Frameface: We’ve Got Warframe Beta Keys

UPDATED: Fresh keys added.

Exciting-looking sci-fi combat game Warframe (which seems to feature strange-helmeted space ninjas) is currently being smoothed over at the home of action-veterans Digital Extremes. It is also in beta. This beta can be accessed, like a secret club, by getting the keys from a hidden vault in the depths of RPS.

The most recent video of the game in action, framed by the creative director doing the chat, is below for your visual interrogation.


  1. phelix says:

    Ooh, thanks! Gonna try this out when I get home.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      Thanks, see you chaps in game.

      Shame about the crap signup process.

    • Ashley_Hoskin says:

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  2. porschecm2 says:

    Cool, thanks.

  3. TechnicalBen says:

    Thanks. Is this a closed BETA still? Just as a warning before I say if the game has…. [message cuts off]

  4. EmirSc says:

    nice got mine. theres only 800 left be quick!

  5. Spider Jerusalem says:

    played a bunch of this so far. it’s really quite nice. there are some problems with how they chose to monetize, and it can get grindy, but it’s an enjoyable game.

    also i would definitely be open to an rps clan. the most difficult thing is finding people to play with, as soloing is nigh impossible at certain points.

    • Smarag says:

      >how they chose to monetize

      yeah and now I nearly lost all interest to install this. I don’t know how many more pay to win disappointments with games that have really big potential my poor heart can take. Tribes.. Planetside… Probably Hawken :(

      • Spider Jerusalem says:

        well i don’t want to scare anyone off. it’s not that the game is pay to win (it isn’t, at all), it’s pay to convenience yourself. i just feel like they haven’t quite found the sweet spot between convenience and annoyance.

        an example: you can craft all the warframes via in game currency, crafting mats (which drop liberally) and boss-dropped blueprints. it takes some effort to acquire what you need, but it’s fun and goes quickly. there are three blueprints for each frame (chassis, systems, helmet) and an overall blueprint. the first three can be crafted at the same time, and each take 12 hours to build. once those are done, the actual frame takes three days. then you have to get lucky and find a reactor blueprint special mission (they happen randomly) or get one as a 7-day login reward. the real money currency can be used to outright purchase frames (which comes with a reactor installed), or to rush the production.

        my beef is with the build time. given all the effort/time expended gathering the things to build a frame, the 3 days (that can be bypassed with platinum) feels like one of the unnecessary times the game tries to monetize convenience.

    • durruti says:

      if you want/need help/someone to play with, add SlyBoots to your friends list. i can handle myself pretty well & take care of others & try to adapt to how they play.

  6. apocraphyn says:

    Many thanks! I’ve been quite interested in trying out WARFA- uh, Warframe.

  7. dangermouse76 says:

    I’m in thanks guys.

  8. Echo says:

    Got one. Never heard of this game before, I guess I’ll see how good it is!

  9. klmx says:

    Thanks guys, game looks pretty cool

  10. TheThinkTanker says:

    I wonder how much has changed. I’ve been in the beta forever, but I lost interest a few months ago (and it’s all Hawken and Planetside 2’s fault!). Perhaps I should jump back in. Anyone play it in depth again recently?

    • durruti says:

      it really depends on if you liked the pve combat, weapon, skill & movement feel. (the art style & sound are mostly beyond criticism.) there are 3 enemy factions now with a nice amount of different types each (some to promote teamplay), 2 tilesets with another one to be introduced soon. enough frames & weapons too try and/or level for a couple of weeks. regarding combat, with the next big update stealth instakills are introduced as well as blocking. and we get some type of pet with an active role in combat.

      and of course you really want some people that play roughly the same style as you (or are able to adapt to others) but i guess that’s common to all the multiplayer/coop games…

  11. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Thank you, RPS!

  12. 0Lezz0 says:

    Got one; thanks! those space ninjas looks awesome

  13. StaticNoob says:

    Even though i can’t remember having gotten a key before, my account seems to be activated already- guess there is no use in letting that key go unused then: BBF8-EA6D-7BB7-0C46

    • Bank12 says:

      Thank you, I just used the key.

      Commented to let other lurkers know.

  14. Iskariot says:

    If only this had single player. It looks so cool.
    But I am not interested in f2p online multi player at all.
    For those who are this might be a treat.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      It has singleplayer AFAIK. It even has “offline”. But it is designed for MP, a bit like TF2 robot stomping mode is. You can probably solo it, but I’ve no idea if the difficult multiplier scales for SP, check their forums etc to see if it does

      But I agree, it’s not a SP game, just as Hawken etc is not. But as it’s more PvE it’s a little bit in that direction. Ah, just remembered the other PvE games it reminds me of. Spiral Knights. :D

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      you can play the entire game in singleplayer. pick a loki as your starting frame.

  15. purex. says:

    I’ve got 5 keys to give away, let me know if you’re interested.

  16. JiminyJickers says:

    Ah well, too slow.

  17. Dominic White says:

    Warframe is surprisingly ace. It’s like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, but better, and with space-ninjas and shiny graphics and randomly generated levels. It’s also heavily in development and they’re adding new enemies, map-sets, characters and weapons regularly.

    It’s a different kind of beta. They literally add a pile of new content and features every week or two. Don’t assume you’re jumping in on an effectively finished game.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      It’s definatly like ME3 multiplayer but I don’t think it’s better. Accessing and improving your weapons is slow and grindy, and the weapons feel fairly generic. It wears it’s F2P micro’s on it’s sleeve.

      Above all, different from ME3 multiplayer, I got tired of running missions after a little bit. It all boils down to the same mini-objectives after a while, the same dumb AI. Though I applaud them for such huge, sprawling maps – too bad they do that so they can reuse the same levels over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

      • Dominic White says:

        They’ve only just added a second tileset – the game is nowhere near complete, while ME3 has about four expansions under its belt now, so it’s really not fair to judge it based on the content available right now.

        The core combat, though, I think is far more exciting than ME3. Teleporting around and slicing dudes in half never gets old. And if it does, you can just shotgun them in the face.

  18. Meneth says:

    Doesn’t seem like the game actually wants me playing. It crashes in both windowed and borderless windowed mode.

    So since I pretty much never play games fullscreen, it is essentially unplayable for me :/

    • purex. says:

      The forums are a great place to talk to the community and the devs directly about issues like that.

  19. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    One surprising thing about Warframe that made me go “oooooh” at the screen was the first time I ran backwards while firing my pistol. Your character doesn’t skate along in reverse, he actually twists at the waist and stretches his arm back believably while running in the direction you indicate.

  20. Aruik says:

    Hi. I have this issue with IPS. Can you debug plz?

    • Booch says:

      Looks like my IP is getting falsely registered as well. Thanks!

  21. Dowr says:

    Oh, RPS. You’re too good to us.

  22. naetharu says:

    Heya, it seems to think I have a beta key at this IP and yet I have none. Sounds like a debug issue?

  23. Miltrivd says:

    I just tried it for a bit alone and had a blast, then a friend joined and we had a bigger blast, then another friend joined and I think the explosions are getting a bit out of control.

    The game is crazy smooth, slick looking, it has issues but they are minimal and at most annoyances, but nothing broken.

    Co-op focused (I haven’t seen PvP yet) multiplayer games are hard to come by, this is so far incredibly fun.

  24. TinKelp says:

    I also have the already-have-a-key bug and I am reporting it as requested on the key page for I am a good little boy.

  25. AnimaLMotheR says:

    Bugs on my end as well, time to debug.

  26. Zyconis says:

    Like a lot of people, I’m also having the “IP address already used” issue.

  27. saganprime says:

    I’m bugged as well with the IP issue

  28. purex. says:

    My remaining 4 keys from the Founder’s Package:



    • Cruyelo says:

      Thank you very much. I tried all 4, the fourth one I tried worked.
      For everyone else looking to try them, this means they should now all be used.

  29. Siamese Almeida says:

    I’ve been playing Warframe for quite a bit and I found it a very shallow experience. There’s very little content and what’s there is not well balanced at all. The game doesn’t provide challenge and encourage strategy.

    You’ll have your fun for a few days while you still think there’s something new and exciting around the corner but you’ll realize quickly enough that it’s the same repetitive grind for mods and materials and sitting on your ass waiting for alerts. The goal of the game — if there is any — is grinding for rank 4 and obtaining HEX. Then once you’ve got it and are thoroughly disappointed, you can stop playing the game. If you’re too attached, it’s back to Xini and pressing 1 on your keyboard for hours in hopes of a shotgun multishot.

    The fun for me was in reaching ridiculous speeds with my Excalibur via sprint mods. I also played with friends which wards away the monotony. Then the fun went away when I realized I accomplished every stupid goal I’ve set for myself.

    There’s your warning. It’s the blandest instance-based grinder out there. Play Vindictus instead — it marries the same grindy gameplay with a necessity skill beyond holding down the left mouse button and pressing “1” a lot. Imagine that, actual challenge. Also the amount of content completely blows Warframe out of the water, it’s incomparable, really.

    Don’t be fooled with the interesting aesthetics. Your fancy space ninja moves are completely useless and the cleverness and stealth the game seems to imply on the cover is a relic of the original concept of Dark Sector and completely and utterly absent in the game. There’s no indication the developer has any clue what they’re doing and they don’t seem to be intent on rehauling gameplay or adding much in the way of content any time soon.

    • yesterdayisawadeer says:

      Firstly, lack of content is to be expected durind closed beta. The basic gameplay is fun and devs continuosly add more and more content. Guns, frames, environments.
      Secondly, Update 7 will adress many if not all of your qualms. Stealth mechanic, endgame content, new environments. Seriously, go watch dev q&a livestream on YouTube.

    • Cerzi says:

      This was pretty much my reaction after a couple of hours. My most recurring thoughts were “I don’t get it” and “What’s the point?”

  30. lucky88shp says:

    Just like many, have the IP issue. It shows me a key but when I try to register the key at warframe site, it says the key is already used or invalid! HELP!!!

    EDIT: WOOHOO! Just got a new key and activated successfully! THANK YOU RPS!! BTW, 57 keys left, hurry!!
    (I was a gamespy site regular and than they died and now my primary gaming site is RPS, you guys are awesome!)

  31. Joe-Gamer says:

    I thought this game was pretty fun but OH GOD THE PRICES…

    • durruti says:

      you can (and kinda should) craft everything. space for more warframes & weapons is what you only really want to pay platinum/money for. then there’s a problem with obtaining items to fully unlock your frames’/weapons’ power but only really if you get rushed through the content. (you get their crafting blueprints by chance after continuously logging in for at least 7 days and kinda sparcely from timed special missions. then again those are actually priced reasonably.)

  32. yesterdayisawadeer says:

    I strongly recommend this game to everyone for a number of reasons.

    2. Awesome acrobatics. You can do backflips. You can run on walls while shooting like in Matrix. You can slide on the floor while shooting like in Vanquish. You can fire dual pistols mid-air like in Max Payne. You can ninja-kungfu-kick people in the face.
    4. Awesome visual style. “Canadian manga” with SPACE FUTURE GUYVER NINJAS, hard sci-fi, techpriest trader guilds and humans as an inbred, degenerating militaristic Empire.
    6. Loads of different classes with unique abilities, tons of different guns and melee weapons. Everything except inventory slots is freely obtainable for abundant in-game currency.

    Also, there’s a huge Update 7 scheduled for mid to late March. It will introduce a ton of new cool mechanics! You can watch recent dev q&a session here: link to

    • durruti says:

      8. digital extremes publish it themselves and it kinda shows if you asked me. it’s the first and probably the only free-to-play game i have been (and will be) putting money into. then again i’m biased as i’m not the pvp type… AND OH GOD THE ART STYLE!

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I think you might have undersold “You’re a SPACE FUTURE GUYVER NINJA WITH A KATANA!”

      There is a joy of movement and speed in Warframe that makes other games look static by comparison. As a SPACE FUTURE GUYVER NINJA WITH A KATANA you move like the wind and kill with a thought, and an experienced team in action looks like nothing else on the market as they acrobatically flow through the level melding the long-gun, pistol, and melee forms like a pitiless river of unceasing death.

  33. Haecid says:

    This IP address has already been used to take a key! In case you forgot it, your key is: (key)
    “This key has either already been used or is invalid.”

  34. MattyofG says:

    I’m getting the IP address error as well. Game looks interesting, excited to try it out.

    • MattyofG says:

      Aww, nuts. Looks like the IP error did me in. The last keys went away while I was sorting it out!

      • yesterdayisawadeer says:

        Try these keys, they came with my founder’s package.


        • MattyofG says:

          You are a gentleperson and a scholar. A tip of my cap to you my friend. Callsign is MattyofG in game as well if you see me around!

          • yesterdayisawadeer says:

            I’m glad they were of use to somebody. I’m FedorHooch in-game, by the way. Add me and I will be delighted to help you learn the ropes!

          • Hashbaz says:

            Dang, this was posted not even a minute after i did and i was too slow :(

          • durruti says:

            try: 1494-B37B-59DA-75BA

            and if this one doesn’t work, go to link to as they still seem to have keys.

          • Hashbaz says:

            Worked! awesome! Thank you so much. I’m Hashbaz in game also.

          • top8cat says:

            Worked like a charm, thanks

        • TormDK says:

          Here’s some more keys for the RPS Hivemind :


  35. Hashbaz says:

    Tells me my IP address already has a key, but it doesn’t work.

  36. Dr. Shenanigans says:

    The character design in this SCREAMS Neon Genesis Evangelion to me. I was really bummed out when I discovered that, to make an EVA-01-like character, I need to buy a color pack for the frame, which can only be acquired through real money.


  37. Pedram says:

    aaaaaaaah I’ve been soo much looking for it and when i finally find a beta key giveaway which just got released less than a day ago …. it’s already finish :((((
    someone Email a key to me if Possible please , i will be really tnxfull