Guilder: Guild Wars 2 Offers Guilds Gilded Guild Missions

ArenaNet made a bunch of handsome noises about their support of the titular guilds of Guild Wars 2 when they brought us their impossibly beautiful subscription-free MMO, and they’re starting to make good on them. Guild missions will be unlockable missions that are part of the guild tech tree – giving the groups more questy content that they can do to bolster their ability to high-five, fist-bump, and all the other things that people do in groups. ArenaNet explain a bit more about this in their video, which is below here.

Do we still have an RPS Guild Wars 2 guild?


  1. Knaarfje says:

    [Unidentified Dye]

  2. Sakkura says:

    If you’re quick, you can get the game at 30% off at the official site.

    • x1501 says:

      If you’re slow, you can get it even cheaper from Amazon (US) in a couple of days. The game will cost $39.99 on Amazon on 2/27-2/28, plus you’ll be able shave another 25% off by entering “CAGROCKS” (1 use per customer) on the checkout page.

      (Saw the promotion elsewhere. I’m not affiliated with Amazon.)

    • LionsPhil says:

      Desperately needs some kind of demo.

      No, I’m not sure how to really do that without risking the ire of the paid-up types with a flood of clueless newbies.

      • Squirrelfanatic says:

        But is has been done before with GW1. That’s how I found my way into the game, there was a free 10-hours trial (I think) where you could run around the world but were not allowed to trade with other players. No idea what the lessons from that were for Arenanet, but it should be doable, as long as they would find a way to prevent the servers from exploding.

      • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

        I wish there was a flood of clueless newbies to the game.

        • Squirrelfanatic says:

          I see new people all the time, it’s awesome. What were you getting at?

          • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

            My post might have appeared bitter, but that’s not what I meant at all. I just wish there was a flood of newbies because it would be fun.

          • Squirrelfanatic says:

            Ah ok. :) We’re getting new people in the guild all the time though, so feel free to … interact.

      • jha4ceb says:

        I’m guessing there won’t be a demo until the initial hype wears off – perhaps in a year.

      • Xanadu says:

        There was a free invite a friend trial weekend back in November. Not sure how it worked out, existing accounts could apply for weekend keys to pass onto friends. I guess this might happen again.

  3. AngoraFish says:

    An excellent addition. While I’ve burned out on this for the moment, this is the kind of content that has the potential to give the game more legs.

    On the other hand, the guild system is broken to the extent that it is thoroughly biased towards mass-participation, all-comers guilds in preference to tighter groups of like-minded players, and this only further entrenches that.

    • Trithne says:

      Step 1: Make it so that you can be a member of multiple guilds, with any of your characters, and can swap characters between guilds freely (basically Guild membership is account-wide), but you are only ‘Representing’ one Guild at a time.

      Step 2: Have a hard limit on the number of members a Guild can have.

      Step 3: Have an ‘Influence’ system, wherein everything a player does while playing earns the Guild a currency that is used to buy the Guild upgrades and powers. The Influence you earn while playing will only go to the Guild you are Representing at the time.

      Step 4: All Guilds that you are a member of can see if you are online, and whether or not you are representing them, so if you aren’t, you’re taking up a Guild slot while not contributing.

      Step 5: Wonder how your amazingly social game ended up with a toxic Guild culture.

      It’s one of several bits of GW2 where you just think “Great idea, but they didn’t really think this all the way through, did they?”

      • waaaaaaaals says:

        You forgot the bit about how the 500 guild limit is half that of the alliance limit from GW1.

        or the bit where there’s no function for telling how long ago a guild member was last online.

        or that you can’t use guesting to play on American servers while European or European servers as an American.

        It’s all rather anti-social for big cross-region guilds who came over from GW1

        Also guild missions have to be researched and are on the WvW benefits tree, even though WvW gets no guild missions. This will cause trouble for small guilds who haven’t worked on that tree because they didn’t need it.

        • LionsPhil says:

          or that you can’t use guesting to play on American servers while European or European servers as an American.

          Oh come on.

          How can developers still not understand that the transoceanic link is actually pretty amazingly good these days and people might have social circles beyond their own garden fence?

          • Squirrelfanatic says:

            Well, they can play on those servers just fine. They can just not guest there, which – granted – is regrettable.

        • Sian says:

          I’m sorry, but I’ll have to correct you on this. Here’s the dev quote you’re likely referring to:
          “Each guild mission type becomes available through an upgrade that is researched in the guild tech tree. The first one is Guild Bounties, which does require Art of War level 5.”

          Now, the February patch contains the following mission types: Bounty, Trek, Challenge, Rush and Puzzle. There are four skill trees. I’m sure at least one of these mission types will be accessible to guilds who haven’t invested in the Art of War tree, especially since Bounty sounds like it belongs in the Art of War tree, but Trek, Rush and Puzzle sure don’t.

  4. jha4ceb says:

    > “Do we still have an RPS Guild Wars 2 guild?”

    Very much so! We’re on Gunnar’s Hold, are very active, and will certainly be running these new guild missions. Come join us!

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Hurra! There is still room on our guild roster (not very much though, I hope they increase the member cap soon).

      Join us and experience:

      – Nice and helpful people to play with!
      – WvW events!
      – Goats!
      – Dungeon runs!
      – Drunken singing on Mumble!
      – DMFs! (you’ll get it when you’re doing WvW with us)

      … and much much more! Check out the GW2 subforum here on RPS!

      • Minsc_N_Boo says:

        Can I get an invite please? I have just replied on the forum thread with my IGN

        I have an unused Guild Influence potion in my inventory that I can pay as a tribute … :-)

        • Squirrelfanatic says:

          No need for tributes, you’ll get the invite for sure. :) Save that influence for a second, personal guild that gives you access to your own guild vault. Right now that is cheaper than buying bank slots with gems.

    • Hunchback says:

      Yes indeed, and the guild is also quite very nice! Lots of decent people, no strain, no bullshit…
      Me and the wife joined the guild when we bought the game for xmas, and we are very happy with it.

    • Suits says:

      I just bought the game yesterday, so I might have to take you up on that.

  5. Kinch says:

    Essentially, I’ve not played GW2 since the Lost Shores flop. Worth it to come back? Have they fixed engineers at least a little bit?

    • jha4ceb says:

      Lost Shores was something of a low point. Events since then have been better. Engineers, however, hrmm. Sigils etc now proc on kits, which is an improvement, but in order to balance that change they nerfed grenade damage.

      • Punchbowled says:

        Grenades were always overrated anyway. Engineer can be so… much…. more……

        /goes off to reinstall game

    • Tasloi says:

      Strange how many people really disliked Lost Shores. I thought it was quite good if abit overly long, certainly had some of the best rewards of any event so far.

      I do find the general lack of decent loot, chest rewards in this game to be quite offputting though. Wonder if my 0 Magic Find gear has a big impact on that. That particular game mechanic really is something to dislike.

      • Kinch says:

        Hated it because it was unplayable for me. I couldn’t get to my home server (Aurora Glade EU) and got stuck on some overflow server, with terrible lag. After many trials and tribulations, finally got disconnected on the isle, unable to log back in. What else… They introduced a gear treadmill, a dungeon that promotes elitism, and temporarily broke the economy by allowing anyone loot very valuable stuff from the Karka even chest.

        • Strand says:

          Don’t forget the bugged spawning of critical quest NPCs!

        • jha4ceb says:

          Rumours of the “gear treadmill” are greatly exaggerated.

          • aliksy says:

            A slow moving treadmill is still a treadmill. They’re adding new, bigger-numbers stuff every few months, and they’re raising the level cap.

          • Squirrelfanatic says:

            aliksy, where do you get that statement of increasing the level cap from? That hasn’t been discussed in the official news as far as I know. Is there a source to quote (honestly interested in this)?

            Also, it has been stated that there won’t be a new tier of equipment in 2013, so I am not sure what this part of your post is about.

          • aliksy says:

            link to
            “But GW2 was designed without those restrictions, and we’ve always expected that we will someday raise the level cap in GW2.” – Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet

            They’re going to release the rest of the Ascended gear in 2013. There’s only rings and amulets currently, I think, but they’re going to do the rest. After that, who knows. They very pointedly left open higher tiers in the future.

      • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

        Magic find doesn’t apply to chests at all, only regular drops.

  6. Morlock says:

    Don’t care about the news (sorry), but posting two news items in a row with images that have the exact same composition (this and the item about Icarus Online) must have been intentional. Am I right, Jim?

    • Tomac says:

      I noticed this too. As i was scrolling down i thought “Wait, what?” and had to look again.

  7. Enkinan says:

    This should be pretty fun, though my guild is more WWW focused. I would prefer new WWW maps and/or the ability to do Guild versus Guild challenges on a smaller map such as a 40 v 40 match of some variant.

  8. aliksy says:

    Kind of wish I was more excited by this, but I’m still burned by them raising the gear cap, and the future level cap increase.

  9. Warskull says:

    Do people still play this game, it felt like more hype than substance. I know the PvP crashed and burned hard. Is the PvE entering the marginalized MMO phase yet?

    • aliksy says:

      Seems like the developers/publishers panicked and added traditional MMO grind instead of working something new in the MMO space.

    • Foosnark says:

      Not at all. (And it kinda sounds like you’re projecting your own opinion of the game.)

      I don’t know what “traditional MMO grind” aliksy is talking about. I haven’t done any grinding in there yet. Or do you mean the completely optional equipment stuff that matters so little to me I don’t even remember what it’s called? Oh, that.

      • Kinch says:

        I really wish they had ditched the concept of leveling and removed levels altogether. They haven’t so people are allowed to talk about the “end-game” – you know, the stuff you do at level cap. And currently, GW2 end-game is mostly a grind – for cosmetic armour, for the FotM gear, for PvP glory, for WvWvW poinless week-in-week-out victories, for “word completion” that changes nothing for you about the world, for professions that are terrible gold sinks, for “legendaries” (that can be bought on the auction house, or could be simply looted from a chest during the Lost Shores event). Feels very grindy and directionless to me. Which is why I stopped playing. Yawn.

        • Squirrelfanatic says:

          Sad to see that you bounced off the game. If you ever feel like coming back, our guild is very much alife and kicking.

      • aliksy says:

        Just because you’re ignoring math doesn’t mean it’s not important.
        Also opportunity costs are a thing. Time the developers spend doing vertical progression crap is time not spend doing something interesting.

  10. Cunning Linguist says:

    This game suckered a lot of people, including myself. What a waste of time. Yeah. it looks pretty.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Not sure how having a lot of fun can be a waste of time.

      • Max.I.Candy says:

        didnt you get the memo?
        ive just returned after a few months break and i am having a great time, but i suppose its all just “a waste of time”.

    • Gers says:

      I enjoyed what I played in the beta but it really is a downward trend starting in the levels around 30. I put a lot of time into guild wars 1 and having this game flagrantly abandon all of what made that game amazing kind of burns.