The Ice Tech Cometh: Company of Heroes 2 Re-Dated

Happy, freezing, starving, terrified soldiers

One of the many unhappy aspects of the death (sort of – the name still exists and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see it return in some form later on) of THQ is that it had several projects really very close to completion when the axe fell. Foremost, perhaps, of those were Metro: Last Light and snow-bound WW2 strategy game Company of Heroes 2, but fortunately (we hope) both have found new homes. Metro’s with Koch, and Company of Heroes 2 is with SEGA, as is all of Relic – making the house of hedgehog, who also own the Creative Assembly, an unlikely bastion of real-time strategy.

COH2 has a new release date – later than planned but not very far away. It is… Read the rest of this entry..

Nah, only joshing. It’s in June this year.

June 25th, specifically. They’re planning a closed multiplayer beta ahead of that and claim that the additional time “will help the team deliver the high quality sequel fans deserve.” And also finish all the no-doubt incredibly complicated paperwork that the change of ownership entails, perhaps.

From my very limited experience with it so far, COH2 is a very traditional sequel – much like the parent game but with tweaks, bells, whistles, a fancy-pants new weather and destructible terrain system and – sharp intake of breath – some microtransaction stuff. Be interesting to see what of the latter remains under the new boss, who haven’t tended to do too much in that realm. The world is changing, though.

COH2 can still be pre-ordered on Steam in the hope of unlocking bonus stuff like TF2 hats, in-game boosts and free copies of Dawn of War games, if you’re into that particular kind of gambling.


  1. simoroth says:

    This makes me a very sad panda. :(

    Played the game at Eurogamer, looks like its going to be really great.

    • Umbert says:

      Don’t be sad, this is great news! First we have confirmation that SEGA is doing something other than beeing silent about CoH2 (read: doing paperwork, server migration etc.) and now Relic has more time to deliver a polished product. Since the original release date was somewhen this march, the beta, which is crucial to balance such delicate RTS’, can be done right and with sufficient input. Next news are about the start of said beta i hope!

    • Agnosticus says:

      Have we read the same article?! ;)

  2. FFabian says:

    I’m confused- can’t Mr. Meer decide on the picture leading the article, or what?

  3. Dowson says:

    Its good news really, I guess THQ just wanted them out the door and get some quick cash, even if it meant the games being unpolished and buggy.

    • Low Life says:

      That’s quite an assumption, seeing how the last news that came from THQ concerning the game (in November) was delaying it a couple of months.

      • Dowson says:

        Original release was too buggy for THQ.
        Next release was too buggy for Sega.

        Its not that big of an assumption, Sega, having no real need for profit and cash as soon as possible can afford it to be more polished.
        I’m not saying the March release would have been an unplayable mess, but I’d assume the only reason Sega pushed it back was because it may have had enough problems for it to be docked in reviews for them or for it to maybe tarnish its name a bit.

        • Ravenholme says:

          I think it may have more to do with, you know, the whole change of ownership thing?

  4. sabasNL says:

    So SEGA has both The Creative Assembly ánd Relic… Imagine what these studios could do if they worked together! Homeworld Total War…. Hmmm….

    Now, if only [Insert An RTS Studio Killed by EA here] was also under SEGA’s wing, the RTS genre would be saved!

    • Umbert says:

      Sadly the Homeworld IP didn’t come with Relic: link to

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Personally I’m not concerned much with the IP, or even the studio Relic, but the talent. Do the same people still work there?

    • Surlywombat says:

      *gently inserts Westwood*

    • Werthead says:

      Allegedly WARHAMMER: TOTAL WAR (or TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER, or TOTAL WARHAMMER) is already in the planning stages at CA.

      link to

      • TormDK says:

        I’m hoping Relic gets to make more Dawn of War’ish games, but from what I understand, the 40K license didn’t carry over with the sale of Relic to SEGA.

        • Werthead says:

          It should be reasonably straightforward for Sega to get the 40K licence from GW, given they just licensed the WH fantasy stuff from them.

          Dawn of War might be a separate copyright though. Not sure what the situation is with that name. If it’s irrecoverable presumably they can just keep making 40K games, just not with the Dawn of War name or characters. The rest of the universe is plenty big enough.

          • TormDK says:

            Well that would depending on GW wouldn’t it? I seem to recall reading they are very protective of their IP.

            Might not be considered a wise move to have all their eggs in one basket.

            Of course I’d love to throw some Money at them for a digital version of the tabletop game – but it won’t happen.

      • Discopanda says:

        40K: Total Warhammer

        • hewhosayszonk says:

          Actually under the Shogun 2 naming convention their games are now TW:*game*, so they could call it “Total War: Hammer”

  5. scottossington says:

    I was excited until I read micro-transaction. I guess Ill be picking up the game of the year version for $5 at a coming to you soon Steam sale.

    • Umbert says:

      The microtransactions are a bit worrying. But as THQ had assured us that it won’t be pay to win and everything buyable would be either singleplayer specific or cosmetic, I’m curious what SEGA will be doing with the plan THQ had set up.

    • TormDK says:

      If anything the warhammer games NEEDS tons of cosmetic DLC.

      Wouldn’t be Warhammer if you couldn’t have your favorite race/characters/Chapters/Whathaveyous.

      I can see them making alot of Money from a random chance chest like the system in Mass Effect 3.

    • Discopanda says:

      Ivan waiting for this game for a long time. I hope it doesn’t tank.

  6. cjlr says:

    June 25th, eh?

    I mean, sure, but it should so obviously be June 22nd. I guess we’re still bound by the absurd and archaic restrictions of last century’s physical stocking infrastructure and the vast stormy digital oceans.

    • Werthead says:

      12 July – the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk (or rather, the biggest armoured engagement in history as part of the Battle of Kursk) – would have been more appropriate. But sooner than that works as well :)

  7. Revolving Ocelot says:

    I would hate for THQ to keep getting “resurrected” in the same way that Atari keeps getting “resurrected”.

  8. derbefrier says:

    Damnit somehow commented on the wrong article so yay! coh rules!

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      How dare you say coh rules! It’s probably not the best game that ever existed, like you’re implying. It reuses several tropes and macguffins in an attempt to be a game in which the player’s agency is merely an illusion and proves to be, in disguise, a cover-shooter in isometric perspective. Cleary you are no more intelligent than this Mr. Meer and I am brilliant, as displayed in my verbose banter.

      • iollan says:

        And obviously the fact you’ve spelled “clearly” incorrectly is just an effort on your behalf to engender a sense of fellowship by indicating that despite being brilliant you are “cleary” (sic) capable of error?

  9. JFS says:

    You know, I wonder what sort of badge the soldier on the far right in the topmost picture is wearing. From the looks of it, it’s a dead German, but to my knowledge the Wehrmacht didn’t have such American-style badges…

    • Umbert says:

      He might have been a member of the ROA: link to

      The badges were somewhat frowned upon by russian members of the offical forum community. Relic stated that the badges were subject to change… (can’t recall the full story as the CoH forum is closed for mantainance [migrating to SEGA]).

    • iollan says:

      In general, yes, the wehrmacht did avoid shoulder flashes on their uniforms, however several “specialist” units did use them, for example, the “foreign” SS units, for example. SS units raised from occupied countries or POW populations wore similar flashes, though normally depicting the flag or device of their country of origin, ie. the British SS unit wore a flash with the Union Jack in it, the Dutch had the Dutch flag, etc.