheapness, get yourself over to

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