Candlelight Is Aglow With A Demo

You might recall that we previously mentioned Candlelight, the game in which you play as, well, a candle? Well, now you can actually see how that works, thanks to an embedded demo just here. (Requires Unity plug-in.) It’s rather pretty, and the candle-burning mechanic is clever. I can see it being deeply unforgiving, however.

The full game is due to appear some time later this year. Trailer below.


  1. DJJoeJoe says:

    This looks very basic.

  2. PleasingFungus says:

    This looks like Astonishingly Generic Indie Platformer #107. Cripes. What a waste of time.

  3. Sleepymatt says:

    I was going to wax lyrical about this game, but having watched the video there’snuffing much to say.

  4. sirdavies says:

    Nice idea, not great execution.