Patton The Head: Legends Of War

Legends of War has a peculiar trailer. At just over thirty seconds long, I hoped it would be a video of a computer-generated General Patton flexing and chewing bullets. ‘LEGEND OF WAR’, the title would be written in explosions, and then Old Blood and Guts would drive a tank out of the screen and start doing wheelies all around my flat. Instead, the video denigrates the machines of war, as shell casings tumble from the sky, flaccid and spent. Then, after showing two tanks having a fight, the trailer celebrates the men of war as rigid bullets spurt from side to side. Patton is the player character in Legends of War (you can level him up!), which combines “high-level strategic management (with RPG elements) and a tactical turn-based mode”. From what I can gather it’s a port of a PSP game.

The reviews for the PSP release were strong but I’ll admit I don’t know enough about the quality and availability of strategy games on the system. In a drought, people are pleased by the most brackish water. Here, direct from the press release, is the feature list.

  • 4 Operations, 21 missions, 44 battlefield maps & 36 different types of unit
  • Varied mission types, including attack, infiltration, defence, escort and sabotage.
  • Unique combination of 2 strategy game mechanics: high-level strategic management and turn-based tactics.
  • 44 different battlefield maps consisting of 3 different environments: countryside, snow and cities.
  • 36 different types of units: command infantry, armoured vehicles and aircrafts, special units (including snipers, elite forces and commandos) fighters and bombers.
  • Go Head-to-Head with the Hotseat multiplayer mode.

    1. wodin says:

      Pure arcade fun I hear. Those who buy though expecting a decent wargame with some sort of realism will be disappointed I belive.

      This for me is another miss, someone somewhere do a WW2 game with some detailed turn based combat at individual level. Something like the Sergeants Minis game but on PC and animated. Something with lots of detail and depth and realism please. Or even get hold of the Silent Storm engine which held such promise..but create an actual wargame from it rather than some sort of sci fi game they came up with. I’d even be up for a platoon level game of 30 men…or sod it make it able to go upto a Coy…with a good UI and some automated movement and formation features it could well work. Only micromanaging at the individual level when necessary..even stance could be automated depening on the situation and movement order.

      • Sheng-ji says:

        I’m with you but unfortunately “detailed turn based combat” and “lots of detail and depth and realism” would not attract enough sales to pay for “a good UI” or “the Silent Storm engine”


        • wodin says:

          Sad but true.

        • Spoon Of Doom says:

          I came here to mention Silent Storm, because I loved that game with its destructable houses (but without the Mech thingies, those were a bit silly imho). Now I see that I was ninja’d before I even opened the post. Dammit.

    2. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Wars may be fought with weapons. They may also be fought with harsh words. In extreme cases they may be fought with cephalopods.

    3. WalkableBuffalo says:

      First and only thought
      OMG an ARL 44

    4. Sc0r says:

      All I want is more games like Men of War.
      I just LOVE the concept of vehicles with no health bars. Only armor and modules. Awesome.

    5. Lykurgos says:

      I’ve played the PSP game Patton: Legends of War. If this is a mostly-direct port with enhanced graphics, it is a decent turn-based tactical game.

      There was no strategic layer, except for how you choose to assemble/purchase your Company, bought using prestige earned during missions, but the tactical missions themselves are pretty good. There is a pleasingly diverse range of troops and AFVs with very different skills and the line-of-sight and cover options are credible.

      My PSP sits folorn in a cupboard somewhere, so I welcome this.

    6. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

      But..but, 76 mills can’t penetrate the Tiger II’s frontal Armor! Blasphemy!