Heads Up: Insurgency Pre-Orders Terrorise Your Wallet

Dakka-dakka boom and all those noises. Team-based shooter Insurgency is back, Back, BACK! And the latest released is poised at the potential-filled moment of early-access via pre-orders. You might recall that the first version of this game was a Half-Life 2 mod that was ModDB’s mod of the year back in 2007, but it’s now a full commercial project, complete with four game modes, class-based happenings, and fancy 3D VOIP. It’s sort of reassuring to see these kinds of projects finding a long-term home, especially when small teams dedicate such huge amounts of time to them. Whether it will be a success? Well, that’s one news we’ll have to wait for.


  1. mrmalodor says:

    Beware, this is probably going to be a huge flop. They failed their Kickstarter goal by a big margin, which means there’s not a lot of interest. The gameplay videos are boring. It’s just a slightly more realistic version of CS.

  2. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    I really, really, REALLY loved the first few releases of the mod. The unforgiving and very rewarding gunplay. This made for some unique intense fire fights where surviving felt as rewarding as shooting someone.

    However, I completely lost interest later on when they dumbed it down and it basically became a bad implementation of Counter-Strike. My (and other people’s) comments on their forums were all either closed or completely ignored by the developers.

    I think I’ll skip this one…

    • Argyll says:


      If you enjoyed the first few releases of Insurgency, then you’ll enjoy the game because it is being made by the same developers who created it originally. We also were not happy with the direction the mod took, which is why we’ve set out to finish what we started.

      Check out the Beta, just released, it brings the game closer to our vision than it has ever been.

  3. Fatbubba says:

    I had some fun with it in the mod when it first came out, but I can’t really see it lifting off as a commercial product. It’s already a pain to get friends to play mp games other than the big few. The only indie mp shooters that survive are usually those with a small but loyal community and I’m not sure Insurgency really had one.

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      Yeah, I found out about the mod just before it started bleeding out and me and my friends had a lot of fun with it. Skip forwards two months, we check up on it again and there were only two barely filled servers left.

      It’s a shame that the mod bled out and the standalone game is not getting much attention, because there were a lot of things the game did right.

      For instance, surpressive fire. There hasn’t been another game I’ve come across that did it as well as Insurgency. I think Battlefield 3 has it, but then again, I’ve always thought BF3 played like CoD’s learning impaired, but prettier little brother, turning surpressive fire into nothing more than a minor annoyance.

      Also, I really liked how natural teamplay came to people. Maybe it’s the nature of the game or the mentality of the people who played it (me and my friends had to spend some time in the mod section on steam before we found the mod), but you could always say things like “There’s a sniper behind that bus, keep firing at him so I can run up to him.” or “Go right and flank that guy, we’ll keep him busy.” AND THEY WOULD DO IT, HOLY SHIT!

      Sure, the game was more arcade-y than it was realistic, but the mechanics were clear, easy to understand and kind of super-imposed themselves on the player.

      • P4p3Rc1iP says:

        That was exactly my experience at the beginning. Then they changed it and made it much more simple and the whole intense and emmersive atmosphere was gone. The players and servers quickly followed.

      • MrLebanon says:

        Poor Red Orchestra… so many threads where I read “i’ve never heard of an FPS that ever did this!”

        Red Orchestra good fellows… Red Orchestra

        Although suppression was somewhat glitchy at release of RO2… it’s better now

        • LuizPSC says:

          I love how the Supressing works on Red Orchestra, it really makes the player to not go pop they head to try they luck and try to simulate the fear and perplexed (maybe there is a better word) of the poor litle soldiers trying to survive and kill the others bad people who say strange language.

          Other thing i need to say, i cried sometimes when i played, all that death and people screaming calling they mom in the verge of the death.

  4. tsmike says:

    Oooh, a game where you can aim down the sights!

    In all seriousness I loved the mod, but I wasn’t sold on the gameplay videos from their kickstarter. I wasn’t happy about the smaller, linear maps or focus on faster, “tighter” fights in shoebox environments. A lot of the maps from the original were decent-sized with multiple routes.

  5. SkittleDiddler says:

    What the hell is 3D VOIP? Is that where your ears need a special pair of glasses?

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      It means that the farther someone is away from you, the quieter you will here him speak. Also if he’s to the right of you, you will hear his voice coming from the right. It’s a cool gimmick, but nothing that really adds to the game.

      It does, however, get rid of the problem of people on the other side of the map confusing you when they shout things like “Watch out, enemy to your right!” to no one in particular.

    • Goodtwist says:

      To be frank, “3D VOIP” is one of my best audio-experiences in games since years. I first encountered that with a VOIP programme called Mumble in the BF2 mod Project Reality. Where coordinitation is critical such as in tactical shooters a feature like 3D VOIP is a stellar experience.

  6. Suits says:

    I can see this having any success when leaving the mod format behind, with so many shooters out there

  7. Ostymandias says:

    seeing they had a game mode called “Occupy” my spontaneous reaction was “Hey, they misspelled #Occupy!”

  8. kwyjibo says:

    Insurgency looked a really promising mod all those moons ago, but things have moved so fast since then – they’re really going to find it difficult.

    They’re releasing into a free to play world. It’s going to be very difficult to find the traction to build up a community, especially as the premise for fairly niche to begin with. Then you end up with dead empty servers, and so no one buys your game ever again.

    Natural Selection 2 managed the mod -> packaged game, but their community was much bigger. I honestly think Insurgency would make more money in the longer term if it went free to play, and sold cosmetic items. I also think they would do well to actively target markets like the Middle East if they push for Free 2 Play.

    • lucky jim says:

      They have a fairly reasonable response to the f2p idea on their forums. Looks like it was a path that was at least considered.

      link to playinsurgency.com

      Q: Why is Insurgency not free-to-play?

      A: The cost of $20 is to continue funding development of the game. Most development studios in our position would find a publisher, but it is our preference to remain independent. Also, there is a common misconception about F2P games – they are actually even more expensive and take longer to make than the type of game we are making.

  9. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I loved the original, put over 100 hours into it but even I’m not overly excited about this =/

    Other than the no crosshairs feature, which is awesome by the way, there are more authentic games available that do way more than Insurgency. It sits in this weird divide of wanting to be more authentic than your CODs and BFs but in many ways being far closer to those than games like Arma.

    You had no crosshairs, and a headshot was a headshot no matter what you were shooting, but you also had no bullet drop. Guns felt relatively authentic but yet never jammed, hell you could lay on the bottom on a river or lake and reload your SAW and nothing bad would happen, didn’t even have to come up to shoot it (you would drown eventually). You couldn’t spot people and highlight them for others, but that meant any map with bushes on it became a fight for bush space with your team mates, and up to an hour or firing at other bushes that look mildly suspicious.

    I feel like it’s going to be a bit too much for the COD crowd but not quite enough for the Arma crowd. If there is a gap inbetween which people want filled then maybe it’ll be fine, but I have my doubts that there is such a gap in the market.

    • lucky jim says:

      I thought it was a perfect mix of gameplay, personally. Growing tired of CS, only liked some CoD games and not always looking for that style. Arma is cool but incredibly detailed and takes time to learn, and also not the same kind of jump in and play against other players kinda style. Insurgency has always been a slightly more realistic shooter that was still incredibly accessible, and also had great gunplay and hit detection. I think it has a great little spot in the genre.

      I do agree that the ballistics system and weapons handling (no jams) were fairly glaring omissions from what was otherwise a solid mod, though. Not sure exactly what plans they have for Insurgency 2; I’m hoping for improvements in this regard as they would add to the game while still retaining an easy to get into and play atmosphere.

  10. EBass says:

    I quite liked the mod when it came out but I grew tired of it fairly quickly. I think the main problem was the was the HL2 engine handles bullets. As far as I could tell bullets didn’t drop and hit instantly. There was also very little sway on the guns and it made them feel a bit like laser rifles. If you’ve played Arma 2 you’ll know with a gun like an AK its quite hard to hit a moving target thats some distance out, but in insurgency if I could see 4 running figures at max range I’d drop them all in 4 shots with a fal. Made advancing very very difficult.