Gorge Yourself: Natural Selection 2 Free Expansion

When you look at RPS, wherever you might be, RPS looks back at you. We’re a lot like The Void in that way. Fear not, however, for our uncanny glare should not intimidate you. Usually we simply squint through the screen and ponder what it is about our words and faces that attracts the most handsome readers of all. I can’t confirm whether or not Natural Selection 2 developers Unknown Worlds watch players of their game battling one another in the people vs aliens team-based shooter, but they are evidently pleased with their lovely playerbase because today they are releasing the Gorgeous expansion for free. “It includes Railguns, Gorge Tunnels, Descent, and quite a few fun surprises.”

The worst thing about today is that I won’t see a more dignified sight than the bellyslide a few seconds into this video. I might as well just go back to bed.

I don’t really know what a Gorge Tunnel is but I’m guessing aliens pop out of it on occasion.

Alongside the headline grabbing ‘big new guns and abilities,’ Gorgeous contains countless subtle improvements and fixes. The Spark Engine has a couple of new graphical tricks up its sleeve to make the game look better, and is running ever faster as it is tuned for more performance. Existing abilities and weapons have been tweaked for more fun and subtle balance changes made.

The update will automatically attach itself to Steam copies of Natural Selection 2 and you can find out when exactly Gorgeous arrives by looking at the map here. The expansion will coincide with a 50% price reduction so you can invite all of your friends to slide down your gorge tunnel. If your friends don’t fancy a trip down the tunnel, or you don’t have any friends, then you might want to pop your head into the RPS Natural Selection 2 group.

If you didn’t know this was going to happen at the end of the post, well, then you don’t know me at all.


  1. Synesthesia says:

    man, i love this game. I wish there was more of a community here in argentina.

    Do you guys tolerate players with 200+ latency rates on your rps server? I’d like to try and kill you with my fade, only to see you warp in front of me and kill me half a second ago. Sigh.

    • EmirSc says:

      tell me… im from Nicaragua, im in to host a server on my room

    • The Random One says:

      I’m in Brazil and can usually play on US serves with bearable (~120) latency, but if you’d like I’ll join your so you won’t be sad.

    • KwisatzHaderach says:

      We do have one guy from North America with a ping around 150. It usually works out. You are welcome to give it a try :)

    • Kim-Dick says:

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  2. airtekh says:

    Obligatory Rock, Paper, Skulk plug!

    Come play NS2 with fellow RPSers, we’re a friendly bunch.

    We play mostly on Sundays from 8pm GMT, with the occasional midweek game.

    Just get yourself on Mumble and our steam chat room and say hi.

    Here’s us kicking some ass on a public server and here’s us playing the Faded mod.

  3. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    This is an awesome game. I feel a bit weird praising someone for releasing a free patch, but these days it is rare for content to be included in patches. These developers (Unknown Worlds) are essentially modders (in the community sense, not in professionalism) that know why there game is fun and really know what they’re doing.

    There is nothing else like NS2. Well, actually there is, but not at this level of quality. My only gripe is long load times, which are much shorter now than at release, but still relatively long.

    It has an extremely steep learning curve, but there’s room at the bottom to have fun. Might want to play as Marines at first, but seriously the fun here is on the Alien side.

    • mouton says:

      Weird as it sounds, EA does release free content patches for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I know, I was surprised too.

      • Noise says:

        Commendable, but Mass Effect 3 is still terrible

        • mouton says:

          That’s not the point. ME3 multiplayer is, in fact, not bad for what its: a wave-based survival coop.

          The point is an “evil” corporation like EA regularly releasing actual content patches free of charge a year after the game came out.

    • bgf says:

      I recently switched my NS2 install over to a SSD and it really improved my load times. I didn’t notice a big change in most of the other games I play but NS2 for some reason was night and day. I pretty much load first and get my pick of team (Alien!) every round now.

  4. WoundedBum says:

    Check out the RPS NS2 group!

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

    Even if you’ve never played the game before, we are most certainly not a hardcore group and anyone’s welcome.

    • airtekh says:

      I’m too fast for you Sketch. :D

      EDIT: Pah, my comment got eaten by the spam filter so now I look like a mug.

      Anyways, join us for some NS2 funtimes.

    • felisc says:

      thanks adam for mentionning the group btw.
      join us indeed, people from rps, you can check out a game from last sunday here : link to youtu.be

      • mouton says:

        The above post is not a chinese spambot. On an unrelated note, have you considered buying a cheap gold watch?

        • felisc says:

          Wot ? Er, this is an actual youtube link. Although i understand, i grew suspicious of tiny links too.
          Anyway. Join us !

  5. TsunamiWombat says:

    The stuff looks neat, but I question the value of the railgun as a Exosuit weapon. Trading away double miniguns for high powered single shots? you give up your ability to kill everything for the ability to kill one or two things much faster.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      As a career Skulk I’m all for the Exo’s having more powerful but slower firing weapons. It’s not a replacement for the miniguns, is it? Just a choice of either?

    • Ansob says:

      It’s the ability to finish off fades/onos that are running away, at long range and with accuracy. Not something you want to always pick on your exo, but good to have on one exo in a pack.

      e; also, you can instagib gorges, which is a great way to kill alien support.

    • TΛPETRVE says:

      The tactical benefit of the railgun is actually not to be underestimated. It is not the ultimate Onos killer, but it mows through smaller units and structures like through warm butter and is just perfect to fortify a position. Moreover, due to the instagib effect, it literally carves a clear path, whereas other units have to deal with ragdolling corpses cluttering their screen.

    • David Bliff says:

      And since it has the fist, presumably it will cost less than the dual exosuit. It’s not an alternative to the dual minigun, it’ an alternative to the single minigun,

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        Considering how pants single mini gun exo is, not hard to do

  6. pupsikaso says:

    I don’t understand the point of the Railgun when the dual minigun exos can already rip anything to shreds.

  7. Ansob says:

    What happened to just calling it a “patch,” rather than “free DLC” or a “free expansion?”

    Yay for more non-industrial maps, though!

    • Dana says:

      Patch, patches. Expansion expands.

      • mouton says:

        “content patch”, “free update” or even “update” work as well here. DLC is a blighted term.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Well just about everyone in the industry has removed content from their “patches” and called the content DLC.
      This is a classic patch, but since patch no longer means anything with content, this is now “Free DLC”

    • Boozebeard says:

      Well in the video it actually says free update.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      UWE correctly labels it an update but I think in general updates/patches/expansions are often labeled Free DLC because that’s a more common term now, not to mention ‘FREE DLC’ is far more attractive to younger gamers (who have grown up around nickel & diming) than your classic update/patch/expansion terminology.

  8. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    What if i am inside a goatse
    does rps step up to the challenge

    • myelbow says:

      *raises hand*

      I get it.

      I was there for the dawn of the internet age and will forever be unable to remove that image from my head. It represents both what is good and extremely bad about the internet all at the same time.

      Apologies to anyone who’s curiousity gets the best of them. Mental soap will be needed and subsequently won’t work.

  9. werix says:

    I own this game, I even bought it during beta. But ive only put six hours into the game. I need to play more, I’m just no good at it and always die. Maybe I should just play the support gorge and just be done with trying to be a marine.

    • MrLebanon says:


    • TsunamiWombat says:

      The game has a definate learning curve. The first thing to learn, as a Marine, is that you shouldn’t always move towards the enemy. If you’re alone, find others. If you’re small in numbers, fortify. If you’ve got a big group (greater than 3) advance. Corner and cieling check. Watch vents. Communicate well with your commander

      For Aliens,you’ll be spending the majority of your time as a Skulk (at least at first) so familiarize yourself with it. Get used to wall crawling and using odd angles of attack. Remember jumping is your friend. Wait for humans to be alone, or, nip at them then flee. Learn to love camoflauge.

      If you play a skulk, make use of your ranged attack over anything else. Cling to cielings at odd angles and harass enemies and their buildings outside of their reach to defend.

      And yes, when in doubt, play gorge and help the commander build the base or build defenses/heal. :)

    • David Bliff says:

      I honestly feel that Marines is an easier team to play than aliens, for the most part. The skills from other shooters are largely transferable (TURN YOUR VOLUME UP: you can tell which alien species is coming at you and from what direction based on sound). The biggest curve is probably knowing the rhythm of the game (which is what makes it like an RTS) and knowing the maps. I was terrible back in the beta because I didn’t know my way around the maps, but to get to a node that’s in trouble or something you need to immediately know which hallway to run down. When in doubt, look at your map (C).

  10. return0 says:

    I really, really like the look of the game, but I’m really not sure it’s for me. I wish it existed a few years ago, back when I had free time. Therefore, I have a few humble questions for those at RPS that play:

    -I’ve gotten the picture that the community is pretty accepting of new players, is this about right? (I don’t mind constructive criticism when there’s a steep learning curve; I just don’t want LoL)
    -Is this a game you can just pick up and play a round at a time?
    -How long is the typical round?
    -Do player deaths severely harm a team? (I tend to be somewhat suicidal in team shooters, when I played Battlefield I was usually the guy at the top of the points board with a negative K/D ratio)
    -Is it ok to be mediocre at RTS games? Do you have to be willing to play commander?

    Thanks in advance. I hate “is it worth it?” threads, and in this case the game clearly is, but I don’t want to buy a game too hardcore for my schedule, and these sorts of things are tough to figure out for an online game without actually playing,

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      The community is totally accepting. There are even ‘newbie friendly’ servers which are almost always full and have a good mix of newbs and helpful vets. Generally the only thing that irritates people are incompitant CO’s and even then people are totally cool if you admit you’re new. Really, really one of the best communities i’ve seen.

      Yes, you can play a round at a time no probs

      How long a round is depends on the CO’s. Curbstomps can be over in 10 minutes, longer ones can run 45 minutes.

      Player deaths don’t SIGNIFIGANTLY harm a team, though dying at the wrong time can leave a critical gap in your lines. That 8-10 sec respawn timer can feel like an eternity sometimes. Also every time you die the enemy gets resources. This isn’t a game for lone wolfing it, you’ll just die hella fast. But it can reward balls out risk taking if you catch the enemy team off guard.

      Yeah you can be mediocre at RTS, the RTS elements of commanding are very limited (most of the time you’re just building structures/upgrades), and there’s USUALLY not a shortage of willing Commanders. If you’re going to play comm, I suggest playing a couple games before hand, then fooling around in offline mode just to familiarize yourself with the controls which can be wonky.

      PS: Mic’s are optional (unless you’re playing commander, pls), but they do greatly improve the game.

      • return0 says:

        Thanks for the response! I may just have to do this as soon as I get the GPU upgrade to properly handle it. It sounds like a much better fit than I thought. The RTS elements worried me (everyone has that one genre that they just don’t mesh with, RTS is mine).

        Also, it surprises me a little that mics are considered optional. I don’t normally use one since it is painful in many games (I’m used to Xbox Live, still getting used to the idea of nice PC communities), but it seems like this game is a great argument for one.

      • David Bliff says:

        Dying absolutely does NOT give the enemy team resources. That was the case in NS1 but not in the sequel.

        • Fallward says:

          Before buying a new GPU for this game, please note that it is mostly CPU bound. I had a Q9450 quad core running at 3.4ghz and a GTX580 and i was getting 20-50 fps. Then i updated to a i5 3570k @ 3.4ghz and my FPS literally doubled (same gfx card). Just keep that in mind before you spend too much on a GPU.

          • return0 says:

            I’m getting a new GPU anyway, but now you’ve got me a bit worried. Think I’d be ok with a Radeon 7850 and a AMD 4170, probably with a slight OC on both?

          • njursten says:

            I used to run it on a core 2 duo and a Radeon 4870. Ran quite fine at medium settings.

      • njursten says:

        Played a game a few days ago where we sat waiting for a commander for 5 minutes. :(
        Don’t know how common that is, though. Ended up with me stepping in, but as it was my first match in 2 months I completely botched it. :D

    • David Bliff says:

      Aside from my correction about the resources (see above/below), I would repeat everything TsunamiWombat said. It’s a fantastic game. I often get bored with these kinds of multiplayer experiences but especially with a microphone this is just a fantastic game. I’m 130 hours in and have no interest in slowing down soon, especially since the new features will dramatically alter the way current maps are played.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Oh good point… A mic should probably be considered a required peripheral for this game.

    • pestilencemage says:

      If you’d like to get a general overview prior to purchase, I’m sure the original Natural Selection is still being played. It is a mod for… Half life I believe. I’ve not played it in years (there was a long developement cycle for 2) but it was a blast and a half.

      The mic is certainly optional. Unless you go commander, there are usualy several voice commands available (helps bridge any language barrior too). Mics are usualy helpfull in games to coordinate tactics with the most efficiency though. I’ll give it 4 out of 10 for nessessity of microphone.

  11. Chubzdoomer says:

    Just one of many reasons why Natural Selection 2 is the best multiplayer shooter in many years.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      It’s going to be a damn long time until anything beats it or even comes close.

  12. slimcarlos says:

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  13. Xetelian says:

    This patch introduced so many bugs, everyone is falling through the maps!