Eador Aid: Second Beta For Masters Of The Broken World

LOOK! I made a pun! That will only make sense to people in the USA! Snowbird Games have announced the second beta test for their fantasy-worldy turn-based strategy thingy.

The lovely mans at Snowbird Games had Eador approved on Greenlight in January, and will be releasing it on Steam, GOG and other digital platforms in April. Alec had a look at it in September, and thought it was a “Fantasy non-linear turn-based strategy game” with unparalleled depth and an in-game karma system that sounds pretty interesting. Besides from it being stunningly beautiful, and set upon shards and shards of little floating regions in the sky, it seems that how you play will have a big impact on the ending of the game too. Cara likes games where the story is sewn up in the mechanics: yummy.

So! You want to take part in the beta?

For those who already participated in the first beta send a mail here with the subject “Eador- Beta (current tester)”. Mention your username on the forums and they’ll send you a key.

If you’re a newcomer to the beta send a mail here with the subject “Eador- Beta (new tester)”.

You will then get to try it out with a new interface for two weeks! By far my favourite thing about Snowbird Games is their sly suggestion, via their website, that they’re possibly a bit unorganised, by posting this excellent Python sketch:





  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Gator Aid? Meter maid? Ummm….

  2. mr.ioes says:

    Looks like the people in this thread are very lucky, myself included.

  3. Solidstate89 says:

    As an American, I sadly do not get this exclusive pun. I’m afraid that of the implications of what that means; that I’m either out of touch with some new hip new saying that’s sweeping this nation, or that it is something politically or economically important that I am completely ignorant of.

    Either way, thanks for making feel stupid. Oh, and the game. It too looks interesting.

  4. Gothnak says:

    This is one of my more anticipated games of the year.. I hope I play it more than the once i played the Warlock.. :(…

    • pakoito says:

      It’s a remake + improv over Eador: Genesis, which is up for 3$ right now on GOG.

      • jrodman says:

        I really like the literal interpretation of “improv”. I’m imagining sketch situations given to the game that must be acted out by my trooplets.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      It does reuse assets from Kings Bounty. Or at least the similarity of some models/animations is striking.

      • pakoito says:

        It doesn’t, that’s just outright lying.

        • Baboonanza says:

          The style is similar but even the briefest research shows that the actual graphics are completely different.

          Shame on you.

        • Donkeyfumbler says:

          But the combat is almost identical to Kings Bounty unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Kings Bounty, but I’ve played enough of it now, thanks very much. I had high hopes for this game, but this killed it for me I’m afraid.

          • Sarissofoi says:

            Not identical. Similar yes.
            Main difference is that hero and any unit is a single entity. Any unit on battlefield is a single unit – THERE IS NO STACKS.
            Unist gain experience new levels give additional stats and new skills. Not mention that units can be decorated by medals whose giving additional bonuses but cost gold or gems in upkeep.

          • pakoito says:

            And that’s just the tactics level. This donkey is just completely missing on the map level (completely not like KB at all) and shard level (not even remotely KB related). It’s like comparing Unreal 1 Campaign to Unreal Tournament 99.

          • Donkeyfumbler says:

            I didn’t say everything was identical to KB – just the tactical battles. I was hoping for something closer to the battles in AOW, but everyone seems to go the KB/HOMM combat route in these kind of games (see Fallen Enchantress, Disciples, etc, etc)

          • jchavez says:

            This is ridiculous; apart from a hex grid the tactical combat is not similar at all. The stamina and morale system in Eador alone makes a world of difference. I’ve beaten Eador on expert and KB on impossible so I’m intimately familiar with both games.

  5. Cara Ellison says:

    I KNEW no one would get the Gatorade thing I HATE PUNS

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      Clearly I got it! Alright, a poor spelling of it but still! And I’m British.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Um, I did, if it makes you feel any better, Cara. It may have made it easier for folks to get it if you had used ade instead of aid.

      How have those savages down I-35 been treating you?

    • Berzee says:

      Such is the danger of making puns out of words nobody quite knows how to pronounce.

    • DirtGunfrey says:

      Indeed, I was reading it “Eat Or Aid”.

      Do they not have Gatorade in the UK? It’s probably called something different. I would hazard Lord Smegleigh’s Energizing Tonic.

      • bill says:

        I hope not. Lucozade forever! Down with Gatorade!

      • FurryLippedSquid says:

        They do not no, nor Kool Aid, or whatever you kids call it.

        • Shookster says:

          No Kool Aid either?! Then do kids in the UK drink if not sugar water mixed with “fruit”-flavored (flavoured?) powder? Milk? Water? Healthy things?

          Please. How do you expect to overtake the US’s lead in obesity without Kool Aid?

          • Ich Will says:

            Healthy, Ha! I believe gatoraid is quite common in gyms actually as an energy drink, at least any I’ve been a member of seem to sell it prominently. We have plenty of crap for sale here, don’t you worry!

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            Sunny Delight, which is the “pure evil” from Time Bandits dyed orange with beta carotene.

          • FurryLippedSquid says:

            Coke, Pepsi, Lilt, Tango, Irn Bru (it’s made from girders), 7up, Sprite, Fanta, Vimto, lemonade, and a load of others. Sadly no Mountain Dew, only the energy version.

      • Brun says:

        Well in Cara’s native Scotland they have this rather disgusting drink called Irn Bru (pronounced “Iron Brew”).

    • bill says:

      Ohhh. I thought it was something to do with hearing aids…

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Pun-ch the heretic!

    • tigerfort says:

      (Speaking as a Brit) I think if you’d used “ade” instead of “aid”, I would have got it immediately, rather than thinking “she must be right that it’s US-specific” and then realising when I got to the comments.

      Equally, we salute you on your brave first attempt, and enourage you to continue trying to bring the colonies up to the punning standard set by the mother country.

    • Lamb Chop says:

      I’d like to come up with an alternative Gatorade pun, but I’m afraid I just don’t have it in me.

    • MentatYP says:

      Chin up, Cara. I got it. I thought to myself, “Ohhh, so that’s how you prononunce ‘Eador’–rhymes with ‘Gay Door’.”

  6. rustybroomhandle says:

    It would appear the holder of the Pungeonmaster title is still up for dispute.

  7. wodin says:

    Looks lovely.

  8. cyrenic says:

    For some reason I read the title as “Masters of the Broken Wind”. That game would be quite different.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Masters of the Chilli Winds !

      In the galaxy fart away…

  9. ts061282 says:

    HEY! Another one of THESE! I hope it has HPs and MPs and level-ups, I adore those!

  10. lordcooper says:

    This game is sort of incredible. I wait with held breath.

    • Jenks says:

      Agreed, it looks fantastic. Perhaps finally a worthy successor to HOMM III.

  11. karry says:

    ” this excellent Python sketch”

    Is that from that one worst episode of the show, that takes one unfunny russophobic sketch and stretches it for 40 minutes ?

  12. Penicillin says:

    I had never even heard of this series until today. It looks pretty interesting, though. What’s the nearest comparable game– HoMM? Also, I love the grand campaign aspect of these games, but worry that the tactical battles drag the pace down a bit. Are the tactical battles short and sweet, or can they drag on for a bit?

    • Donkeyfumbler says:

      Have you played Kings Bounty? Then you’ve played the tactical battles in Eador.

    • Soon says:

      Assuming it’s the same as Genesis but prettier: There are lots of layers to it. It takes bits of HOMM, but it takes bits of every game that looks similar and mashes them together. As a consequence, the pace is glacial as it’s introducing it all to you.

      Like HOMM, you have your main stronghold to grow that gives you your units, items, magic and such. There are many buildings for your stronghold and building some will exclude others, which will affect your overall strategy. Available buildings are unlocked throughout the game, and it feels like a looong time before you really get going.

      Rather than free movement of a hero around the map, you move your hero(es) from province to any adjacent province more like Total War. Conquering and developing them as you see fit. Every province has its own properties, giving different bonuses, resources and such. And there are always several locations for your hero to explore in each (typically a defeat the guardians battle or merchant). There are lots of factors to province management.

      Battles tend to be short, and it’s generally in your interest to keep them that way. But you’ll be fighting many of them. Terrain plays a more important role in the battles than it does in Kings Bounty or HOMM, and exploiting it can make the difference between victory and defeat.

      Then there’s diplomacy, random events, shards…

      It’s a slow game, but you can develop strategies to try and speed it up. Then it’ll throw a larger map and more mechanics at you. It’s basically just full of stuff. I really like it. I could understand if people hated it.