And Also: Blood-To-Bowl Manager Revealed

It’s a good year to be a Blood Bowl fan. Well, unless you’re one of those folks who can’t abide developer Cyanide. (I think they try to do a lot of interesting, ambitious things, but often end up fluffing them). Not only is a sequel to the relatively faithful and quietly successful 2009 PC adaptation inbound, but there’s now also going to be Blood Bowl: Star Coach, which is to the Warhammer-themed sport of crunching heads what Football Manager is to the sport of foot-to-ball.

Cyanide are at the helm of that one too, and it’s going to be free to play.

So long as they’re not too cynical about it, I think it could be a decent platform for F2P stuff. Buying races, outfits, players and stuff makes a certain sense in terms of the manager roleplaying you’ll be doing. If it’s buying ‘energy’ or advantages I don’t suspect people will be please, though. Here’s one hint of how it’s going to work:

Due date is second quarter of this year, which should mean we have it by June. It’s also coming out on Mac and tablets, with the promise of cross-platform play. WE SHALL SEE. Obviously it’s a big departure from Blood Bowl’s rules, but potentially in a deft, relevant way rather than a not-getting-it way. So long as they, well, get it. There’ll also be ‘Cabalvision’, which entails 3D replays of matches.

No website or footage as yet, but look, pictures! Look at them with your eyes.


  1. Girfuy says:

    So the question is – are all these Blood Bowl releases timed to tie in with a new version of the board game in 2013?

    The rumours are it’s incoming in August.

    • Jams O'Donnell says:

      Huh. I’m usually clued-in to GW news, but rumors of a new BB release have passed me by. I’d get excited about it but I’m concerned they’ll just to a Dreadfleet or Space Hulk with it, i.e. a big splash release with no follow-up.

      Some updated team minis would be great — I’ve had my orcs since the mid-90s. It’s about time they had a facelift.

  2. Chris D says:

    One of the screenshots on Eurogamer seems to indicate that you can’t actually type in your own team name, you have to pick words from a list instead.

    I’m not gonna get my hopes up for this one.

  3. strangeloup says:

    Why have the dwarfs got a High Elf icon and the Skaven a Goblin icon?

    Also, not super convinced that it’d work as a free-to-play model. That and Cyanide do indeed do interesting, ambitious things, and when it works it’s often very enjoyable — the problem being that more often than not it doesn’t.

    • uNapalm says:

      Well spotted! Also the interface looks like one you’d find on a flash game from Kongregate.

    • stiffkittin says:

      I hardly know anything about the Warhammer setting and even I was like “why does the dwarf standard have a heart on it and the rat-men’s a big-nosed green moon?”

  4. Jubaal says:

    A Blood Bowl “Football Manager” game has been at the top of my wish list for many, many years. However the fact that it will be free-to-play and it will be developed by Cyanide fills me with worry. Don’t get me wrong, unlike a lot of people I like most of what Cyanide have done. I think overall they did a good job with Blood Bowl and I was a huge fan of Chaos League back in the day. However, one thing that I think Cyanide are particularly poor at is UIs. Unfortunately in Football Manager type games a bad UI can totally ruin the game.

    Please don’t be shit, please don’t be shit, please……..

  5. DrScuttles says:

    Is Ian Bloodbowl going to play this for our amusement?

  6. Discopanda says:

    It seems like Cyanide tries to do interesting, ambitious things, but the small (I assume) budgets on their games prevents them from fully realizing the potential of their releases. Not sure how the hell they’ve managed to keep the Game of Thrones license from the bigger dev houses…

    • Chris D says:

      They certainly make the type of games I’d like to play but unfortunately the execution always seems to be lacking. I’m not sure all the shortcomings can be put down to budget either.There seem to be just too many poorly thought out design choices. I’d like for them to do well but sadly they haven’t given me a lot of grounds for confidence so far.

    • Werthead says:

      The bigger dev houses weren’t interested:

      link to

      Bethesda were approached but between FALLOUT and ELDER SCROLLS didn’t have the spare development capacity for it. BioWare had a choice between a SoIaF MMORPG and STAR WARS, and went with STAR WARS. Some people at Relic had some great ideas for an RTS, but never approached Martin’s people. Paradox, tantalisingly, came close to signing a deal for a CRUSADER KINGS-style ASoIaF/GoT game (presumably very similar to the mods for CK1 and 2) but then backed down.

      Cyanide were interested and they kept pestering Martin and coming up with offers until they had one he was prepared to accept. And to be fair, whilst the strategy game sucked, the RPG had a superb storyline (once you were prepared to wade through the stodgy opening 3 hours or so to get to it).

  7. Lambchops says:

    League Bloody League?

    Is that a song by an inept U2 covers band?

  8. Lucas Says says:

    “which is to the Warhammer-themed sport of crunching heads what Football Manager is to the sport of foot-to-ball.”

    Yes! Yes! It’s what I’ve always dream of! Shut up and take-

    “free to play”

    Oh. Oh no.

    • Shinan says:

      This was my EXACT reaction.

      I’ve always wanted a BB manager game. We even did one in our tabletop league at one time where we played a BB RPG on the side and then occasionally played games with the guys we recruited in the RPG.

    • Vander says:

      Yep, same here. And i really don’t see how a manager game can accommodate a f2p model…but the screenshots don’t make me think of a Football Manager type of game actually, more of a card game (made in flash :/).

      And its made by cyanide…wich its not something that reassure me.

  9. Choca says:

    I’d run for it.

  10. Reapy says:

    F2p and cyanide. Game has no chance.

    • Rich Tea says:

      ”Free to play”

      ”Games Workshop”


      • Nick says:

        a match made in bizzaro world.

        • FeiFae says:

          Well they actually had that Wrath of Heroes spinoff from WAR MMO being free2play, but it sort of kind of died recently before it stopped being beta . As much as I like to complain about Cyanide, part of me still wants more of GW’s franchises to be represented in digital versions.

          Now if someone would give me Mordheim and Gorkamorka I’d be really happy.

      • solidsquid says:

        Buy the new DLC ability, “Buy Players”! Be able to build a team! Only $29.95!

        Warning: New ability does not include players. Players are part of separate “Player Market” expansion which must be purchased separately. Individual players must be purchased from the Player Market ™ in order to utilise this DLC. Price of players may vary

        • KikiJiki says:

          The jokes about GW prices get a little bit stale when all the new kits are released with a metric fuckton of options that you can use and/or save for later kitbashing. They might be expensive but you get so much more than when I started 40k back in 2nd edition for an equivalent price given inflation.

  11. Jake says:

    I guess this is related to the Blood Bowl card game: link to

    Never played it but often considered it.

    • Gothnak says:

      I own it, is nothing like it… The card game is a quick face to face simplified match system deckbuilding game.

    • Charupa says:

      I also have the Blood Bowl Team Manager card game, its awesome, the undead expansion is also just released and I got to play with that this weekend, double awesome

  12. DarkWeeble says:

    So what you’re telling me is that Cyanide is spreading its bug testing between this and BB2? I was only lukewarm on BB2 before and this news may have killed it for me. I’d love to see a fully-realized version of either game in the hands of a different studio.

    Also, I want this one to be on mobile devices.

  13. UmmonTL says:

    So with this game you get just the managing aspect of bloodbowl but the outcome of a match is played by the AI? If the current ingame AI is any indication this would be a complete disaster. Or maybe they will attempt to do some sort of statistic based random generation of the outcome. Can’t see that ending too well either. We’ll see…

  14. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I believe the combination of Blood Bowl + Football Manager will appeal to gamers who like neither Blood Bowl nor Football Manager.

  15. Ian says:

    If it weren’t Cyanide at the helm I’d be goblin this up.

    As it is I’ll maintain a helfy pessimism.

  16. The Random One says:

    So do I get to play as Blood Bowler in the Sonic racing game as well?

  17. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I very much doubt this’ll be any good. The very fact that they’re re-using art assets and the way they’ve treated BloodBowl so far lead me to expect this is some sort of easy cash grab idea. Make a small game, without new art make it free so you can draw in more people and make loadsamoney.

    I like the BloodBowl game quite a bit so far (it helps I haven’t played the board game), but at least that’s got the official board game rules. Even if they don’t implement everything and what they implement isn’t always correctly implemented.

  18. Atic Atac says:

    Cyanide will totally and royally do a messed up F2P model which we will all hate.

  19. l3illyl3ob says:

    Apparently this is an adaptation of an existing tabletop game by Fantasy Flight called Blood Bowl Team Manager.

    And really, people have the right to not abide Cyanide. They’re really, really dodgy. Even in the latest version of Blood Bowl Chaos Edition, the game is still riddled with bugs. They still don’t have every Star Player, they still have really weird animation issues, and everything feels so cheap. And now with this, the first images we see have the Dwarves, Skaven, and Chaos having the wrong team logos. Off to a great start, I see!

  20. circlenine says:

    As a few other have said, this really just seems like it’s going to be a PC/Mac/Android/iOS/whatever version of the Team Manager game that was put out by Fantasy Flight Games several years back, which was actually a pretty alright game from everything I ended up hearing about it, though obviously very different from proper Blood Bowl. The same 6 teams being used on a team management card based version of Blood Bowl is a massive coincidence if this isn’t just that done digitally.

    As for Cyanide’s involvement’s in its digital creation though, I’m worried. It’ll probably be a bug ridden piece of trash with very few quality assurance checks along the way. For example, the logo they use for Skaven is the Underworld logo, the logo they use for Dwarves is the Pro Elf logo, and the logo they use for Chaos is the Ogre logo. This is is the press material they choose to send out. This is the first impression that they’re making. They didn’t even bother to get the right team logos. Classic Cyanide right there.

  21. RogB says:

    Free to NO