Meticulously Isometric: Pavilion

Pavilion’s beauty is best communicated through the medium of a video rather than my keyboard-rattling gasps of pleasure, so I won’t keep you long before directing you toward the trailer below. Instead of typing words to bore into your eyes, I spent the last twenty minutes trying to remember the name of another exquisitely crafted game that concerns itself with manipulation, sometimes metaphysical, rather than direct control of an avatar. That game was Gorogoa and you can play the demo now. You can’t play Pavilion yet but I reckon you just might want to.

That’s rather lovely.

Observing from an isometric perspective, your fundamental purpose is to guide the main character through an environment so that he can reach his target destination. This is accomplished by either manipulating physical objects in the world or by interacting with sound, light and other subliminal elements that will affect the perception of the character and his behavior within the environment.

I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me what my ‘fundamental purpose’ is for a long time. Phew. There’s more footage, taken from a demo playthrough, showing areas that won’t be included in the final game. Even though the trusty cursor has been replaced by an actual human finger, the game will be released on PC and hopefully not just those PCs with the sort of monitors that like to be poked.

This sort of thing has come a lot way since Brat.


  1. PleasingFungus says:

    Wow, that does indeed look quite lovely! Even if the game doesn’t pan out, I can imagine picking this up just for the art, whenever it comes out.

  2. jonfitt says:

    Oh Brat! That takes me back.
    I was actually thinking more of Sleepwalker: link to

    • Zeewolf says:

      Heh, I remember not liking the style of Brat. I thought the main character was such a brat!

  3. Roboito says:

    If the music in the game is like the music in the teaser I’d buy it just for that.

    • Hunchback says:

      Gotta agree, the music is seriously awesome and zen-like.

      Getting seriously tired, with the 2nd baby here for a week now. I need some epic-calm game that requires no brain that i could just click through, be mesmerised by the art and music and fall asleep.
      This game seems to be about a guy in a suit, running along a path through a world extracted from Dali’s head, with an trippy, cool, zen soundtrack.
      Might be the thing…

      • Eddy9000 says:

        mate, I know how you feel. Osmos, machinarium, tiny bang story are all ones I play to relax. Sometimes I even just get on a horse in Skyrim (which I’m bored to death of actually playing now) and ride around for a bit. Can’t beat some popcap as well like PvZ and Peggle when you just need to switch off.

        Oh, Zen Bound as well, but it only really works on iPhone.

        • Gregg B says:

          You should try Proteus if you haven’t already and FUEL’s free-driving with some nice ambient music on — the Osmos soundtrack works surprisingly well with it actually.

    • norfolk says:

      Ugh, gotta say the music was a big turn off for me – way too world-music-meditation-mixxy for me. Synthetic sitar soundscapes just aren’t my thing. To each their own, I guess.

  4. brulleks says:

    Your fundamental purpose is to live until you reproduce*, then die.

    Now, are you sorry you asked? I know I am.

    *NB Try not to do this more than once or twice, in the interests of all other lifeforms.

  5. Kim-Dick says:

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    • roguewombat says:

      Yeah, too bad everyone knows that Deborah is full of crap. :-/

      • solidsquid says:

        Hey, hold on a minute now, I happen to know Deborah!

        … and she still owes me $4830. Guess this explains a lot

  6. Rictor says:

    Oooh, purdy!

    Anyone else getting a strong Jorge Luis Borges vibe from this? It might be the dreamy surrealistic landscape or the music, but in any case it”s all very original.

  7. Cloudiest Nights says:

    Wow, looks REALLY similar to Back to Bed

  8. slimcarlos says:

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  9. ice0105 says:

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  10. frightlever says:

    Poke. Wait… Poke. Wait…

    Yeah, didn’t look much like fun to me. Pretty but waiting for a tiny figure to criss cross the screen is just going to annoy me.

    That Gorogoa demo on the other hand – I’d pre-purchase the full game right now if I could.

    Oh, and if you want to buy some leeks, I have spare leeks. I’m literally coming down with leeks. Probably my age.

    Why do all commenters have to be selling something now? Oh Internet, you and your crazy memes.

  11. spectone says:

    I need my isos in imperial not metric.

  12. spathi says:

    i just had a pleasant lode runner flashback