Edge Of Space Is Clearly On Edge Of Madness

The people behind Kickstarter success, Edge Of Space, have put up a new trailer containing what they describe as the most exciting features. It certainly does look like Terraria, but it sure doesn’t look like it plays like Terraria.

Well, just watch the trailer – pictures, words, etc:

You can buy the beta version of Edge Of Space for $10, which will go up to $15 on launch. That’s via Desura. Of course, if you pledged to the Kickstarter you should already have access. It’s also scrabbling about in the Hunger Games arena that is Greenlight, and can be voted for here.


  1. geldonyetich says:

    I’ll take it. I’ll take 5. Or maybe I’ll take Starbound first if it releases first. Yes, whichever releases first I’ll buy 5 of. This is not at all a scheme to get them to finish Starbound faster. No, that Edge Of Space trailer being full of rudimentary ambiguous pewpewpew action and overzealous sprites totally convinced me. Shut up. Space. THE BIG DIPPER!

    • Movementcat says:

      This Game is really really unpolished and the UI and Artwork is confusing…. but the dev’s dont take critic they just delete it…downvote from me

  2. LordShaggy says:

    Thank you so much for picking up on our game RPS. We love this website and we appreciate you taking notice!

  3. ryubasteon says:

    This game rocks! Lets help get it greenlit too!

  4. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    Could be interesting. I’ll keep an eye on this one, although it looks like it’s very much in the same territory as Starbound and I’ve got hopes for that being pretty solid.

  5. AaronLee says:

    Open world games need more mechs. I approve! I’ll ‘Approve!’ if there’s any customizability.

  6. wodin says:

    Think I will wait for Starbound.

  7. Noburu says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this game looks like cluttered mess. Something about the art direction is off-putting to me. Ill wait for Starbound.

    • x1501 says:

      It sort of does, but if it’ll turn out to be sufficiently complex (less emphasis on mindless combat, please), challenging, and with fully functional co-op, I’ll probably still end up buying a couple of copies just like I did with Terraria.

      • Reapy says:

        It seems like the art assets are a mix of high detail and low detail is what throws it off for me I think.

        • solidsquid says:

          This is kind of what bugs me too. It’s like they spent ages doing awesome looking characters, monsters, items and backgrounds, but then grabbed the Terraria tile set for the actual terrain rather than something which fits with the rest of it.

          Then again, maybe that’s one of the full release updates they’re planning on

      • Noburu says:

        Yes if it does turn out to have more depth to gameplay I can easily overlook the graphics.

    • fredcadete says:

      Completely agree. It looks like the animations were done by the A Valley Without Wind guys.
      Will wait for Starbound too.

      • DarkFenix says:

        That’s exactly how it struck me, it’s like Starbound but with the production values of A Valley Without Wind.

        They either need to scale the graphics up so that it doesn’t look like a pile of ass, or they need to scale the graphics down so that we don’t expect it to look pretty. Right now the game looks like it’s trying to be pretty but failing miserably. Terraria’s small 16-bit-esque sprites work fine, but if they’re going to try and make big, highly detailed sprites, they need to put in exponentially more effort to make them animate properly.

        • dE says:

          It’s the way the legs wobble around, like there are no bones in there (which may very well be the case). I think it looks fine otherwise, but everytime I see those legs wobble all over the place, I wonder if the player is a member of some tentacle race. Not that big a deal for me though.

  8. LordShaggy says:

    Ask any one in the community, the game keeps looking better every time we do a polish pass. What you see is not final we are still in development =).

  9. bit.bat says:

    the art style either came from heaven or from hell, I have not decided yet.

  10. LTK says:

    They had me at the lab coat.

  11. Liudeius says:

    I think I’ll stick with Starbound, it looks better (graphically), sounds better (feature-wise), will probably come out earlier (full release), and might even be cheaper (they’ve said it will probably be $10-15).
    After all, this does look like it’s trying to fill the space-Terraria gap.

    It does however look oddly similar. Those monsters look very close to the Starbound randomly generated ones, as do the weapons. I presume it uses similar generation?
    How is interplanetary travel held? Or is it just one planet?

    But I’ll keep this one in mind, if I hear it’s better than Starbound, I may check it out.

  12. scatterlogical says:

    Wow, I feel sorry for the Edge of Space team. They’ve got some hard competition with Starbound.
    Starbound. Starbound. Starbound. Starbound. Starbound!

    But unfortunately I agree – Starbound is looking awesome, and even though I’ve bought this on Desura, I’ve hardly played it because I find it clunky and B-gradey.

  13. JademusSreg says:

    I don’t use Desura, but I’d like to make an observation.

    Tons of content-less reviews from what are presumably bots, given their review history. Even the negative reviews have no content, which suggests they are also bots, employed to make the reviews seem less loaded. The first page or so of the score-10 reviews are the only ones where it appears a human composed the message.

    Now for some wild speculation.

    Terraria was made with XNA & C#, and it’s pretty trivial to reverse with .NET Reflector, first-hand knowledge. Unity allows users to script with C#, so I’m entertaining the completely unfounded suspicion that EoS is making use of code salvaged from decompiling Terraria. =D

    • LordShaggy says:


      You make some pretty bold statements there and even the idea of hinting to such a despicable act is very serious.

      If you do some research maybe you might see that even Andrew Spinks, the developer on terraria, has supported us. Why would he support someone who would be that low?

      I would also like to note your entire message is speculation and poison. You need to work on how to be subtle with your trash talk so you could be made more believable


      “and even though I’ve bought this on Desura, I’ve hardly played it because I find it clunky and B-gradey.” So you got a game that is clearly under development and has chosen to be open with it’s development to the community, but instead you judge it like final product?

      I invite both of you and any one come into our IRC if you have constructive opinions that you would like to share. We spend a great deal of time reaching out to our community and listening to them. That is why we are doing open development, because we believe that being close with your community is one awesome parts of being indie.

      • JademusSreg says:

        Of course it’s speculation. Wild speculation without a bit of evidence to support it. Not trash talk, though; it’s an attempt at explaining the similarity in form EoS bears to Terraria, along with the disparity between its feature design and visual design (the former being quite advanced and the latter being quite a mess) which caused me to feel suspicious. If this speculation qualifies as ridiculous bullshit, the appropriate response is to laugh at the silly asshole, not to take it seriously.

        I stand by the observation that bots have been employed to artificially inflate the review scores. That you’d react seriously to outrageous claims like mine seems consistent with a concern for cultivating a positive public image that would motivate using bots to give the appearance of universal acclaim.

        • LordShaggy says:

          =P your a good troll bro, your troll fu is strong.

          • solidsquid says:

            *You’re ;)

          • Liudeius says:

            You’re a better troll, you accuse people of trolling for bringing up what they consider legitimate points.
            I agree that such an accusation is going too far without presenting actual evidence, but once you start accusing people of trolling just because you disagree with their point, YOU are the one trolling.

            As for it being B-grade, well, if your game is currently b-grade enough to be not worth playing, that means it isn’t good enough to play this instant.
            If you had a full final build release before Starbound is even out, your competition with them would be less direct, like Saint’s Row the Third vs GTAV. The significant gap means anyone who’s a fan of the sandbox crime genre will probably play both.
            This could also be the case if you released (fully, not beta) before Starbound, however since your game is “clunky and b-grade” (not my words, I’ve not played it), after it’s polished enough to be legitimately worth playing, it may have to compete with the full release of Starbound.

        • solidsquid says:

          To be fair, accusing someone of using bots to artificially inflate their game’s rating is a pretty serious claim, and could be pretty offensive to someone who wasn’t doing it. I wouldn’t really be surprised that they would reply to counter the claim

          • JademusSreg says:

            Yes, that’s fair. While there is some evidence to support that position, in the form of numerous reviews without content, that could just as well be a characteristic of the Desura community, using the review feature similarly to how people Like stuff on Facebook or up/down vote on Reddit.

  14. crinkles esq. says:

    Edge of Space guys — your video is a mess. Right off you start bombarding me with quick-cut features I can barely read. I have no idea what your game is, other than guys running around a Metroid-style world shooting things. You need to communicate the basic idea of your game more clearly to people who haven’t already heard of your project.

    • lordfrikk says:

      Uhm, I don’t think there’s more to the game than what you just described. They’ve shown shooting things, playing with your friends in co-op and customization. What else is there, really?

    • solidsquid says:

      There’s been other videos before this which I believe explained things. I think this is intended for the audience who are already aware of the project to show them cool stuff which will appear in it and to act as a reminder for them

      That said, I *really* hate the fast flashes between scenes style of marketing video. Doom 3 did it, and it just made me think that there was something they didn’t want me to notice so they switched scenes quickly so I didn’t get a chance

  15. solidsquid says:

    Strange, I just took a look at the website, and the banner they have with screenshots of the game seems to have newer/better graphics for the environment than this does. Wonder why they weren’t in the trailer

  16. Movementcat says:

    This Game is really really unpolished and the UI and Artwork is confusing…. but the dev’s dont take critic they just delete it…downvote from me