Another Warzone: Anomaly 2 Announced

Do you remember when 11 Bit Studios opened pre-orders for a game before telling anyone what the game was? Today is the day of the actual announcement, so for anyone who did pre-order, can we have a drumroll please? In fact, hold the drums – let me limber up the old saliva gland and prepare my flute for action. Sit back, listen up and prepare yourself for the grand reveal. Oh, cock, I gave it away in the headline didn’t I? It’s Anomaly 2, a sequel to the tower-defence-in-reverse game that Jim enjoyed back in the day. Trailer below.

The voiceover reminds me so much of Kiefer Sutherland doing serious Bauer-tone that I find it incredibly distracting that it also sounds not quite like him at all.


  1. Discopanda says:

    What? WHERE IS MY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME?! *cancels pre-order*

    • tobecooper says:

      I expected an indie platformer! *sends angry e-mails*

    • Henke says:

      hidden object game more like hidden game object

      if you know

      what i mean

      i think u do


    • Hunchback says:

      Can you actually cancel a preorder? What’s the point of preorder, if you can? Are there no faces in this game? Hmmm

      • Phendron says:


      • neonordnance says:

        You can usually cancel a pre-order. A pre-order is when you put down a certain amount of money, say $5, to reserve a copy, or you pledge a certain amount to be paid when the game ships.

        On the other hand, what these guys did was a pre-purchase. That’s when you buy the game before it’s out. And since you’ve bought it, refunds are at their sole discretion.

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  2. Bhazor says:

    “let me limber up the old saliva gland and prepare my flute for action.”


  3. cronach says:

    The trailer was amazing…up until it showed the game proper. Really was expecting a FPS mech sim :/

  4. Triplanetary says:

    Dunno if yous guys are aware, since you’re a PC gaming site and all, but 11 Bit made a semi-sequel to Warzone Earth called Anomaly Korea, but that one was only released on iOS and Android for some reason. I haven’t played it so I dunno if it’s any good. (I have the original AWE on PC, though, and it’s pretty good.)

    So I guess with Warzone 2 they’re taking the GTA slash Assassin’s Creed numbering scheme. Which is fine, I ain’t criticizing.

  5. Magnusm1 says:

    Wait, why did this get so much attention? I played the first game on iOS, and honestly it was pretty mediocre and uninteresting.

    • TomxJ says:

      Yup, Was a pleasant distraction on the 9.23, london to coventry. I found it pretty tense to be fair.

  6. Synesthesia says:

    what, no pullquote?

  7. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I don’t understand this sequel — didn’t they win at the end of Anomaly 1? The cute girl turned out to SPOILERS and the bad guys died and everyone flew away. The Earth didn’t die, the bad guys died.

    I felt Anomaly should have had more hack ‘n’ slash ARPG elements for the commander unit… Maybe I just sucked too much at using the abilities.

    • Moraven says:

      Well the Mobile touch versions you did not have a Commander on the map anymore, you just tapped abilities to active then again to place.

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