Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Can See Far Away In The Leaves

Sniping. It’s not really fair, is it? I mean, maybe there are a lot more dudes with AKs than there are men wearing some jungle, but jungleman doesn’t have to make things so one-sided, does he? That Sniper Ghost Warrior, Too – who isn’t actually a ghost, it turns out – couldn’t perhaps give them a head start, or let them wear really thick helmets or something, makes me sad. I don’t know. I’m just saying it’s not the same as wading into the enemy base with a whirling chaingun, is it?

If you want to see what I am talking about then have a look at the trailer below, where multi-coloured men are poked in the head very hard by metal fingers. Ow!


  1. Kamikaze-X says:


    • Jonesy says:

      Sad news everybody! Speaking from experience, I can tell you that the guy who looks through the scope and pulls the trigger is just a private! He isn’t the main course, but is rather the ketchup for you fries. Sure, ketchup makes fries (chips, for all you brits) work, but without the spotter, the shooter is nothing.

  2. Yesman1ification says:

    I didn’t like the first game and I don’t think this is gonna be any better…

  3. Niko says:

    Watching this trailer makes me feel like I’m Mike from Spaced.

    • grundus says:

      I’m Andy McNab
      I’m Andy McNab
      I’m Andy McNab…

      I’m Andie MacDowell.

    • Beernut says:

      I doubt that the game will give players the opportunity to invade Paris in a tank, though.

      • GameCat says:

        I immediately imagined some Don Quixote like dude who is riding his rusty tank through Paris to fight with an Eiffel Tower. : d

    • Lukaspz says:

      I just watched the first episod after reading your post, thanks a lot now i have to watch all the season!

  4. reggiep says:

    Wait. Is it Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior or Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2? The logo doesn’t clear anything up.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    Wait, Nazi Zombies and now Warrior Ghosts? These guys are really milking the teen vampire/mystical creature wave.

  6. Michael Fogg says:

    ‘Remember about the Coriolis effect’
    /Scottish accent

  7. arccos says:

    No pun intended? That pun was CLEARLY intended!

    No buy!!!

  8. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    I feel like there is something in this game that I should be offended by, but I`m too bored to actually care. Props to the VA for managing to make setting off an explosion to throw a piece of lead into someone`s skull at nearly the speed of sound seem deathly boring.

  9. Thants says:

    Now I want a game where you actually do play a ghost sniper. Get on it, game devs!