Deadshot: Sniper Elite – Nazi Zombie Army Is Out

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is quite possibly the last game that will ever be made. The title itself is the culmination of everything that has been achieved in the field of interactive entertainment. As the game is now out, I’ve honoured the occasion by making a short list of important occurrences in the launch trailer. You can find them, and it, below.

1) Hitler shouts a bit, in English.

2) We’re told that the ‘X-Ray Kill Cam’ won an award. Best kill cam? Most detailed modelling of bullet-to-ball? Citizen Kane of gaming? This is like Garrett Brown’s invention of the Steadicam, a device that was originally called the Brown Stabilizer, a name it shared with a popular line of Imodium.

3) There are skeletons as well as zombies but the X-Ray Kill Cam would presumably be less flashy if they’re in the scope, so the sniper runs up to them with a shotgun instead.

4) Oh, wait, now he’s running up to the zombies and mowing them down as well.

5) The sniper man is very insistent on doing as little sniping as possible. He doesn’t seem to realise that zombies, by their nature, are perfect for sniping. Slow, bad at climbing and impossible to stop without a bullet to the brain.

6) Ignore the previous point. He shot one in a torso-organ and it still seemed to die again.

7) Sometimes zombies will appear, glowing red. Because of rites.

8) Zombies claw their way out of the earth and then often grab the nearest shovel, as if to point out the irony of their situation, or something.

9) A bullet goes on holiday near the end of the video, touring Europe.

The game should be available now, priced at £7.99, but I can’t check because I’m down the pub. I wrote this ages ago!


  1. Inverselaw says:

    I am glad you are at the pub, thankfully I wrote this reply hours ago as I am currently busy at the moment.

    • Jonesy says:

      Played one of these years ago. Sniper man is a walking tank that carries houndreds of pounds in rifles, machine guns, and ammunition for them. When he does decide to snipe things, he shoots crummy rounds which have a range and trajectory similar to this: link to

  2. Felixader says:

    Hitler shouts “Execute plan D!”
    What a missed opportunity.

    • Alexander says:

      I think he says Plan Z.

      • Felixader says:

        I listened to it again and i think you may be right. Dummy me, and that although i listened to it twice. X-P

        • subactuality says:

          Still, you’re right… whoever didn’t think of “Execute Plan Nein!” should be ashamed.

      • JToTheDog says:

        Actually I’m pretty sure he is saying “C”. Because we all know how the letter Z is pronounced, right?

        • YeOldeSnake says:

          If this was Hitler’s third plan, i would say that things escalated pretty quickly during the “How to take over the world” brainstorming session.

  3. Phendron says:

    Call of DayZ 2: Rustic Warfare

  4. QuartzParchmentBlunderbuss says:

    The music in this trailer is kinda cool.

  5. SuperNashwanPower says:

    This is the game every shareholder wants

    • Arkh says:

      For what? Despite the common theme and appeal, I don’t believe this will sell well.

      • The Random One says:

        Ah, but the shareholders think it will!

      • Berious says:

        If the budget price tag reflects development costs I’m sure it’ll make money. I’m really tempted to buy it looks like a good laugh.

  6. Hoaxfish says:

    Well, that’s the second game today that makes me think of Wolfenstein

  7. Alexander says:

    Hitler speaking English… sheesh… (I was so close making a stupid joke about how the Brits were afraid of being forced to speak German and how now Adolf himself speaks English… but I managed to keep quiet). Also, oh wow, another zombie nazi fps… creativity ftw.

    • xfullboost says:

      close. its a 3rd person shooter.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I’ve always suspected that foreigners just speak their foreign languages to confuse English people. They actually speak English when no English people are within earshot.

  8. noom says:

    1-player co-op is my favourite.

  9. Craig Stern says:

    This is what happens when you let your company’s SEO specialist decide what game to make next.

  10. xfullboost says:

    I just bought this. Its great fun. Its got a 80s horror movie vibe to it.

    • RiptoR says:

      Same, I even had it preordered. Was just playing coop for the last 3 hours with a mate, we had a blast. I would even dare to say that I like standalone expansion this more than the normal game.

      • xfullboost says:

        exactly. this has the potential to be a classic. such a good value at $15

        • mr.ioes says:

          Not sure if honest replies or marketing team at work.

          • RiptoR says:

            So, when someone enjoys a game that gets ridiculed in an RPS article, then that person must be working for the marketing department of said game?


          • Llewyn says:

            It tends to depend on who posts such comments. In xfullboost’s case, his only RPS comments appear to be on this article. Might just be a new reader who happens to have found his first reason to post here, of course, but it will raise some suspicions for some people.

          • xfullboost says:

            hey llewyn, I’m just new to RPS. I enjoy playing nza with my friends on steam. Its been one of my better purchases as of late.

  11. Dudeist says:

    1 player coop – I love this new idea!

  12. slimcarlos says:

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  13. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Makes me want to go play Wolfenstine again.

  14. Shooop says:

    This would be campy fun if only it were the sandbox the base game should have been and not another corridor shooter with some sniping. It doesn’t look like it is.

  15. YeOldeSnake says:

    Despite the obvious cash-in at the latest gaming trends, this is actually quite fun. It has its moments and it can get pretty intense at some points.

    • daemonofdecay says:

      So, nein out of ten?

      • F3ck says:

        What gives you the reich to start another god damned pun thread?

        • jasonisme84 says:

          They’ve just become another boring in joke, and they’re ruining RPS. I’m göring to have to get my game news somewhere else.

          • YeOldeSnake says:

            The presence of a Hitlarious pun thread was pretty much Garandeed due to the nature of the game’s concept.

  16. Calabi says:

    Why cant I shoot aliens or care bears?

    The site of a hundred care bears rushing towards you would be much more horrifying than zombies. “You want a hug, eurrgh get away from me man”

  17. Berious says:

    100% historically accurate

  18. Loyal_Viggo says:

    I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again now.

    Nazis, and Zombies, are two of the three critical ingredients for commercial success.

    When you actually go further, and have Nazi Zombies, you have a winner. All games should have Nazi Zombies in them somewhere.

    I pre-ordered two copies, so I could potentially invite a friend, if I had any.

  19. Spoon Of Doom says:

    This might be silly, but I have to admit that it actually looks fun in a silly, mindless way, which is always a good thing for coop. I might even give it a try when I get the chance.
    By the way, anyone played the prequel? Is it any good?

  20. strangeloup says:

    I quite fancy this, seeing as I liked Sniper Elite V2 and this looks like more of the same except with a greater degree of campy silliness.

    I wonder if you get to kill Zombie Hitler. V2 had Kill Hitler DLC, something it’s been fairly convincingly argued that every game should have.

  21. tumbleworld says:

    You missed the moment when a group of zombies decided to perform a swift Paula Abdul tribute dance routine.

  22. fantasticocomics says:

    I’ve noticed many of the above commentators haven’t actually played the game. I seriously doubt many have created their own PC game that has been heavily produced and sold from somewhere other than your bean bag via ebay.

    There seems to have been an evolution over the last few years of not just games, but also gamers. Games have gotten better, albeit more complicated, and gamers, well, have gotten snobby. No, this game isn’t graphically in a class with the likes of HALO, COD, or even the newest LEGO game. It isn’t an “original” idea. It is, however, quite fun and entertaining. Then again, this comment is coming from someone ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME. No, I haven’t created my own PC game. But my father did as a computer programmer in the era of DOS. I was the kid on my side of town with a computer in my home and my brother and I used to charge the neighborhood kids a quarter to play paddle ball and Keen until my mother got home from work. The profits surpassed mowing lawns until mothers began calling my dad wanting to know why their kids weren’t eating lunch with their lunch money. I’ve seen the rise and fall of game systems and old formats being put out to pasture. It’s a sad story. Since Mario is just as much fun today as it was when it first released and Wolfenstein is still on my desktop.

    So, if you decide that you’d like to take a step down from your pedestal and just enjoy playing a game for a while, instead of spending hours grueling over every little move and detail to the point your blood pressure has gone up and you haven’t peed in 8 hours, give this game a try.

    If you don’t enjoy it, you’re probably doing it wrong.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      I’m not sure why you’re ranting, I’ve noticed many of the above commenters have expressed enjoyment of the game.

  23. AlienMind says:

    “Steam account and internet connection required for activation.”
    “Activation keys will not work in Germany.”

    Well, I will not buy this because of two reasons: The first reason is the developer does not want germans as customers. The second reason is I don’t like the developer’s requirement to use Steam.

    Funny how an otherwise fine and interesting product can not find his customer because of pure fuck.