Loading (Wind)Screen: Disney Infinity Shows Cars Things

Cars might have ruined the visual comprehension of cartoon cars for a generation of kids, but there’s no denying its popularity with tiny humans. A wise choice, therefore, to make it one of the first unveils for Disney’s new game universe online thing. Disney Infinity is a hybird digital and real-world toy system, with different toy sets unlocking stuff in the ‘Toy Box’ area in-game. Cars, as you can see below, is one such set. And hey, it actually looks pretty good. Take a look.

Thanks, VG247.


  1. philbot says:

    This is looking kind of cool, although the “Playsets” from other coverage look pretty gimmicky. On another note… wow that was a lot of platforms to release on at the end of the trailer. Lets hope the PC port fairs well.

  2. int says:

    No Herbie no buy!

  3. rustybroomhandle says:

    Screw Infinity… and beyond!

  4. Dozer says:

    Don’t load the windscreen. Be cautious. Most windscreens are not load-bearing.

  5. Skyhigh says:


  6. Jubaal says:

    Is this actually confirmed for PC as I can see reference to the consoles etc but can’t see anything for the PC? Though it is entirely possible (if not probable) that I missed it!

    • cyrenic says:

      Especially since all of the “locked” content would be immediately unlocked on the PC by players.

  7. SkittleDiddler says:

    They should just call it Disney Marketing and be done with it.

  8. Koozer says:

    I can’t believe that LEGO haven’t jumped on this Skylanders bandwagon yet. Just imagine. Imagine!

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Hate to break it to you but it doesn’t magically scan the physical object then reproduce it in the game. All it does is read the RFID implanted in the toy & activate that in game. It only works with specially created toys.

      Unless you somehow manage to put RFID chips in every single Lego which can also indicate the position in relation to all the other Legos in the thing you put on the scanner, it’s never going to be any use for Lego.

      • Koozer says:

        I meant LEGO selling their kits with codes on/in the packaging. Imagine scanning in your new LEGO city police station and getting a little LEGO dude to run around LEGO City capturing robbers for starters. Each kit you add to your game could add the same virtual bricks to a sandbox creator mode (like the old Creator games, but more expensive!).

    • jonfitt says:

      I can’t believe LEGO produced that lame MMO instead of a Minecraft clone. Or even a partnership, LEGO: Minecraft.
      Mojang could produce a Lego themed total conversion and make all the monies.