Panicked Sigh: Planetside 2’s Been Hacked, Sorta

This is actually Planetside 1, but don't tell anyone.

As surely as night follows day, as surely as “meh, not a game” comments follow enthusiastic posts about Proteus or Dear Esther, most every big online game will at some point suffer a scary hack. Latest to fall prey to Internet Badmen is SOE’s Planetside 2, or at least the ProSiebienSat EU-run aspect of it. The outsourced operators reckon their encrpytion tech means player details are likely safe, but someone has indeed found a way to access “one of our systems” so players are advised to do the password-changing fandango.

Say they in a public statement, “We have detected that there recently has been unauthorized third-party access to one of our systems. The possibility that your data (Email address and password) has been accessed by an unauthorized third party cannot be excluded. We were able to detect the problem promptly and took all necessary actions to rectify the issue.”

They have mailed everyone they believe might have been affected, but if you want to be on the safe side, you know what to do. Additionally, some accounts have been temporarily suspended in the name of ULTIMATE SECURITY, and if that’s one of yours you can reactive it here.

What a revoltin’ development this is. Hopefully nothing horribad will happen as a result.


  1. iucounu says:

    Sony, hacked? Never!

    • CMaster says:

      Actually, not Sony this time.
      This time it is ProSiebienSat who run the european offshoot of PS2 (well, for some people, it’s complicated) who have been compromised.

      • Ginga121 says:

        Woop I have a Sony Account :D Thank god for Beta access.

        On a side note, someone find these hackers and remove their genitalia so they can’t breed!

        • Sidewinder says:

          Are you crazy? If you do that, there’ll be nothing to distract them! If anything, we need to drown them in a sea of hormone shots and internet porn; they’ll be too busy to hack.

          Or water. A sea of water would work too.

          • jalf says:

            *or* we could assume that criminals will always exist, and require some kind of professionalism and competence from the people who record our credit card information and store our passwords.

            Obviously, those two options aren’t mutually exclusive, but when something like this happens, it’s not the hackers that make me mad. They’re hardly unexpected, and if a vulnerability exists, then someone is going to exploit it sooner or later. If these guys had had a last-minute change of heart, and decided to be good internet citizens and not exploit it, then the next hacker who came along would. It wouldn’t make a difference.

            What pisses me off is the incompetents who feel that they are qualified to run a business in which they (among other things) store sensitive data on their customers (such as passwords and credit card data).

          • CptPlanet says:

            TL;DR “Criminals will always exist and therefore we should do nothing about it”. No sir, this is not how it works. Fuck the hackers. There is nothing good that comes out from these stupid attacks.

          • Alliance says:

            But what if the exploit is designed to constantly cause hackers to have a change of heart, there for eliminating any hacker that attempts to hack it? It would be called the Polish Mother maneuver.

        • Apocalypse says:

          You could get US-Accounts via Steam as well. No idea if that is still the case.

    • -Spooky- says:

      SOE, hacked? Serious? Oh .. wait? We got tons of sony games for PC free, right now? *trollface*

      • elevown says:

        Nope – NOT Sony – the clowns they got to run Planetside in europe. If you are logging in through your station account you are fine. i.e in America or you had a pre-existing station account that let you get on the US servers (like me thankfuly!).

        That said, It WAS sony who hired these guys, and I heard they didnt have a great rep even before they got the contract.

        • El_Emmental says:

          bad rep vs free advertising on the Pro7 media network = “OMG WHERE DO I SIGN ?!” (Sony)

    • Apocalypse says:

      I had to chose between Sony and Pro7. My Account is US-based (thank you steam), just for this very reason.

  2. Cooper says:

    Woah! Somewhat misleading report here.

    SOE Have not been hacked!
    If you have an account with SOE and are a player in Europe You are safe
    Edit: Well safe at the moment. SOE don’t have the best rack record on this issue

    ProSiebenSat have been hacked. They are a seperate comapny with a seperate database. If your account was created after the beta and you are a European player, you most likely have an account with them.

    ProSibenSat have been responsible for user accounts in Europe for other SOE games. The Everquest community has really, really not appreciated this outsourcing.

    One constant issue is that ProSiebenSat use volunteer customer support personnel. Volunteers who have access to the database of credit card details. ProSiebenSat has been a potentially unsafe company to use before this hack…

    • iucounu says:

      One constant issue is that ProSiebenSat use volunteer customer support personnel. Volunteers who have access to the database of credit card details. ProSiebenSat has been a potentially unsafe company to use before this hackā€¦

      Wait, what? Is that even legal?

      • Vorphalack says:

        The question you should be asking is ”who the hell volunteers for office admin work at a profit making corporation?” There are thousands of not for profit organisations and charities that are desperate for more bodies and offer comparable, or better, work experience.

        • iucounu says:

          Well, I was an unpaid intern many years ago at a publishing house because I wanted a job in publishing – I got expenses, but nothing else. That sort of stuff is fairly common, and there are arguments for and against it that people are probably familiar with. I would note that it didn’t help nearly as much as the paid temp job I got at the place where I ended up working.

          What I’m surprised about is that it’s legal to give volunteer workers access to credit card databases. That seems problematic to say the least.

        • dE says:

          Unpaid internship (Praktikum) is the standard thing in some branches of the economy in germany (Pro Sieben is part of a television network there). Especially in branches with a huge mismatch of people vs available jobs, like media.
          If you think people seeing your credit card info is crazy: German Banks do unpaid internships too. It is about as idiotic a system as it sounds like. Led to an entire generation of people that can’t get a job because companies would rather hire the next freebie intern instead, sometimes having the old intern train the new one, before they’re tossed out.

    • povu says:

      Wait, there are people that don’t just enjoy doing customer support, but enjoy it so much they’re willing to do it for free?

    • Danny252 says:

      Honestly, I don’t see what difference being a volunteer or paid staff makes with credit card details – yes, I guess the volunteer won’t be too bothered about being fired for misconduct because they’re not losing their salary, but it’s all pretty similar in the eyes of the law, whether you get paid or not.

      To put it another way, why wouldn’t the paid staff be doing just as many nefarious things with your credit card details? You know, the database admins who have the ability to download the whole lot, rather than just looking up individual profiles.

      • Vorphalack says:

        It’s easier for someone with nefarious intent to gain access to sensitive financial data when they can easily ”volunteer” their way into a company, rather than having to apply for, and be offered, a job.

  3. finbikkifin says:

    Oh, bloody hell. Sony, or the idiots they outsource to. Again.

  4. Tei says:

    People that want to play Planetside2, sould try to get a SOE account to avoid this european company. MMORPG have a track record of using very lousy partners in europe, and this is not exception. Pro7 in PS2 still have to do something horrible to european customers, but the track record is not positive, with this and worse point sales, and worse information about patching. You will get a much better service working with the USA company.

    • Gamboni says:

      To get a SOE account as an European, you just need to go to and click Sign Up. Then use that account to log into Planetside 2.

  5. Phantoon says:

    Oh no! I’ll… do nothing, because I live in Murrica.

  6. MrBRAD! says:

    Keep posting the Harasser and the VS with sweet gold visors. They’ll be in the game… eventually.


  7. LionsPhil says:

    Hmm. Thought this federated logins to Steam from what I remembered.

    • Brun says:

      Nope. You can buy it on Steam but all it does is download the client. You still have to login from the normal PS2 launcher.

  8. The Random One says:

    I think a panicked sigh is just a hiccup.

  9. Nickel says:

    Shouldn’t that be ProSiebenSat.1? Also: why are those guys running Planetside anyway? ProSiebenSat.1 is a friggin’ television company.

    • MOKKA says:

      Well their TV programs suck so maybe they needed some other way to make money. Alas, it seems like they also suck at this job so maybe it’s a good idea for them to stop doing anything at all.

      • Jekhar says:

        Yeah, quite baffling. A few years back, while “repairing” the pc of a less tech-experienced friend i discovered there is a ProSieben branded ICQ client. I never understood why such a thing existed.

  10. Garviel Loken says:

    Thats what happens if you outsource to a TV company.. considering how bad their self made movies and shows are, this was to expect.

  11. sinister agent says:

    Oh, cocks. I hope they can crack mine, maybe then they could tell me what the hell it is.

    • El_Emmental says:

      You could get one of the unpaid intern to give it to you – or can you go to Germany for a month, and make fake student-looking-for-pratikum documents ?

  12. SelfEsteemFund says:

    Sensationalist/bait headlines seem to be getting increasingly common here.

  13. rickenbacker says:

    Thank (deity of your choice) that I didn’t go the random-german-cable-provider-route to get my PS2 account!

  14. SuicideKing says:


  15. Cunning Linguist says:

    And that’s one of the several reasons why I can’t be arsed with online games.

    When I was stupid enough to decide to buy Guild Wars 2 , I googled “Buy Guild Wars 2” and the third hit that came up was for chinese gold farmer’s site complete with “You can trust us” engrish text.
    I got PMed by chinese gold farmers in the offical ArenaNet GW2 forums -apparently they use farming bots to farm shit and then sell the gold to people who want to have Legendary weapons and fancy skins that mean nothing for the gameplay (which is lacking to begin with) but since there is an auction house at the center of the game’s scam economy, it all goes to shit.

    The online games world isn’t a cool or decent place to be, in general.