Yerli: Single-Player Games Must Be “Online Single-Player”

CryTek’s Cervat Yerli is a man with a lot to say, and he is now demanding that single-player games evolve into their new online context. Speaking to IGN, he said:

“I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away. However, I’m not saying that there will be no single-player experiences… It could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player instead.”

This assertion is perhaps less worrying when you look at the games that made this work – Demon’s Souls or Journey – but it’s nevertheless a big statement from one of the industry’s most ambitious studio heads. Personally, I think whenever people proclaim anything dead, or evolved-beyond, or outdated, or similar, they are pretty much consistently proven to be wrong. Evolution can mean diversification. If the past decade taught us anything, it’s that there’s no one clear future of games. Single-player will include online, but not be defined by it.


  1. jrodman says:

    I think the notion of CryTek being still in business needs to go away.

  2. sophof says:

    I saw a let’s play of the new sim city 2 days ago, if it hadn’t been fr the always online nonsense and the blatant misuse they immediately showed by closing off this persons access after 4 hours or so for their ‘beta’, I would have bought is straight away. I have a hard time believing this always online forcing is a good strategy for all but the most popular of games. And those games make money allready. FOr the rest, you’ll just be bleeding money to games with easier access and paying for a shitload of unnecessary servers.

  3. Hazz-JB says:

    This seems even more absurd when you apply his logic to the tried and tested mediums of films or music. While it’s true that there are a ton of options for consuming media like this in an online “connected” context, can you imagine someone from those industries suggesting something like “I think the notion of a private video or audio experience has to go away.” and being taken seriously?

  4. b0rsuk says:

    Translation: always online single player because DRM.

  5. Thrippy says:

    Well, offline ain’t so offline anymore already.

    I had intermittent ISP troubles this winter causing me to “test” Steam in offline mode more than I ever had before. The first problem was launching Steam in offline mode while offline. Steam in Catch 22 mode.

    I was stunned to find many recent games lacked rudimentary basic error trapping to recover from lost connections. Some of those that did error trap had to wait for a timeout, which can take up to several minutes. Many times the connection was required for ancillary functions like checking an online score board after a single player level is completed. Too many of my retail, well known single player games simply froze when confronted with the lack of a persistent connection. As a general rule, the older the game was, the better it was programmed to work without an internet connection.

    Try it for yourself. Turn the router off at random times to discover just how many games already require an unadvertised persistent connection.

  6. Kittim says:

    Dear CryTek,
    Who is Cervat Yerli and why is he still in a job?